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ECO Swimwear Fashion + Accessory Pieces I’m Loving Right Now!

After reading a few blogs this morning, I was inspired to post on this after seeing my fellow blogger friend, Kajsa Anderson @KJAnderson via this post where she’s posted a bunch of lovely sportswear pieces. Thanks Kajsa, for the inspiration! ❤ I definitely agree with her that fitness is so important in life and what better way to get inspired than to look great while sweating it all out? One of my favorite ways to get exercise is through swimming, whether at the beach, lake or pool. I love to swim and Summer heat has allowed lots of chances for me to enjoy my favorite fitness past time. That being said, I love having different bathing suits and cover ups to wear so each time is fun and fashionable. I know, I know, summer is coming to an end since it’s already August, but actually, this is a great time to buy swimwear, especially ECO stuff since the majority of these styles are all on sale. So, I’m using that as an excuse to post all the styles I’m currently in love with! I hope you enjoy!

Here are some ECO Friendly pieces I’ve been loving!

Simply Maaji Swimwear – Aquashell – $92.40 USD

Simply Maaji Jewelry – Teal Seashell Necklace – $63 USD

SAV Summer – Oriental Affair Pant – $68.60 USD

Maaji Swimwear – Sand Ruffles Touch Short – $63.75 USD

27oz Klean Kanteen Bottle

Classic Kleen Kanteen – $19.95 USD

Simply Maaji Swimwear – Aquadeep – $92.40 USD

Malai Swimwear – White Orchid Romper – $73.60 USD

Simply Maaji Swimwear – Aquasuit – $105 USD

Malai Swimwear – Purple Floral Crochet Beach Bag – $150 USD

I’m so surprised by how lovely these sustainable items are!

What do you think of the ECO clothing movements?

How do you get in fun and fitness during the Summer ?