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Hi Loves!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend and enjoying your time off ( if you have it ). 

I’ve had a busy week and I’m enjoying getting back on track with my workouts, healthy eating and all that jazz. I had quite a difficult time this past week waking up at my usual 4 AM to work out at the gym for some reason so I took it pretty easy and only worked out 3 times at the gym during the week and once at home doing a bit of strength training (squats, lunges, etc.). I’ll be going all weekend to get my workouts in and make up for the times I missed during the week and try to get back on track with that by Monday.

As for healthy eating, I’ve done pretty well except for a few days this week where I had 2 cheat meals and caved and bought some white bread ( had 1 slice ) and peanut M&Ms (why are they SO delicious?!). Other than that, I’ve been on a good track with eating.

That aside, I’ve received some beauty stuff this week for review and I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I just finished reading the Host by Stephenie Meyer which is surprisingly really good – highly recommend it if you like Sci-fi! Now I’m onto Beautiful Creatures since I recently saw the film (based on the book) and loved it so much I felt the need to read the novel it’s been adapted from. Highly recommend the film Beautiful Creatures, if you haven’t seen it yet, and also Warm Bodies (a Zombie love story?) – both were really entertaining! If you haven’t heard of any of these, I’ll give you quick rundowns below:

Beautiful Creatures: It’s basically about witches, only they refer to themselves as Casters and it takes place in the South USA. Lena Duchannes is the new girl in Gatlin while Ethan Wates has lived there his entire life. Ethan longs to escape from Gatlin when he meets mysterious Lena. Together, they discover much about their ancestors, their history, and the seemingly normal Southern town of Gatlin. 

Warm Bodies: Essentially, Warm Bodies is about a boy zombie who falls in love with a human girl. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s really funny and cute!

The Host ( book not film ) : The film looks pretty accurate to the book, but it’s not out yet so I can’t say for sure. The book by itself is really good! The plot is that earth has been overtaken by aliens who are basically parasites because they inhabit our human bodies and erase our minds. Wanderer inhabits Melanie, a young human female, but finds that Melanie is still there in her mind when she does and she can’t get her to go away. It’s such a fascinating story about humanity, the nature of kindness, battle for species’ survival and the goodness of souls universally. 

I received this line of Less Is More Organic Hair Care as well which I’m excited to try out soon!  They included Lindengloss Shampoo & Conditioner, Flower Whip Curl and Frizz Lotion & LimeSouffle Styling Cream. Everything smells lovely!

Lastly, I picked up some new running shoes because my Nike shoes were getting a bit worn down and starting to feel off which was making my knees hurt. These are Reebok Realflex Scream 2.0 running shoes and they are SUPER comfortable! I love how they fit my feet like a glove and the cushioning feels like I’m walking on a firm mattress. They’re super supportive of my arches and I can’t wait to run in them! I can do a full review of these, if you like, so let me know if you want one in the comments!

How Was Your Week?

    Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a great week and look forward to a nice, relaxing weekend!

I know I personally need some R&R after this week. It felt like it was especially long for some reason – anyone else feel like this week felt like forever? Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, here’s a bit of what I was up to this week!

On Sunday, I finally washed my makeup brushes. Not that I’ve never washed my brushes before – I do – it’s just that it had been awhile (like a week or 2) since I had done it so it had to be done. I use these brush guards from Coastal Scents for my larger brushes to keep the bristles in shape and clean. To clean all my brushes, I just use an organic hand soap with lukewarm water. I’ve been using one that I recently picked up at Target from Boots, but you can also use baby soap and that works nicely as well. What do you guys do to clean your brushes?

I’ve also been spending lots of time with my dog Yoshi!

He’s a Brussels Griffon and he is the best! No, literally. Yoshi means “great” in Japanese (according to my boyfriend – don’t quote ME on it. Lol). Anyway, I love him to death and he’s the weirdest dog ever – he’s afraid of everything pretty much, he’s currently obsessed with sleeping all the time on my bed, and he hates carbs, but loves chocolate and meat so I think he might have an eating disorder. Just kidding. He’s just a bit strange, but adorable in that old man way nonetheless! Do you have pets?

I picked this water bottle / tea canteen thing up at Target last week and it’s been AWESOME. It keeps hot tea hot for hours so I advise those who pick one up to avoid putting scalding water in it for their tea or coffee or whichever because it will stay scalding hot for like 2 hours. Anyway, on the bright side, it keeps cold water cold for hours as well so it’s very handy! I find I definitely meet my water quota more often now with this! Anyone have something similar to this?

