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Happy Sunday All!

I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend!

I spent this past weekend with my boyfriend just hanging out.

We got some Lush items over this weekend as we hadn’t been there in what felt like ages!

Here’s what we picked up:

Awesome @LushUSA haul today! Alkmaar Soap (one of my personal favorites), Ice Blue Soap, a new bath melt ( never tried these), Seanik shampoo bar for the bf and trying out their BB Seaweed Face Mask. What’s your favorite Lush indulgence?

Alkmaar Soap, Ice Blue Soap, Seanik Shampoo Bar, Yuzu & Cocoa Bubble Bar, and the BB Seaweed Face Mask.

The Alkmaar, Ice Blue and Seanik have all been longtime favorites for us, but the other 2 are new buys. Alkmaar smells SO amazing. It’s one of those scents I’ve been obsessed with because it’s that lovely and everyone I share it with seems to feel the same about it so highly recommend it on scent alone. It’s also a really creamy soap for a bar which I like given my dry skin. My boyfriend favors the Ice Blue soap because it smells really minty and more masculine than Alkmaar and he claims it makes his skin softer, but who knows? The Seanik shampoo bar is something I’ve tried in the past and really liked because it’s great for softening and giving volume to hair, but this time I picked it up for the boyfriend to try. It smells lovely as well and is probably my favorite shampoo bar.  I tried a bit of the bubble bar last night and it doesn’t really bubble up that much which kind of  disappointed, but might be because I was trying to be a bit of a miser about it and use only a 1/4 of the bar (Lol). You may have better results if you use the whole thing. That being said, it smells amazing – just like the chocolate orange they describe it as.

I also tried the BB Seaweed face mask which, surprisingly, doesn’t smell fishy or salty at all. It just smells fresh, if that makes sense. As far as effectiveness – it’s a type of face mask that feels like it’s not doing much, but when you wash it off, your skin just looks better. The smell is nice and I enjoy it’s refreshing scent, but it really does work well without you doing much at all. I’ve tried a number of their face masks in the past and generally like all of them. Catastrophe Cosmetic is best for breakouts and oily skin, though it can be a little drying if you have combination skin. Mask of Magnaminty is a great one for anyone and it smells lovely. Brazened Honey smells delicious and works great, though just as well as Mask of Magnaminty so go with the cheaper one haha.

Did 35 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill this morning :-) #fitness #workoutroutine

So, that was my weekend.

During the week, I’ve been doing much of the same thing. Trying to stay on track with my workouts and healthy eating. It’s been more difficult than usual to get up at 4AM and go because it’s been so damn cold out. I literally had to scrape ice off the windshield this past Friday because it was so cold out. It might seem normal if you live in a state where it gets cold, but I’m in Southern California. When things like that happen, we just lose our minds and forget how to drive. Exhibit A – look at Californians when it rains. They literally drive like too fast or too slow and so many accidents happen, even if it’s just slightly drizzling. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, once I’ve got to the gym (which has been 5 times this week), I’ve done really well at my running workouts. I’ve changed up from just running to a HIIT workout for the entire time I’m on the treadmill. They have loads of different types of HIIT for the treadmill, but mine is something like 5 minute walking warm up (after stretching out) and then alternatively running for 1 minute and speed walking for 1 minute. I do this on the Hill workout option so that the incline is always changing and it helps me burn more calories. I really like this style of workout out a lot and I think it will help my distance running over time and stamina. Love it.

Had a veggie soup for dinner to get my veggies in. Now I’m having kiwi for dessert - Yum!

I had these the other day and they were SO good. Organic kiwi from USA. I’ve been trying to avoid buying produce from other countries to keep it as local as possible and not buying out of season as well. These are proof that this is a better way to shop given that they 1.) tasted amazing – so sweet, soft and flavorful and 2.) were pretty cheap at 70 cents!

Awesome #New #Beauty products! @LushUSA Fun Soap & @PhysiciansFormula Loose Hearts of Bronzer! So cute and fun!

I also picked up a magazine and saw these awesome beauty products in! Love the cupcake perfume! It’s available on Beauty Habit and I’ve been lusting after them for some time. New discoveries are the Lush FUN Bars which I found out from a Lush rep that they can be used for body soap, bubble bath, shampoo and even to create fun clay creations. Aside from functional use, they go toward helping Japanese children living in areas affected by radiation by offering alternative ways to have fun and socialize with other kids in their area so that’s really cool. Lastly, I discovered the Physician’s Formula Loose Bronzer Hearts which look like little candy hearts, but are bronzer capsules. I just think they’re so adorable!

