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Alima Pure – Black Tie Gala – Face – Limited Edition Holiday Collection

Hi everyone!

Today’s post features 2 very lovely limited edition holiday collections from Alima Pure. If you’ve been following for a bit, you may know about my love for Alima Pure’s loose powder foundation and that love has now extended out into their line of eyeshadows and other great mineral powders that they offer. If you’re unfamiliar, Alima Pure offers some incredibly high quality mineral cosmetics including a unique line of loose eyeshadows, blushes, powder foundations and much more! They even offer natural makeup brushes! All of their products are cruelty free, BDIH certified, and free from harmful ingredients such as bismuth oxychloride.

For the holiday season, they are offering 2 great mineral makeup collections that are limited edition which feature some really lovely colors!

Black Tie Gala – Face – Clockwise – Tuxedo, Chandelier, & Red Carpet

Swatches L to R – Tuxedo Shadow / Liner, Red Carpet Blush, & Chandelier Highlighter


Alima Pure – Black Tie Gala – Eyes – Limited Edition Holiday Collection

What I really love about these collections is that they both really represent the holidays very nicely with appropriate colors and combinations, but they also include a lovely glow in their eye shadows, blush and highlighter included in these collections just seem really warm and beautiful in a way that can be applied for a natural, understated holiday look or built up for a more glamorous and bold one. I love that their products are so versatile and customizable for many looks.

Eye Shadows – From top left clockwise – Minaudiere, Bijou, Stilettos & Ballgown

Eyes Swatches from Left to right – Stilettos, Ballgown, Minaudiere & Bijou

Here is My Finished Look Using Both Collections:

@AlimaPure Black Tie Gala for Face & Eyes!

Sorry for the half- face photo, but I was in a bit of a rush and I just wanted to give you an idea of what can be done. I’ve used all the shadows in the Black Tie Gala for Eyes Collection on my eyes in this photo. I also used the highlighter, blush and eyeliner from the Black Tie Gala for Face Collection, though it’s not really discernible in the photo. I even mixed the Red Carpet blush with a bit of lip balm for a tinted lip. For my lashes, I used the Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara.

Either or both of these collections would make great gifts for mineral makeup enthusiasts or those looking to get a lovely makeup look without all the harmful ingredients.

You can check out the Black Tie Gala for Eyes – here.

You can check out the Black Tie Gala for Face – here. 

They also have a holiday lip collection called Holiday Kisses which you can see – here.

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  1. Krups Espresso Machine { from West Elm via Pinterest } $299.95
  2. “I Bloody Love Tea” Mug { from AliceMaplesdenPots on Etsy via Pinterest } $24.79
  3. BECCA Sandalwood Gift Set { from BeautyHabit.com via Pinterest } $70
  4. Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit { from Back To the Roots via Pinterest } $19.95
  5. Multicolored 10 Piece Knife Set { from Fab.com via Pinterest } $28
  6. Roques Oneil Pamper Me Xmas Gift Set { from Roques Oneil via Pinterest } £48
  7. Rachel Bow Day Bag { from Forever New via Pinterest } $69.99
  8. “I Would Cuddle You So Hard” T-Shirt { from Fab.Com via Pinterest } $19.50
  9. “Amber” Eau de Parfum by Prada { from Nordstrom via Pinterest } $118
  10. Vitamix Professional Blender { from Wayfair.Com via Pinterest } $498.95
  11. “Freak Out” Pajama Set { from TopShop.com via Pinterest }
  12. OCC Pro’s Picks Lip Tar Set { from Sephora.Com via Pinterest } $49
  13. Waterproof Ipod Shuffle with Dual Layer Protection { from WaterFi.Com via Pinterest } $144.95
  14. Aquaovo Therm-O Terra ECO Friendly Thermos { from Fab.Com via Pinterest } $20
  15. RMS Beauty Essentials Gift Set { from SpiritBeautyLounge.Com via Pinterest } $150
  16. Samsung Galaxy Note II { from Samsung via Pinterest } $299.99 (with contract) or $649.99 (without)
  17. Trilogy Xmas Everything Balm Gift Set { from LoveLula.Com via Pinterest } £12.50
  18. “Bonne Nuit” ERMINE French Slippers { from TopShop.Com via Pinterest } $28
  19. Nanda Home Clocky Rolling Clock { from Fab.Com via Pinterest } $45

For more gift inspiration, check out my Pinterest board “Gift Ideas” for more gift inspiration!

What’s on your gift list this year?

SteamCream Xmas Tins

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week & on to another fabulous weekend!

For some reason, I’ve just been exhausted this week and staying up a bit too late doing random things like attempting to make ice cream (weird for winter, I know) and creating a yogurt pie (because it needed to be done).  So I’ll be pulling the covers over my head til Sunday, getting in some much needed sleep this weekend, but on to today’s post!

