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Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Powder

I am a huge fan of Juice Beauty products and this is one of my favorites in their line.

It is definitely my favorite blemish clearing powder on the market.

They may have been the ones to pioneer this type of powder, but I am really not sure as Bare Minerals and E.L.F. both have mineral powders that claim to do the same as this one, but which I tried and fell short in my opinion, though E.L.F. is definitely a cheaper option.

I tried this powder 2 separate times with various results, but I have used up both completely.

Application Instructions from Juice Beauty: 

The perfect addition to Juice Beauty’s Organics to Clear Skin regimen. For day wear, layer and finish with our Foundation or Powder. For night, use to calm and clear.

Product Claims :

 This on the spot Blemish Clearing Powder combines organic fruit extracts, minerals and bamboo powder to soothe, calm and clear blemishes, leaving your skin healed and concealed.

My Experiences: I tried this blemish clearing powder for the first time some time last year. I really loved it! It works well against breakouts, sets well over makeup, under makeup, or you can even wear this to sleep over your nighttime skincare. It is pretty light, but you can wear it alone if you want to go makeup free during the day as well. I love that it is made with mostly natural and organic ingredients, especially organic aloe powder and the various organic fruit extracts.This powder is really healing, not drying at all and has a nice finish to it.

My only real issue with this is that it is expensive ($29) for the amount you get, which is less than 1/2 Oz. It just was not cost effective for me to buy this every 2 months when I, inevitably, ran out. I do not mind dropping a large sum of money on my skincare or even makeup products when the product 1.) lives up to its promises and 2.) lasts a sufficient amount of time which, for me, is about 3 months. This powder lasts me like 1-2 months, if that, but if you can afford it, the powder is amazing. I would use it as a powder foundation, finishing powder and treatment for acne ALL THE TIME, but the size of this powder is just not economical for me.

Who It’s For: 

Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Powder is designed for oily, combination, and blemish prone skin types.

Blemished/Oily, Combination, Teen Acne & Blemishes, Adult Acne & Blemishes

Best Uses:

  • Worn over or under makeup or as a makeup replacement
  • Worn over nighttime skincare as a treatment
  • To Treat Occasional or Frequent Breakouts
  • As a Spot Treatment
  • To Heal and Calm Redness from Irritation or Rosacea
  • Blemished/Oily, Combination, Teen Acne & Blemishes, Adult Acne & Blemishes

Noted Ingredients: 

  • Organic Aloe Powder – Calms Redness and Irritation in Skin to help clear blemishes.
  • Organic Bamboo Powder – Soothes Irritation in Skin to clear breakouts.
  • Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil – Promotes Collagen Synthesis and Cell Turnover

Ingredient List: 

Organic powders of manihot esculenta (organic tapioca starch)*, zea mays (organic corn starch)*, aloe barbadensis (organic aloe leaf powder)*, bambusa arundinaceae (bamboo powder), vitis vinifera (organic grape seed oil)*, vaccinium corymbosum (organic blueberry seed oil)*, punica granatum (organic pomegranate seed oil)*, rubus idaeus (organic raspberry seed oil)*, actinidia chinensis (organic kiwi seed oil)*, vaccinium macrocarpon (organic cranberry seed oil)*, fragaria ananassa (organic strawberry seed oil)*, euterpe oleracea (organic acai berry)*, lycium chinense (organic goji berry)*, tocopherol (vitamin E), ricinus communis (organic castor seed oil)*, thymus vulgaris (thyme extract), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree extract), rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary extract) and citrus sinensis (sweet orange oil) May contain: titanium dioxide, iron oxides *certified organic by a USDA approved agency

Formulated WithOUT:

  • Parabens
  • Petrolatum
  • Alcohol (Except Denatured Alcohol)
  • Mineral Oil
  • Artificial Preservatives, Dyes or Fragrances

Product Pros:

  • Powder form is Easily Worn Under or Over Makeup or Alone as Makeup Replacement
  • Treats Breakouts, Spots, Redness and Rosacea, Calms Irritation and skin Inflammation.
  • Can be Worn Anytime – Night or Day
  • Calms Skin without Drying like many other powder treatments
  • Includes Natural & Organic Ingredients that heal the skin.