Shop Organic Logo

Lastly, I discovered this really awesome looking online grocery shop called Shop Organic which sells tons of organic pantry (and some personal body care stuff too) products and what I’m really excited about is the fact that all products on their site are (not only organic) also GMO free! Will definitely be shopping on this site soon!

So, How Was Your Week?

Do Anything Fun?

Let Me Know in the Comments!

I know, I know. It might sound tantamount to self-absorbed to be giving yourself a gift, but hear me out. As someone who normally forgets about herself and always puts others’ needs before my own, I think it’s high time I gave myself a gift and a lot of us women are the same in that.

We become preoccupied with the needs of others before our own and the next thing you know, you’re the one letting yourself fall off the deep end, especially where health is concerned, so I decided to say no this year.

No, I will not bake all that unhealthy food. I am going to exercise 5-6 times per week and eat healthily instead. No, I don’t want to cook for 4 hours while everyone else enjoys the holiday. I’d rather pitch in and contribute one or two dishes and spend the time with those I love instead of slaving over a hot stove, but I digress.

So, this holiday season, take some time and dedicate a bit of it to yourself – whatever that means. Whether it’s taking the extra hour or so to read, exercise, or something else for just you, I say do it.

After all, you’re important too, right?

So, right now, I (and the damn universe!) am giving you permission to do something for your health, state of mind, and overall well being this year and not feel bad about it.

Don’t wait until the new year to get your resolutions together.

Start right now and don’t stop.

Good Luck!

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I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!

I’m constantly browsing the web to find inspiring pictures of fit women, fitness tips, healthy recipes, motivational tips, etc. and I thought I would share some of my favorites with all of you. Perhaps they will help motivate you as much as they have done for me! Be prepared for a semi-long post of pictures!

[I do NOT own any of these images. I’ve only found them online. Some of them have been pushed around the net so long, I can’t find their origin point to give proper credit so if they belong to you, please comment and I’ll update them with proper credits. Thanks!]

[Source: Unknown]

I love this list of ways to stay motivated. It really puts things into perspective for me and helps me stay positive. Think of solutions, not problems. Reasons why you cant rather than excuses for why you can’t. Because you can.

[Source: http://bloging.lifeplusfitness.com/index.php/clean-your-way-fit/ ]

I find this so awesome! I always clean when I’m pissed off or stressed so this certainly helps me see the “upside of anger.” Also, I like that I can get things done and burn calories too. For some reason, when I see this, I just think “hot housewife” or something. Weird, maybe, but it’s true!

[Source: http://bloging.lifeplusfitness.com/index.php/on-the-go-meal-plan-how-to-get-in-shape-with-a-busy-life-2/ ]

Okay so definitely check out the link above because it talks about how to pack your meals if you’re very busy, working, etc. The bag above, though, really caught my attention. It’s an earth friendly lunch pouch that has eco friendly gel embedded in the seams of the pouch itself so what you do is freeze the entire bag and then it keeps your lunch, snacks, etc. chilled for up to 10 hrs. Awesome, right?! If you want the bag, her post has Amazon links to a few different kinds of eco lunch bags.

[Source: http://bloging.lifeplusfitness.com/index.php/how-to-get-motivated-to-workout/]

Again, check the link on this one. This lady really knows what she’s talking about. I really like the tips she gives for working out and staying motivated and I love that she’s realistic about it.

[Source: http://zaggora.com/viva-hotpants-pink/]

I’ve just been lusting after these hotpants by Zaggora for ages. They’re meant to help you burn more calories while you workout! Definitely check them out, though they are a bit pricey.

[Source: http://inspiredbycharm.com ]

This one just makes me smile. I love spreading kindness and happiness. I wish I could find the exact post this is from, but alas, I couldn’t find it. The blog is lovely though!

[Source: http://fit-to-row.tumblr.com ]

This is one workout I’m seriously considering. With all the amazing shows that have come out, I’ve gone from watching little to no TV to watching a million and one shows and I’ve begun doing crunches and things all through. This is a nice fun workout to try as opposed to sitting for hours on the couch.

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/26800129987]

YEAH! Lol, this is going into my list of “Things to say to my boyfriend,” you know, just because. I like to see what I can get away with. 😉

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/26800284527 ]

I love the strength in this photo as well as the lovely designs they’ve edited into the image. Very pretty!

