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Summer is right around the corner so I thought I’d share some posts I’ve done recently (and some not so recently) to help you prepare for this super fun season!

Some people buy new clothes and makeup for summer while others get super fit for “bikini season.” Others do nothing at all and simply enjoy the weather.

How Do You Prepare for Summer?

What’s Your Favorite Part of Summer?

♥ Tianna

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Photoshopping images, retouching and other digital alterations have always been a sensitive subject for me. Not just because I find it to be counter-productive to completely alter the way someone looks, but also because it’s had a huge contribution on the way we, as women, see ourselves and others and personally, I’m tired of the brainwash.

Now, when I say photo shop, I don’t mean a few spots removed or color correction. I mean, body alteration from fat to thin ( or worse, thin to thinner ) and other “retouches” that literally change the way the person looks altogether. I don’t think there’s much wrong with minor retouching, but I do think there’s a huge problem with going overboard and that kind of thing seems to be the norm in the media.

As seen above, the retouching is obviously out of control, but what gets me is… why is the girl on the left considered more beautiful than the girl on the right? I know they are the same girl, and truthfully both are beautiful, but why do we consider the right to be superior? And more than that, why do the media think it’s okay to do alterations like this in the first place? Have we given them permission subconsciously and silently said to them, “We want thinner models. Thin is in.” ? Because I think they’re the ones creating this ideal, not us. Most of us are not the “ideal” and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, though media images might tell us otherwise.

Source: LoveandKnuckles

Original Post: Celeb Photoshopping Before & After ( where image was taken from )

Aside from successfully (or so it may seem) convincing us that we are too fat, they’ve also seemingly convinced us that we are too old, wrinkly (word invention?), and ugly so we constantly feel inferior to the rich and famous, despite the fact that it’s now more or less public knowledge that many photos of celebs and models are doctored beyond recognition. I highly recommend checking out the above post from Love & Knuckles because there are tons of photos on there that will make you feel better about yourself and realize that, yes, celebs are actually still human like us. Yay!

Lastly, I would like to say that while I do think health and fitness are important for overall longevity and happy, healthy lives, I also think they are not the end all be all. And, try to ignore crap like BMI’s which really don’t have any actual standing on your fat percentage or health. Seriously. Look up the history of the term BMI and you will be shocked, but that’s for another day. On a last note, I also want to mention that, at least here in the USA, the government has even lowered optimal weight thresholds so that many who were not considered overweight before are now considered overweight. If you ask me, they’ve done it to fuel private interest groups like health food corporations and diet companies ( like weight watchers ) by convincing Americans we’re fatter than ever and we need their products. I’m not saying I don’t believe we need to eat healthier or even that we’re not overweight on a whole, but a crisis? I don’t know if I believe that one and you can learn more about the lowering of the weight threshold issue here. You can also check out several documentaries discussing this topic, if you like. Netflix has some good ones!

Hungry by Crystal Renn

Check this book out on Amazon – here.

Also, this really fantastic book that I recently read about world famous fashion model, Crystal Renn, is fantastic. In it, she discusses her own struggle with body image, weight, healthy eating and exercises, and the pressure of the media and her job. It is truly an excellent book for anyone, young or old, male or female – highly recommend it!

Another really good series that ponders on our ideas of beauty and body image in a less direct way, but is still really great is the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. It’s one of my favorites!

Lastly, I hate to end on such a downer note so here are 5 ways to fight back against all the crap the media tries to put in our heads and why flipping the bird to them might be a good idea. 😉

Until my next rage-filled post about media, weight & all that crap, Viva La Resistance! 

5 Reasons to Love Yourself Out of Sheer Rebellion

  1. Ignore the Status Quo & Just Be Yourself. Defying social norms, the status quo, whatever you want to call it really pisses people off and that’s kind of fun when you think about it. Seriously. I have always been kind of “off beat” when it comes to fashion and style, even as far back as grade school. In middle school, a popular girl once approached me asking “So, like, Tianna, what are you???” To which I responded – Hi I’m Tianna. I’m a person and a girl. Nice to meet you. To which she was left speechless. Trust me when I say this sort of attitude is awesome for throwing people off.
  2. Be Confident & Proud of It. As Marianne Williamson preaches, allowing yourself to be confident and shine will subconsciously allow others to do the same. So you will literally help others be more confident by being confident yourself. ( See the Marianne Williamson quote I’m talking about here. )
  3. Be Unique! Not that you aren’t already, but taking a stand against the “ideal” and being content in your own skin inadvertently makes you that much more unique and original. Certainly, we are all individuals, but this will make you stand out more.
  4. Blaze Your Own Trail. I feel like, as a people, we’re often obsessed with trends and even I’m guilty of this. I run a beauty blog and I love seeing and following new trends, but that being said, I also love doing my own thing. I was the 8th grader wearing my mom’s old clothes from the 1980’s before the 80’s look came back. I actually recall a “friend” telling me I should take it off, that I looked stupid. I can fondly remember seeing her in high school a few years later ( when the 80’s trend was in ) sporting all kinds of eighties looking outfits so that bee-yotch can SUCK IT! I was ahead of my time 😉 . The moral of the story? You don’t have to follow others to be cool. You can ave your own way and be your own kind of cool that isn’t cool yet. And who cares? 
  5. Your Life Is Easier & Happier. Not only will you not care about starving yourself, you won’t feel the need to. You’ll be happier because you won’t waste time standing in your own way and preventing yourself from living life to the fullest and you also won’t be bothered or feel pressured by the unrealistic standards of the media so you’ll feel less stressed and more content. 

