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Fun Sunscreens That Gives A Nice Glow: Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Sunscreen SPF 20

So I am really pale.

Although I really don’t burn in the sun either, it takes a million and one years for me to tan.

So when summer starts, I look so ghostly that the sunlight (and the moonlight, for that matter) makes me look like I have glowing white skin, and not in a good way in my opinion.

So, when I actually get up the nerve to put on my bathing suit and get out in the sun to get a bit of color, I definitely need something to off set my obvious lack of it!

That’s where this awesome lotion comes in.

It’s not a self gradual tanner or anything because, truth be told, I have never found one of those things that I liked. They always make me look streaky and unnaturally orange.

Anyway, this sunscreen is really awesome because it works well to protect you from the sun’s rays (both UVA and UVB) and it has natural mica minerals included in the formulation to offset my paleness and give me a really nice glimmery glow.

It actually looks really nice when the sun hits my skin so people don’t scream in horror when I walk into my community pool!

Plus, it really smells nice as well.

Although the ingredients in this are definitely not the most natural I have ever seen, I really do like the effects they have on my skin.

I definitely recommend this for pale ladies who haven’t had a chance to get some sun and don’t like to use (or haven’t used) any fake tanners.

This will likely work great to give tanned ladies a nice shimmery glow as well if they want that added effect.


If you prefer natural products, but you want to get a similar effect, I recommend using your own preferred sunscreen and then adding natural bronze colored mica to it. You can find natural bronze mica minerals online for a pretty cheap price and it can be easily mixed into any sunscreen or sunblock of your choice for similar effects.

If you can’t get enough of this shimmer effect, Hawaiian Tropic also offers this after sun lotion that has a nice shimmer to it as well.

You can find either of these on drugstore.com – here – or at your local drugstore, Target, or Walmart. They are very affordable at $8-$10 USD.