Product Cons: 

  • May be considered expensive to some
  • Small size (less than 1 Oz.) may not be considered economical

Final Thoughts:

I really love this powder. Not only does this powder clear my breakouts quickly and without causing any dryness, but the finish is awesome and matte, which I love. I love that the ingredients are natural and organic. The ingredients include organic aloe and bamboo, which I know help to calm redness and irritation. I also love that they include organic pomegranate seed oil to help with collagen synthesis because it means I’m getting both an acne and wrinkle treatment in this powder. I would permanently use it as a mineral foundation replacement if it came in a larger size, but unfortunately, it does not.

I really hate that this comes in such a small size (.35 Oz.) because it’s not economical for me. I wish that it was a larger size so it would last me a longer amount of time. Then I would be able to justify spending nearly $30 USD on it if it lasted me a few months. When I used this, it barely lasts me a month when I have bad breakouts and it lasts me about 2 when I spot treat. That being said, if you can afford it, it is SO worth it!

For anyone with occasional breakouts and spots, this is the perfect way to treat them! It’s not drying, irritating, and it won’t make you peel. I wore this over makeup, under makeup, as a makeup replacement, and to bed. It never broke me out, it looked great with my makeup, though if you don’t like a matte finish, you may not like it. For someone like me, especially in summertime when I’m battling oily shine, I love it.

Where to Find:

You can find Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Powder – here – on their website or otherwise at Sephora, Beauty.com, SkinStore.Com, or Birchbox.com.


Have you experienced Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Powder?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

That’s All for Now!

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Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way. I purchased this of my own free will. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.

Misleading Information At Cosmetic Counters

This past weekend I was out and about and found myself at the mall. I had parked outside the local Macy’s department store and therefore had to walk through the downstairs cosmetic counters in order to get back to where I parked which brings me to today’s topic: makeup, skincare and general cosmetic counter sales people.

Now, before I get going, don’t misunderstand what I’m about to say. This doesn’t apply to everyone and anyone at every store in the world. There are always special circumstances.

This mainly focuses on the big department stores where designer high end brands are sold.

That being said, I cannot stand the way most cosmetic sale counter girls do business.

It’s nothing personal; I know they’re just doing their job, but it really upsets me.

A lot of people may not know exactly how they work in terms of sales, product knowledge and customer service so I thought I should discuss this because their marketing plans are very misleading.

First off, the lab coats and general “expert” attire.

They wear this clothing to mislead customers into thinking they are experts on whatever cosmetic products they are selling, but in reality they are anything but.

 For instance, I used to buy a lot of cosmetics from counters back in the day. I used anything from Lancome to Clinique to Dior, etc. etc. I’ve tried it all.

 Yet, after doing a lot of research on skincare and cosmetics, more importantly a lot of the ingredients that go into them, I began to question sales people a lot more and I noticed something.

They really don’t know much about the products they are selling you.

This brings me to my second peeve: product knowledge and know-how.

Have you ever gone to one of these counters and tried to get an ingredient list for their products?

Or even simply ask them what’s in the products they’re trying to sell you?

They usually get really annoyed or they sort of have a mini freak out because they DO NOT KNOW what is in the products they’re selling you. They only know techniques on HOW to sell it to you, which focuses more on how it will make you look young, amazing, clear skin, blah, etc.

If you ask for an ingredient list (and I recommend you do!), you will likely find they do not have one readily available if at all and they certainly couldn’t tell you more than 1-2 ingredients that are even in the product or how they function. In fact, usually they will simply say “I don’t know, I’m not sure, etc.”

There is also another reason for not having the ingredient list available: they DON’T WANT you to KNOW what’s in their products!

 That’s right, parabens, bismuth oxychloride, carcinogens, etc. This is why it’s not readily available. Another reason is that their main ingredient is usually water. A formulation that is over $100 has a main ingredient that is 80-90% water, 2-5% active ingredients (lab engineered) and 5-10% preservatives and fillers to make the shelf life pretty much indefinite.

This means that they have a watered down product that may or may not help your skin at all, might clog your pores and will last longer  than you. The use of preservatives helps to ensure that they have very little waste to deal with so they lose little to no profit because they can mass manufacture the products which can then sit in warehouses for decades even before it reaches the shelves where consumers can buy them.