The other day, I received the Problem Solver Face Mask & a tiny sample of the Youth Dew in the mail from May Lindstrom and OMG THIS MASK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I will post on it more officially when I’ve tested it a bit further, but holy crap!  – THIS WORKS. The Youth Dew is perfectly paired with the mask for use after, but I’d like to do more testing before I comment on it too much.

I think this face mask might actually dethrone the Liquid Gold Mask from Alpha-H and I don’t say that lightly! It smells like chocolate and vanilla and herbs or something and it feels like a hot stone massage on your face. Like you can really feel it heat up. It’s actually kind of uncomfortable, but the results are SO worth it.

Even my oblivious boyfriend (who made fun of me while I was wearing this mask and couldn’t move my face LOL) had a moment of “Oh wow, your skin does look amazing” when I rinsed it off. Also, I adore the little stone pot that comes with this mask ( mask comes in a powder form and needs to be mixed with water). It’s quite heavy and very good quality. Anyway, I think I’m in love with this! *Swoon!* Yes, I swoon over beauty products and what? Have any of you tried May Lindstrom Skincare before?

I also received a small sample of the Blooming Bath Oil from Max Green Alchemy and this stuff smells JUST like their Skin Rescue Cream ( see my review on that – here ) so I immediately loved it, but the bath experience is another thing entirely! I am surprised this oil actually dissolves in bath water ( unlike most bath oils which just sit awkwardly on the surface). I’ll do a full review on this one soon as well!

I also picked these up from Target the other day as well. I’ve never tried Shea Moisture before, but  it seems quite nice so far! I enjoy the texture of both of these, but will do further testing before I post on my thoughts. Anyone tried Shea Moisture before?

I just received this in the mail yesterday from Acure and I’m SO excited to try it out ! My hair definitely needs some TLC in this cold weather! Have any of you ever tried the Acure Organics hair care?

This is a photo I took yesterday late afternoon. Isn’t it lovely?! I was surprised at the picturesque moment as it was FREEZING outside, but everything looked beautiful anyway!

Here’s to wishing you all a great weekend!

How was everyone’s week?

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying your week so far!

I apologize for my silence over the weekend – I’ve been finding that lately I need to unplug on weekends and just chill without being on the computer as I spent way too much time on it in December and think I may have burnt myself out a little bit. That being said, I’m really doing my best to get in more fitness than I did in December (little to none, other than massive amounts of holiday shopping walking around and cooking – does that count??) and get back on track with healthy eating and my goals for 2013. Isn’t everyone?

But anyhow, onto today’s post!

So, lately I’ve been super obsessed with all things velvet and I mean, I LOVE velvet on any given day, but somehow, in the winter time, that love goes up to obsessive levels and I just want everything in my closet to turn to velvet. Obviously I have yet to win the lottery so that hasn’t happened, but here’s a few of my favorite velvet pieces that I wanted to share with you all. I hope you all can incorporate some velvet into your lives as I think it’s such a feminine, soft, and romantic fabric for the winter (or you know, any time!). Also, it would be especially nice come Valentine’s Day – I’m just saying!

Pinned Image

Velvet Peplum Jacket – NastyGal.com – via Pinterest

I really love the peplum style lately and this jacket is super chic because the fabric is layered, black goes with everything AND velvet will keep you nice and warm!

Pinned Image

The Official Dr. Martens USA Store – HACKNEY Sneakers – DrMartens.com – via Pinterest

I recently saw this sales clerk at Forever 21 wearing burgundy velvet sneakers ( which, in hindsight, may have spurned this whole velvet fixation…) and I’ve been on a manhunt for a pair of my own ever since. These seem to be the closest thing to velvet sneakers that I can find and they are really cute! For some reason, there don’t seem to be a whole lot of options for velvet sneakers, though, which is strange because it’s 2013 and I just imagine we have everything.

Pinned Image

Bathing Beauty One Piece in Blue Velvet by Esther Williams – ModCloth.com – via Pinterest

I’m not sure why there is a velvet bathing suit for sale, but hey, I’d rock it! Although, my boyfriend did mention that it might be unflattering once it gets wet, but what does he know?

Pinned Image

Sophie Platform Pump – Black – NastyGal.com – via Pinterest

Aside from my velvet obsession, I also have a fixation on mary jane style shoes so the fact that this heel combines both is perfect!