Joy to The World

Joy to The World

I’ve been in love with the beautiful tins from Steamcream ever since they sent me a sample of Chagrin earlier this year (see my review on that – here) and I’ve been fawning over their Christmas themed tins along with all of their other tin designs which are all brilliant and uniquely scented! Their creams are very precisely steam-infused with a variety of essential oils, natural plant oils and a calming infusion of oatmeal which offers a very unique cream for even the most sensitive skin types. What I really love about their tins (other than their impressive ingredients) is that they have lovely designs on them that are cute, unique and fun and the tins screw closed instead of most creams which come in a tin that you have to push together and which become harder and harder to open as time goes on. Their tins shut tightly and can safely roll around in your bag without worry of them spilling everywhere.

Chagrin  and Brugge Gift Set

Chagrin and Brugge Gift Set 

Single Steamcreams would make lovely stocking stuffers and they also offer a number of adorably designed gift sets for those looking for a fully fledged gift. Aside from that, they are also eco friendly, made with sustainable ingredients, and they are vegan, cruelty free, and use recycled materials for their packaging. As if that’s not enough, they also hand craft their Steamcreams fresh in the UK and Japan with minimal preservatives for the most body friendly skin emulsion that’s instantly absorbed into the skin!

Some of their tins and gift sets seem to be on sale at the moment so definitely take advantage of that while you can!

They offer tons of uniquely designed tins in their online shop – here.

If you’re in the US, you can also get them from Beauty Habit, if you like – here.

Have you tried SteamCream?

What are you getting your friends and family for Christmas?

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I hope everyone’s week is off to a nice start and all that jazz. It’s slightly warmer today than it has been, much to everyone’s dismay here in Cali, but it’s a great start to the week for me other than that! I managed to get a lot done over the weekend in terms of gifts for the holidays, blogging, holiday shopping and even got back into doing Insanity and eating very healthily this week! Just yesterday, I made my lunches for the week, did a 4 mile walk with my boyfriend and did an Insanity workout so I’m feeling quite accomplished! Back on the subject of gifts, I managed to start a few of the DIY gifts I’ll be giving away this year that actually require a bit of time to make and it got me thinking that it’s a great way to give presents without breaking the bank and it’s super personal so here’s a few of my favorites that I thought I’d share with you all that are really easy. Some are ones I’ve done this past weekend (or started, rather) and others are ones I may try, have tried or want to try in the future.

Homemade DIY Lemoncello

I used this recipe from Dine & Dish to make this, but there are tons of variations online when you type into google; I just picked one I liked that wasn’t too elaborate. You will see that recipes vary the amount of sugar, water, lemons and vodka used. My advice is if you want a more sour flavor, use less sugar, and if you want it to be sweeter, use more sugar (obviously, but just in case! Sometimes I’m slow to the show with these sort of things ahaha ). Anyway, I’ve posted the basic breakdown below of what I used and my method, but you can refer back to the Dine & Dish recipe, if you prefer something more structured.

  • 6 lemons – the recipe says to use only the rind / zest (outer layers ) of the lemons, but I used the entire thing. I just cut them up into small pieces and separated the zest and center so the flavors would be released. No word on how good or bad it will taste haha.
  • 1 (750-ml) bottle vodka – I used some random brand from Finland that I got at Target. It cost me $11.99. I will be separating the liquor into smaller bottles (similar to the one I made the vanilla extract in! ) to give as gifts over the holidays.
  • 3 1/2 cups water
  • 2 1/2 cups sugar

The basic breakdown of this recipe is to let the lemon rind/peel infuse in the vodka for around 1 week, though some recipes call for more time than that. Then, you dissolve the sugar in the water on the stove to make your own simple syrup, which is basically homemade sweetener. You add it, as desired, to the liquor, depending on how sweet you want it to be. I love this idea for a gift because 1. I’m Italian and this recipe is too! 😉 and 2. it’s simple, easy, and liquor is always appreciated as a gift, in my opinion. Plus, I’ll be sorting them into smaller, more decorative bottles so its really cute as a gift, but I spent very little on it – Thank God! LOL. I’m on a strict budget this year.

Homemade DIY Vanilla Extract

I got my recipe for this from TidyMom, but there are literally tons out there because the recipe is so simple and easy, though the kind of vanilla beans you use will determine the ultimate flavor you get in your end result. Check out TidyMom’s recipe for a breakdown of the different types of beans and their ultimate flavoring. I’ve used Mexican vanilla beans, but you can use any kind you like for a variety of flavors. All you do is put 3-6 vanilla beans (sliced open lengthwise) into a bottle of your choice and fill up with vodka. Let it sit for 6 weeks or more and then it’s done! You can leave the beans in for more steeping or you can take them out. Leaving them in will further develop the flavor, but it doesn’t matter really. I just wanted to make this one; I haven’t really decided if I want to give it as a gift or not yet. What do you guys think?