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/26800417768 ]

I’m not that great at push-ups, but ever since I saw the Swedish version of the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest and they showed Noomi Rapace doing those insane push up, crunches thing, I’ve wanted to be better at them. I’m just saying…she looked like a total badass.

[Source: http://fitspoholic.tumblr.com/ ]

I love this one! It’s so important to put in the extra effort because, obviously, working out and being consistent isn’t always easy. I’ve lacked serious motivation to stick to Insanity this week so I did it twice so far this week and nearly every other day, I watched some TV, but I did crunches, knee ups, squats and plank while doing so. I feel less guilty that way.

[Source: http://colleengetsmoreawesome.tumblr.com ]

love this quote! I hate when either I catch myself talking about things without doing them or hearing others do it, it just grinds on my nerves. I want to be someone who does things, who has an effect and makes an impression. This is a great reminder to stop talking and do things.

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/26361210284 ]

So true! I mean, how much waiting do we actually do thinking there will be a perfect moment? But the thing is, the perfect moment will never show itself so just go. Just do what you need to do to get what you want in life because no one else is going to do it for you.

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/28832169271]

This one really put things into perspective for me. That is a LOT of minutes in a day. Of course I have time to exercise at least once a day.

[Source: Self Magazine Online; http://www.self.com/fitness/workouts/2011/10/crossfit-slideshow#slide=1]

She looks so graceful considering how awkward the pose is, but I love the definition in her arms and legs. She looks so toned and strong, but still lithe and feminine and that’s definitely something I’m striving for!

running songs for a half marathon

[Source: Lululemon; http://www.lululemon.com/community/blog/13-1-songs-for-13-1-miles/?CID=fb13.1songs ]

I love workout playlists! This one is really great! It’s always the worst when I’m on a roll jogging and the music runs out. Then I have to scramble to change the song and it throws me off my groove. Anyone else have this issue? Lol.

[Source: http://fitspoholic.tumblr.com/post/32258142854/push-more-fitspo-wallpapers-here ]

“You won’t regret that extra push.”

[Source: http://pattyys.tumblr.com/post/31883862654]

This always motivates me to try hard, work harder in each exercise I do, and run/walk/jog or just move for longer. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn. Keep it in mind next time you work out!!

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/32821016965 ]

I want to look this graceful and focused while running. You know, as opposed to out of breath and sweaty.

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/31639959905]

You are.

<p>Julie Nelson<br />

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/31270427551/pump-and-burn-julie-nelson]

Amazing body. I try to imagine what I would look like at my ideal in my mind’s eye. They say this can help bring your dreams, goals, aspirations into reality by visualizing and then taking action towards them. What do you think?

[Source: http://sweetskinnystrawberry.tumblr.com/post/33178962006]

This is something I need to remember at all times. A lot of times, I find myself feeling super discouraged because I lost 1 lb, 2 lbs, etc. I know, it’s not a lot, but it’s still something and I need to remind myself that little things add up to big change in the long run.

<p>Dr. Oz’s Tangerine Weight-Orade Recipe… For a powerful metabolism-boosting drink, try Dr. Oz’s Tangerine Weight-Orade. It contains: green tea, shown to boost metabolism 12% by drinking just one cup; tangerine, with a chemical composition that increases sensitivity to insulin and stimulates genes that help to burn fat; and mint, a calorie-free flavor enhancer. In a large pitcher, combine: 8 cups of brewed green tea / 1 tangerine, sliced / A handful of mint leaves / Stir this delicious concoction up at night so all the flavors fuse together. Drink 1 pitcher daily for maximum metabolism-boosting results.<br />
Get more fitness motivation here<br />

[Source: http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/diets-every-decade]

I typically sort of have this hate for Dr. Oz ever since he featured “Diabesity” on his show, but I actually like this Tangerine “Weight-Orade” as he calls it. Pretty yummy.

[Source: http://jesuisbonne.tumblr.com/post/27780617057]

This idea always excites me as I’m not someone who can all out sprint for 40 minutes. I prefer a calm jog/walk pace, but this is a nice idea to vary things up and rest when I need to. After all, it burns more fat that way!

[Source: http://berryhealthy.tumblr.com/post/30534544649]

I wish I worked in a building where we could hold yoga class on the roof. It looks fantastic, no?

[Source: http://swimsuit-ready.tumblr.com/post/30269934931]

Dream body, or close to it! Haha. I’m striving for super toned, but not too extremely build or buff. What’s your dream body?

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/32821040990]

Some foods to consider adding to your diet!