So, that’s all for now. It’s certainly not all I have to say on the subject because that would be a hugely long post that could go on forever and I’d rather not keep you ( or bore you ) so I’ll save it for another day. For now, I just want to say, none of us is perfect and that’s just fine. It’s okay if you want to improve yourself, but make sure it’s in a healthy, productive and realistic way that doesn’t involve self harm or hate because, in the end, it’s just not worth it despite what the media tells you.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

I’d love to chat with you in the comments! 

Hi there Lovelies!

I hope you’re having a great week so far!

Today is day 2 of my new workout schedule so I got up at 4:30 AM this morning {again} for a morning cardio workout. I was happy {but exhausted LOL} to get in nearly an hour of cardio this morning so that’s great! I hope all of your new years’ resolutions or goals for the new year are coming along as well.

Anyway, onto today’s post!

I saw this on a few blogs, but I first discovered it on ALittleBoatSailing, which is a really great blog I follow on Bloglovin and highly recommend, and I thought I would do the tag as well so here goes!

50 Random Facts About Me

  1. I used to have my eyebrow pierced. 
  2. I love jasmine tea.
  3. I used to have my nose pierced and will be getting it again soon { it accidentally closed } .
  4. I am 23 years old.
  5. I have a brussels griffon named Yoshi.
  6. My favorite colors are purple and green, in that order.
  7. I have read all of the HP books at least 4 times each.
  8. I hate the expression “YOLO.”
  9. I live in Southern California.
  10. I have a LOT of siblings – 2 half brothers, 4 step brothers, 1 full blood brother, 2 half sisters and an adopted step sister. BLAM.
  11. I love fruit smoothies.
  12. When I was young, I used to film videos with my friends where we would pretend to report the weather and entertainments new or otherwise create our own fashion shows or high school sitcoms.
  13. I’m very impatient.
  14. I tend to curse a lot when I’m annoyed.
  15. I bought a Nissan Versa for the sole reason that Hiro from Heroes drove one in an episode. Product Placement. It works.
  16. I wear a size 7.5 US shoe.
  17. I was 1 of only 2 girls on my roller hockey team as a kid.
  18. When I was a kid, I used to perform my own choregraphed dances for my family around holidays.
  19. I had a lisp up until age 12 when a neighbor friend helped me get rid of it. Thanks Leslie! Lol.
  20. My favorite TV shows are – Once Upon A Time, Grimm, Modern Family, Walking Dead, and American Horror Story. In that order.
  21. When I was in middle school, I used to pretend I had the power to tell the future. I’m pretty sure no one believed me though haha.
  22. I was bullied for being the “fat smart girl” in grade school and was even nicknamed “Dictionary” because I had a broad vocabulary.
  23. I’ve moved around my entire life, though mostly in Southern California.
  24. I’ve moved a total of 6 times from grade school to high school.
  25. I understand and speak (though not fluently) French, Spanish (Mexican/ South American – not Castellian) and English (obviously).
  26. I’m currently trying to learn Mandarin Chinese.
  27. I love to sing.
  28. As a kid, my favorite music group was the Spice Girls.
  29. Now, it’s likely Paramore, Mumford + Sons, Adele, and Florence + the Machine
  30. I love the taste of water.
  31. Fitness helps me combat anxiety.
  32. I love coffee and tea.
  33. My favorite book series right now is the Millennium Trilogy.
  34. I spend the majority of my extra cash on books, beauty and shoes.
  35. I love Taiwan and Korean dramas.
  36. I have small holes on both ears where my ears never sealed up. They look like tragus piercings only they’re a little higher up.
  37. My mom is a blonde with blue eyes. True story.
  38. When I was 5, I wanted to be a waitress for a career. I think in reality I wanted to hold a pen and notepad with authority and wear a fashionable apron.
  39. My name is pronounced Tea – Anna.
  40. I really enjoy taking walks to nowhere. Like the park or wherever.
  41. I love the smell of fireplaces on cold air.
  42. I love the rain.
  43. There is a small part of me that rejoices when I find out natural disasters are coming to my area. Like earthquakes or floods or something. I’m not morbid, I just find it exciting for some reason.
  44. I’m not necessarily ambidextrous, but I write with my left hand and have to cut things (scissors) with my right. I can’t do it with my left because it feels weird. That might actually be OCD.
  45. I was vegetarian and then vegan in high school and up until I was 20. Then I met my boyfriend and re-discovered bacon and it was all over.
  46. In high school, my beauty routine consisted of Neutrogena face wash and the Queen Helene face masks. I think I used a face mask every day at times.
  47. I’m named after a street in North Hollywood. Somewhere, not sure where it’s located.
  48. I am obsessed with using post-its. I know it’s wasteful, but I really enjoy making little collage type notes.
  49. In high school, I was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” which I think is just about the most boring award you can give someone.
  50. I know how to bollywood dance. I just can’t do the complicated footwork, but I know the basics!