Homemade DIY Bath Soak

This was soo easy! I didn’t use any recipe for this as I already know how to make this one without it, but there are tons out there to choose from. For mine, I used a large jar from Michaels (cost – about $5.99) to store it in.

For the soak, I used 1 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup rose powder, 12 cup milk powder, 1/2 cup kaolin clay (but you can used any clay for detoxing purposes!), and 1/4 cup ground up oatmeal. Then, to fill up the entire jar, I doubled this recipe.

Pinned Image

DIY Ornament From craftgawker.com via Pinterest

DIY Ornament

There are tons and tons of ideas out there for making or decorating your own ornaments for the holidays to put on your own tree or give as gifts, but this one is my favorite! I really love how green, whimsical, and earthy it looks. They also have some which involve painting that look fun and some others that look like they’d make great crafts for kids to do.

Pinned Image

Hot Chocolate and Liquor DIY Gift From heygorg.com via Pinterest

DIY Hot Chocolate Gift + Mini Alcohol

I haven’t decided yet whether I want to include this hot chocolate idea in with the lemoncello that I’ll be giving away or not, but it does look really cute together, no? This idea incorporates tiny store bought liquor (Kahlua, to be exact) which would be cool to use as well as making your own variation. Please don’t try to make your own alcohol, though; this is not Moonshiners! That stuff is so dangerous – you don’t want to be killing anyone this holiday, no matter how annoying they might be.

Pinned Image

DIY Porcelain Marker Quote Mug From lemonademakinmama.com via Pinterest

DIY Sharpie / Porcelain Marker Mug, Dish, Etc.

I love love LOVE this idea! It’s so simple, but you can absolutely customize it to the person you’re giving it to or you can customize all your own porcelain coffee cups too! I love the idea of putting quotes in cursive on cups. I’m actually doing this idea (or a variation of it) for a relative this year because it’s so cute and easy. All you do is draw on your cup with chosen porcelain marker(s) as you like and that’s it. There are also ideas out there for drawing on ceramic mugs with sharpies and then baking them to seal in the marker which look cool. Other ideas involve painting or marking up your own dishes and baking them or using porcelain markers, depending. They all look awesome!

Pinned Image

DIY Baked Goods From marthastewart.com via Pinterest

DIY Baked Goods Gift

This is such a fantastic gift to give, especially if you’re strapped for cash. It looks adorable and it won’t cost you very much at all. I love how this idea involves using tissue paper and waxed paper to make the cute packaging!

Pinned Image

DIY Food Gift Basket From centralbottle.com via Pinterest

DIY Gourmet Food Basket 

I love how easy and simple this idea is! It’s relatively cheap and these ideas for baskets can be themed and don’t exactly have to be food. I think food is a great idea for those who love gourmet or are foodies or chefs or something, but you could branch this out to those who like games, movies, books, or anything, really, so that it’s personal, but also fun and affordable.

Pinned Image

DIY Beauty Board Makeup Gift From laurathoughts81.blogspot.com via Pinterest

DIY Beauty / Makeup Board

I love this idea for a magnet board that allows your makeup to stick to it! How easy it would be for me to find things if my beauty products were organized like this! This is such a cute, fun gift idea for beauty addicts like myself, no?

Pinned Image

DIY Baby Gift Basket From ministrywives.com via Pinterest

DIY Baby Gift Basket / Flowers / Cupcakes

I think this idea is so cute! There are tons out there for baby gift ideas like this one. I actually will be doing one this year where you roll onesies up and put them into foils so they look like cupcakes. It’s so adorable! This one is also really nice as well and the finished result looks so great – like you’re all pro – but in reality it’s easy haha. I love gifts like this that make me look overly impressive without much effort. Just saying.

So, have you tried or are you planning on trying any cool DIY gift ideas this year?

If so, what are they?

Please share with me in the comments!

 Today’s post focuses on all the amazing DIY pins I’ve discovered on Pinterest. There really are some awesome things to be discovered on Pinterest – definitely join if you haven’t already! It’s convinced me I can make everything despite a severe handicap (no, not really) when it comes to crafts. So, here are some of my favorites; I hope you enjoy!

Pinned Image

DIY Bracelet From animatedknots.com via Pinterest

I’m not much for crocheting or sewing or anything that requires a lot of patience (a virtue I was not gifted with) really, but I actually love this bracelet and plan on making one (or several) for myself! It seems pretty easy.

Pinned Image

DIY Nail Polish Tutorial From beautylish.com via Pinterest

I’ve been wanting to try this one for ages and I really love this tutorial. Anyone tried this yet with their eye shadows? Any advice is appreciated!

