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8 Beauty Shopping Sites To Check Out + Some New Finds…

NuboNau – A natural and organic beauty site  based in the USA that sells many brands including Dr. Hauschka, ILIA, Juice Beauty, Lavera, Madara, Pai, Patyka, and more.

Beauty Habit – An extremely luxe website that I absolutely adore! They carry any number of brands you’ve never heard of and many you know and love. I love that they carry really amazingly luxe European fragrances as well as other high end and mid range brands waiting to be discovered! They recently got a hold of the Konjac Sponge Company as well which has been pretty hard to find in the USA so far, even online! Check out this post where I wrote about some products from Beauty Habit – here!

Imomoko – An Asian beauty website that carries TONS of Asian brands from Paul & Joe, Naruko, Lunasol, SK-II and more…

Etsy – If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, please do! They have so much to offer by way of natural and organic beauty, seriously, and I’ve seen shops that are based anywhere from the USA, UK to New Zealand and Australia. I’m a fan of these shops especially – Naturallogic, Claribel Skincare, HM Organics, and Upstate Herb Works (mentioned this one here!).

Beautorium – Off the beaten path, Beautorium offers some great natural and organic brands like Revolution Organics, Saaf Skincare, Melvita Skincare, and Suki Cosmetics.

Rainwater Botanicals – I always love a chance to mention Rainwater Botanicals! I wrote about them here, if you’d like to see some of my favorites from this brand! Based in Washington state, USA, this natural and organic brand offers a variety of skincare, body care and natural fragrance products at extremely affordable prices. Thought you couldn’t afford organic beauty? How wrong you were, my friend!

Living Nature – I recently had the pleasure of reviewing some of the Living Nature products (see the review- here!) and I couldn’t be more happy with them! I’m really eager to try more of their line, especially their cosmetics and body care products!

True Renu – I’ve been shopping at this one for ages. They carry all the Asian beauty brands that can be difficult to find such as HABA, Komenuka Bijin, Nuka Naturals, SeiSei, and Tsubaki.

Other Beauty Sites I Have Yet to Shop With, But Would Like To! : 

Love Lula

Nature of Beauty

Spirit Beauty Lounge

Can’t get enough like me?

Check out my page My Favorite Sites for Online Shopping for more links to great online shops!

My Old Blog Posts: DIY Green Eco Beauty Face Masks

A few years ago, I attempted to start a blog called Beauty, Culture, World.

Long story short, it was pretty convoluted and not at all focused on any one topic.

It ended up being more of a random post blogs place for whatever was on my mind at the time and I eventually abandoned it…unfortunately 😦

FORTUNATELY (yay!), I was able to start this blog up recently and I’m super happy to say that this blog has kicked off to a much better start than that one.

That being said, I still had a lot of good posts on there that I think would be relevant to this blog and you may enjoy reading.

So, with that, here is an old post that I still think is pretty fun and informative for green beauty lovers.

More to come, but for now, enjoy!

DIY Green Eco Beauty Face Masks


I’ve had quite a passion for DIY beauty the past 2 years because it’s tons of fun, easy and quick, and much better for the environment than buying another product. Not to mention the fact that I already own way too many beauty products and have literally no more room (in my bathroom or budget) for even one more product.That being said, DIY beauty saves have offered me some of the quickest ways to cure that breakout, exfoliate your skin, brighten your skin tone and more.

Here are some of my favorite DIY Recipes:

  • Aspirin Acne Mask: Use 2-5 Uncoated Aspirin Tablets or Raw Willow Bark Powder mixed with your choice of water, witch hazel, vodka, milk, sake or champagne. Water is gentle, witch hazel helps absorb oil, vodka is astringent, sake brightens and lightens skin tone, milk exfoliates with lactic acids, and champagne brightens and feels luxurious while toning skin.
  • Raw Pumpkin Enzyme Facial Peel: Apply raw pumpkin in a thin layer over skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, depending on your sensitivity level. It feels just like a facial enzyme peel you would get at a spa only a little gentler given that it’s raw and natural. You can purchase raw pumpkin in a can at your local grocery store or, if pumpkin is in season, you may mash pumpkin yourself. You may also add a carrier oil (sweet almond, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) to dilute to active enzymes if you have very sensitive skin. Note: if going outside, rinse and apply sunblock.
  • Oatmeal Detox Face Mask: Mix equal parts oatmeal and honey (usually 1-2 tablespoons of each is enough) and apply. Leave on 15 minutes then rinse. Oatmeal absorbs oil and dirt while honey moisturizes and disinfects. Do this in the kitchen as oatmeal tends to flake off and get everywhere. It’s quite messy, but worth it!
  • Moisturizing Avocado Hair and Face Mask: Mix 1 avocado with your choice of milk, sake, natural oil (coconut or olive oil work well), or champagne. Leave on 15 minutes then rinse. If you are using by itself or with a natural oil, this can also double as a hair mask
  • Milk Toner: Use a small amount of milk on a cotton round and apply to face directly. Leave on until you feel it dry then rinse or leave on for continued exfoliation and brightening. Note: if going outside, rinse and apply sunblock.
  • Vodka, Sake or Champagne Toner: Use alone on a cotton round and apply to face as you would a normal toner. No need to rinse these. Vodka brightens and tones, sake brightens and whitens skin tone and champagne tones, brightens and firms skin.
  • Egg White Face Mask: Use the egg whites of 1 raw egg and apply a thin layer to your face, avoiding eye area. Leave on 10-15 minutes or until dry then either peel off or rinse off. This mask works to tighten and firm skin.
  • Natural Oils Hair Mask: Choose one or three natural oils in combination in any amount as needed and apply to hair. Leave on as desired or for 15-30 minutes then rinse. Be sure to shampoo after. This adds moisture, shine and gloss to hair.