That was MUCH harder than I expected it to be, but there you have it!

I hope you enjoyed learning really random facts about me and feel free to do the tag, if you want! Please do link back and link to the lovely ladies below as well to share the love!

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I’ve seen tons of blogger tags and I love doing them personally, but I thought it’d be fun if I made my own up this time because there are a number of questions that I want answered by bloggers which I think are interesting to read, fun to answer and you know, I’m a nosy person who enjoys poking into others’ personal business so, you know.

The theme for this tag is romance and it may not be what you imagine, but I think it’s appropriate for bloggers because, let’s face it, we’re all romantics here otherwise we would not be writers. So, don’t go thinking this post will delve into your personal life (too deeply ;-)) because it’s more about romantic things, likes, dislikes, and all that jazz than it is about people, though feel free to mention those, too, if you like!

There are really no rules or anything other than please link back to this original post in your post if you do this tag on your blog, just answer the questions and pass it on by tagging others at the end of your post! Oh! And please, for God’s sake, enjoy yourself!

  1. What is your favorite romance film and why? My favorite romance film is Pride and Prejudice. Actually my favorite romance novel is also Pride & Prejudice. I absolutely LOVE Elizabeth Bennett’s character.
  2. Which character from a film or book is your ideal and why? Definitely Mr. Darcy. He’s just so perfectly imperfect. I hate when a man looks too perfect or clean cut. I love that he has flaws because it makes him more human. 
  3. Your idea love life in a song – go! Regretting creating this question because now I’m stumped. Uhmm. Honestly, I love film scores so it’s likely that it’s some instrumental on piano or something. Or maybe “The Only Exception” by Paramore or “Shh” by Imogen Heap. 
  4. Song that makes you cry your eyes out for seemingly no reason at all… Not cry my eyes out, but it’s sad is “Someone Like You” or “Take It All” by Adele. Every time she starts talking about not looking back on “this crumbling fool” – oh dear, I’m getting teary eyed just thinking of it! Also, “Breathe” or “My Love” by Sia. Man, all of Sia’s songs are sad (ok so pre 2010 they are all sad).
  5. Film guaranteed to make you cry every time… I cry in a LOT of films because I’m a total sap, but I always cry in Titanic (yes I’m lame AND proud of it). Although it’s not a romance film really, I also cry EVERY SINGLE TIME in the beginning of Deathly Hallows part 1 when Hermione has to erase her parents’ memories. That’s the only scene in the films that wasn’t in the books that was incredible and depressing to see. 
  6. What is your favorite color for romantic makeup looks? Any kind of rose pinks like satiny matte pink rose colors that make you look flushed.
  7. Favorite hair style for a soft, romantic look? I really love 1920’s finger waves and simple low buns with curls hanging out. Or french braids. Hmm…
  8. Which female heroine do you most identify with, either from a book or movie? Elizabeth Bennett. I love that she’s so intelligent, witty and not afraid to fight for what she wants despite being from a period in time where women had little to no rights at all. She has guts. 
  9. Your ideal romance life exists in which time period? Hmm Victorian times probably. I love corsets which makes me sound like I enjoy torture, but whatever. 
  10. What are you wearing in this hypothetical romance? I love this dress, but I hate the hair LOL. So that dress with different hair! 

So, yes, I know they are silly questions, but I find them highly entertaining and for some reason, I spend a great deal thinking about which heroine I most identify with in films and books that I love and which time period I should’ve been born in.

I tag all of you to either answer the questions on your blog (if you have one!) or in the comments below as I’d love to read your answers!

Silent Hill Film Image from Kotaku.Com

I’ve seen a ton of scary movies. Actually, I just saw Silent Hill 2 on Monday. (It’s good, if you’re wondering!) Ever since I was young, my sister and I would go to the movies and watch all the horror films at the theater. Now, my boyfriend and I watch them together, especially since we’re both pretty obsessed with zombies. Though, that’s another matter because we end up watching really bad horror films and today’s post is some of the scariest films I’ve ever seen, ever. These are films that scared the living daylights out of me so I hope you watch some and enjoy the terror as well!

