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My Latest Favorite: DIY Ginger & Kaolin Clay Face Mask

As you guys may have guessed, I love face masks!

Any kind really, but especially the ones that work miracles to clear breakouts and calm redness as I have really reactive skin.

This past weekend I discovered the miracle that is a ginger face mask!

This ginger mask was great as it really helped clear my pores and had a nice heating effect when left on my face for about 10 minutes while in the bath.

AND it is such an easy diy face mask recipe that anyone can make with very little ingredients and some can be substituted for things you have on hand as that’s all I did as well.

Sooo amazing!


  • Organic Ginger Powder
  • White Kaolin Clay (may substitute for any clay you have)
  • Juice of 1/2 Lemon
Directions: Mix 1 tbs of ginger powder and kaolin clay with juice of 1/2 lemon and enough water to form a paste. Apply to clean face and leave on for 2-10 minutes as desired. Rinse with warm water. 
This mask really left my face with a nice glow, noticeable (though likely temporary!) tightening effects, smaller pore visibility, and overnight effects helped to clear and diminish spots and blemishes.
I want to note that you don’t have to use all the ingredients here; the main important one is the ginger powder. All others can be substituted. For instance, if you have no clay on hand you can use uncoated aspirin (acne benefits) or honey (for more moisture). Otherwise you can use any other clay you have on hand. You can use another liquid in place of lemon juice, but I like it for the brightening effects. Other liquids you can use are milk (light exfoliant good for mature skin), apple juice (brightening like lemon, but not as harsh), or you can use just water if you like.
That’s all for now; I hope you enjoy this mask and try it for yourself!
Let me know what effects you get or your favorite mask recipes.
I’m always up to try new ones!
Stay Beautiful
I’ll Talk To You Soon : ]

Manuka Honey Mask Focus Group Trial Runs Available In May!

So I have been hard at work experimenting with 3 separate formulations for 3 kinds of face masks:

  • Anti Aging
  • Brightening & Tightening
  • Blemish Clearing

All will include Organic Manuka Honey with Bee Venom and a UMF +18 rating.

Since these formulation ideas are still in pretty early stages and I really want to make them as effective as possible, I am extending offers to those who want to get a free sample of one of the 3 kinds of masks to try and who is willing to answer a small list of questions in regard to how the mask feels, works over the span of a week or so, and its overall effectiveness in improving your skin. I would also appreciate that those who have great results do a before and after photo for me and possibly testimonials.

This would be at no cost to you; all I need is your shipping address and for you to try the product and answer the questions and email them to me at TiannaSicilia@yahoo.com

This offer is only valid for those in the United States; sorry, I just really can’t afford to ship internationally for something like this. That being said, it should be available for sale in the Storybook Apothecary Etsy Shop by June so keep an eye out!


Please DO NOT opt in for the trial if you have any allergies to bees, bee stings, honey, etc. If you do decide to opt in ( I really hope no one is this risky!), please note that I nor Storybook Apothecary are in any way responsible for whatever happens including allergic reactions, medical issues, etc. Please do not try to risk it; if you are unsure of your allergies, contact your primary physician for guidance.

Thank you for your support!

Stay Beautiful


I’ll Talk To You Soon! : ]

Coming Soon! Organic Manuka Honey & Bee Venom Face Masks

Lately in the skincare world, especially in the world of high end high priced (or overpriced as I like to say), there has been a LOT of talk about Bee Venom masks, the  exotic benefits of Manuka Honey and the anti aging, anti acne, and overall skin health benefits this sort of mask can offer. Reviews are in for the Bee Venom mask by Manuka Doctor and people love it.

So I thought, why not offer a similar bee venom mask myself including certified organic manuka honey with bee venom, natural and organic oils, and natural botanical powders, clays and extracts that will give you the same benefits that the whopping $86 Manuka Doctor Bee Venom mask promises consumers without the hefty price tag.

After bouncing this idea off friends, family and customers, I have decided that this is definitely going to be something I want to offer customers, especially those who want a product that works just as well if not better than the high end, overpriced masks, but for a fraction of the price.

I will be doing a focus group trial run in the coming weeks to perfect a formulation so if anyone is interested in trying the product and answering questions for me, you get a free sample size amount of the product to test on yourself and then answer a questionnaire for me.

Feel free to email me at tiannasicilia@yahoo.com if you’re interested for more information.


Stay Beautiful


I’ll Talk to You Soon : ]

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