<p>submitted by twentyonepointone<br />

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/28412157082/reasonstobefit-submitted-by-twentyonepointone]

I was surprised to find I actually do want this. It’s nice to be able to look back and be proud of your progress. No one wants to stay the same or never change. Everyone wants growth, progress, life.

[Source: http://10000steps.tumblr.com/post/33183026568]

I found this image seriously helpful for reasons why you’re hungry. In the past, I had a lot of issues discerning when I was actually hungry, when I was emotionally eating, when I was thirsty, etc. This is helpful to keep me mindful of my body and mindful of my food intake.

<p>submitted by eyesofakat<br />

[Source: http://dangshefine.stockphotosweb.com/post/28412060266/reasonstobefit-submitted-by-eyesofakat]

Exactly. You know, a lot of my goals in weight loss are not just about losing weight. It’s about proving to myself that I can do it if I try really hard. If I put in the effort. And it’s about living to your full potential as opposed to half-mast. Because you never know what you can achieve when you’re living life at your best potential self. Seems limitless right?

So, I hope this is helpful to you as much as it has been to me and have a lovely weekend!

What do you find motivational for health and fitness?

Are there any images that inspire you?

Please share them in the comments; I’d love to see your images of motivation and hear your thoughts on this!

Instagram Me @StorybookBeauty!

So I began posting on my monthly goals each month a few months ago and I’ve found it to be pretty helpful with staying on track. I’m not saying it’s been entirely a fail safe, but it certainly does keep my head in the game and focused. That being said, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I painted the picture above (or words, rather) on the wall opposite my bed to help motivate me more. This was due to the fact that 1. I felt really unmotivated and pissed off about it and 2. I have issues getting up early in the mornings, but I’d really like to so that I can start doing workouts in the AM rather than doing them so late in the evenings when I’m tired, lose motivation, etc.

Last month’s goals for September seem to have gone okay, but I think I fell off the deep end toward the end of the month. I certainly could have done better. I’m happy to say I’ve jumped right back on it this morning! 

Last Month’s Goals & How I Did:

  • Finish Insanity Workouts All the Way Through. I’ve done this a total of 2 times. Man, Insanity is SO hard! That being said, this is still a goal I want to achieve so I think I’ll be keeping this one on my list.
  • Stay consistent with Insanity All the Way Through the 60 Day Plan and Beyond. Definitely have not done this. Still on my list.
  • Eat well – lots of greens, fruits, grains, and portioned meals like the 5 meals per day plan outlined in Insanity. This totally did not happen. I have been eating okay, but I did a hell of a lot better last month with this. Definitely dropped the ball on this one!
  • Save Money. I have somewhat done this one so I’m excited about that! It really isn’t much yet, but I’m proud for taking steps toward this goal. 
  • Stay Positive & Motivated In All Areas of Life. This has been a struggle. I’ve tried to stay positive, but once I fell off the workout wagon toward the end of the month, so did my attitude. Thankfully, my odd painting session seems to have stopped that pity party, negative nancy dead in her tracks. I guess I needed something a little extreme (like wall painting) to snap the hell out of it. 
  • Rise Earlier In the Mornings. Although I was horribly unsuccessful at this one the entire month, I’m proud that I started off October bright and early ! 
  • Make Extra Money. I think I’ve been most successful with this one the past month. I’ve made a surprising amount of extra cash and have even been contacted about several writing jobs so that’s very cool! 
  • Stay The Course & Don’t Give Up! As always, I have done my best to stay the course (not so well last month – better this month!) , but of course, I am not giving up. Giving up can suck it. 

Goals For October:

  • Finish Insanity Workouts All the Way Through.
  • Finish the 60 Day Insanity Workout Plan Without Breaks. 
  • Eat Lots of Greens, Fruits and Other Veggies As Well As Lean Proteins and Whole Grains.
  • Save At Least $100 / Month. 
  • Stay Positive. 
  • Rise Early (5 AM) In the Mornings & Do Workouts In the AM.
  • Wear Pink, Blog Pink, & Donate to the BC Research. 
  • Stay the Course & Don’t Give Up. 

What are your goals for October?

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Have you ever done anything extreme (like crazy me) in order to keep your mind focused?

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a nice Labor Day!

I spent the entire weekend near the beach with weather not going above 80F so that was fantastic to wake up and not be sweating for once! (TMI maybe?) I also tried macarons for the first time ever – they are delicious, by the way – and we enjoyed the rest of the weekend by grilling and watching a marathon of Once Upon A Time. All in all, a really awesome and rejuvenating weekend for me! Anyway, so on with my goals for this month and first, we can see how I’ve followed through on last month’s aims.