  1. R-Point. This film was surprising in it’s scary factor. My boyfriend convinced me to watch it and I thought it would be boring, but it’s actually really freaky! It’s a Korean film so be prepared to read subtitles. Soldiers receive a radio transmission from a team that says they’ve been missing and need help. Strange things begin to happen when they arrive at R-Point. I don’t want to give away too much! 
  2. Audition. This one is such a WTF kind of movie; it’s that twisted. It centers on a widowed man holding fake auditions in order to find a new girlfriend. He believes he’s found her until a bag in her apartment moves. So totally creepy in true Takashi Miike style, this one will freak you out all the way through to the end. Actually, anything he’s done will freak you out. They’re all twisted as hell. 
  3. Pan’s Labyrinth. This movie isn’t necessarily terrifying in the straightforward sort of way. It more or less plays on your childhood fears. This adult fairy tale shows it’s fairy tale characters as being menacing and scary and it’s little girl Heroine living in 1940’s fascist Spain. Definitely a great film whether you’re scared or not.
  4. Hostel. So, when I first watched this film in theaters, I had no idea what it was about. It has a similar feel to Audition in that, you really feel like it’s going to be a chill movie in the first 30 minutes of it. Actually, we thought we were in the wrong theater at first. Then, the horror sets in. This movie is so effed up I got a charlie horse (muscle cramp) in the theater because of how tense I was LOL. 
  5. Paranormal Activity. This film is particularly frightening to me because I used to live in a house that looks just like the house they filmed in. A lot of the terror comes from what you don’t see in this film. There’s some strange happenings in their home that the couple begin to film and then they realize it’s not their house that’s haunted. All 3 of these films are scary, but the 3rd one has a really stupid ending (my opinion). 
  6. The Ring. Whether you watch the original Ring-u version or the remade American version, they’re both terrifying. A string of deaths happen after all victims have watched the same video. 
  7. The Omen. There’s something really creepy about little kids turning evil. I’m just saying. So, to sum this one up, little boy is the anti-christ. 
  8. Silent Hill. And to continue what I was saying, little children are scary as hell. Based on the equally scary video game, one woman goes searching for her missing daughter in a ghost town called Silent Hill. 
  9. Nightmare on Elm St. When a lynch mob killed Freddie, they never expected him to come back to haunt all of their children’s dreams. Don’t fall asleep!
  10. Saw. A sick twisted killer chains his victims and forces them to do, literally, whatever it takes to survive. They’re usually always people who have done bad things in their life. They’re all really good, but the original is scariest.
  11. Nosferatu. This is an old film from the 1920’s. It’s basically like Dracula, but much creepier because 1. it’s in black and white and 2. there’s no dialogue, just music. I don’t know exactly why it creeps me out, but just watch it and you’ll understand. It may be hard to find, but check your local library or online. 
  12. Carrie. This movie terrified me as a child. Based on a novel by Stephen King (just in case you were doubting how effed up it would be), it tells the story of shy Carrie who is bullied and ridiculed by her classmates. She starts her period (yep, going there) and combined with her lack of understanding and religious devotion, the bullying worse of her classmates worsens until Carrie’s had enough. 
  13. Jeeper’s Creepers. This is really similar to a lot of films that came out around the same time (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Amityville Horror, and Halloween), but this one stands out to me, not for it’s story or anything, but the damn music! Seriously, the music is so creepy. Don’t believe me ? Just YouTube the song Jeepers Creepers. It’s so freaking cringe-worthy!

So, I feel like now’s a great time to say this – What’s your favorite scary movie?

Enjoy Halloween!

I’m so excited to see all the trick-or-treaters come by tonight! I think I’m really turning into an old person LOL. Anyway, so today’s post is a few of my favorite Halloween pins that I discovered and that really didn’t seem to fit into any topic, but that I thought were still really cool.

Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

Pinned Image

5 Party Ready Halloween Treats From theglitterguide.com via Pinterest

I’m not really sure what this is (I’m thinking it’s food-colored vanilla pudding and oreo?), but it’s looks delicious and perfect for Halloween! Especially if you plan on staying in or if you are hosting a party, these treats look awesome

Pinned Image

Halloween Nails from BakingBeauty.Net via Pinterest

I love these nails! They are seriously adorable and I’ve been so impressed with the Halloween themed nails people have come up with. If you’re interested in more Halloween nail designs, RaRa Reid has done some really cool ones!

Pinned Image

Hogwarts Coat of Arms Pumpkin by 9Gag.Com via Pinterest

OMG! Combining Harry Potter and Halloween is like the ultimate for me! Doesn’t this pumpkin look amazing ?? Personally, I have trouble doing a normal pumpkin carving (you know, triangle eyes, nose and a scary mouth), but this is really incredible!

Pinned Image

DIY Washable Hair Color From petgroomingthegoodthebadthefurry.blogspot.com

I never thought of this, but with the whole hair-chalking trend, someone was bound to connect the two. It’s such a brilliant and cheap idea if you have kids and don’t want to pay the $5-$10 cans of hair paint or whichever. This is a nice, affordable alternative.

