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Activaroma Pure Argan Oil

I was recently sent a small sample of this Pure Argan Oil from Activaroma by The Beauty Box and have really loved using it.

If you’re unfamiliar with argan oil, it’s an oil that comes from the nuts of the argan trees found in Morocco. What marks argan oil as unique from some other various plant oils is the fact that argan has an especially high content of vitamin E and essential fatty acids which are critical for restoring dryness and damage in skin.

Activaroma says that this oil will diminish fine lines and wrinkles, heal spots and blemishes, stretch marks and scars, and restore strength to brittle hair and nails.

I’ve been using this in various ways for about a month and I really do like this oil. The sample I received was pretty small so I haven’t experimented with it on my body or hair as there was not really enough oil to go around, but on my face and nails, this was lovely.

It is very hydrating to the skin while also feeling light and definitely helps combat dryness and dull skin. I really felt like it made my skin look more dewy, glowy and just overall more healthy in condition. I have combination acne prone skin, but this didn’t irritate or break me out – actually I’m convinced it’s helped my breakouts heal more quickly. It smooths the skin’s texture and seems to make scars lessen, though I’m not sure if it would make them diminish completely as I’ve run out of oil. As for my nails, this oil is fantastic for dry cuticles and nails and really does seem to strengthen them.

The full size bottle of this oil comes in a 2 ounce glass bottle which looks pretty luxurious – much like a classy bottle of perfume. I would really enjoy putting it on display as the packaging is really lovely. My only complaints about this oil are that the oil isn’t organic and there’s no note on the sustainability of how it was sourced or grown which I personally like to know about. Also, it’s pretty steep at $55 for 2 ounces of argan oil, but the quality and effectiveness is certainly there so if the price and origin of the product don’t bother you, I say go for it because it’s absolutely a quality product.

Check it out on The Beauty Box – here.

Have You Tried Any Argan Oil Products Before?

Which is Your Favorite?

I’d love to know in the comments!

♥ Tianna

May Lindstrom – The Good Stuff Radiance Oil 

I recently review May Lindstrom’s The Good Stuff Radiance Oil and really have loved it so much I’m likely to purchase it once I run out of it because it’s so lovely. Aside from it’s naturally nourishing ingredients, it includes golden mica in the formula which lends a golden glow to my skin whenever I apply it. I really love the mini faux glow it gives my skin because I don’t have to sit 5 hours waiting for it to develop like I would with a self tanner. Granted, I don’t get a deep tan with this, but it’s a nice and simple way to get glowing Summer type skin without putting too much effort in and the ingredients in this all over Liquid Sunshine Oil looks great on my face and body.

I really enjoy wearing it when I don’t feel like wearing any makeup, but still want to look somewhat put together because it gives my skin a golden glow and dewy healthy look that allows my skin to shine through and look beautiful while doing it.  You still need a sunscreen when you go out as this doesn’t include SPF other than what’s naturally in plant oils ( no higher than SPF 5, if that ) , but it looks great by itself on makeup free days or beach days for that added golden glow on any skin tone or type.

You can see my original review on The Good Stuff Radiance Oil – here.

You can purchase it from May Lindstrom – here.

What’s Your Favorite Way to Get Glowing Skin?

Let Me know in the Comments!

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Top Foods for Hair, Skin & Nails

Happy Thursday!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!

I’m so excited to share this incredible hair care line with you today! It was sent to me for review from their salon in London, UK, and I’ve been loving it since it arrived really.

It is the Gielly Green Luxury Natural Hair Care and they’ve sent me their Repair Shampoo and Repair Mask for review. I’ve been using both for a few weeks regularly now and I’m super excited because this line is just amazing!

Repair Shampoo and Complementary Mask image

Repair Shampoo + Complementary Mask

First off, the shampoo and repair mask both smell incredible! 

Not only do they both have this amazing cocoa vanilla type scent to them, which I love, but they also work really well to cleanse and condition the hair without stripping it of valuable natural oils. Instead, their formulas include a variety of natural plant oils and butters to repair damage, strengthen and restore elasticity, and add hydration and shine. The Repair Shampoo that I received really lathers quite nicely and cleanses the hair well without feeling drying at all.  My only complaint is that it doesn’t detangle much, but the repair mask definitely does the rest of the work really well anyway so that’s just nit-picking at this point.

