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So I began posting on my monthly goals each month a few months ago and I’ve found it to be pretty helpful with staying on track. I’m not saying it’s been entirely a fail safe, but it certainly does keep my head in the game and focused. That being said, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I painted the picture above (or words, rather) on the wall opposite my bed to help motivate me more. This was due to the fact that 1. I felt really unmotivated and pissed off about it and 2. I have issues getting up early in the mornings, but I’d really like to so that I can start doing workouts in the AM rather than doing them so late in the evenings when I’m tired, lose motivation, etc.

Last month’s goals for September seem to have gone okay, but I think I fell off the deep end toward the end of the month. I certainly could have done better. I’m happy to say I’ve jumped right back on it this morning! 

Last Month’s Goals & How I Did:

  • Finish Insanity Workouts All the Way Through. I’ve done this a total of 2 times. Man, Insanity is SO hard! That being said, this is still a goal I want to achieve so I think I’ll be keeping this one on my list.
  • Stay consistent with Insanity All the Way Through the 60 Day Plan and Beyond. Definitely have not done this. Still on my list.
  • Eat well – lots of greens, fruits, grains, and portioned meals like the 5 meals per day plan outlined in Insanity. This totally did not happen. I have been eating okay, but I did a hell of a lot better last month with this. Definitely dropped the ball on this one!
  • Save Money. I have somewhat done this one so I’m excited about that! It really isn’t much yet, but I’m proud for taking steps toward this goal. 
  • Stay Positive & Motivated In All Areas of Life. This has been a struggle. I’ve tried to stay positive, but once I fell off the workout wagon toward the end of the month, so did my attitude. Thankfully, my odd painting session seems to have stopped that pity party, negative nancy dead in her tracks. I guess I needed something a little extreme (like wall painting) to snap the hell out of it. 
  • Rise Earlier In the Mornings. Although I was horribly unsuccessful at this one the entire month, I’m proud that I started off October bright and early ! 
  • Make Extra Money. I think I’ve been most successful with this one the past month. I’ve made a surprising amount of extra cash and have even been contacted about several writing jobs so that’s very cool! 
  • Stay The Course & Don’t Give Up! As always, I have done my best to stay the course (not so well last month – better this month!) , but of course, I am not giving up. Giving up can suck it. 

Goals For October:

  • Finish Insanity Workouts All the Way Through.
  • Finish the 60 Day Insanity Workout Plan Without Breaks. 
  • Eat Lots of Greens, Fruits and Other Veggies As Well As Lean Proteins and Whole Grains.
  • Save At Least $100 / Month. 
  • Stay Positive. 
  • Rise Early (5 AM) In the Mornings & Do Workouts In the AM.
  • Wear Pink, Blog Pink, & Donate to the BC Research. 
  • Stay the Course & Don’t Give Up. 

What are your goals for October?

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Have you ever done anything extreme (like crazy me) in order to keep your mind focused?

My Goals for August

So I originally did my first goals post in July (see that post – here) after being inspired by both HealthyFrenchie and F00dVentures posts on their goals. Thanks again to both of you! Your posts always inspire me. 🙂

Here are My Goals from July & How I’ve Measured Up This Past Month:

  • Run 10 miles a week or More. I’m so surprised because this is the goal I thought would be the most difficult, yet it’s the one I’m actually completing for the most part. Although, I’m not always running, I have been at least walking or jogging 2-5 miles a few times a week. 🙂
  • Get My Crunch Gym Membership. I haven’t yet done this, but for now, running seems to be enough and I’ve gotten such awesome ideas from HealthyFrenchie’s workout posts like this one and this one that I think I can actually do my own workouts at home for now. Still on my list though!
  • Eat More Greens and Things. This one has been so so. On some days, I’m eating a bunch of greens and others I’m not eating enough. This is still on my list because I know I can get more greens into my meals and certainly need them.
  • Save More Money. I’ve actually saved some money in my box of tricks! Yay! It’s not much at the moment, but the fact that I’m taking steps to do it makes me proud anyway. Still on my list.
  • Meditate DailyI have not done this at all haha. Between work and blogging, I forgot all about it. Keeping it on my list though.
  • Stay Positive, Take Time for Myself and Smile More Often. This has been something that I am taking steps towards, especially by reading inspirational quotes and working on seeing the big picture that is life, how beautiful a place that life is, etc. I think I’m making progress here. 
  • Stay the Course & Don’t Give Up. I haven’t given up yet and I’ve been pretty consistent with my workouts and things! I’m pretty proud of that, but I think I’ll be keeping this one on my list for a long while. 

