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My Makeup Forever Goodies!

Check out the awesome Makeup Forever goodies I won in a giveaway hosted by the awesome Amy E Goodman!

I signed up for it on her awesome blog which you can check out here! 

If you’re reading this Amy, thank you so much! I’m loving all of these!

So, as I said, I won these in a giveaway, but that was a month or so ago and I just have not had a chance to post on them until now. They’re actually the first products I’ve ever tried from this brand and I really love them! I used the two (blush and eye shadow) above in a makeup look post I did recently which you can see – here! – but I’ve pretty much been using them every day since I received them.

The one on the left is a really lovely eye shadow in N101. It looks really pale white shimmer in the photo, but it’s actually a very soft looking gold eye shadow that works well to highlight brows, inner corners or for an all over lid shimmer. It’s such a beautiful soft color; I’ve been loving it since the moment I received it!

To the right of the shadow is a blush powder in N25 which I have also been loving! It’s a peachy coral type blush and it’s very pigmented so you don’t need a whole lot for the effects to show, but it gives my normally pale (and semi-dead pan) face a really nice glow that I never thought I would be able to achieve with any blush. I swear, I’ve been on the hunt for a blush that would give me this effect for AGES and without any luck before this quite literally was given to me. Every other blush powder I’ve tried either seems to highlight  and accentuate redness, which I sometimes get and is not flattering at all, or otherwise just leave me looking too pink, too plum, too random, too much like I stuck my head in a bowl of red powder – not an attractive look for me! This gives me a nice natural glow that doesn’t look red, but just looks healthy, beautiful and barely there. Also, it works very nicely as an eye shadow which I showcased – here!  

This is the Aqua Cream shadow in a cool blue tone. I really like this as a primer for other blue powder shadows. I’m not a fan of cream shadows like this as a standalone shadow because they tend to crease on my oily lids (especially now in Summer) and slide all over the damn place which ends up looking really awful by or before noon.

Plus, I just don’t think blue is that flattering on me unless it’s a darker shade of blue or possibly closer to the violet spectrum. I don’t know why I feel this way; maybe it has something to do with all that baby blue shimmer lipstick I  traumatized myself with when I was 10..hmm.

Lastly, this “Rouge Artist Natural” N4 lipstick is SO lovely! It’s very soft and creamy, a bit on the matte side, but not dry or drying at all. It looks very pink in the photo, but it actually goes on a lot softer than that for a barely there, natural look. It gives the lips a small bit of pinkish nude color and that is it so it’s very wearable for work, daytime, whatever you want. I absolutely love it and I’m so happy I have it!

So, what do you guys think?

Have you ever tried Make Up Forever cosmetics?

What’s your favorite product from them?

My Current Lip Favorites!

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture!

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus

This is by far one of my favorite tinted lip balms! It has a really smooth texture that just glides right on, but it doesn’t have that gross oily feeling. It just feels moisturizing. Hibiscus is a really natural pinkish nude color, it just makes your lips look really healthy with a little bit of color. I am really pale with neutral skin tone so it may look different on someone with a darker or lighter skin tone than me, but moisturizing qualities will be the same.  

Price: $6.99

Would I Buy Again? 

Definitely would! I love this lip balm. It’s both nourishing and pretty. Plus, it looks natural and I can wear it any time, anywhere. Love it! I definitely recommend this one!


Check it out – Here!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam

This lip cream is really pretty! It’s a really bright coral pink color that goes on matte, but without being drying. It is actually really creamy. Since I am pretty pale, this color looks REALLY bright on me, but someone lighter than me may feel its even brighter or someone darker may feel it isn’t bright enough on their complexion. It is a lovely color; very pretty for Spring and Summer!

Price: $5

Would I Buy Again? 

I actually didn’t buy this. I got it in a MyGlam bag. This is something I would’ve never tried on my own, but I am glad I got to try! It is very pretty and great for Spring! I definitely recommend this for people who like vibrant colors.


Check it out – Here!

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Dawn

The Just Bitten Lip Stains are really lovely. It’s dual-ended; one end is a plain lip balm and the other is the actual colored lip stain. You use the balm first to moisturize your lips and fill in any cracks so that your lips are very smooth when you apply the stain. Then you apply the lip stain over. Having the balm is really awesome because the stain is just a deep color without any moisturizing properties so if you have dry lips, this can still be moisturizing if you use the balm before applying the stain. The color I have, Dawn, is a really pretty coral color (sensing a theme? 🙂 ), but it’s not overwhelmingly bright or vibrant. It’s a very natural color. It looks like a nude beige type coral though because it doesn’t have any of the vibrancy that the NYX lip cream has. It’s very classic looking and very natural if the lip cream seems to bright for your tastes.

Price: $8.99

Would I Buy Again? 

Maybe. I really like the line of colors available in this product as they all look natural and pretty, but I don’t know if it’s worth it to me at $8.99. I like that they include a lip balm, but I am not sold on it yet. Maybe after more experimenting!


Check it out – Here!

UpstateHerbWorks Citrus Lip Serum 

This is a lip serum I found on Etsy. It really isn’t for wear during the day, though I suppose you could if you wanted to. I wear it at night as part of my skincare regimen to keep my lips moisturized and healthy looking. This serum has no color to it; it is essentially just a mix of natural vegetable oils that help to moisturize your lips and keep them healthy looking. I really like it and I feel it has helped to keep my lips moisturized and healthy. It’s really affordable at only $9 and made with natural vegetable oils so I really love that.

Price: $9

Would I Buy Again? 

I think I definitely would buy  this again! The high quality oils are very nourishing and help my lips stay moisturized and not get chapped. Love it! I definitely recommend this lip serum as a good alternative to the more expensive lip treatments for those who get really chapped lips.


Check it out – Here!

What are your favorite lip balms, glosses, etc.?

Recommendations welcome!

I am not a huge fan of lipsticks as I am nervous about bold colors, but I am trying to be more lip-outgoing, if you will, so please let me know your most-loved colors!

I would love to try reader favorites!

That’s all for now!

Stay Beautiful


I’ll Talk To You Soon : ]

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way. I purchased this of my own free will. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.