Pinned Image

Awesome Halloween Decorations From plateandpattern.com

This is so creative and spooky – I love it! It reminds me of a more chic Haunted Mansion look. It seems this look isn’t that difficult to achieve either. All you need are some free online printable labels (some look old already or you can dip them in coffee and tea for an aged look), old empty liquor or other glass bottles, scent diffuser / candle wicks, skull from Halloween store, some dried or fake moss (craft store!) and a glass vase of some sort.

Pinned Image

Halloween Party Treats From hostessblog.com

I don’t know why, but everything looks cooler in a shot glass. It looks so decorative and you’ll feel less guilty indulging because it’s such a small portion. This is a great one for adult Halloween parties!

Pinned Image

Bloody Cocktails From bhg.com

Here’s another one for over 21 Halloween gatherings – Bloody Cocktails! No idea what’s in it, but it looks seriously cool! You could easily adapt this into a non-alcoholic drink for kids too – Just use plastic styled glasses instead of real, diet / regular 7Up and red food coloring on the outside for the blood. You could also serve Hawaiian Punch and do the blood for a super red bloody cocktail.

Pinned Image

Lawn Ghosts From inspiringpretty.com

This is such an ingenious idea for your lawn that’s not only cheap, but also fairly simple to do! One trip to the craft store and you’ll have a lawn full of ghosts!

Pinned Image

Vampire Cupcakes From cupcakeactivist.com

Okay so, on principle, I was going to leave this out just because the photo reminds me of Twilight, but I really think it’s a cool idea for cupcakes and it’s not too intricate an idea that average bakers can’t do it too. Plus, the effect is rather nice with very little effort and I’m all about that!

Pinned Image

Polyjuice Potion Jello From jelly-shot-test-kitchen.blogspot.com

Anything I can find that’s Harry Potter themed, I’ll be putting it up, whether on Halloween or, you know, any odd day. These look fun and delicious for kids parties, but you could make them into adult rather easily – just add alcohol. (Please only drinking age appropriate adults!)

Pinned Image

Halloween Party Drink Table From bhg.com

I love this drinking table from Bhg.com! Not only does it look easy, but it’s so stylish! The picture frame chalkboard is a nice touch and really cheap to do. I seem to be obsessed with chalkboards lately…

Pinned Image

Dracula’s Kiss Cocktail From cocktails.about.com

Doesn’t this cocktail look amazing??? It’s really simple to make, though you’ll need specialty black cherry vodka to do it. It also includes yummy grenadine and coke. I didn’t even know they made black cherry vodka, but it sounds brilliant! (Again, Please only drinking age appropriate adults!)

Pinned Image

Bloody Zombie Nails From i283.photobucket.com

Halloween nails have really seemed to evolved this year onto an entirely new level. They’re like how Halloween pumpkin carvings used to be so simple and then now they’ve gone on to become so intricate and creative. I really love the creativity of it all. That’s what makes Halloween such a blast, no?

Pinned Image

Leave On the Porch If You Won’t Be Home on Halloween! From marthastewart.com

This is a seriously simple, but unique idea for those who will be out on Halloween. Simply pick up a pumpkin and poke small holes into it in rows. Then, insert the lollipops of choice. You could use tootsie pops as shown here or there’s also blow pops, old fashioned lollipops, or if you wanted to make custom holes, you could actually even do ring pops.

Pinned Image

DIY Apothecary Jars From davelowe.blogspot.com

Earlier in the month, I discovered this awesome blog which includes a lot of Halloween DIY projects on the cheap. This guy has brilliant ideas on how to save money, but make decorations look really authentic at the same time. This project is really cool and surprisingly easy to do. You probably have most of what you need already on hand.

Pinned Image

Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage From bloging.lifeplusfitness.com

So, of course, I had to include something fairy tale themed in this post because I love everything magical and all that jazz. This goes back to what I was saying about pumpkin carvings becoming something really intricate and detailed. Some of these people have such incredible talent and imagination. It’s really impressive!

So, that’s all for now; enjoy your Halloween and Be safe!

What are your plans for Halloween?

Will you be staying in or heading out to trick or treat or attend parties?

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Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day 🙂

I’m back again with another post on Halloween because, as I said, it’s my favorite holiday. I thought I’d make today’s post about my favorite Halloween films or films I enjoy watching around Halloween time. These really aren’t scary films so much as they are films with spookiness (and some that are just sentimentally nostalgic), but if you like, I can do a post on some of the scariest films I’ve ever seen (put your request in the comments below! :)).

Anyway, so these are just spooky, fantastical or whichever and I enjoy watching them around this time of year. I was inspired to do this post by the lovely lady over at F00dVentures who did this post on her favorites. Definitely check her blog out if you haven’t done so yet; she’s awesome(!) and I hope you enjoy my list!