Pinned Image

DIY Coconut Milk Shampoo From onegoodthingbyjillee.com via Pinterest

I really want to do this one as hair products can be pretty expensive, but I’m concerned about it being color safe. Again, if anyone has advice on this front!

Pinned Image

DIY Re-Vamped Flats From makeit-loveit.com via Pinterest

I really love this tutorial for re-vamping flats as I’m someone who tends to scuff up perfectly good flats in a month’s time. Yeah, I’m shoe-abusive and I tend to get bored easily so this is a fun way to change with the trends without going broke.

Pinned Image


Not sure if this actually works on nails, but I’ll try it soon and let you know!

never buy white strips again!: dip q-tip in hydrogen peroxide (the key ingredient in whitestrips) and apply to surface of teeth for 30 sec before brushing teeth) once a day for a few days. Teeth will look whiter in 2 days.

DIY Whiten Your Teeth via Pinterest

I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’m seriously going to pick up some hydrogen peroxide so I can test it out. Basically, you dip a Q-tip into some hydrogen peroxide and polish each tooth before brushing your teeth. Wait 30 minutes with the peroxide on your teeth before brushing regularly. People say there’s a huge difference when you do it for one week straight and it’s certainly cheaper and more eco than Crest white strips, right?

Pinned Image

DIY Blackhead Treatment From stylebees.com via Pinterest

I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’m curious to see how it will work. May try this one tonight as I finally picked up some lemons. Anyone tried this yet?

Pinned Image

DIY Eyelash Growth Treatment From fashionindie.com via Pinterest

I have seriously long lashes (Italians are hairy okay), but since I decided to get tweezer happy as a teen, my brows grow in bizarrely and don’t grow in at all in some places so I may try this one out on my brows.

Pinned Image

DIY Nail Dots Pinned from Pinterest for iPhone via Pinterest

As I’ve said, I’m nail – inferior, but the idea of making dots on my nails sounds like fun. I’m like a kid banging on a piano – I can’t actually play the damn thing, but I can pretend.

Pinned Image

At-Home Spa Treatments From lulus.com via Pinterest

I looove to do DIY facials in the winter for some reason. I don’t know if that’s because I’m in somewhat hibernation and leave my house less or what, but it’s fun and these are pretty easy to make. I’ve done all of these except the bath one and the anti-redness facial. Though, lately, I am getting a lot of redness (I’ve run out of my Suti Cleansing Balm & Moisturizer! 😦 ) due to the weather changes so I may try the anti-redness one soon.

Pinned Image

Map Nails via Pinterest [Not sure of source – if someone knows, please let me know so I can update this!] – You can get a tutorial for this here though > http://polishpedia.com/map-nails.html

This seems like a fun alternative to painting my nails and it looks cool too!

Pinned Image

DIY Sock Bun From beautylish.com via Pinterest

I’m trying this one tonight as I haven’t had the heart to mutilate any of my socks until now, but this one seems too good to pass up and certainly more gentle than constantly putting my hair in a bun the normal way. Maybe.

Pinned Image

Romantic French Braid Tutorial From abeautifulmess.typepad.com via Pinterest

I may try this come Thanksgiving. I really love the look! It’s so simple, but very romantic and it’s cold out and about that time when I get super sentimental and pull out my Pride & Prejudice and start quoting about “how ardently I admire and love you..” and my boyfriend looks at me like, WTH did you just say? with his eyebrow raised. Yes, it happens.


Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend so far ❤

Happy Friday Everyone!

I can’t believe the week is already over – they seriously go by so fast!

So, I woke up this morning to find I’d been tagged in a fun beauty game by the lovely D @SweetJellyBean and I thought, What better way to start off the weekend than by a little game of Beauty Q&A? 

Thanks so much to D at SweetJellyBean for including me in the fun!

I really think these are super entertaining and interesting to read and I had tons of fun reading D’s (click the link above to read her Q&A) so I hope you enjoy mine and have a lovely weekend!

1. Blush Or Bronzer? Ermmm… I’d have to say bronzer! I like to contour and sculpt, but I prefer my looks to be not noticeable. So that you can’t tell I’m wearing makeup or whichever. Sometimes I like matte blushes or glow blush creams, but mostly I avoid it because I don’t like to look shiny or for it to accentuate spots. 

2. Lipstick or Lipgloss? Hmmmm…probably lipstick! It’s funny because I mostly wear nudey beige colors or light natural mauves, but I don’t like gloss too much. Especially those sticky-as-hell-feels-like-glue kinds! They make my lips stick together and I look all plastic haha – gross!

3. Chapstick or Lip Butter? I really love lip butters! They look creamy and hydrate your lips all at once so it’s like a multi-functioning product and I love that. I really like tinted lip butters the most. Chapstick feels cheap most days, unless it’s organic, but then I’m like, why am I paying $10 for this tiny tube? 

