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What makes you glow?

Jane Iredale & Her Team Want To Know! 😉

(LOL, Can you tell I’m excited?)

I’m so psyched for this contest hosted by Jane Iredale Cosmetics because I love what it represents – a chance for women to express what really makes them truly happy on the inside and out. Whether it’s working out and staying fit, dressing to express your personality, helping others, smiling, laughing, your friends and family, or perhaps a life passion, I think this contest is a fantastic way for all different types of women to express themselves and see what makes others glow as well!

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It’s open to all US residents 18 years old and up and features great prizes!

There will be 3 winners chosen – Grand Prize, First Prize & Second Prize Winners!

Simply Magical Fall Collection

(I hope they include some of their new collection “Simply Magical” in with the prizes!)

 Here’s What You Can Win!

  • Grand Prize: A 4-day trip for two at Waldorf Astoria Naples in Naples, Florida. Including revitalizing spa treatments at their Golden Door Spa (What?!), plus $500 in jane iredale products(!).
  • First Prize: Spa treatment, jane iredale consultation(!), and $500 in jane iredale products (OMG!).
  • Second Prize: $500 in jane iredale products!!

I am soooo excited about all the great prizes and the fact that they are choosing 3 winners is even better because we have more chances to win! I absolutely love Jane Iredale products and their natural cosmetics so definitely worth checking this out for the chance to win (at the very least) $500 worth of their products!

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To Enter: 

  • “Like” Jane Iredale on Facebook, which you can do – here! – and enter your email address.
  • Then, in 25 words or less, describe what make you glow – what makes you truly happy inside and out. Then upload a photo illustrating what makes you glow!
  • You can enter the contest from September 17th – November 15th and the awesome part is you can also submit new entries every single day!
  • Winners will be notified on or around December 17th. See their official rules – here.

Sign Up for This Contest – Here!

So, What Makes You Glow?

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is as excited for the weekend as I am! My boyfriend and I are going away for the weekend to hang out with his sister, her husband and their kids so we’re pretty excited! Actually, I think I’m more excited about it than he is, but whatever. We’ll be enjoying fish tacos, swimming, possibly some beach walking or something, some boba runs (bubble tea), and I want to swing by this macaron tea shop I’ve discovered on Yelp. Soo, I’m not sure if I’ll be updating much this weekend as I don’t know how much free time I’ll have to blog post, but if anything, definitely follow me on Instagram @StorybookBeauty where I try to post regularly on things that I’ve recently received, am currently testing for review or other fun tidbits like AJ’s Mom, who recently sent me lip balm yesterday! Thanks AJ’s Mom, I will definitely be doing a whole post on it later to thank you properly! ❤

Anyhow, so onto more things that just annoy me because I am now coming into my own and realized how much I love to complain 😉

In my original post on annoyances, I posted about 13 general things that make me cringe – you can see that post here – and now I would like to complain about facebook because there is so much stupid crap that happens on there and if I didn’t have a blog, I’d probably never log on, but I do so of course I experience a lot of the immature posts, etc. that we’ve all seen. I hope you guys find this entertaining, easy to relate to, and get a good laugh!

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10 Things That Annoy Me About Facebook :

  1. People Take Themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY. Whether they get all political, artsy or whatever, they take it way too seriously and then need to have the last word or write you a life story type explanation. It’s just annoying and ridiculous. FB is a social network site; do we really need to have an existentialist discussion here? 
  2. That Ambiguous Facebook Post. You know the one. It usually starts with “Some people really need to…” or “Some people are just so…” Seriously, you know who you are. Just stop it. You’re not clever and chances are the person you wrote about will pick up on it and you’ll start a petty argument on FB (See #3 & #4 for more info). Just stop it and message them or contact them in person if you have some issue. Unless you’re 15, act like an adult and solve your problems like one. 
  3. People Who Put Their Issues On Display & Get Angry When Others Comment. When people post crap like ” Haha drunk at Shannon’s Bar again…” for the third night in a row, but then get angry when someone says “Man you have a drinking problem.” Come on people, it’s bound to happen. Don’t be angry when you posted on a public forum and someone called you out on your problems. After all, you posted it on a PUBLIC forum. 
  4. Having Your Break Up (whether friend or boyfriend or whatever) on Facebook. Just do us all a favor and don’t. If you cheated, if they cheated, if you hate them, I don’t care. I’m on FB for funny pictures and light hearted community, not your petty break up so call them on the phone or get off your arse and break up in person like a normal human being in PRIVATE.
  5. Racial & Ignorant Yet Political Status Updates. Posts like “Kill all …[insert ethnicity, religion, etc. here ]” or anything else that starts with “I’m [insert nationality here ]” and ends with “so F you if you don’t like it.” Why????
  6. Constant Game, Truth Game, Fortune Telling, Tell My Future, Horoscope & Other Invites That I Keep Denying. No, I don’t want to play Farmville or Mafia Wars with you. I don’t want to “see what people have been saying” about me or read the supposed “truth.” I don’t particularly care about my horoscope or palm reading or whatever and I can’t loan you any “coins” for your game either. Stop sending me virtual goats, cows, and other crap. It’s annoying. 
  7. The Fact That FB Uses My Web Cookies Even When I’m Not Logged On To Tailor Ads to What I Like. This is not any person in particular (unless you happen to run this part of FB marketing). But seriously, stop watching me. It’s weird and creepy that you know that I was looking at NBC.com and now my FB sidebar is showing all manner of Grimm merchandise to me. Not to mention rude as hell so stop stalking me.
  8. That Lecture / Lesson Post of Wisdom. Posts or status updates that start with “People need to learn when to…” etc. It’s patronizing, condescending, and elitist of you to post crap like this. Knock it off or speak to them personally. 
  9. Internet Protection & Rudeness. People who think that the invisible barrier of the internet gives them license to be crass, rude, catty, etc., but who would never speak to anyone in that way in real life. The internet allows passive aggressors a way to be aggressive without being aggressive. Also, I just think it’s cowardly, stupid and impolite.
  10. Facebook Wall Arguments. Why do people like to put other people on blast? It’s like a new form of bullying. Also, don’t pretend you’re a mature and respectful human being when you do this because that was nulled the moment you decided to post your crap on a facebook wall instead of in a private message or in person. Just saying. 

So, you may agree or not, but these are just a few things that annoy me about facebook.

What annoys you about Facebook or social networking sites?