Pinned Image

Heart to heart dress – pixiemarket.com – via Pinterest

I love the heart cut out in this dress! The design itself makes it a fantastic choice for Valentine’s Day or any other romantic day in your calendar. Personally, I’d be wearing this whenever and wherever I could get away with it, you know, because of the velvet 😛 .

Pinned Image

Esmeralda Boot – Green – NastyGal.com – via Pinterest

Other style fixations of mine include boots of all shapes and sizes and I love these because they are forest green and slip on (yes, I’m lazy!) so hoorah for that! I have been resolving to add more color to my wardrobe in 2013 and I think this would make a lovely addition.

Pinned Image

Blue Cocktail Dress – USTrendy.com – via Pinterest

I have one other minor fixation in fashion with all things lacey and mesh and since this dress combined lace mesh, velvet AND purple together, I just think it’s adorable.

Pinned Image

Snow Palace Skater Dress by MINKPINK – threadsence.com – via Pinterest

There seem to be a limited number of colors where velvet is concerned, but I can count on classics to be included – red, black, and occasionally blue, green and purple. I love this classic red velvet dress with a modern twist. The cutouts are a really cute way to show some skin while still keeping your look classy and chic.

Pinned Image

Cute Black Top – Velvet Top – Sleeveless Top – $34.00 – Lulus.com – via Pinterest

As I said, I also have a slight obsession with peplum tops at the moment and this top is just simple and adorable! I love that it’s black because it will work with tons of different looks and styles and helps to jazz up any simple look just a little bit more.

To see more velvet loveliness, check out my Pinterest board here.

Otherwise, definitely follow me on Pinterest here.

What are your current fashion obsessions?

Do you have any style fixations with velvet, peplum tops or anything?

Let me know in the comments!


I’m so excited to share these lovely lovely boots with you today!

I first discovered Kamik on a blog earlier this year and they were rolling around in my mind for a few months before I contacted them about their boots. I was then very lucky to be sent these incredibly lovely Kamik Jennifer Rain Boots in Plum for review. Kamik are a very earth friendly company with many green initiatives and accomplishments which manufactures all different types of boots for various types of work and weather for both adults and children in the USA and Canada.

A big reason I’ve been so intrigued by these is that they have an incredible award-winning eco-friendly plan for all of their boots, including these, which involves recycling them and the fact that all of their boots, including this pair, are made up of recycled materials and their very own rubber.

In their own words:

“RubberHe is Kamik’s own made-in Canada innovation. It’s a recyclable PVC-free synthetic rubber that’s 50% lighter than natural rubber and 30% lighter than other synthetic rubbers. Flexible, super-comfortable, extremely durable and abrasion-resistant, RubberHe gives you great traction and a light step any weather.”

The fact that their synthetic rubber is PVC is a big deal for those who would worry about carcinogenic plastic products and their effect on the body. Aside from that, there are so many more reasons to love Kamik!

First off, I’ve had to wait a bit to post on these ones as it really hadn’t rained yet and the one day it did, I forgot to wear them!

So, I’m really excited to finally feature these as I’ve pretty much been wearing them everyday since the rain has come here in Cali and loving every minute of it!

Hell to the yeah! Received @Kamik Eco friendly rain boots! Post on these lovelies coming soon at http://storybookapothecary.com (Taken with Instagram)

This is what they first looked like when I received them in the mail. As you can see they have a beautifully sleek design that’s perfect for protecting your feet from the rain and keeping them dry all day long.

In the beginning, I had some trouble with how tightly these boots fit as I have wide calves and they fit a tiny bit too tight for comfort. I quickly remedied this issue by blow-drying the inside of these boots for a few seconds and then putting them on which helps to stretch them out so they form to your shape. This works like a charm! If you have wide calves or anything and have trouble with high boots fitting you, this is a great way to remedy them if they are made of rubber or leather. The mild heat softens the material and makes it more malleable so you can stretch them a bit.

@KamikOutdoor Jennifer Rain Boots in plum. Hasn’t rained yet, but I love these! Review coming soon at StorybookApothecary.com!

So once I stretched these out a bit, they fit me snug, but perfectly and are very comfortable now!

The shoes themselves fit my feet perfectly and are very cushioned for all day traipsing around. I didn’t have any foot soreness or anything in these – the quality of these boots is definitely there. I’ve worn other cheaper rain boots before and these absolutely beat all the other rain boots I’ve tried before as the build quality just feels more durable and comfortable. They do very well in the pouring rain – we had near flooding in my area over the past weekend and my feet stayed dry and toasty in these boots with no issues. I’ve also been wearing them quite frequently for over a week and there are little to no signs of wear so I can tell they will last me quite awhile.

