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Keep Them Guessing With This Exotic Scented Body Oil!

I was recently sent some amazing scented body oil from Tallulah Jane Naturals for review and I was really surprised that it was both exotically scented and highly nourishing to the skin.

I’ve tried many different body oils in the past with varying results. It seems that they end up being either really nourishing with little to no scent or super crap ingredients with an incredible scent.

Like everyone else, I want my body oil to have it all : a nice scent with high quality ingredients and I’m happy to say that this one does not disappoint!

Made with cruelty-free and vegan-friendly natural oils including jojoba, camelina, and pomegranate seed, this body oil works to not only lend a pleasant scent to your body, but also to combat the signs of aging, restore elasticity and rejuvenate and nourish dry and dull body skin.

The scent of this body oil is very unexpected. It’s a blend of rose, patchouli and other exotic spices for a natural synthetic-free fragrance. It smells very smoky, almost like incense would. I love incense so I really find this scent to be pretty pleasant, but some might find it too strong for their taste. They have a line of body oils in varying scents that work well with their line of fragrances available in these same scents. The scents include 333 (a blend of citrus, lavender and chamomile), Aiyana (Morrocan rose, vanilla and pear), Halona (citrus, lime and ginger), Tallulah (jasmine and tuberose), and of course, the Gotham Body Oil I received.

Check out the Gotham Body Oil – Here!

Check out the full line of Natural Body Oils – Here! 

Have you ever tried naturally scented body oils?

What’s your favorite?

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me from Tallulah Jane Naturals for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.