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Emilee, the lovely founder and owner of SexyNaturalBeauty.com, contacted me some months ago about guest posting and I’ve been wanting to, I really have, but I have been so busy between blogging, reviewing products, work and working out that I simply haven’t had the time…until now!

If you’re unfamiliar with SexyNaturalBeauty, it’s a lovely blog (ran by Emilee, of course) that focuses on organic beauty and other natural finds as well as her own daily life. I really enjoy reading her blog posts because she makes them fun and interesting and always shares unique items that she discovered.

I am so happy! Thrilled, actually, that I have finally done a guest post on her blog!

She has such a fantastic blog, definitely follow her and check out her posts.

Please check out the guest post I’ve done on her blog about my Winter Essentials for Beauty, Fashion & Food here.

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