Repair Mask image

Gielly Green Repair Mask

The Repair Mask is mud based, but also includes a variety of natural oils to refine and soften hair as well as  improve shine, elasticity and, of course, repair damage done. I really like the creaminess of this conditioner. It looks like custard in the jar and smells like dessert as well, but don’t eat it! It conditions, softens and detangles locks really nicely and it’s much much easier to comb through once I’m done showering.

Over these past few weeks, this set from Gielly Green has made my hair much more manageable, softer, shinier (though not oilier, thankfully), added volume, and a lot less dead looking. The winter and too much hair coloring really did a number on my hair and this has made my hair look much more healthy and full of life. I also love that the products are all naturally formulated, sulfate free and include beneficial plant oils and butters for optimal hydration and repair through the use of natural ingredients. I definitely plan on purchasing this set once I run out of the samples that Gielly Green sent me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has damaged or frequently tangled hair, especially if it’s long, because this does the trick!

You can learn more about the Repair Shampoo & purchase it – here.

You can learn more about the Repair Mask & purchase it – here.

What Hair Care Products Are You Loving Lately?

I’d Love to Know in the Comments!

Go Green with EkoMiko Luxury Intimate Massage Candles!

I was contacted by the very gracious Bradley from EkoMiko Candles about doing a review on these and, at first, I was a little hesitant. After all, it’s an intimate massage candle so I didn’t know how up my alley that would be, but I am very glad I decided to give it a go and was able to receive this lovely candle with an impressive message!

First off, it’s seriously so much more than just a luxury candle.

It’s made of 100% natural coconut butter wax and other natural, organic and eco certified ingredients to nourish and feed your skin for massage or as a hand / body balm.

Check here to read more about the ingredients.

The candle wax is a lot softer than your typical candle. Actually, it feels more like a body balm than a candle. I used a bit to moisturize my hands and it worked really well, whether the candle was lit or not. The candle I received, EkoHeroine, has a very feminine floral scent that is really nice and uplifting. They also have EkoHero, a scent that seems to be aimed more toward men and/or as a night time scent, that I received a small sample of and which is much more musky and masculine (obviously) than the EkoHeroine scent. I actually prefer the EkoHero scent, to be honest, but they are both really well-scented nonetheless.

The box packaging itself is seeded, meaning it can be planted directly into the ground and wild flowers will grow from it!

How cool is that?!

As if that wasn’t enough, the jar is made of recycled wine bottles, with a thin wood wick, and something I’ve never heard of before; the leaflets that come with this candle are made not from paper, but stone! It’s pretty shocking when you actually get to feel the little fold out leaflets because they are really glossy and very soft. Nothing about it says stone at all. Technology has come a LONG way if this is what they can make with stone!

That’s right; ^ this paper is made from stone!

Crazy, right? I thought so too!

I really love the overall message of this product. It really seems to promote a healthier, greener, more earth-friendly lifestyle and I love that. I only used this once for massage, much to my boyfriend’s displeasure, and only for his hands, but I felt the effect was really nice. I feel like this is literally a body balm in candle form. The fact that it’s meant for couples’ type massage is really awesome, but I love that the massage itself helps your skin soak up the impressive ingredients and the scent allows for a totally relaxing experience.

Although I think that $59 USD is extremely steep for any kind of candle, I do feel that this candle certainly offers more than your typical candle in every aspect. It’s truly an all-inclusive earth friendly product that I really love with a scent I will continue to enjoy during bath time and relaxing evenings at home without worry of inhaling unfriendly chemicals, damaging the ozone, endangering plants or chopping down many trees.

The price truly is the only drawback to this candle…other than their really awkward demo video which I can’t wrap my head around; it just seems bizarre, creepy (especially the staring bit), and a bit ludicrous that a woman would be like that in any situation, ever, and I really hope it’s supposed to be funny. Otherwise, if you are marketing to women, I just don’t really get it. (sorry! Lol. It made me giggle, but then maybe I’m just immature like that.)

I feel like a demo video would be better served if you highlighted the incredible nature that is encompassed in this product as opposed to random chick moisturizing in a suggestive way because, in my opinion, that only works for adult and lingerie type retail sites. I get that it’s an intimate massage candle, but it just seemed a bit off point to me.

Okay, rant over and out!

 Anyway, that aside, I do love the candle and the incredible feat they have achieved with their completely green, packaging and paper included, luxury massage candles that are definitely worth checking out.

Learn more about their message of No Guilt with these luxury eco candles- here! 

Check out the EkoMiko Candles blog – here!

To purchase one of these incredible candles – click here! 

Have you ever experienced these candles from EkoMiko?

How do you feel about eco friendly green luxury products?

What did you think of the video?