The use of fillers helps a product to spread more in order to make the consumer believe they are getting much more product than they actually are.

Now, I’m not going on a tangent about this because I want to put sales women on blast. I really don’t. I’m not mad at them or hold some animosity toward them at all.

In fact, they are just doing their job which is usually commission based and their sales have a direct impact on their check so I understand.

I really do, but it does upset me on a huge ethical level in terms of corporate greed because I really believe that they should know what’s in the products they are trying to thrust at me and that these cosmetics companies should have some ethical accountability for consumer safety and quality in their products.

It truly frustrates me that they don’t and, especially, that they put great aesthetic efforts into making you, the consumer, believe that they do (lab coats – “I am a skin doctor”).

In fact, research shows that these salespeople are really only taught sales techniques. Many times they don’t know anything more about it than you do.

Aside from the high end cosmetic counters, I have found that places like Sephora, MAC and Ulta have a lot more product knowledge to offer.

They don’t know much about harmful ingredients in cosmetics that I have seen, but they do know a lot more about what can help skin and many times, they are makeup artists that have been trained or have gone to school for it.

Also, there are various companies out  there that work very ethically and put a lot of work into the quality in their products.

So, I guess what I’m getting at is I hope that everyone can be more aware and informed when shopping for products that are going on their face.

Given that your skin is a huge part of your body and directly absorbs whatever you put on it, it’s pretty important.

Lastly, things to think about when shopping at cosmetics counters or in cosmetic stores and questions to ask your sales associate/makeup artist/skin “expert”:

  • What’s in this product?
  • What does the product do exactly?
  • Can I see an ingredient list?
  • What is the return policy?

There are many more questions you could ask the next time you find yourself at a cosmetics counter and I hope you do ask them.

 It’s important for your skin health as well as your overall health to know.

 Your skin and body will thank you for it.

What have you guys experienced at cosmetic counters?

Anything similar to my experiences or have you found better product knowledge?

Feel free to share your thoughts on this!

I’d love to discuss it with you all!

Stay Beautiful


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Coming Soon! Healing Face Powders, Blush and More!


So, after finally establishing my shop on Etsy, I am now able to focus on expanding my line a bit from the 3 original serums.

I am very excited about the line of healing face powder foundation shades and blushes that I will be coming out with very shortly!

They will include a strong calming powder base with botanical powders and extracts. This is something I have never seen done much if at all and that is basically the use of all natural botanical powders in the powder formulation.

This means that your makeup will function as both a means to look awesome and offer color, but also as a treatment while you wear it as the botanical ingredients work to help soften lines, calm redness and inflammation and even help to clear breakouts.

This is something I have always wanted in a powder myself so I am extremely psyched to be able to offer it to my customers!

Not only will you be able  wear the powders as a powder foundation and a blush, but the formulations themselves are designed to improve your skin and not only cover up blemishes, fine lines, and hyper-pigmentation, but also help to treat them!

These will be $25 for a 20 gram twist and lock sifter jar (saves product and great for travel!).

Only one size will be available initially, but I am thinking of  adding a 10 gram jar to offer a smaller trial type size for those who want to try it before buying the larger jars and also to make it more affordable to students, bargain hunters and the like who are on a budget.

^Let me know what you think! Do you want smaller jars to be available?

Aside from these awesome powders, I plan on also offering a line of face/eye creams to offer those who love the creamy texture of a face cream or eye cream over the texture of serums. These will include an acne, wrinkle and eye cream.
I may also add in a brightening cream in the future.

These will typically run the same prices as the serums, depending on size so about $15-$25.

Lastly, I will be adding concentrated creamy and gel facial cleansers. The gel cleansers will be more for brightening and blemish clearing while the cream cleansers will be more moisturizing and nourishing for dry, mature and sensitive skin types. In the beginning, I am going to offer these in smaller sizes, but they will last you a good amount as a little will go a long way. Later, I will add in larger sizes. Cleansers will be about $15-$25 as well.

That’s all for now!

I’m very excited about all of this and I hope you will leave me feedback on what your thoughts are.

Have a Nice Weekend!

Stay Beautiful


I’ll talk to you soon : ]

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