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Guest Post: Beauty Tips from Hélène @HealthyFrenchie

Morning everyone!                                                                                                              (Depending on where you are in the world, that is!)

After I did a fun guest post on Hélène @HealthyFrenchie’s blog, I thought it would be great if she did one on mine so here are some great beauty (and life!) tips from the lovely H   Hélène!

I hope you enjoy!

Stay Beautiful


I’ll Talk To You Soon!

Guest Post: Beauty Tips from Hélène

“I was honored and surprised when Tianna asked me to do a blog guest post about beauty.

Sure, I take care of my skin and like to put on make-up, but I am by no means an expert… Then I thought the one thing I always got compliments on is my skin 🙂

A (male) friend of ours even asked me for tips last night!

I’m always curious to see what other bloggers look like. So here I am, with after my usual morning routine. As you can see I keep it pretty simple.

But let me start by saying beauty comes from the inside.

I know, I know it’s a cliché… But I think it is true in 2 ways:

  • Happiness and kindness shows in a person’s face. I always find a genuine smile and a great personality goes a long way. I know “average looking” people that are cute, gorgeous or sexy because they have a great personality and attitude. Confidence also makes you more beautiful. Standing tall and feeling good about yourself makes you more attractive.
  •  Stress, anger etc are not good for your skin. When I get stressed I sometimes get a pimple, or red patches. When I cry I get blotches around my eyes.
  •   “You are what you eat”. And it shows on your skin. Ever went on a chocolate or cheese bender only to wake up the next day with a pimple? I know I have. Studies have shown that eating a variety of fruits and veggies helps make your skin glows from the inside and improves your level of attractiveness!

Yay for fruits and veggies!

Foods Make Your Skin Glow!

But taking care of the outside matters too.

  • Wear sunscreen! You’ve probably heard it a million time before, but it is so important to protect your skin. I always wear a moisturizer with some SPF protection during the day and put on proper sunscreen before exposure. The only exception is in the morning when I walk the dog. That way I get plenty of Vitamin D.
  •  Make up: Some wear it some don’t… In the French town I grew up with women always wear some make up, and I got into the habit of wearing some everyday… Now that I live in laid back Canada, I sometimes don’t wear any at the week-end. 
  • I always keep it simple and natural: I love eyeliner (and playing with different colors) and discreet eye shadow. I also wear mascara and gloss. No foundation for me though…

What’s your routine like? Any tips on wearing lipstick? I cannot find one that suits me…

  •  Don’t forget to take it off: I (nearly) always make sure I wash my face at night to get all the makeup and dirt on my face. I also like scrubing it once a week.

DYI Scrub:

  1. 1 TBSP of lemon juice
  2. 1 TBSP of oil
  3. 2 TBSP of granulated sugar

 Directions: Mix together and massage into your face gently for one minute. Rinse.

  • I like it natural: What’s the point of eating healthy if I’m going to absorb chemicals through my skin? I try as much as I can to use natural products. I use almond oil on my skin before bed and oil on my hair or skin.

 That’s why I love this blog so much!

Tianna always give me ideas on natural masks and cream  🙂

What’s your beauty routine like?

The one thing I need to take more care of is my hair…

Curly and big hair is not always easy….

Bring back the 80s Haha! “

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