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me from EkoMiko Candles for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.

Keep Them Guessing With This Exotic Scented Body Oil!

I was recently sent some amazing scented body oil from Tallulah Jane Naturals for review and I was really surprised that it was both exotically scented and highly nourishing to the skin.

I’ve tried many different body oils in the past with varying results. It seems that they end up being either really nourishing with little to no scent or super crap ingredients with an incredible scent.

Like everyone else, I want my body oil to have it all : a nice scent with high quality ingredients and I’m happy to say that this one does not disappoint!

Made with cruelty-free and vegan-friendly natural oils including jojoba, camelina, and pomegranate seed, this body oil works to not only lend a pleasant scent to your body, but also to combat the signs of aging, restore elasticity and rejuvenate and nourish dry and dull body skin.

The scent of this body oil is very unexpected. It’s a blend of rose, patchouli and other exotic spices for a natural synthetic-free fragrance. It smells very smoky, almost like incense would. I love incense so I really find this scent to be pretty pleasant, but some might find it too strong for their taste. They have a line of body oils in varying scents that work well with their line of fragrances available in these same scents. The scents include 333 (a blend of citrus, lavender and chamomile), Aiyana (Morrocan rose, vanilla and pear), Halona (citrus, lime and ginger), Tallulah (jasmine and tuberose), and of course, the Gotham Body Oil I received.

Check out the Gotham Body Oil – Here!

Check out the full line of Natural Body Oils – Here! 

Have you ever tried naturally scented body oils?

What’s your favorite?

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me from Tallulah Jane Naturals for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.

I was recently sent a really decadent deluxe sample of the Natural Glow Cleansing Oil by Antonia Burrell from BeautyHabit.com and I am LOVING it!

I have been testing some products from Alpha-H for the past month or so and I’ve been using this cleansing oil in rotation with the Alpha-H Micro Cleanse and Triple Action Cleanser (Check out the full Alpha-H Reviews – Here!) when my skin feels in need of extra nourishment and hydration and it has been a complete godsend.

It really feels so nourishing and hydrating. Basically you pour a nickel sized amount of the oil out onto your palm, massage into the skin without water for around 1 minute and then rinse off. The oil turns a little milky and rinses off leaving the skin very soft and moisturized.

It works really well to moisturize the skin without leaving a residue or making your skin feel oily. It smells incredible and the scent is very relaxing to inhale at the end of a long day.

Infused with cypress, bitter orange, tea tree, lavender and lemon, this cleansing oil works very well for all skin types because it hydrates while calming redness, fending off heinous bacteria and healing acne and other skin issues.

I used it to remove both normal day makeup and even tried it on waterproof mascara with equally great results. I think if you have super oily skin, you could easily use this as an all in one cleanser + moisturiser during the day or at night. It leaves the skin soft, supple and hydrated and I will certainly purchase this soon as I’ve run out of the little sample I was sent. That being said, I had a pretty tiny sample that I managed to stretch out for around a month’s worth of regular use.

I highly recommend this for any skin type, especially those affected by acne and frequent breakouts. The herbs in this help to clear the skin while the natural vegetable oils nourish, heal and hydrate without making your skin feel oily. I really think this can help any and all skin types, including acne prone and sensitive types.

Check out this cleansing oil on Beauty Habit – Here!

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Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me from Beauty Habit for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.

My Crazy Weekend + Lovely Duchess Marden Mini Sample Reviews

I just wanted to apologize again for having an absolute repeat of the silence and crickets of last weekend. I know, I know, I can’t believe I managed to completely ignore blogging all weekend, but the thing is that I just moved and it’s just been ridiculous having to clean and move everything in and I’ve been exhausted, for lack of a better word.

So my apologies for another quiet weekend!

I actually have quite a bit of reviews and things lined up to share with you all, but I’ve had little time to tally up the goodness and add photos and things so I can publish so instead I’ve a million and one drafts sitting in queue waiting to be shown some proper attention before being pushed out into the world!

So, anyhow, once I have a chance (hopefully in the next day or so), I will certainly update and publish the many many awesome posts so please stay tuned!

 I was recently sent these lovely samples from Duchess Marden and I really quite enjoyed them. If you’re unfamiliar with Duchess Marden skincare, it began with one woman’s trip to Southeast Asia and her discovery of pure rose water there. From then, she decided to harness the healing and regenerating powers of rose in her skincare line and thus was beginning in the creation of the very luxurious Duchess Marden products. To read more about it, check here.