Halloweentown (1998)

Okay, I know, this is sooo cheesy! It’s basically about 3 siblings (2 sisters and a brother) being raised by their mom who is obsessed with things being realistic and refuses to let them celebrate Halloween. Their grandmother shows up once a year on Halloween to try to help them celebrate, but the mom and grandma obviously don’t really get along. I don’t want to spoil too much, but they end up in Halloweentown. Yep! But anyway, I really do love this film. I think it’s super nostalgic for me because my little sister and I would watch it almost religiously every year on Halloween (it would come on Disney yearly, I think. It may still?). Plus, there is something really fun about super cheesy 90’s Halloween films and their crappy special effects. This one is a lot of fun due to the sets, effects and Debbie Reynolds. Try not to take it too seriously if you watch it, LOL. Oh, and all of the following sequels of this film are unwatchably (new word?) bad.

Harry Potter films (2001-2011)

If you’ve been following for any measure of time, this one won’t surprise you. I am such a ridiculously huge HP fan that I pretty much associate Halloween time with Harry Potter films. If you’ve read the books or even watched the films, you’ll know that in the first few of them, Halloween actually is quite the event at Hogwarts. I think I’ve fantasized about having a party like that since I was 9. Whatever, don’t judge. HP is for awesome people..my mom told me. Anyway, if you haven’t seen these films yet, you should stop whatever you’re doing and go now to watch them. Like right now. Go.

Interview With A Vampire (1994)

This one is awesome, especially since I love the vampire novels which this one is based on (Anne Rice novels). Young Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Tom Cruise and super young Kristen Dunst.  It centers on Brad Pitt, who is a vampire, telling his story to a reporter played by Christian Slater.

10th Kingdom (2000)

I think I make any and every excuse to watch this one. It’s a bit long (like 7 hours long), but it’s a mini series. You may be able to find it on Hulu, but if not you’ll need to rent it somewhere..if they carry it. It was an NBC special so I’m not sure of the best place to find it, but it’s really good! It has really amazing set design and costumes, similar to OUAT actually (in a way, that is), but really what shines are the characters which are done really well. Also, there’s really fun twists on fairy tales that anyone into fairy tales will enjoy. Very Grimm brothers focused, though. The story focuses on Virginia, a single girl in her 20’s living with her father in NYC. They end up in the 10th Kingdom helping a dog who is really a prince on a quest to help him turn back into a prince and also looking for a magical mirror that will lead them back home. That’s all I’m saying, but there’s a seriously good twist that I didn’t see coming first time I watched it!

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

This is a great one. The original zombie flick that has lead the zombie film trend for ages and still does, actually. Romero is a genius, setting a zombie apocalypse with other themes underneath the main plot. Definitely one to watch!

Hocus Pocus (1993)

This one just reminds me of being a little girl. It basically focuses on 3 evil witches who were hung in Salem in the 1800’s (?) and turned to dust in the sun. Legend is that if a virgin lights the black flame candle on Halloween it will bring them back. Head to modern day (90’s, that is) where Max is the new kid in Salem. He meets a girl and lights the candle in an attempt to impress her. All hell (or witches) then breaks loose. It’s Bette Midler’s finest hour of acting, if you ask me, but anyway it’s a fun flick and you’ll see both a young Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex & the City) and a super young Thora Birch (American Beauty), if you’re interested!

Dracula 2000 (2000)

This retelling of Dracula stars Gerard Butler as Dracula among others. One woman keeps seeing the same man in her dreams, but eventually starts to see him in reality. A group of thieves break into a vault expecting to find millions of dollars worth of paintings, but instead find a coffin containing Dracula himself. I think this one is purely nostalgic, but I get a kick out of seeing a pre-famous Gerard Butler in such a cheesy role.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

This has been a favorite since I was like 5 years old. It focuses on the Pumpkin King, Jack, who is tired of celebrating Halloweentown and wants to celebrate something new. One night he discovers Christmastown and decides he wants to celebrate that instead to disastrous effects.

The Addams Family (1991)

This one is a total classic!  The bizarre death-obsessed morbid Addams family. I don’t know what else to say, but a young Christina Ricci, Anjelica Houston and Christopher Lloyd all star.

The Corpse Bride (2005)

Starring Tim Burton’s predictable duo, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp, the Corpse Bride is about a man embarking on an arranged marriage, but accidentally vows himself to a dead bride instead of his actual bride. Woops! This is a really fun flick featuring Tim Burton’s signature style and Danny Elfman’s typical musical styles.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

It tells the Legend of Sleepy Hollow in classic Tim Burton fashion. Stars Christina Ricci, Johnny Depp and a host of other awesome actors. The set and costumes are amazing as well. Music is compliments of Danny Elfman who makes everything epic, in my opinion.

