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My New Favorite No Makeup Makeup!

If you follow me on Instagram (@StorybookBeauty if you don’t!), you’ll know I recently picked this up from the Naruko Boutique in Rowland Heights, CA. It’s a new tinted sunscreen, tinted moisturizer type product that recently came out from Naruko. It really has a host of beneficial properties that I think would work well for a variety of skin types.

I’m really enjoying this sunscreen! It has awesome natural ingredients, plus it’s pretty much an acne treatment in a sunscreen, which I think is fantastic for the hot summer months when I’m literally baking and I tend to break out a lot more.

This really helps to protect my skin from the sun (UVA/UVB Broad spectrum) and the tint, while it doesn’t offer a huge amount of coverage, does actually even my skin tone up quite a bit which I really love because I tend to get really red when it’s super hot (Irish here, hello!). It also includes tea tree within the formula as well as others and this isn’t drying like a lot of tinted acne type treatments can be; on the contrary, it feels very moisturizing and actually leaves my skin midway between dewy and matte. I do think you need a setting powder with this one if you’re getting into the 3 digit heat, but otherwise, it should be fine. A little bit goes a long way even though the bottle seems small and you get a very controlled amount given you can squeeze it out of the small spout. Just go with a little at a time because it’s really runny and it spreads quite well. Less is definitely more when it comes to this one.

I definitely recommend this one to those with combination skin who get oily in the summer months or anyone who battles breakouts any time of the year. This is such a great product and I have been using it pretty much every single day! Plus, it’s super affordable at only $22 USD. Also, this works really well for guys. I made my boyfriend let me apply it on him (much to his annoyance LOL) and it really evened his skin tone out, helped calm breakouts and even though it kind of made his skin look pale at first (he’s way more tan than I am), once it settled into his skin it just made him look really nice and even toned. I really wish I could get him to wear it every day, to be honest!

Check it out – here!

Check out the diagram below for more information!

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way. I purchased this product with my own money and of my own free will. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.