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CRIMES AGAINST FASHION: Fashion Faux Pas I’ve Committed…

Never Been Kissed – Drew Barrymore – White Jeans After Labor Day

When I was younger, I thought I was super fashionable. I took part in any and every fashion trend that I knew of and did my best to do it well. At the same time, I had my own strange fashion taste which often consisted of weird outfits and accessories, but then didn’t we all? In the time before someone can tell you that you have horrid fashion sense ( or perhaps it’s simply a time before we care what others think of us ), I think we’ve all made some pretty poor fashion choices and here are mine, in all their glory.

Velvet Bell Bottoms

I had a purple pair of these bad boys that I would rock all. the. time. My brother made fun of me on a near daily basis, but hey, velvet is soft and comfortable so what do I care? I am not sure why I did so much bell bottom wearing as a kid, but I think it had a lot to do with the fact that my mom is such a hippie and was constantly buying me bell bottom peace sign jeans. Thankfully, I’ve grown out of this. I now hate bell bottoms and, frankly, they don’t fit my body type now. I think it’s such a weird fashion trend that only certain people can pull off, much less the velvet version of them, but to be honest, if I still had these purple velvet pants and could fit them, I would totally rock them when nobody was looking. Don’t judge me – They were SO SOFT!

Nude Beige Track Pants

I really loved track pants back in the day and I think it had something to do with my love of Sporty Spice. Which is also why I wore Adidas for so long… But anyway, track pants are just weird looking. I feel like only dancers and runners can pull that look off appropriately, but really nobody should be wearing them in beige or nude. I don’t even know why I owned them in this color. I once wore them to school and bled through them. THANKS MENSTRUATION. I also had the awkward pleasure of a boy in my class telling me I was bleeding through them. Talk about aca-awkward.

Plaid, Bandana & Paisley Halter Tops

This is a fashion trend that seemed to be really popular with girls my age and I can’t think why now, but it was. It probably goes back to all the pop stars and girl bands because weird patterns were really “IN” in the early 2000’s. I owned both a red bandana shaped halter top and a colorful flower paisley halter top, both of which shaped into little diamond shapes. To give you an idea, it looked something like this, only slightly longer, though I do recall older girls straight up wearing bandanas as tops. It is SO weird to think of now and kind of odd to think I was 10 wearing that, but whatever.

Vacation T-Shirts

This is when I was super young, but I did get made fun of and bullied for it a LOT. My parents frequently traveled for business and, because of that, they often brought me back t-shirts. They usually just said the title of the town, city or state they had been to and that might be more fashionable now, but it wasn’t then. I often forgot it was “Picture Day” (for non-Americans, that’s when they take your photo for the yearbook) and would just wear one of these vacation shirts because that’s literally what I wore all the time. All day err-day. In fact, my second grade yearbook photo is me in a Raging Waters (water park here in California) t-shirt.

Running Shorts

I don’t know why I wore stretchy running type shorts so much as a child. I really don’t know how I even got hold of them. I was only about 7 or 8 and I wore them all the time, probably because they are super comfortable, especially because I did a lot of running around when I was younger. I got seriously bullied for it and people literally didn’t want to be my friend because of it, but they were comfortable so I wore them. I had them in a massive amount of different colors from black to pink, purple, and I even think I had them in green.

Thankfully, I’ve grown up and evolved and… I’m now a more fashionable person with good enough sense to avoid khaki, bell bottoms, plaid and uhm..white jeans.

Drew Barrymore – Never Been Kissed Movie – Josie Grossy

What Fashion Faux Pas Have You Committed?

I’d love to know in the comments!

♥ Tianna

Ah, Beauty Faux pas. We’ve all committed one ( or you know, all of them ) at some point or another and I’m certainly no different. I can fondly ( or not so fondly ) remember a time when I thought I was super stylish, but was sadly not and what better way to move past it than by sharing my crimes against beauty that I’ve personally committed? That’s what I thought too so I hope you enjoy and feel a little less bad about faux pas you may or may not have committed – No judgment here  😉

Pixi Flawless Beauty Stick

Pixi Flawless Beauty Stick

Orange Stick Foundation

So, the stick foundation I used to use when I first tried makeup was not this one by Pixi. I think it was by Covergirl or Revlon or something like that. The brand doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that, at that time, my skin was still young and perfect, and I did it no justice. In fact, I bought the stick foundation in the totally wrong color which looked quite orange on my skin and didn’t match my neck. It was God awful. Also, I likely put way too much of it on, didn’t blend it in, and just let it look all naturale in it’s pasty cakey glory so I pretty much looked ridiculous… which is why I stopped wearing it altogether after a week, deciding it was #1 too much work to put on every day and #2 I looked like a freaking Oompa Loompa clown.

