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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With LaLicious Coconut Cream Body Soap & Body Butter Duo

Satisfy your craving with this deliciously sweet body soap / body butter duo!

I recently was sent some deluxe samples of the LaLicious Coconut Cream Body Soap and Body Butter and it has literally made me and my entire bathroom smell like vanilla cake!


LaLicious is an all natural bath and body care line that includes various delicious scents for all your bath and body needs. The scents available are Lily Mango, Coconut Cream, Brown Sugar & Vanilla, Passionfruit Lime, Island Guava, Tahitian Flower, Peppermint, and Coffee Bean. They offer a variety of products including body scrubs, oils, soaps, and butters.

So besides the fact that the Coconut Cream line has increased the number of sweet cravings I get, it also has an impressive number of other benefits included in the formulas. Made with all natural ingredients, both the body wash and body butter include natural plant extracts, vegetable oils such as sunflower and coconut oil and shea butter so that you can smell delicious while keeping your skin hydrated, nourished and naturally youthful.

I really enjoyed using these two products from LaLicious; the Coconut Cream Body Soap has a nice lather that is more milky than foamy, but still feels very hydrating and literally makes me smell like birthday cake, as my boyfriend put it. The Coconut Cream Body Butter helped to hydrate my skin while scenting it with the same delicious fragrance as the body soap. While I wouldn’t really recommend this as a treatment for those with sensitive or super dry skin, it’s gentle enough for anyone to use and will leave a pleasant scent on your skin without all the harmful ingredients included in most scented products.

See the Whole line of scented bath and body products from LaLicious – Here! 

Have you tried LaLicious products before?

How do you feel about scented products?

5 Tips and Tools for Body Exfoliation

It’s easy to put huge emphasis on the skin on your face while totally neglecting the skin on your body, but your body skin still ages, dulls, dries up, and sustains damage over time with too little attention so it’s important to take the necessary steps to keep your body skin in great condition just like the skin on your face.

Here are some steps I follow to keep my skin glowing, youthful and hydrated!

1. Use the Right Tools. This is super important! A lot of people never think to exfoliate the skin on their bodies, but it actually really helps to keep the skin on your body looking healthier and improves it’s ability to absorb moisture ten fold if you do it properly. What tools you use really depends on your skin type. For me, the Eco Tools Exfoliating Shower Gloves (pictured above) that I purchased in my June Target Haul work best. They are just abrasive enough, but not too harsh for my very sensitive, but very dry skin. Just don’t press down too hard otherwise you’ll do more harm than good. If you’re not someone with sensitive skin, you may want to look into using a dry brush, a method in which you use a dry brush on dry skin before showering. Otherwise, you can also use a simple wash cloth or something a little fancier, like this one from Etsy. If you own a Clarisonic and have normal skin, you can also invest in buying a Body Brush Attachment, which works well with any wash you choose to use. You can also use bath poufs, but I prefer not to given they are made of cheap plastic which attracts more bacterial than natural fibers and is too harsh for my skin.

2.Be Gentle. Remember your body is your temple! Don’t get crazy pressing down with any of your body tools because it may cause tearing, inflammation, and other damage to the skin that can onset a myriad of issues such as eczema breakouts, psoriasis, dry skin, acne breakouts and more. So just run your tools over your body with a very small amount of pressure. It should NOT hurt; it should simply feel like a nice scrub. Also, be extremely gentle on areas where the skin is typically much thinner than other parts of your body such as around your breasts, neck, under arms, and lady (or man!) parts.

3. Pick the Right Body Wash for Your Skin. First off, do NOT use drugstore bar soap. I hate this super cheap bar soap. It seriously is the worst thing for all skin, period, whether it’s on your face or body. If you absolutely insist on using a bar to cleanse, use this one from Rainwater Botanicals or another natural soap bar that avoids abrasive and irritating sulfates. For my sensitive skin, I prefer to use this one made from Olive Oil that’s hydrating and gentle; just be sure to keep it in the fridge as it’s so soft and melts at room temperature. Otherwise, most of the time I use a creamy body wash such as the amazing Seaweed Body Wash I reviewed awhile back by Astara Skincare which is incredibly gentle, hydrating and sulfate-free. If you don’t want to spend much money on a body wash, there are some really affordable ones from SoftSoap that are Soap-free. I like this one. Just be sure to read the back and make sure it says “Soap free.” These are easily found at Target or any pharmacy type drugstore. If you’re not a fan of body tools, investing in a body scrub with hydrating oils in it is a great way to combine exfoliation and cleansing. Sugar scrubs are more gentle than salt scrub, but jojoba beads are usually the most gentle even though they aren’t as natural as the former ones. Avoid scrubs that use bits and pieces of nuts or anything such as walnut or almond bits which can rip tiny holes in the skin, letting bacteria cause issues!