4. Matte or Sparkle Eyeshadow? I almost always like matte everything, but I love shimmer eye shadows! They really soften the eyes up and look lovely on. I’m not very skilled at applying makeup, but shimmer shadows are great because you can totally mess it up and it still looks pretty if you blend it all with a brush or your finger. Matte has a tendency to make you look older, in my opinion, and sparkle shadow makes you look like you just walked out of the 1980’s. You know, unless you did, then I guess it might be appropriate.

5. Gel, Liquid, Cream or Pencil Liner? This is tough! I love them all except for gel. Gels tend to dry up really quickly and cake up when they get old so I’m not a fan of that. I love liquid and pencil the most, I think. I love liquid pen liners, though. Like the kind that look like markers because I’ve nearly blinded myself trying to use those paint brush liquid liners. It just doesn’t work out, ever. Someone always gets hurt and that someone is usually me. I like pencil liners because they’re pretty fool proof and a lot of them last a long time. My favorite since high school is the Maybelline Unstoppable. I always go back to it because it never smudges, lasts forever and looks super dark. I was a bit goth in my school days, what can I say? My current liquid favorite is the Eyeko Liner Pen. For natural eye liner, Lime Lily Cosmetics Liner is Jet is really good as well!

6. Foundation or Concealer? Probably foundation. I am the laziest concealer person ever. I know a lot of people say it can change your entire appearance and make you appear awake and take away blemishes, blah blah, but I am a firm believer in leaving my spots alone for the most part so they can heal properly, especially since a lot of concealers worsen breakouts anyway, and I also neglect eye concealer because I’ve found it difficult to find one that doesn’t make my under eyes look cakey or dry and that doesn’t break me out. I know that sounds weird, but concealers make my under eyes break out a lot in tiny little white bumps. The only one I’ve found that’s halfway decent is the Neutrogena Concealer for Eyes which combines a cream and concealer. It’s light diffusing so not as heavy as most and it hydrates. I also recently discovered a blemish concealer that I think I might love, but more on that later! For foundation, I’ve been loving the Living Nature one!

7. Liquid or Powder Foundation? Personally, I like both, but it depends on the season. If you’ve been following, you’ll have read about me complaining about the heat for ages because it gets ridiculously hot here in Cali. So, in summer, I almost always prefer powder foundation. It’s just too hot to wear liquid because it melts off my face the moment I walk out the door, primer or not. I love wearing liquid in the winter months when it’s colder, though; it has such a lovely soft finish!

8. Neutral or Statement Eye? I really love toned down lips and statement smokey eye looks. I think I enjoy doing eye shadow looks more than bright lips. I only do bright lip looks when I’m too lazy to do anything else. So, basically, weekdays are bright lip looks by default LOL. 

9. Pressed or Loose Shadows? I like loose shadows for the most part. Pressed shadows can be great, but sometimes they get dry and lose their pigment over time. Loose shadows don’t ever seem to lose color or vibrancy and I can control the perfect amount on the brush. My only complaint is loose is always much messier. I get it all over the place. 

10. Waterproof or Non-Waterproof? I know waterproof is bad and not natural really, but honestly, I am the kind of person where you never know when I might hear someone’s touching story and cry my eyes out. It could happen at any moment. I don’t always get sobby, but I get all “teary eyed” and then the smudges happen. Even when I laugh that happens so I kind of prefer waterproof. I wish someone would come out with a natural waterproof version and, if someone knows of one, please let me know!

11. Brushes, Sponges or Fingers? I love sponges for foundation, brushes for eyes and brows, and fingers for when it gets messed up and I try to fix it. 

12. Powder, Cream or Liquid Highlighters? You know, I’ve tried highlighters many a time and I’m just not good at it. Whatever way I try to apply it, I end up looking like a shiny beacon or blotchy because the placement is all wrong. I’ve had the best luck with using cream ones. I always seem to apply too much if I use the powder kind so it gets everywhere and I never know how much liquid of the liquid kind I’ll need to I either under apply or over apply and it always looks hideous. -Sigh-

♥ Spill your beauty secrets! (Additional Q for you by D (Sweetjellybean.com)♥

Can’t Live Without Skincare Product?

There are too many because, as you know, I am beauty-dependent, especially when it comes to skincare, but at the moment, I’m seriously loving the Alpha-H Balancing Moisturizer and Gentle Exfoliant. It’s a serious favorite. I had run out, but I just got some more and loving it even more than before!

Favorite Makeup Blusher?

I don’t really have a favorite, but I do love the Alima Pure Satin Matte blush. It goes on really nicely and lends a pretty glow to the face without looking shiny or sparkly. 

Take-it-with-me-always beauty product?

Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara. If nothing else, I always wear mascara and I really love this one! And probably my Karen Murrell Lipsticks. They are so fantastic. They smell like cinnamon and feel super creamy on the lips!

Bonus Question from Tianna @StorybookApothecary!