I don’t know that this line is really aimed at my age group or my skin type, but the products are certainly gentle enough to be used on any type regardless. The Face Creme Cleanser and Face Creme both have a jasmine/rose type antique smell which, if you’ve been following along for a bit, you all know I’m not immensely overjoyed by. I suspect this is due in part to the rose water they include in the majority of their products which is great for the skin, but not a scent I’m particularly fond of.

Aside from that, this cleanser + face creme duo is quite nice. They both are very gentle, clearly aimed at those with dry or sensitive skin and yet, even with my acne prone combination skin, they were still very pleasant to use. Gentle, effective at cleansing without drying out the skin, and very nourishing and hydrating, I would certainly recommend these two for anyone with a lot of skin irritation, especially rosacea types, or anyone with dry to mature or otherwise sensitive skin. They are both very gentle and calming and work well together.

Check out the Creme Cleanser – here!

Check out the Face Creme – here!

Second on the list is the Neck and Decollete Serum which was one of my favorite items from the lot!

I really love the consistency of this serum! It’s very nourishing, it looks a bit like a runny creme, but it feels like a serum and hydrates the neck and decollete very well. I really enjoyed this one quite a bit and I like that they offer a product like this. Too often, we forget about our neck and decollete areas and think to treat everything else, but then the signs of aging tend to show up on the neck, decollete and hands when neglected so I think this is a really great product and it works well for this area. It’s not too heavy, but just right and very lovely to use!

Check it out  – here!

This line would be incomplete without their 100% Pure Rose Water! I think it’s important to mention that, although I am not a fan of the rose scent, I love this rose water. Derived from steam-distilled fresh pink Damask rose petals, it’s really refreshing and the scent is not overwhelming at all. Instead, the scent is pretty subtle, but it feels very nourishing and calming. It really helps to calm redness and breakouts and I love it even more so now because it is really refreshing in this hot-as-hell Southern California weather! Add to that the pH balancing, antibacterial and pore tightening abilities and I am pretty sold on this one!

Check out it out – here!

The Body Serum in this line is really great because it’s oil based, but it isn’t oily. It’s not heavy, it has a nice subtle scent that isn’t rose (thank you! LOL), and it is actually very hydrating to the skin. I really enjoyed this serum. I don’t think it’s nourishing enough for someone with severely dry skin, but mildly dry to normal skin would really benefit from this serum.

Check it out – here!

The last in the line of samples that I received is the Damascena Anti-Wrinkle Serum. I really like the lightness of this serum. I don’t know that I really experienced any anti-wrinkle effects, but then I don’t have many wrinkles yet. Aside from that, I did feel like it helped firm my skin a bit and it was very hydrating, calming, and toning to the skin.

 Check it out – here!

Other Features to Love About Duchess Marden Products:

  • Hydrating and Calming Ingredients
  • Naturally scented
  • Utilizes 100% Pure Rose Water
  • NO fillers, artificial fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens or chemical preservatives
  • Luxurious and Relaxing Vibe to all products and lovely presentation
 Check out the entire Duchess Marden line of products – here!

Has anyone ever tried the Duchess Marden line before?

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me from Duchess Marden Skincare for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.

Il Profumi di Firenze in Plenilunio (Full Moon)

So I was recently sent some amazing samples from the lovely ladies at BeautyHabit and this was one of the small perfume vials I received!

While not nearly as impressive as the full sized bottle, this scent is nonetheless sensational.

It smells A-MAZ-ING.

No exaggeration on that.

This is actually a very sweet yet very exotic scent, but it’s very subtle and not overpowering at all which I just love!

It includes “Mandarin, Strawberries, White Musk, Amber and Soft Woods” so the balance of woody musk and fruity works perfectly.

This doesn’t have any real floral scent nor does it really smell fruity, but it just smells delicious!

Those who love coconut, vanilla, etc. type scents will likely enjoy this fragrance the most.

I don’t even know how to explain it, but everyone I had near me when I opened this loved the scent as well.

As someone who is very cheap and not keen on dropping cash for anything in particular unless the price is right, this fragrance is simply that deliciously scented that I will likely purchase the full size which, by the way, retails at an extraordinary $99 USD.

I highly recommend this scent as it smells absolutely incredible, the packaging is super luxurious, exotic and beautiful.

It’s one fragrance I will definitely treat myself to in the near future!

You can find it here on BeautyHabit.com

Check out their other fragrances – here.

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me from Beauty Habit for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.

Rodin Crema Luxury Hand and Body Cream Mini Sample Review

So I was recently sent some samples of the Rodin Olio Lusso Crema Luxury Hand and Body Cream!