Here Are My Goals from August & How I’ve Measured Up:

  • Keep Running 10 miles or more per week. I made good on this for the first 2 weeks of the month, but since I picked up Insanity, I’ve been doing that pretty exclusively with the exception of some yoga and the random workout I did this weekend with my boyfriend’s brother in-law.
  • Save Money. I did manage to save a few hundred dollars this month! Although it’s not as much as I would like, it’s certainly a start!
  • More Greens and Fruits and all That Jazz. We’ve been consistently eating salads for lunch and bringing fruits and veggies for snacks as well. Although this weekend was possibly the worst I’ve eaten all month, I will forgive myself because I’ve been eating pretty well for most of the time. 
  • Meditate Nightly and Relax. This is one that I’ve just completely skipped out on. Not intentionally, but I’ve been so exhausted from Insanity workouts that I’ve just passed out after showering. I will say that a few nights a week I’ve been taking baths and relaxing so at least that’s a small start!
  • Stay Positive, Take Time for Myself and Smile More Often. I am really proud of myself. I’ve been catching myself mid negative self-talk and giving myself more positive thought replacements. I think it’s a really great thing because although I’m not completely void of negative thoughts (will anyone ever be anyway?), I have been doing really well with not letting it take over my life and my mind and instead, turning it into positive motivation. 
  • Stay the Course and Don’t Give Up! I’ve been doing really well on this one! I’ve stayed pretty consistent! Although we’ve had our cheat days and obviously this past weekend was seriously more of a cheat weekend than one single day, all the rest of the time has been healthy choices and today we’re back on track so I think that’s pretty great. 

My Goals for September:

  • Finish Insanity Workouts All the Way Through. Each time we work out, we’ve worked really hard and only been able to get through 25 minutes of the 38 minute workouts so far. That being said, the workouts are extremely difficult if you’ve never done them before and we’ve certainly improved as we started the plan only being able to complete 15 minutes of it. Being up to 25 minutes feels like an accomplishment, but I do hope to eventually work up to powering through this entire workout. 
  • Stay consistent with Insanity All the Way Through the 60 Day Plan and Beyond. I have a tendency to drop off of workout plans and workouts in general after a few weeks or so, but this is one that I really want to complete. It’s like one of those things you just feel the need to prove to yourself. So I don’t want to drop off this time; I want to tune in, stay on and push through to the end so I can say I’ve done it. I want my free Insanity shirt damnit!
  • Eat well – lots of greens, fruits, grains, and portioned meals like the 5 meals per day plan outlined in Insanity. We’ve been pretty good on this thus far, but I just like to keep it on here as a reminder to myself and to keep in mind. Healthy eating is so important and especially after the weekend we had, it’s really important to get back on track and stay consistent with healthy foods. 
  • Save Money. We would like to move into our own place by January/February of the new year so we’re saving up a lot. We’ve had trouble saving so far, though, so I want to keep this in mind to save more and be more conscious and budget our cash more consistently. Not only for moving out, but also for trips, emergencies, etc. 
  • Stay Positive & Motivated In All Areas of Life. I’m just like everyone else. Sometimes I get discouraged, feel negative and let down, or otherwise just unmotivated in life. This is to remind me that I need to stay positive and push through obstacles. I really have so many goals in life that I want to achieve so this helps me stay conscious of what I’m working towards – the bigger picture, if you will. 
  • Rise Earlier In the Mornings. I am soo not a morning person. I need hell to freeze over to get up properly in the morning and I’m just not that pleasant about it. I want to work on getting up earlier in the mornings and either doing yoga or getting Insanity out of the way first thing or something just to get me moving and start my day off right. I feel like if I do this enough times, maybe I’ll transform into one of those people for whom getting up is now second nature. No word on how realistic this is, but I’m out to try anyway!
  • Make Extra Money. I would ideally like to make some extra money so I can save more, pay off balances on credit cards, and generally be more comfortable. Whether that means a second job or something, I don’t really know, but I’ll be figuring this one out as I go.
  • Stay The Course & Don’t Give Up! Same as last month, I want to power through, stay consistent and accountable, and reach my goals. 

What are your goals for September?

