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Light Botanical Body Care For Summertime!

Every time I get the chance to review beauty products from New Zealand, I feel so impressed and this botanical body care line is no different!

Kio Kio is a natural line of botanical body care products that includes lotions, washes, creams, mists and soaps that are all uniquely scented with natural plant extracts and essential oils that are native to New Zealand. I was recently sent one of their body washes and body lotions and I am loving them! They are both extremely pleasantly scented without being overwhelming and very effective for the Summer time!

The first item I was able to try was the Pacific Tiare Body Wash. It has “uplifting scent of Gardenia and the white flowers of New Zealand’s Ti Kauka tree”  and, although I normally hate products with gardenia, I really enjoyed the scent of this! It’ s a bit sweet, though very subtle, and it is super light! I don’t know why the picture above looks the way it does because this wash is more orange tinted than clear, though it is transparent like most gel looking body washes. This doesn’t include any SLS or TLS sulfate types in the formula so it’s very gentle to use and is more milky instead of foamy while still having a decent lather to it. I really love this body wash for the Summer! As they say, it really does smell like Summer! It just has a nice tropical aroma to it, plus it’s very light which I am loving at the moment given the amount of extreme heat we’ve been experiencing here in California. If you have extremely dry skin, I don’t think this would be nourishing enough, but it won’t cause any irritation or anything either as I’ve found it to be very gentle and calming, though it’s more of a gel type than a cream so it may not offer enough protective type moisture in the formula for those battling dryness. I really love this one and will certainly purchase this one in the future, though at $29 USD it may be considered expensive to some.

The next product I tried was this Citrus Petal Body Lotion. While I admit that I like the body wash above better than this lotion, it’s still really nice. I don’t like the scent of this as much as the body wash, but it has nice hydrating properties to it while still being very light and summery. It’s a really nice body lotion to use when you want to feel moisturized and soft without feeling overly oily, especially when it’s been over 100 F nearly every day for the past 2 weeks. I’ve really enjoyed this one for use in the super hot weather. It’s nice, softening, and smells pleasant yet subtle while also being very light and absorbed very quickly into the skin. This one is a bit more expensive at $39 USD, but it’s a very light and easily absorbed lotion so a little goes a long way and will last you a decent amount of time. I don’t think this is hydrating enough for someone with extremely dry skin, but it won’t cause any irritation and it’s nicely absorbed without leaving any greasy film or residue.

I highly recommend this awesome line of botanical products for summertime heat! They work really well together and are light enough that they don’t feel heavy or oily. They don’t leave any greasy residue or film on the skin and leave pleasantly subtle scents on the skin that won’t irritate sensitive skin types like myself. I also like that they are taking smart steps toward recycling and planet preservation and sustainability manufacturing practices. They have some really nice ingredients in the formulas including exotic and unique plant extracts from New Zealand that are certainly a nice treat!

Check out their full line of products – here!

What are your favorite Summer body care products?

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples sent to me from Kio Kio NZ for review purposes. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own irregardless of if and/or how I obtain products.