As a big fan of the Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil, I was pretty excited to try this.

If you’re unfamiliar, Rodin Olio Lusso is a luxury skincare company that utilizes essential oils and plant botanicals in their face, hair, and body formulations.

They are known to have a cult following with celebrities, models and skincare professionals alike.

I love a good hand cream as my hands are constantly battling dryness given the amount of times I end up washing my hands per day and the super hot weather we have here in Cali.

So, when this finally arrived in the mail, I put some on immediately like an overeager child, of course!

Initially, the cream’s consistency feels very rich and hydrating, but it’s certainly not heavy or oily.

In fact, it soaks right in after a few seconds, but it leaves your hands very moisturized.

This is truly a high end luxury cream, though as it it quite a small amount for quite a steep price.

Sitting very securely in the throne of luxury, 100 mL of Crema will cost you a whopping $80.

That being said, the cream feels very luxurious and hydrating and yes, luxurious.

It certainly feels like a huge treat to be putting on my hands and a small amount went a long way and spread easily, soaked up by my skin pretty effortlessly.

I didn’t try this on my body as the samples were quite small so I would likely only be able to use it once if I did.

That’s why I just tried it as a hand cream so I could squeeze around 5 uses out of the 2 small samples I received.

There really was only one thing I found vaguely dissatisfying about this cream:

the scent.

It smells strongly of jasmine, which I kind of wrinkled my nose at because I just feel like it reminds me of my grandmother and potpourri (dried flowers).

Now, that’s obviously just a personal preference and it definitely doesn’t take away from the fact that this is one of the best hand creams I’ve ever tried.

If you have super dry hands, it may be worth investing in, just make sure you’re a fan of jasmine beforehand, otherwise you may be irritated by its notable fragrance.

The Rodin Olio Lusso Crema is available for purchase on their website – here!

Anyone ever tried any products from Rodin Olio Lusso?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the free samples that were sent to me from Rodin Olio Lusso to review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.

Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser Review

I received this sample from Organic Pharmacy a few weeks back and truly have loved it.

It features a host of organic and natural ingredients that are very beneficial to the skin including Rosemary, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Sunflower Oil, and many more.

I actually tried this sample a few weeks back, but I just have not had a chance to write about it until now.

I really loved this cleanser, if you can call it that.

I do think that it must have cleansed my skin quite well because it cleared breakouts and did not cause new ones.

The formula itself is very gentle and softening to the skin.

It moisturized my skin as well and left it feeling very hydrated, but it hardly feels like a cleanser should feel in conventional terms.

As you can see, this cleanser comes in a jar and looks very much like a cleansing balm type.

It melts into an oil when rubbed between your fingers and then you can apply it to your face.

It literally feels like you’re applying some kind of thick oil moisturizer to your face when you use it, but not in a bad way, at least not in my opinion.

Although it did feel sort of strange to apply this cleanser to my face, it did cleanse well and once I rinsed my face, it felt very balanced and hydrated.

It does not foam or milk or anything, though, so if that’s something you must have in a cleanser, this one may not be for you.

 Also, if you are a hater of that “oily” feeling, you may want to avoid this, but if you can stand it, I definitely recommend you to give it a go.

Although the sample seems quite small, I was able to get about a week or so worth of use out of it.

I think any skin type could use this cleanser because it is really nourishing.

Drier skin types will need to follow with a moisturizer, but oilier skin types might be able to skip moisturizing altogether in the hotter months, if they like, because it is just that nourishing.

The only things I really don’t like about this hydrating cleanser are the price tag and the packaging.

Things that come in jars, unless they come with some sort of applicator tool, have a high rate of cross-contamination and bacteria spreading.

As much as I think it’s really beautiful, aesthetically, I just know it’s not very practical.

Also, this cleanser is very expensive, sitting firmly in the luxury skin care brand category, making it unlikely to be affordable to hardly anyone.

I think if you can afford it, then you should definitely try this out as it works very well.

It includes organic, natural, and top notch ingredients, but at nearly $64 USD, it is not realistically a plausible option for most.

I wish they sold smaller, more affordable sizes so their customer range could be more broad.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with this unconventional cleanser and I really love the high quality organic ingredient list, but I cannot really justify the high price tag.

If you have cash to spare, definitely try this, if not, there are certainly more affordable organic options within your price range.

Check out the Carrot Butter Cleanser – here.

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the free sample that was sent to me from The Organic Pharmacy to review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.