What Is One Beauty Item You’re Willing To Splurge On Even Though It’s Expensive?

For me, this is my Clarisonic. It’s the only product I’ve spent way too much on that I don’t regret. I absolutely love it and it’s always there for when my skin is acting up or if I want a lazy cleansing day. It’s a great tool to have on hand, especially if you have trouble skin.

And Now, It’s Time for Tag-sies!

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Tag: This or That!

I’m so excited to see all the trick-or-treaters come by tonight! I think I’m really turning into an old person LOL. Anyway, so today’s post is a few of my favorite Halloween pins that I discovered and that really didn’t seem to fit into any topic, but that I thought were still really cool.

Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

Pinned Image

5 Party Ready Halloween Treats From theglitterguide.com via Pinterest

I’m not really sure what this is (I’m thinking it’s food-colored vanilla pudding and oreo?), but it’s looks delicious and perfect for Halloween! Especially if you plan on staying in or if you are hosting a party, these treats look awesome

Pinned Image

Halloween Nails from BakingBeauty.Net via Pinterest

I love these nails! They are seriously adorable and I’ve been so impressed with the Halloween themed nails people have come up with. If you’re interested in more Halloween nail designs, RaRa Reid has done some really cool ones!

Pinned Image

Hogwarts Coat of Arms Pumpkin by 9Gag.Com via Pinterest

OMG! Combining Harry Potter and Halloween is like the ultimate for me! Doesn’t this pumpkin look amazing ?? Personally, I have trouble doing a normal pumpkin carving (you know, triangle eyes, nose and a scary mouth), but this is really incredible!

Pinned Image

DIY Washable Hair Color From petgroomingthegoodthebadthefurry.blogspot.com

I never thought of this, but with the whole hair-chalking trend, someone was bound to connect the two. It’s such a brilliant and cheap idea if you have kids and don’t want to pay the $5-$10 cans of hair paint or whichever. This is a nice, affordable alternative.

Pinned Image

Awesome Halloween Decorations From plateandpattern.com

This is so creative and spooky – I love it! It reminds me of a more chic Haunted Mansion look. It seems this look isn’t that difficult to achieve either. All you need are some free online printable labels (some look old already or you can dip them in coffee and tea for an aged look), old empty liquor or other glass bottles, scent diffuser / candle wicks, skull from Halloween store, some dried or fake moss (craft store!) and a glass vase of some sort.

Pinned Image

Halloween Party Treats From hostessblog.com

I don’t know why, but everything looks cooler in a shot glass. It looks so decorative and you’ll feel less guilty indulging because it’s such a small portion. This is a great one for adult Halloween parties!

Pinned Image

Bloody Cocktails From bhg.com

Here’s another one for over 21 Halloween gatherings – Bloody Cocktails! No idea what’s in it, but it looks seriously cool! You could easily adapt this into a non-alcoholic drink for kids too – Just use plastic styled glasses instead of real, diet / regular 7Up and red food coloring on the outside for the blood. You could also serve Hawaiian Punch and do the blood for a super red bloody cocktail.

Pinned Image

Lawn Ghosts From inspiringpretty.com

This is such an ingenious idea for your lawn that’s not only cheap, but also fairly simple to do! One trip to the craft store and you’ll have a lawn full of ghosts!

Pinned Image

Vampire Cupcakes From cupcakeactivist.com

Okay so, on principle, I was going to leave this out just because the photo reminds me of Twilight, but I really think it’s a cool idea for cupcakes and it’s not too intricate an idea that average bakers can’t do it too. Plus, the effect is rather nice with very little effort and I’m all about that!

Pinned Image

Polyjuice Potion Jello From jelly-shot-test-kitchen.blogspot.com

Anything I can find that’s Harry Potter themed, I’ll be putting it up, whether on Halloween or, you know, any odd day. These look fun and delicious for kids parties, but you could make them into adult rather easily – just add alcohol. (Please only drinking age appropriate adults!)

Pinned Image

Halloween Party Drink Table From bhg.com

I love this drinking table from Bhg.com! Not only does it look easy, but it’s so stylish! The picture frame chalkboard is a nice touch and really cheap to do. I seem to be obsessed with chalkboards lately…

Pinned Image

Dracula’s Kiss Cocktail From cocktails.about.com

Doesn’t this cocktail look amazing??? It’s really simple to make, though you’ll need specialty black cherry vodka to do it. It also includes yummy grenadine and coke. I didn’t even know they made black cherry vodka, but it sounds brilliant! (Again, Please only drinking age appropriate adults!)

Pinned Image

Bloody Zombie Nails From i283.photobucket.com

Halloween nails have really seemed to evolved this year onto an entirely new level. They’re like how Halloween pumpkin carvings used to be so simple and then now they’ve gone on to become so intricate and creative. I really love the creativity of it all. That’s what makes Halloween such a blast, no?