Beetle Juice (1988)

Say Beetle Juice 3 Times to call him or get rid of him, either way Beetle Juice wreaks havoc on the underworld and the living. Such is the luck of one recently departed couple who wish to haunt the new family that’s moved into their home out of it. They enlist the help of Beetle Juice to freak out the family, to horribly bad results. Young Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, Catherina O’Hara, and Gina Davis star.

Queen of the Damned (2002)

The vampire Lestat tires of living fore centuries and decides to reveal himself to the world by becoming the front man for a rock band, only no one believes him. His music wakes the queen of the vampires and threatens to expose the existence of vampires everywhere. Stars Aaliyah, Stuart Townsend, Lena Olin and others.

Alice (Syfy Mini-series, 2009)

This 3 hour (I think?) mini series re-imagines both Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Alice is a tough black belt who has been searching for her father since he went missing when she was 12. She meets a mysterious man Jack who suddenly proposes to her. She declines, but he leaves the ring behind. In her effort to return the ring, she sees him getting abducted, chases after them and ends up through the looking glass…in Wonderland.

Other Favorites: 

  • Zombieland
  • 28 Days Later
  • Underworld series
  • From Dusk Til Dawn
  • Donnie Darko
  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

That’s all for now! Sorry about the excessively long list, but hope you enjoyed it anyway 😛 .

What are your favorite films to watch around this time of year or for Halloween?

Top 25 Recommended Movies / Asian Dramas To Watch This Summer!

I haven’t really mentioned it much, but I LOVE movies.

Any genre, whatever, if there’s a good story involved, I will watch it.

I tried to make the list pretty varied so there’s something for everyone as I know not everyone like every genre of movie. Just a heads up, I also included some Asian dramas (Korean and Taiwanese), but you can watch them online for free for the most part. I’ve put the links below! I hope you enjoy!

(The list is from Top to to Bottom, Left to Right.)