DKR Workout: Super Simple Exercise Using Only Your Body Weight

Alas, those are my feet. I don’t know why I’ve bought into this whole barefoot running thing, but I really love these! They make running fun for me, but if you do try them, be prepared to have some soreness. They really seem to work out my legs a lot better than just wearing normal tennis shoes, but maybe that’s psychosomatic. At any rate, I like these – I have the FILA Skeletoes that are basically cheap knock off versions of the original Vibram Five Fingers, which are super expensive. I bought these for $30 USD and Vibram cost upwards from $60- $100 USD. I bought mine at Kohls, but they are also available at Big 5 or online (Click here for online) for those not in the USA. For Vibram Fiver Finger shoes- click here.

Anyway, picture explanation aside, I alternate wearing these and my Nike tennis shoes when I go running, walking or jogging, which I do with my boyfriend in the evenings at least 3 times a week. We go at least 3 miles, but usually we complete 6 each time so we’re getting in anywhere from 9-24 miles per week which I think is really great.

After we return from our walking, jogging, or running etc., I have been trying to get in some strength type workouts in to support the running and burn more calories.

Here’s My Current Lineup of Exercises: (I am doing 2-5 sets of each):

  • 20 Squats
  • 20 Lunges
  • 20 Burpees
  • 20 Tricep Dips
  • 20 Push Ups
  • 20 Crunches
  • 20 Scissor Kicks
  • 20 Bicycle Crunches
  • 20 Ballet Style Left Lifts in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position
  • 20 Knee Ups
  • 20 Arm Circles
  • 1 Minute Wall Sit
  • Plank, Side Plank and V Up Obliques for 10 Seconds Each
  • 40 Jumping Jacks

I just started this and so far I am only able to do 2 sets of this as the workout is quite long. Sometimes, if I want  to do 5 sets, I’ve been alternating with a shorter version of this list just to mix things up, but I like it so far!

Anyone have any good workout tips or exercises they find to be really effective?

I’d love to hear them!

Words To Live By – Compliments of Christian D. Larson via Brittany on Pinterest

Special thanks to Brittany Allen, whose pinterest I found this on, and also to Christian D. 

Larson for writing such truly brilliant and moving words. I hope you enjoy them!

Really inspiring, very true and definitely helpful!

Healthy Green (Sort of) Berry Smoothie Recipe!

So, last night I was all about making the best smoothie recipes, especially green smoothies because I want to make sure I get all the greens and nutrients I need throughout the day for energy and immunity.

I adapted my own version of the Green Berry Smoothie I found over at JoyofSmoothies.

First off, I used organic frozen mixed berries (strawberries, blackberries and blueberries mix). I used the whole pack that I had, but I think it was about 1-2 cups so it’s up to you how many you want to toss in. I love berries so yep!

If you want to or have them on hand, you can opt for fresh berries of your choice, but this is just what I had on hand.

Also, if you use fresh, you may need to use more ice/water than I did.

Next I added about 1.5-2 handfuls of fresh organic spinach leaves.

What surprised me about this smoothie is the fact that I cannot taste the spinach AT ALL.

I am not sure whether it’s because I used a lot of berries to balance it or what, but its awesome!

The last thing I added was 2 bananas which really added a bit of sweetness to the smoothie and helped to counteract any bitterness from the berries.


  • 1/2-1 Bag Organic Frozen Mixed Berries (1-2 Cups Fresh with 1 Cup Crushed Ice)
  • 1-2 Handfuls of Organic Fresh Spinach
  • 2 Bananas (Fresh or frozen; if frozen, try to freeze your own and use overripe ones as they are the sweetest!)


  • Blend your berries first if you’re using the frozen kind, otherwise the order won’t matter. I spent a bit of time blending my berries first to break apart the pieces of frozen fruit that stuck together. 
  • After the berries are blended, add the spinach and blend.
  • Lastly, add your bananas in little chunks. I just broke them apart with my hand. This made blending a lot faster than if they were whole. 
  • That’s it!
All in all, I really like this smoothie.
I’m not a big fan of the weird “green” taste of most green smoothie recipes, but this doesn’t have any hint of what I like to call “grass taste.”
The original version of this added protein powder, but I only have chocolate whey powder at the moment and I thought that might taste funny so I skipped this ingredient.
This smoothie would work well for breakfast, a midday snack or even for pre or post workout meals if you want to add the protein powder from the original recipe.
Either way, I definitely hope you try it!
Don’t let the weird purple/brown color fool you; this smoothie is delicious!
What’s your favorite kind of smoothie?
Do you prefer all fruit, all vegetable or a mix of both?
That’s all for now !
Stay Beautiful
I’ll Talk To You Soon : ]