Pinned Image

Leave On the Porch If You Won’t Be Home on Halloween! From marthastewart.com

This is a seriously simple, but unique idea for those who will be out on Halloween. Simply pick up a pumpkin and poke small holes into it in rows. Then, insert the lollipops of choice. You could use tootsie pops as shown here or there’s also blow pops, old fashioned lollipops, or if you wanted to make custom holes, you could actually even do ring pops.

Pinned Image

DIY Apothecary Jars From davelowe.blogspot.com

Earlier in the month, I discovered this awesome blog which includes a lot of Halloween DIY projects on the cheap. This guy has brilliant ideas on how to save money, but make decorations look really authentic at the same time. This project is really cool and surprisingly easy to do. You probably have most of what you need already on hand.

Pinned Image

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage From bloging.lifeplusfitness.com

So, of course, I had to include something fairy tale themed in this post because I love everything magical and all that jazz. This goes back to what I was saying about pumpkin carvings becoming something really intricate and detailed. Some of these people have such incredible talent and imagination. It’s really impressive!

So, that’s all for now; enjoy your Halloween and Be safe!

What are your plans for Halloween?

Will you be staying in or heading out to trick or treat or attend parties?

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Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you’re all having a nice rest this weekend and looking forward to a new week. I’ve just been relaxing all day and crafting some giveaways for the next 2 months so definitely stay tuned and subscribe so you’re the first to know about them! They’re going to be massive and, for one of them, you’ll have major input into the items up for grabs, but I don’t want to give away too much just yet! Rest assured, they will be awesome and lots of goodies will be in the pot. You can expect one of them to include items and brands I love and have reviewed on this blog, but the other giveaway will strictly include items you love and want to try so stay tuned!

Aside from that, I’ve been budgeting my own Christmas list and figuring out what things I want to gift to family and friends. I’ve been increasingly drawn to things I want to craft instead of purchase. I think it’s a fantastic way to save money and also personalize a gift to those you care for. You can see some great ideas for DIY gifts on Pinterest; that’s where I get the majority of my ideas anyway!!

So, with that, enjoy your Sunday and check out these posts you may have missed this past week!

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How’s your Sunday going?

Do anything fun this weekend?

I recently stumbled onto this super simple and seriously affordable DIY decoration idea for Halloween on the addicting Pinterest: Glow in the Dark Mason Jars!

I actually thought it would be more complicated than it ended up being, but it’s not. It took less than 5 minutes to do 2 of these (one green, one purple) and every member of my boyfriend’s family loved them!

You can definitely do these yourself as a fun nightlight for your kids or for Halloween decorations that are both fun and cheap!

What You Need:

  • Various colored glow sticks
  • Mason jars (or any kind of empty glass jars with lids)
  • Sharp scissors or small wire cutters
  • Tweezers

Here’s How: 

First, you will need to purchase a few things. I had mason jars on hand already, but you can use any glass jars that you have on hand (please note, they can’t be re-purposed after this; they can only be used for this purpose or other chemical purposes due to the chemicals in it). Otherwise, if you want to purchase mason jars, they usually come at around $10 for a 12 pack at your local grocery (check the baking aisle). Then, I went to the 99 cents store and purchased a few glow sticks.

The next part is a bit tricky. You have to crack the glow sticks so they glow before you break them open so just crack them as usual. Then, cut off the top of the plastic stick with either sharp scissors or cutters ( I used sharp wire cutter things as the glow sticks I got were bulky). Once you’ve done that, you pour in the glowing liquid to your jar of choice. There will be little glass shards that fall into the jar as well. Don’t panic; it’s just how they keep the solutions separate in the glow stick. That’s the crack you hear when you typically snap a glow stick. Just use tweezers to pick the largest pieces out of the jar and toss them. Otherwise, if the pieces don’t bother you, you can leave them all in the jar. Just make sure to close your jar tightly so no one gets stabbed with glass pieces of this glow stick fluid. I left small pieces in as I plan using these jars solely as glow jars for my niece and nephews to enjoy on Halloween.

Some important things to note are – wash all things that touch the glow liquid very thoroughly with soap and water: the scissors, your hands (especially!) and the tweezers. Also, I only used single colors, but you can mix colors if you want to as you like.

So, that’s it and enjoy them!

They’re really cool looking!

I plan on keeping this one in my bathroom until the glow wears off and then adding new colors each time the glow dies to keep it going. It’s a nice way to avoid the glaring bright lights when I have to use the restroom at night; just saying!

Plus, I think it really gives off that fun, festive Halloween vibe to the house!

If you do buy a 10-12 pack of mason jars, you can do loads of things with them. Plant them strategically in rooms in your house so your house glows in fun colored light, string them up together for a fun Halloween fixture or you can put them outside your house on Halloween night.