  1. In Time With You – This is a Taiwanese drama about a woman who turns 30 and dreads the inevitable old age to come, especially everyone’s judgments about her single life, her career, etc. and seeks someone to share her life with. With her high school best friend, she faces life’s ups and downs. Don’t want to ruin the story too much so you can read the synopsis and watch the entire drama online for free – here!
  2. The Adjustment Bureau – What if your entire life was predetermined? Everything is going according to plan for one man until he meets the love of his life…but being with her is not in the plan according to the Adjustment Bureau. Check out the trailer – here!
  3. Shaolin – This is a really incredible martial arts film based on the warlords of China and its history. Warlords cruelly oppress Chinese villagers while peaceful monks attempt to make their life and the life of their people more comfortable under warlord rule. Among that, this story follows one warlord’s life after his is destroyed by his own selfish desire for power. Check out the trailer – here!
  4. The Millennium Series / Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Films – The books and movies are both awesome. Whether you read the books, watch the original Swedish films or see the new American version, all of them are awesome. If you are a woman, you will enjoy it purely for it’s message of women empowerment. You can watch the whole series of the Swedish version (in Swedish with subs) on Netflix otherwise check out the American version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – here!
  5. Autumn’s Concerto – This is one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas. It centers on a girl who loses her father as a young child and then lives her life with her stepmother, working at a local university. There she meets the university president’s son, an arrogant boy obsessed with proving to the world how superficial women are and that they only care for money until he has a change of heart. Read the synopsis and watch it online for free – here!
  6. Dark Knight Rises (Batman series) – The last in the Batman series reboot by Christopher Nolan. If you haven’t seen the series, definitely check it out. It’s the best of the Batman movies, in my opinion. Check out the Dark Knight Rises trailer – here!
  7. Hi, My Sweetheart – This is a really cheesy romantic comedy Taiwan drama. It focuses on a girl with a bad reputation and a geeky boy attending college, posing as a poor student to protect his identity when in fact he’s a billionaire heir. They date all years of their college careers and he decides to propose to her and tell her his true identity on the night of their graduation. He waits for her, but she gets into an accident and is put in the hospital. Thinking he’s been snubbed and dumped, he holds a grudge and vows to take revenge on her and all women by becoming and attractive player of women. Read the synopsis and watch this one online for free – here!
  8. Mirrormask – An animated family film, it tells the story of a girl living life on the road as her parents run a circus, but she hates it and wants to join real life. One night she dreams of two world ruled by light and dark queens. Difficult to explain this one! Check out the trailer – here!
  9. Personal Taste – A famed architect’s daughter lives in his masterpiece of a house. She gets a guy roommate after needing to pay off debts, but what she doesn’t know is he is also an architect trying to figure out the secret brilliance of the house she lives in so he can use the ideas on his current project. Also, she thinks he’s gay, but he’s not. Confusing, hilarious drama. Check out the synopsis and drama online – here!
  10. Pan’s Labyrinth – Real life fairy tales are not all sunshine and daisies. Set in 1940’s fascist Spain, one little girl’s wishes for fairy tales to be real come true when her mother gets sick and a faun visits her in her room, informing her she is a princess, but she must first prove herself through a series of trials. See the trailer – here!
  11. Boys Over Flowers – One of my favorite Korean dramas, this one is about average girl Jan Di, a girl who is afraid of no one and who saves the life of one private schoolboy trying to commit suicide after being bullied by the F4 (four richest boy students in the school). As thanks, the private school offers her a scholarship to the school, but she soon finds herself being bullied by the cruel F4 as well, but refuses to let them see her affected and continues to stand up to them no matter what. It’s a long story, but I really enjoy it! Read the better than I can summarize synopsis and watch it free – here!
  12. The Painted Veil – Based in 1920’s-1930’s London and China, Kittie is becoming an old maid and a burden to her parents so she marries scientist, Walter, who is obviously in love with her to get away from them. Not satisfied with their marriage, she cheats on him, but they end up staying together and venturing to China to help with a cholera epidemic while also trying to repair their relationship and start fresh. See the trailer – here!
  13. Year Of the Rain – Based on the typhoon Morakot that devastated Taiwan in 2009 and left millions homeless overnight, this short drama tells the tale of one girl orphaned by the typhoon who goes to live with her aunt and uncle in order to start her life over. Check out the synopsis and watch it free – here!
  14. Eulogy – This is a dark comedy staring Zooey Deschanel and many others. A family with many brothers and sisters, their father has just passed away. They come together after many years apart to deal with the awkward funeral and his estate. Check out the funny trailer – here!
  15. The Stoning Of Soraya M. – If you’re a woman, you should watch this. It’s based on  the true story of Soraya, a woman falsely accused of adultery in Iran, the punishment of which is death by stoning. Check out the trailer – here!
  16. Anti-Trust – Prodigal programmer best friends, Teddy and Milo, are both offered high paying jobs at NURV ( think Microsoft), but only Milo takes the offer while Teddy stays in their hometown to start up his own business. After the strange murder of Teddy, Milo starts to get suspicious that his death is not what it seems. Check out the trailer – here!
  17. A Good Year – British investment banker cares only for money, but after his uncle passes away he must travel to France to settle his estate. There, he meets Fani, a hard-to-get woman and a different kind of life that has nothing to do with money. Check out the trailer – here!
  18. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – A really hilarious comedy! Peter and Sarah break up. A devastated Peter ventures to Hawaii to forget about her and pick up the pieces, but discovers she’s also there vacationing with her new British popstar boyfriend, Aldous Snow. See the trailer – here!
  19. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – What would happen if you could erase unpleasant memories of past relationships? Clementine and Joel have broken up and Clementine decides to get her memory of their relationship erased. Joel finds out she’s had this procedure done and decides to get it done as well, but during the procedure, he changes his mind. Check out the trailer – here!
  20. R-Point – Seriously one of the scariest movies! Current day soldiers receive a distress call from R-Point, but when they get there, no one is to be found. They start seeing old fashioned looking soldiers and their soldiers disappear and then turn up dead. Don’t watch this movie at night; it seriously freaked me out LOL. Check out the trailer – here!
  21. The Lookout – Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a guy affected by brain damage who works at a bank as a local janitor. Everything changes when he is propositioned to be the lookout and help criminals rob the bank he works at. Check out the trailer – here!
  22. 10th Kingdom – If you enjoy the show Once Upon A Time, you may like this mini series! It originally aired on NBC, but it’s now available on DVD. It’s a little cheesy and a little dated , but the creative costume and set design is awesome and the ultimate story is fantastic. Virginia is a waitress who lives with her janitor father in NYC. Everything changes when they are forced to travel to another dimension where fairy tales are real and they must help a prince (who has been turned into a dog) find and defeat the evil queen before she takes over the 9 kingdoms. Check out the trailer for that – here!
  23. Love Me If You Dare – A very quirky French film, two best friends grow up together and continuously dare each other to do ridiculously crazy things. As they grow older, they grow apart, but manage to come together to do even more insane dares as time passes and realize they have been in love all along..or something. It’s a really crazy story so just watch the trailer LOL. Check it out – here!
  24. Brick – Brendan ventures into a ring of underground crime after his ex-girlfriend goes missing in order to find out what happened to her. Check out the trailer – here!
  25. Donnie Darko – Donnie seems like a typical high school student, but he’s anything but. Mentally troubled, prescribed many pills by his psychiatrist and often sleep walking and waking up in random places in his town, he begins to see a man dressed in a creepy rabbit suit who tells him what to do, some of which is not always pleasant. It gets complicated, but it deals a lot with time, space and you can’t always tell whether Donnie’s dreaming, hallucinating or what. It’s really good, really creepy and makes you think about life. Check out the trailer – here!

I hope you check out some of these films and enjoy them!

If you have any questions about anything in particular, feel free to comment, otherwise let me know if you watch any of these and what you thought!

Any films you can recommend to me?

I’m always up for new films to watch!