Aside from the fact that I absolutely love how they fit and look, the fact of their manufacturing here in the states and in Canada, supplying local jobs and supporting the economies is another reason I’d buy these over a cheaper pair. I feel great knowing these are made by a family run company which is supporting American and Canadian jobs and I’m thrilled I can promote them!

Other reasons to love them include their eco consciousness, the fact that their company uses hydro-generated power in their factories and no fossil fuels are used, and the general overall minimal earth footprint, but huge economical impact they make by doing business in the way that they do it.

Big Reasons to Love Kamik Boots:

  • “Kamik makes over two million 100% recycled boots per year

  • Kamik boot liners are manufactured using recycled polyester and polypropylene fibres

  • Every product that we make in our injection molding plants in Montreal, QC and Littleton, NH is 100% recyclable

  • Kamik’s injection molding plants use hydro- generated power to run the machines. No fossil fuels are used

  • The machines are cooled with recycled water. A cooling tower on the roof of our plant has a closed-loop distribution system where the water is collected, distributed and recycled and reused

  • Oil used in the hydraulic pumps is filtered, recuperated and reused

  • Boot scraps are collected and reused. Nothing goes to waste”

I wholeheartedly endorse these boots as they’re not only very affordable considering their environmental friendliness and small carbon footprint, but they also support my country (and our lovely northern neighbors!) so I feel really proud wearing them.

To learn more about Kamik the company, check here. 

To learn more about the technology behind their boots, check here.

To learn more about their recycling program, check here.

To check out the boots I’ve reviewed above, check here.

To shop all Kamik Boots, check here.


As I’ve been so busy preparing all the giveaway posts for my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Event, I just have not had the time to do all the reviews, makeup looks and other normal beauty posts I’d normally be doing about now so sorry for the lateness on this favorites post and the lack of a typical collage that I’d normally do. This is just real quick and then it’s back to the grind as I’ve got to prepare for tomorrow’s flash giveaway. If you haven’t done so already, definitely hurry and sign up for the 2 giveaways that are open as the first closes in 12 hours or so and the second closes in less than 48 hours!

Click the Links Below to Sign Up Now:

On the First Day of Christmas Giveaway

On the Second Day of Christmas Giveaway

And onto my November Favorites!

{Click the Links to Read My Reviews!}

  • Alpha-H Liquid Smoothing & Perfecting Face Mask.  This one has been a real life saver! My skin has been all over the place since the weather started to change and this mask has kept breakouts in check and helped smooth out patchiness, brighten dullness and just wake my skin up. It’s a great pick-me-up mask and it has the great tingling effects with the results to back it up! Highly recommend this one!
  • Living Nature Foundation. I’ve really been loving this foundation as it has a lot of healing ingredients in the formula including harakeke flax gel and manuka which are said to heal, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin and I really can attest to these effects! Although the coverage is not full, it has a general light to medium that’s buildable and really seems to even out the skin without covering it up. I love that it lets my skin breath and doesn’t break me out. Plus, it’s nicely hydrating and looks even more polished when used with the Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer.
  • Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener. This primer is so great! Although I covet my Korres primer because it is silicone free and I’ve had something of a phobia when it comes to silicone primers given how often they seem to make me breakout, I really love this one and it does not make me break out so that is fantastic! Instead, it gives that fantastic poreless finish we all associate with silicone primers with none of the typical irritation associated with them. Normally, in the past I’ve felt like, well I’d like the poreless look today so let me use this crap primer and pray my skin doesn’t react in the five hours I’m wearing it and I’d usually break out. But with this primer, I don’t have to worry because I never break out! It makes my skin look great and gives the natural foundations ( like the Living Nature or Jane Iredale ones) a fuller coverage that still looks natural, though a bit more finished.
  • The Leakey Collection Marula Oil. This has been such a great oil for hydrating my skin! I love that it’s just pure marula oil and that it’s a product I can really stand behind in terms of ethics and things. The oil itself feels so silky and yet it absorbs almost instantly into the skin and no residue. This is something I would absolutely repurchase though I’d need to save up a bit as it’s a little bit of a splurge!
  • Suti Skincare Cleanse Organic Balm. Last on the list, but nonetheless amazing! If you follow then you’ll have somewhat of an idea of the extent of my little obsession with Suti products. They just have such greatly formulated products and these products actually work! Some natural products are all natural and then their formulas suck despite their fantastic ingredient list, but these are so effective! I love this cleanse balm for any time, all the time. It just seems to really straighten my skin out when it’s going haywire for no reason and that’s whether it’s summer, winter, whatever. This. Just. Works. Try it. It’s amazing and it will nourish and smooth your skin in a beautiful way.