CoverGirl LiquilineBlast Eyeliner

CoverGirl LiquilineBlast Eyeliner

Raccoon Eyes

I don’t actually remember what brand of eyeliner I first used. I think it was Elizabeth Arden or something. I just remember I nicked it from my mom’s makeup stash and only wore it on my top lash line for the first 4 years. In fact, that’s the only makeup I wore at all until I was 16 when I promptly added powder to my routine. When I was about 16, though, I thought the “intense dark eyes” look was super fab and decided to do it every. single. day… erm, at school. I don’t know how bizarre that looked, but I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad about having black eyes since all the girls in my year did it. Now you can see why I’ve not followed trends in so long. It did not do me any favors. Unless you count the unflattering photos as “favors.”

Sonia Kashuk® Core Tools Synthetic Pointed Eye Liner Brush - No 121

Sonia Kashuk® Core Tools Synthetic Pointed Eye Liner Brush – No 121

White Water Lines

I was in my Junior year when I discovered this brilliant little trick. What you do is you put white eye liner in your water line so you can make your eyes POP. What they don’t tell you is that white is seriously obvious and bright and looks horrible. You should really be using nude or beige colors that look more natural to your skin tone, but back then, beauty “gurus” recommended white eye liner. THANKS EXPERTS. I felt like quite the expert, myself, with this little tip. Maybe they were trolling their readers? Anyway, please save yourself some embarrassment and use beige or nude colored liner in your water line because white looks AWFUL. Yeah, you’ll look awake alright…and freaking insane.

COVERGIRL Cheekers Blush - Natural Rose 148

COVERGIRL Cheekers Blush – Natural Rose 148

Streaky Liney Blush and Bronzer

Although this last one was a bit later on, it’s definitely something I’m guilty of. It’s scary to think I walked around (confidently, no doubt) with thick streaks of blush and bronzer on my cheeks like a champ. All the while, I’m looking like Bozo the clown on circus day! Now, to my credit and the credit of all those who did this, blushes back then had a tendency to be chalky and really difficult to blend. The colors were also limited and usually were either too light or too dark. It’s a lot more evolved today when it comes to drugstore beauty, but when I was younger, there were a lot less options. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

So, those are a few of the beauty fax pas I remember committing the most!

Stay Tuned Tomorrow for My Fashion Faux Pas!

What Beauty Faux Pas Did You Commit ? 

I’d love to know in the comments!

♥ Tianna 

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Warning : Cursing abound – abort now if you don’t like uncensored posts!

It may shock you to know that I once attempted to be anorexic…for like a day. And by day, I mean for about 3 hours before failing pretty miserably.

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What can I say? I’m just not cut out to deprive myself of awesome food. I know Kate Moss says that “nothing tastes better than skinny feels,” but she’s full of shit. There are tons of things that taste better than being skinny.

I’m not saying I don’t want to be fit because, if you follow this blog, you’ll know I’m trying to lose weight, but I’d never starve myself to achieve that because #1 I fucking suck at trying to willfully starve and #2 I am the biggest psycho bitch you’ll ever meet when I’m hungry.

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Now, it’s not to say I’ve never tried to become an anorexic because I totally have. There was a good solid month where I creepily teetered on ED city limits and followed “thinspo” blogs, but I’m just not cut out for it. I lasted a good 3 hours on small meals of veggies before I went out for sushi. Why? Because sushi is awesome and I can’t say no to it.

Diet Enforcement Dog: ha why doesn't rayne do this for me??

Diet Enforcement Dog via Pinterest

On another time, I tried the famed “lemon cayenne molasses” diet for about an hour before saying “fuck it” and choosing to eat real food. My friend claimed you could drop 20 pounds in a month on the diet, and being the naive girl that I was, I bought into it. I rushed to the store to pick up molasses (WTF is molasses BTW?!), lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Basically you mix a tsp of each ingredient with water, shake and enjoy? What they don’t tell you about this piece of shit diet is that IT IS DISGUSTING. Whoever invented this was some kind of sado-masochist because this stuff tastes GOD AWFUL.

