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Impromptu Makeup Look OTD: Peachy Orange Coral Inspiration!

This is a random photo of me taken right before I walked out the door to hang with friends!

Lately I’ve been really obsessed with orange, peach, and coral colors so I’ve been experimenting a lot and I really loved this look so of course I had to post about it!

It’s actually my first every makeup look OTD so I hope you like it!

It may surprise you to know that the orange peachy color I’ve used on my eyes isn’t sold as an eye shadow, but actually a blush. I was really pleasantly surprised that this even worked for me at all given I’m really pretty pale and it’s orange. I thought that it would make me look sickly for some reason, but instead, my friend said it made me look younger and more refreshed so that’s great! Also, this look was done in a rush and I pretty much threw everything together as I was hurrying to go out. I’m quite sure it’s a stroke of luck it’s turned out this well, but I hope you all enjoy!

Here are the Products I Used:

For My Face:

For My Eyes:

  • Makeup Forever Eye Shadow in “No. 101” (All over the lid and on top of No. 25)
  • Makeup Forever Blush Powder in “No. 25” (directly in the crease of my eyes and blend outward to create a smokey look and underneath the outer eye corners)
  • generic gold shimmer shadow (inner corner of the eyes and under the eyes)

For My Lips:

I am really loving this look for the daytime. It’s really easy to do and has a really nice effect! It actually gave me a nice “glow” which surprised me because that wasn’t my original intention. It’s pretty ironic considering I’m always trying so hard to get that “glow” look and I end up looking ridiculously shiny or oily, but the one time I don’t intend for it, it happens. Bizarre. Anyhow! I hope you enjoy this look and maybe incorporate your own version as a fun summer look for daytime because I think it has a really lovely effect that is subtle, not at all overpowering or dramatic for the day, but just a nice flattering look that anyone can wear!


What do you guys think of this look?

What’s your favorite makeup look for summer days?