So, that’s it for my November favorites!

What are you loving this winter season to keep your skin in great shape or get the perfect fall makeup look?

Hello Lovelies!

I saw this post on Creativity Arise the other day and loved her post so I thought I’d do it as well! I am loving these little questionnaires on different topics lately for some reason. I also thought this one was quite appropriate given I’ve woken up to rainy overcast this morning and, in Cali, we associate that with Fall & Winter as we really don’t get snow. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and anyone who wants to do the tag, please do(!), and definitely link me in the comments so I can read your responses!

1. What is your favorite thing about winter?

My favorite thing about winter is the rain, the boots, and the scent of chimney smoke on cold air.

2. What is your least favorite thing about winter?

The difficult time I seem to have getting out of bed, you know, more than usual when it’s freezing cold out.

Health & Beauty

3. What are your favorite skin care items for the cold winter months?

I have soo many, but lately I’m all about Suti’s Cleanse Organic Balm & Purity Balm as my skin has been kind of dry lately. (See reviews for those here & here) I also really love cleansing oils. My favorite cleansing oil is the one from Antonia Burrell which is great for both acne and dry skin (see the review for it here), but right now I’m testing out one from Moist.

4. What’s your favorite travel size hand cream?

Hands down – Erbaviva Hand Cream. It’s so gentle & nourishing, but there’s no greasiness to it at all. It’s a great one for cold weather. See my review for it here.

5. What are your favorite eye shadow/ lipstick colors for winter months?

Right now, I’m really into doing a daytime type smoky eye with all brown, beige, bronze and gold type colors and also simple liquid eyeliner in plum colors. For lipstick, I am on the lookout for a nice deep plum or burgundy color that’s been on trend for fall, but I haven’t found one yet. If anyone has any advice on a good one, do let me know! Other than that, I love the lipsticks by Karen Murrell & ILIA. See reviews on both here & here.

6. What is your favorite hair product for the cold winter months?

I really love the Max Green Alchemy line of hair products You can see their review here. I also really love the deep conditioner from Brown Butter Beauty which is super affordable and organic. Not sure why I haven’t done a review yet.

Fashion Preference

Boots: thigh high, knee high, mid calf, flat boots, or booties?

Knee high and thigh high boots for life! I love that look with leggings or tights. I love the style of ankle/ calf boots, but my calves tend to be a bit on the large size so they just make me look short and I kind of avoid them for that haha. Wish I was taller!

Layering: Cardigans, blazers, or pull over sweaters/jumpers?

Cardigans and hoodies. I love hoodies when I’m just cold and feeling lazy. I love cardigans and leather jackets with scarves, though, for a really cute fashionable look.

Accessories: Hats, scarves, or gloves?

Scarves & gloves! I’m not much of a hat person. My mom kind of freaked me out about it when I was young because my sister and I went through a very odd phase of wearing backward caps every day (like I said, ODD phase! LOL. ) and my mom kept telling me I was going to lose my hair if I wore hats all the time so ever since then, I’ve sort of been traumatized against wearing them. Yep.

Dresses or pants (trousers)?

Pants, leggings, jeans, etc. I also really love shorts with tights. I went through a stint where all I wore was dresses, but lately I’m anti-dresses.


What is your favorite winter holiday?

Halloween. It’s just full of so much life and character.

What is your favorite drink during the cold winter months?

hot ginger tea with lemon & honey, jasmine green tea plain, and occasionally hot chocolate is nice.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

I don’t really have one, but I do love The Santa Clause and watching Twilight Zone marathons. For some reason, I also really get a yearning to watch period films like Pride & Prejudice in winter…

Would you rather…

…attend a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve party?

NYE party as I always stay home and it would be a lovely change!

…toast marshmallows in your indoor fireplace or outdoors at a bonfire?

bonfires on the beach are the best, but I also love fire pits!

…go north to New York City or south to Miami?

NYC! I’ve never been and always wanted to go for a visit. I’d love watch the ball drop on NYE!

…bring the new year in partying at a club with friends, spending quality time at home with family watching the ball drop, at church praising God for blessing you to see another year, or having dinner with family and friends?

