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The Ultimate Fitspo (Fitness Inspiration)

When you’re working out to get healthy, lose weight, rehabilitate after injury, or all of the above, it can be really difficult to get inspired and motivated and really be consistent.

This past week I found out about Arthur Boorman, a disabled Veteran who lost nearly 100 pounds with DDP (Diamond Dallas Page; WWE Sensation) Yoga.

I think I finally found the ultimate fitspo.

This man went from not being able to walk or stand without the arm supportive crutches or  a cane to being able to run and sprint full force on his own.

It actually amazes me that the 2 men in the photo are one and the same.

There is such an insane difference between the two and I am quite sure Mr. Boorman feels like a new person with this incredible weight loss and fitness transformation.

Any guesses on how long it took Arthur Boorman to lose all the weight?


6 Months.

Isn’t that incredible?!!?

I am SO inspired.

This morning, I felt like crap.

I felt sick, coughing, fatigued and uninspired.

This afternoon, I feel revitalized by the hope of health and overcoming obstacles in life, whatever they are.

If Arthur can do it, so can I and so can YOU!

Thanks Arthur.

P.S. I like DDP WAY better than Tony. Yeah, I said it.

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