What cool decorations do you make on Halloween?

Do you prefer handmade decor or store bought?

Happy Halloween(!), well…almost!

I love Halloween…like more than Christmas or my birthday or any other holiday combined. I just love the spirit of things, the costumes, the creative goodies, the fun, and all the magic of the celebration. I also love any old excuse to re-watch or re-read all of the Harry Potter films/books. Oh, and the cheesy “Monster Mash” tunes also. Because of my less than subtle obsession with Halloween, I thought it would be fun to do a few posts this month on all things Halloween. Today’s post is on unique treats you can buy, but let me know if you want one on things to make. I’ll also be posting a few on DIY Halloween decorations soon enough from things that I’ve done or am planning for this year so stay tuned and hope you enjoy this post!

Halloween Chocolates

Halloween Chocolates in Coffin Box; $24.99

You can get this awesome box of chocolates from Shari’s Berries! Doesn’t it look super festive? I really like how even though it’s chocolate, it has a colorful Halloween look to it! Also, it seems they even offer delivery (though restrictions may apply?) so that’s cool as well!

Cauldron of Fun

Cauldron of Fun; $34.99

Seriously, a whole cauldron of fun! Awesommeee. Okay, I know, I’m geeking out on Halloween candy before it’s Halloween, but really, I just love all of the creativity of these. I also think that these would make a fun gift if, say, you don’t plan on going out or doing anything special for Halloween, but you still want to make it special for your family or significant other.

slimeaid halloween treats


Okay, so I know I said these were all store bought, but I spotted this one and thought it looked really cool and easy to make! It would be really cool to make if you plan on having some kind of Halloween event or party, right?

Edible Halloween cupcake toppers - MONSTERS - Fondant cake decorations Halloween Cupcakes  (6 pieces)

Monster Cupcake Toppers; $16

These look really adorable for anyone holding a kids’ party, no?

FALL HALLOWEEN Party Favors Barley Sugar Hard Candy Lollipops Suckers Gift

Halloween Candy Lollipops; $15.99

I think these are a great idea if you want to give trick-or-treaters a unique treat and they look really pretty and delicious!

Day of the Dead Halloween Chocolate Skulls

Day of the Dead Skull Chocolate Lollipops; $3.50

I love this idea! These look amazing and they come in 3 different varieties: Red Fire, Barcelona and Leche. Red Fire features Mexican chilis and spices, cinnamon and dark chocolate. Barcelona is a mix of smoked almonds, sea salt and milk chocolate and Leche is a mix of pink Himalayan salt with deep milk chocolate. All 3 are gluten free so this is a great choice for anyone with a gluten intolerance / allergy or someone who wants to experience more exotic, gourmet Halloween treats!

Hogwarts and Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes Party table labels, Perfect for any Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party Treats; $36

I don’t think this post would be complete without featuring a few Harry Potter treats!

Personalizable 15 Piece Halloween Cookie Assortment with FREE Black Cat Tote

Halloween Cookie Assortment; $34.99

This super adorable cookie assortment would make a great gift and this company offers delivery so you may be able to send it to your loved ones and surprise them with it on Halloween!


Halloween Ring Pops; $12.96

I think this one is a fantastic idea to give out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween and it’s only $13 + shipping for a 48ct. box!

EEEK Candy Corn Limited Edition Jar Cakes - 4 pack- HALLOWEEN Shipper

Candy Corn Jar Cake 4 Pack; $32

This just looks delicious and would be great for anyone planning to spend the night in with a few friends!

Vegan Chocolate Skulls with almonds and sea salt

Vegan Chocolate Skulls with Almonds & Sea Salt; $8

This is a great choice for those who are vegetarian or vegan. Plus, they look delicious! Definitely a healthier option for those trying to stay mindful this Halloween.

Halloween cake pops

Halloween Cake Pops; $30

This is another great idea for party favors and they’re offered in a variety of types including zombies, mummies, ghosts and pumpkins. You can also pick the flavor of cake and frosting that you’d like! This one is $30 for 1 dozen.

A  Wizarding World Custom Care Package - Sent by Owl Post - Pre chosen Items

Wizarding World Harry Potter Custom Care Package; $100

I’ve actually purchased this care package from this company a few times before; once for a Harry Potter Christmas gift swap and another time I bought one for my boyfriend for his birthday. I think both went really well and were well liked! It comes with your choice of all sorts of goodies featured in the Harry Potter films and books, plus a whole lot of decorative touches that HP fans will really appreciate and enjoy! I highly recommend this one! Also, this company carries a variety of other cool HP items, including a Hogwarts letter replica (in case you have an 11 yr old HP fan you want to surprise!), potion bottle replicas and a variety of other fun things for kids and fans alike.

What are your favorite treats to enjoy on Halloween or around Autumn / Fall?

Let me know in the comments below!