I would love to go to or have a dinner party with both friends and family. We’ve always been real casual, but I’d love to do a formal dinner party type event.

…create a New Year’s resolution or focus on something else?

I love NY resolutions, but I prefer not to wait for the NY to do them. I’m always working toward my goals, no matter the time or place.

…go snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, or have a snowball fight?

I love ice skating! Snowboarding mildly terrifies and thrills me at the same time. I used to really love skiing as a child, but I haven’t done it in ages. As I said, I live in Cali so I have to travel an hour or so to the mountains to enjoy this kind of thing. I’m just happy when I visit snow because I never see it otherwise. I enjoy sledding haha.

Last but not least….

Tell me your favorite memory of winter.

One of my favorite memories of winter is going up to Mt. High with my sister and going sledding all day. Also, the first time I went snowboarding with my boyfriend and some friends. It was such a great day. We all took lessons and went boarding. I was not very accomplished at it and, living in Cali, went smartly in layered jeans + leggings. Not only did I get seriously drenched after a few hours of doing that, but we all had bruises and welts from bailing out so many times going down hills haha.

What’s Your Favorite Part About Winter?

I’ve been browsing online like a fiend, which I think just comes with the territory when you get near holidays. Everyone wants to shop, right? Maybe it’s just me…

Anyway, so here are some things that really caught my eye and made it on my wish list for Christmas!

What’s On Your Christmas Wish List?

I’m so excited we’re finally well into the Fall / Winter season so, of course, I started browsing online for winter wants and things I’ve been eyeing for awhile that may be relevant for the winter time and others that I just want irregardless of the season.

So, without further delay, here’s my massive Beauty Lust List for Winter!

What’s On Your Beauty Wish List for Winter?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Before I being today’s post, I just want to take a second to say I am not a doctor. If you have a specific skin condition or if you are simply unsure whether this method will work for you, please consult your physician beforehand. This is simply a method that has really worked well for me so I hope it helps some of you in your goals for clear, glowing body skin.


If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know all about my body’s dry skin issues. That being said, I haven’t talked about the things I do to combat and keep my dry skin at bay. The main thing I’ve been doing for a few months now is oil cleansing for the body.

When people discuss oil cleansing, it’s usually referring to the face, but I’ve been using natural olive oil body oil to wash my body. This may actually turn quite a few people off, but it actually really works incredibly well for me.

First of all, I still use soap to cleanse delicate lady parts (sorry, it needs to be said), but everywhere else (aside from my hair) gets cleansed with the body oil I purchased at my local farmer’s market from a company called Ambrosia Foods.

I experimented cleansing this way for the first time because cleansing with traditional soap just wasn’t doing it for me. It didn’t matter if the body wash or soap was for dry skin, it still dried my skin out and occasionally made me peel. So, I thought, why not take the principles of oil cleansing for the face and apply that to my body?

So, in order to avoid the annoying oily type feeling, here’s how I achieve soft, glowing skin through oil cleansing without feeling super oily at the end of it all.


I posted about these gloves I picked up at Target several months ago from Eco Tools and they’ve worked very well for me. So, when I decided to begin my experimenting with oil cleansing for the body, these were a must-have. Basically what I do is I apply body oil (the one shown above or whatever body oil I have on hand) while in the shower and I massage it into my skin while using these exfoliating shower gloves. Then I rinse off a little, turn off the shower and dry my skin. The exfoliating gloves really help the oil absorb into my skin while sloughing off dead skin cells and cleansing dirt. Just remember to be gentle around your breast, neck and under arm areas where the skin is much thinner because exfoliating too hard can irritate and inflame your skin.

Not only does my skin not feel oily after the fact, but it’s left brighter, clearer, more supple and hydrated. If I feel I still need added moisture, I’ll apply a normal body lotion once out of the shower. My two current favorites are the Skin Rescue Lotion from Max Green Alchemy and the Intrinsic Organics Body Lotion because they both absorb easily without leaving residue behind and they hydrate the skin really well without clogging pores.

So, I know it may sound weird, but try it and see for yourself; you may be surprised at the results!

Words of caution – be careful when using oil in the shower, you can slip and hurt yourself if you’re not careful. Also, make sure you rinse your shower out well after bathing because it can cause dirt to stick to the tub if you don’t rinse with hot water after the fact and may also cause the next person to shower to slip and fall as well.

Have you ever tried oil cleansing before for the face or body?

What were your experiences with this method of cleansing?