Goals for August!

  • Keep Running 10 miles or more per week. In the beginning, I don’t think I wanted to run at all. I convinced myself that I hated running, running hated me, and that I would not enjoy it, but to be honest with you, I love it now. Running makes me feel good. It helps me get rid of the clutter in my head and the stress and all the weight of the day. I’m not a fast runner and sometimes I have to walk it, but as long as I finish, I ‘m happy. I can’t say it’s been easy going, but I do think it’s worth it so I’d like to keep doing it.
  • Save Money. This has been pretty difficult to start up, but I have managed to put away some money so that’s a start! I want to keep going with this until I have large amounts of cash in my box and in my bank.
  • More Greens and Fruits and all That Jazz. I’ve been shopping at the farmer’s market a few times, but since moving I got a bit thrown off. The market isn’t the same so I’ve gone back to my other one and I’m trying to figure out how to maximize my food without killing my wallet. It’s a work in progress, but I think I will be better over time so I’d like to get a lot of my veggies, fruits etc. at the farmer’s market and avoid the store as much as possible. Whole foods!
  • Meditate Nightly and Relax. I’m just not a morning person. I need to come to terms with that so I figure I’ll probably just do this at night before bed. That’s my goal anyway 😉 .
  • Stay Positive, Take Time for Myself and Smile More Often. This actually had a nice effect on me this month to be mindful of it and help me stay positive.
  • Stay the Course and Don’t Give Up! Same as above, this is just a nice reminder.

What are your goals for the month of August?

Ready, Set, Go! My Goals for July!

I’ve been so inspired lately to do this post because I’ve seen HealthyFrenchie do a post on it (see – here!) and even F00dVentures do a post on it as well (see – here!) so I thought I should join the club and get my goals down on paper, so to speak. That being said, here are my goals for July!

    • Run 10 miles a week or More. 
    • You may have read about my thrilling runner’s high experience recently – here. Because of this experience, I have begun running weekly with my sister. It’s usually around the 4-6 mile mark, which I’m extremely happy with and proud of, but I would like to work up to doing it twice a week.

  • Get My Crunch Gym Membership. I’ve been trying to do this for about a month now, but I haven’t had the money to do it. I will likely have it in a few weeks, though, so I want to get this going so I have a full 5 day workout schedule.
  • Eat More Greens and Things.  I am pretty good about getting fruit into my diet and even some salad, but I would like to increase the amount of greens and fruit that I get every day so that I am getting more nutrients. Bring on the green drinks!
  • Save More Money. I think this is on everyone’s goals list! I developed an idea in which I put cash into a safe box for each thing I want to save up for – Wizarding World of HP Orlando Trip, New Orleans trip, Trip to visit my friend in UK, Money for a Rainy Day, Emergency Moving Fund, The Just Because I want to Fund and so on. No money in the box yet, but SOON! Even if it’s $5 in each slot. I definitely want to make some progress here because I’ve been terrible at it.
  • Meditate Daily. This is something I just want to do because I have a lot of stress in my life. I think we all do in this modern world. I would just like to start each day by relaxing and clearing my mind of all the constant clutter.
  • Stay Positive, Take Time for Myself and Smile More Often. I don’t want to give you the wrong idea; it’s not that I’m some depressed person, but I would like to have more active positive reinforcement in my life. I feel like I’m always so busy that I forget to give myself time to breathe and then I end up too stressed and overwhelmed because of all that I’m trying to get done. Therefore, my goal is to take the time I need for myself so I can stay positive and smile more.
  • Stay the Course & Don’t Give Up.  I know a lot of people who make goals and forget about them a day later. I’ve been guilty of it even. It’s so easy to let life and everyone carry your thoughts away so you lose sight of what you want and what you’re working towards. My goal is to stay focused on what I want and keep my routine in place as much as possible so that I create habits for myself that will ultimately become reflexes. Then, I will be less likely to slack or forget because I already have them in place in my life.

That’s all for now!

What are your current goals ?

What steps do you take to achieve them?

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