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Chinese Birthday Cake recipe - I can finally reproduce the whipped cream/fresh fruit sponge cake from the Asian bakery at home!

ASIAN BIRTHDAY CAKE RECIPE EXISTS!! – the350degreeoven.com

By the time you read this, I will be at Disneyland celebrating in true Californian fashion! 

It’s weird being another year older because I always feel much younger, like I’m still 19 in my brain or something. Time has begun to go by so quickly that it’s literally like I haven’t let it all sink in yet. It’s really strange. I’m a lot happier this year than I’ve been on past birthdays, though, and that’s nice. I’d really like to be one of those people who get better with age and develop more into their own skin. That would be nice. I think I’ve accomplished a lot of things in a year. I paid down debt, I’ve lost almost 20 lbs., I’ve started this blog and seen it grow a LOT, and even more, I’ve grown a lot as a person.

For my birthday, I thought I’d do a few fun list tag things so I’ll be doing 2 – 25 Things I’d Like to do BEFORE I turn 25 ( never done this before ) and a bloggy birthday tag. I hope you all enjoy and thanks so much for reading my blog ❤

25 Before 25

  1. Visit New Orleans, LA and some other places in the South USA. 
  2. Film, Direct & Star in a Film Short.
  3. Get An Agent & Book Some Work!
  4. Go Back to Acting Class and/or Get An Acting Coach.
  5. Start A YouTube Channel for Storybook Apothecary.
  6. Record Myself Singing.
  7. Learn to play guitar or the piano.
  8. Get some Tattoos.
  9. Go back to Wales to visit my friends there & maybe meet up with some blogger friends in UK – would be so cool!
  10. Go on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas.
  11. Learn to speak Chinese, Korean, Italian and get back my fluency in French.
  12. Master these Accents – British, Australian, New Zealand, Cockney, Welsh, Irish, andddd Scottish.
  13. Book a lead in a TV show that’s as awesome as the BBC Misfits.
  14. Book a lead in a feature film.
  15. Model for a clothing company. It just seems like fun to me!
  16. Do more nice things for strangers. I once bought this woman soldier in the Army a meal without her knowing it. It was the best feeling ever to give back like that.
  17. Host a dinner party.
  18. Find someone to give a makeover or get a makeover from or something. I just think styling someone would be fun.
  19. Get my nose pierced again & maybe my eyebrow. I used to have them both, though not at once. Miss it!
  20. Grow An Inch – It would be so optimal to be 5’7 or nearly 5’7 – just saying.
  21. Be Able to Squat 100 lbs. I just think it would be cool.
  22. Get & Maintain a Flat Stomach & Nice Toned Arms & Legs.
  23. Get A Natural Summer Tan.
  24. Go to Comic Con, Anime Expo or something like that & Dress Up!
  25. Go on a trip with my friends 🙂

The Birthday Tag!

{ I got this tag from Arabella }


1.) When is your birthday? My birthday is today – April 20th, 1989, that is, which now means I’m older than a lot of the beauty “gurus”. Gurus is such a strange thing to call yourself- all I think of is yogis.

2.) How old are you turning? (Or if your birthday recently passed, how old did you turn?) I am turning 24.

3.) What was your favorite present that you’ve ever received? My favorite present that I received is probably my Disneyland annual passport that my boyfriend got me on my 21st birthday. Best surprise gift EVER!

4.) Are you/did you have a party this year? if so what are you doing? Nope. I don’t have enough friends to fill up a party haha. My boyfriend did try to organize one for me a few years ago and it was literally us and 2 people. We have a small group of friends and that’s it really . I have other friends from high school, but they all live kind of far now. Plus, parties are expensive and no one really turns up for them it seems like. Maybe it’s just me haha.

5.) How do you usually celebrate your birthday? I normally just get my annual Asian birthday cake ( BEST EVER ) and go eat with friends or my boyfriend or something. These past few years we’ve been kind of obsessed with spending it at Disneyland though.

6.) What was the most memorable birthday that you had? The most memorable birthday was when my boyfriend surprised me with my Disneyland passport and we went for the day. I didn’t actually believe him until we were in the park. It was such a great day 🙂

7.) If you had an unlimited amount of money what would you do for your birthday? I would go on a trip to New Orleans or South Carolina or something. I’m just really fascinated with the South lately.

8.) What’s your birthday wish list? I actually made on on Pinterest & you can see it here, if you like!

9.) If you only had one birthday left, what would you do for your birthday? I would go on a trip or cruise to the Bahamas or something. Or maybe just spend it traveling all over.