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I actually gagged a good few times before being able to swallow some down. I mean, I guess if it’s inducing your gag reflex, that must mean it’s working right? As luck would have it, I was doing lunch with my friend and my mom that day and they decided to eat at Olive Garden. THANKS MOM. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to sit through a meal with others wherein you can’t eat anything, but it is AWFUL. It’s the worst.

Halfway through their meal and after much whining, complaining and general bitching on my part, I gave up and ordered a salad and pasta because why? Because dieting is awful and starving on gag-inducing diet “detox” drinks is worse than both.

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Now, on a more serious note, I realize that some people really struggle with eating disorders and I’m not making light of the issue. What I’m really saying is that you should be eating healthily and exercising for a healthy heart instead of starving, bingeing or throwing up your food because what did food ever do to you? No, I jest, but really – it’s not worth it to put yourself through pain to be skinny. If you want to be skinny, lift heavy weights, eat well, love yourself right fucking NOW, and you can be, but in a way that’s not detrimental to your health. And lastly, the biggest reason of all – Why should you let the diet, health food, fashion, beauty, etc. industry dictate how you live your life? I say NINJA FUCK THE PO-LEECE! Or, you know, whatever industry you’re crusading against. I’d rather defy their expectations and create my own than be miserable for what someone else says is beautiful because REAL TALK – Everyone is beautiful. Seriously. Everyone has amazing qualities, whether they know it or not. Just because you don’t see how beautiful and amazing you are does not mean that it doesn’t exist. And if you don’t like yourself right now – that’s cool. You can recreate yourself anytime you decide you’re bored with a little self love, lipstick and smiles.

I hope you enjoyed this random rant 🙂

Have a Great Day Loves ♥ 


Happy Friday Everyone 🙂 

I hope everyone’s had a lovely week up until now and is planning something fun for the weekend!

Personally, I will hopefully be going to see Silent Hill tonight (if not, it’s another awesome #ThankGrimmItsFriday! Lol) , to the farmer’s market tomorrow and dinner with my boyfriend Saturday night for our anniversary (:-)), and then Once Upon A Time sunday. I also want to try to fit in going to see Cloud Atlas. This is what happens when you spend the past 2 weekends staying home. It overloads into payday weekend haha.

Here’s My Week In Instagram Photos: 

^ the difference between me doing my own nails ( as shown above) and my friend doing my nails like a boss. It’s noticeable.

New Alpha-H products! The Blemish Control Spot Gel, Liquid Gold Smoothing and Perfecting Face Mask, and the Age Delay Facial Oil. Expect reviews on these in a few weeks!

A refill of one of my favorites – the Balancing Moisturizer and Gentle Exfoliant. This is incredible for those who suffer from frequent breakouts, pigmentation, or dullness. I miss their old packaging (this is their new) frankly; before I got around 3 ish ounces. Now I’m only getting less than 2 ounces ? I’m happy the formula didn’t change and the new packaging looks nice, but I wish the amount that you get didn’t change by nearly an ounce worth.

The healthy version of deep dish chocolate chip cookie pie. It’s made without flour, sugar, or butter. Instead I used applesauce, garbanzo beans, hazelnut oil, and brown sugar splenda. Thanks ChocolateCoveredKatie! I altered her recipe a bit to suit what I had on hand, but it was delicious anyway!

This is an idea my boyfriend and I came up with in our efforts to max out our daily activity levels. Basically, the left side is where we take turns adding new exercises. For instance, I add the push -ups, later he added 10 crunches, etc. until the end of the day. So, every time we visit the bathroom, we do all the exercises listed plus we add one until the list is full. The right side is what we do before each shower/bath.

I love drinking things out of mason jars. I don’t really know why. I just feel like I’m cool or something. I know, way to be /hipster, but I like the look to it. It’s so shabby chic, if you will. This is my jasmine green tea. Yum! It’s from Twinings. They make lovely teas if you like the bag variety.

My boyfriend’s mom got me on yet another Korean soap. Omg, how they take over your life! So, last night, while we were watching another episode of Big , she made homemade popcorn! Yum! It’s such an awesome snack. Also, the show is pretty good as well. I mean, Gong Yoo is in it and anything he’s in is really well acted and…*ahem* he’s also super hot.

[Source: Viki.com]

I’m just saying, look at that face!

Have a Nice Weekend!

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So, how was your week?