3. Don’t Over-Do It! This is the same concept as being gentle. Listen to your body! You don’t need to exfoliate for more than like 5 minutes maximum, and even that might be too much. Just listen to your skin and see what’s right for you.

4. Hydrate and Seal In Moisture. Remember to use a hydrating, preferably sulfate-free formula for your body wash for optimal hydration. Then, when you exit the bath / shower, pat dry yourself, but don’t worry if you’re still damp. Actually, it’s better if you are. If you really want to get intense about it, you can apply your moisturizer directly while you’re standing in the shower and before drying off. Keep in mind, you’ll need to work harder to help your moisturizer sink in because of the water, but the overall effects are worth it. Apply body moisturizer right away to seal in moisture. Be sure to use a lotion, cream or balm that includes moisturizing vegetable oils, plant and nut butters, and other beneficial extracts for nutrient and hydration. Also, spend some time massaging it into your skin to improve circulation and really let in sink into your skin rather than sitting on it. Good moisturizers include this one from Max Green Alchemy for sensitive, dry or those who have skin disorders or conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Otherwise, a nice body oil like this one from Tallulah Jane or any cream, lotion or body oil that includes beneficial oils, butters and extracts should work fine. Go with a serum or light lotion if you have oily or breakout prone body skin. I like this one from Cetaphil.

So that’s it!

It may take some time to get used to this new routine, but over time, your skin will thank you for it by looking well hydrated, firmer (less cellulite!), more glowy and smooth.

How do you keep the skin on your body in good shape?

What’s your routine or method?

Astara Skincare Aromatic Seaweed Body Wash Review

Recently, I was very fortunate to receive 3 samples from Astara Skincare to try and review for you guys: the Radiance Renewal Moisturizer (see review here), this awesome body wash (as seen above), and the Activated Sea Mineral Mask (see review here).

I hope you enjoy!

Product Claims : 

Formulated in a sulfate-free base of Aloe Vera, Sea Kelp and essential oils, the Aromatic Seaweed Body Wash gently cleanses the skin of impurities, leaving it balanced, refreshed and energized.

My Experiences: 

As someone with really dry skin (on my body, that is), this body wash was a godsend. It is so gentle, but with a nice lather and really hydrates my skin as it cleanses. It smells pleasant, but not overpowering and comes out feeling like a smooth aloe vera gel type liquid that moisturizes without being oily or leaving any kind of residue. I also used this in my bath a few times and the experience was very pleasant. The scent was very relaxing and I felt the bath helped detox, yet moisturize my skin during the soak so that when I was finished, my skin felt really nice and clean without feeling dry. This was truly my favorite item out of the 3 Astara Skincare samples that I received and I would definitely purchase this item in the future.

Who It’s For: Anyone.

Noted Ingredients: 

  • Aloe Vera provides profound moisture and soothing properties
  • Kelp has iodine to deliver maximum vitamins and minerals to skin
  • White Tea extract is teeming with antioxidant polyphenols to neutralize free radicals.
  • Organic essential oils of lavender, rosemary, sweet basil enliven and revive the spirit.

Formulated WithOUT:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Artificial Colors, Dyes or Harmful Preservatives

Product Pros:

  • Soothing Aloe Vera Base is very gentle, hydrating and calming so anyone can use it
  • White tea extract protects the skin from free radicals
  • Body wash is sulfate free so it’s not drying or stripping your skin of natural oils
  • Can be used for bubble bath or normal body wash which adds multi-use value to product

Product Cons: 

  • May be Considered Expensive to Some
Price: $22-$38

Final Thoughts:

This is truly one of the nicer body washes I have ever tried. I actually have a problem finding body soap/wash/whatever a lot of the time because most are too harsh for my skin. Either they include some artificial fragrance or dye or include drying sulfates so I end up not being able to use them no matter how much I enjoy the scent or lather. This is a nice sulfate free body wash and it still has a nice lather as opposed to some sulfate free products that just feel like they sit on your skin and rinse off and never absorb into it. It smells nice, but it’s not overwhelming and I love the idea of the hydrating aloe vera juice base. I will likely purchase this again in the future.

Where to Find:

You can find Radiance Renewal Intense Moisturizer on the Astara Skincare website – here.


Have you ever tried Astara Skincare?

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To Learn More About Astara Skincare, Click Here.

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Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the free sample that was sent to me from Astara Skincare to review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.