10.) Show a picture from your birthday, preferably an embarrassing one. I’m so sorry, but I literally can’t find one. I had one from my 18th birthday and if I find it, I promise to upload it.

11.) Do you have any birthday traditions? Asian birthday cake, dim sum, and uhh… Disneyland! That’s about it haha.

12.) What’s your favorite part about your birthday? The fact that I can use it as a reason to get my way with my boyfriend for the entire day haha. So I make a point to make ridiculous requests.

13.) What’s one thing that changed a lot since your last birthday? My perspective.

14.) Have you ever been thrown a surprise party or have you ever thrown one for someone? I have never been thrown one, but I threw one for my boyfriend 2 years ago and it was really awesome to surprise him like that!

Hope You All Have A Great Saturday!

♥ Tianna

Snow’s Eternal Youth Diamond Eyes Serum

This eye serum embodies the youth, perfection and beauty of Snow White from Grimm fairy tales!

Created to keep the skin around your eyes looking young, smooth, and radiant, Snow’s Eternal Youth Diamond Eyes Serum includes a variety of organic oils, essential oils, and some actives designed to help with dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles as well as to calm and hydrate, smooth fine lines, keep your skin clear of dullness and brighten skin while softening and firming.

For use on all skin types!

Organic Evening Primrose Oil – Used since the 1930’s in skincare for its use on skin irritations such as eczema, evening primrose oil has great anti-inflammatory properties due to its high content of gamma linolenic acid which is known for its healing abilities. This oil helps to moisturize and protect the skin from free radicals while repairing any damage.

Organic Grapeseed Oil – Grapeseed oil is perfect for all skin types as it has non-allergenic properties and absorbs well into the skin without being greasy. Including the calming and nourishing aspects of grapeseed, this oil also contains vitamins, minerals and proteins that soften and hydrate the skin. This oil is especially great for those who have skin that has a difficult time retaining moisture as it is more easily absorbed into the skin than other oils.

Raspberry Seed Oil – A strong antioxidant-filled oil, raspberry seed oil is high in Omega-3 and mega- 6 fatty acids for skin building proteins, Vitamin A and a high content of Vitamin E which makes it an invaluable carrier oil in anti-aging formulations.

Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A) – The benefits of vitamin A are renowned in the skincare world for its efficiency at helping with both acne AND wrinkles while also evening out skin tone.

DMAE – This ingredient is the only known in the skin care world to help lift and firm the skin.

Licorice Extract – Licorice helps to naturally brighten and lighten the skin and evening out your skin tone while it diminishes scarring caused by acne. This extract helps to lend an overall glow and radiance to the skin.

Lavender EO – Lavender is a calming anti-inflammatory that has softening properties and helps to reduce eye-puffiness. It is relaxing therapeutically and an antidepressant. Antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal, lavender can help to promote the healthy growth of new skin cells as well as healing burns, sun damage, scarring, acne, and other skin irritations.

Chamomile EO – Chamomile is a widely used healing antioxidant that can aid in a variety of skin issues including acne, irritation and skin regeneration as it assists in the healing of any skin damage and promotes cell turnover.

Vitamin K – A fantastic ingredient for diminishing dark circles.

Alfalfa Root – Alfalfa is rich in vitamin K, which is the only vitamin known to truly diminish dark circles. This plant also works as an antioxidant and helps to nourish the skin while protecting it from damaging free radicals.

Bearberry Extract (Uva Ursi) – Bearberry extract is a powerful antioxidant that is best known for its brightening abilities. Often used in commercial brands in brightening formulations, bearberry helps to brighten hyper-pigmentation while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and healing facial scarring.

Disclaimer: This product is used at YOUR own risk. I am not responsible for any allergic reactions you may have to the product and upon purchase, you, the customer, assume all responsibility. Although much effort is put into ensuring the materials used in these items are safe for use and tested on humans, Storybook Apothecary is not responsible for any misuse of this product or any damages, losses or injuries caused directly or indirectly by this product.
It is advised that before using this product, you conduct a patch test to check for sensitivity to the product.
To conduct a patch test: Place a small amount of the product on the inside of your upper forearm. Leave for 10-15 minutes. If irritation occurs, wash off immediately and discontinue use. After 24 hours if there is no sign of irritation on the patch test area of skin, the product should be safe to use. If any irritation continues/occurs, discontinue use and seek the further advice of a physician. If you think this product may not be right for you, please consult your physician before using.

Stay Beautiful


I’ll talk to you soon : ]

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