Any plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is as excited for the weekend as I am! My boyfriend and I are going away for the weekend to hang out with his sister, her husband and their kids so we’re pretty excited! Actually, I think I’m more excited about it than he is, but whatever. We’ll be enjoying fish tacos, swimming, possibly some beach walking or something, some boba runs (bubble tea), and I want to swing by this macaron tea shop I’ve discovered on Yelp. Soo, I’m not sure if I’ll be updating much this weekend as I don’t know how much free time I’ll have to blog post, but if anything, definitely follow me on Instagram @StorybookBeauty where I try to post regularly on things that I’ve recently received, am currently testing for review or other fun tidbits like AJ’s Mom, who recently sent me lip balm yesterday! Thanks AJ’s Mom, I will definitely be doing a whole post on it later to thank you properly! ❤

Anyhow, so onto more things that just annoy me because I am now coming into my own and realized how much I love to complain 😉

In my original post on annoyances, I posted about 13 general things that make me cringe – you can see that post here – and now I would like to complain about facebook because there is so much stupid crap that happens on there and if I didn’t have a blog, I’d probably never log on, but I do so of course I experience a lot of the immature posts, etc. that we’ve all seen. I hope you guys find this entertaining, easy to relate to, and get a good laugh!

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10 Things That Annoy Me About Facebook :

  1. People Take Themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. Whether they get all political, artsy or whatever, they take it way too seriously and then need to have the last word or write you a life story type explanation. It’s just annoying and ridiculous. FB is a social network site; do we really need to have an existentialist discussion here? 
  2. That Ambiguous Facebook Post. You know the one. It usually starts with “Some people really need to…” or “Some people are just so…” Seriously, you know who you are. Just stop it. You’re not clever and chances are the person you wrote about will pick up on it and you’ll start a petty argument on FB (See #3 & #4 for more info). Just stop it and message them or contact them in person if you have some issue. Unless you’re 15, act like an adult and solve your problems like one. 
  3. People Who Put Their Issues On Display & Get Angry When Others Comment. When people post crap like ” Haha drunk at Shannon’s Bar again…” for the third night in a row, but then get angry when someone says “Man you have a drinking problem.” Come on people, it’s bound to happen. Don’t be angry when you posted on a public forum and someone called you out on your problems. After all, you posted it on a PUBLIC forum. 
  4. Having Your Break Up (whether friend or boyfriend or whatever) on Facebook. Just do us all a favor and don’t. If you cheated, if they cheated, if you hate them, I don’t care. I’m on FB for funny pictures and light hearted community, not your petty break up so call them on the phone or get off your arse and break up in person like a normal human being in PRIVATE.
  5. Racial & Ignorant Yet Political Status Updates. Posts like “Kill all …[insert ethnicity, religion, etc. here ]” or anything else that starts with “I’m [insert nationality here ]” and ends with “so F you if you don’t like it.” Why????
  6. Constant Game, Truth Game, Fortune Telling, Tell My Future, Horoscope & Other Invites That I Keep Denying. No, I don’t want to play Farmville or Mafia Wars with you. I don’t want to “see what people have been saying” about me or read the supposed “truth.” I don’t particularly care about my horoscope or palm reading or whatever and I can’t loan you any “coins” for your game either. Stop sending me virtual goats, cows, and other crap. It’s annoying. 
  7. The Fact That FB Uses My Web Cookies Even When I’m Not Logged On To Tailor Ads to What I Like. This is not any person in particular (unless you happen to run this part of FB marketing). But seriously, stop watching me. It’s weird and creepy that you know that I was looking at NBC.com and now my FB sidebar is showing all manner of Grimm merchandise to me. Not to mention rude as hell so stop stalking me.
  8. That Lecture / Lesson Post of Wisdom. Posts or status updates that start with “People need to learn when to…” etc. It’s patronizing, condescending, and elitist of you to post crap like this. Knock it off or speak to them personally. 
  9. Internet Protection & Rudeness. People who think that the invisible barrier of the internet gives them license to be crass, rude, catty, etc., but who would never speak to anyone in that way in real life. The internet allows passive aggressors a way to be aggressive without being aggressive. Also, I just think it’s cowardly, stupid and impolite.
  10. Facebook Wall Arguments. Why do people like to put other people on blast? It’s like a new form of bullying. Also, don’t pretend you’re a mature and respectful human being when you do this because that was nulled the moment you decided to post your crap on a facebook wall instead of in a private message or in person. Just saying. 

So, you may agree or not, but these are just a few things that annoy me about facebook.

What annoys you about Facebook or social networking sites?