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Numerous Naruko Skincare Reviews Coming Soon!

 Naruko Skincare is one of my favorite natural skincare brands.

They are not your average natural brand in that they promote eco, green and natural living with all of their products. In fact, their serums and night jelly boxes can be recycled into cute little patterned boxes by flipping them inside out, cutting out the patterns and folding the material into an adorable box.

Aside from that, their products use natural yet effective ingredients in their formulations and they have a large line of products for a variety of skin types.

Many people in USA, Canada and Europe may not have heard of this brand as they come from Taiwan and are just now starting to gain a lot of press in the USA and other western countries.

Stay tuned and be sure to follow my blog in the coming weeks for reviews on the massive amount of product and mini samples I received from Naruko recently!

Find out more on Naruko Skincare – here.