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Today’s post is focused on how to get you the best skin possible without using products. I definitely think products can help skin out, but getting nice dewy and healthy skin, in my opinion, is easiest to create when following a healthy diet, utilizing a few beauty tips and DIY recipes. You’ll be surprised at how effective some of these really are. so without further delay, here are some tips on how to get flawless skin naturally. 


Achieving glowing skin can seem impossible at times, and yes you can always fake it with makeup, but to get authentically glowing skin, I highly recommend a diet high in fruits and veggies, especially berries. They have very high concentrations of antioxidants, help keep your body hydrated (which in turn, hydrates your skin), and they are high in vitamins and nutrients essential to repairing and maintaining healthy skin. To learn more about the benefits of berries for your skin, check out the original post I did on this here. Aside from berries, there are a ton of hydrating foods you can consume to up the hydration of your cells and therefore your skin. Check out a list I’ve made of these foods – here.



I used to think I needed some kind of magical product to fix my skin, but after much experimentation, I find that a nice DIY recipe works just as well, if not better, and I am left with a lot more cash in my pocket at the end of it all. One thing that I definitely deal with a lot, especially in the Summer time, is redness. The most effective treatment for this, by far, are toners and you can make a number of them with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Check out the DIY toner recipes – here.

Image by YaiSiricha with FreeDigitalPhotos.Net


Although we can do everything right, including eat well, sometimes I think it’s still pretty difficult to get all the nutrients our skin and body need to function at optimal levels. Because of this, I think supplements can be very beneficial to our systems, especially in resolving skin problems such as acne, dry skin, redness, and other issues. For a list of essential supplements for beauty and health, check here. There are many benefits to be gained from taking supplements, especially for preventing premature aging and treating existing issues. To see the beauty benefits of vitamins, check here.



You’re probably really familiar with the idea of using plant oils in skincare as many brands have begun to utilize these in their product formulations, but did you know that they can be just as beneficial used on their own? Some of you may still be wary of using oil on your skin, but don’t be. Choosing the right oil for you skin type, which you can do – here – is all you need to find the perfect plant oil that will benefit you the most. There are tons to choose from for any skin type from dry to sensitive to oily. To learn more about using oil in skincare, check out this post and if you’re unsure about how to use natural plant oils for the best results, you can get more information in this post that will help you.

I hope these tips were helpful to you in your quest for skin perfection!

What Are Some Simple Tricks or DIY Recipes You Use At Home To Treat Your Skin?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

♥ Tianna

Happy Monday!

I have noticed I’ve developed a kind of routine when it comes to fitness and diet that really depends a lot on my phone. I use 3 apps in particular on a near daily basis because of how handy they are and I thought it would be fun to share them with you and maybe you can get some benefit from these awesome free mobile applications as well so I hope you enjoy!

The first app on the list is absolutely My Fitness Pal. It’s super helpful for tracking everything you eat, the amount of calories you’re consuming ( vs. how many you should be consuming ), the vitamins you’re getting from that food and if it’s in line with your daily recommended intake for them, your water intake, and lastly, the amount of calories you burn in any given workout. I use it every day to log my meals and keep track with my calories and nutrients as well as logging my workouts. It’s really helpful to make sure I’m staying on track with food and fitness and it helps me stay focused because of it. It’s definitely a tool for success if you’re looking to lose weight or just eat better.

The second app I really love and use pretty much on a daily basis is Spotify. My boyfriend introduced me to this amazing music service. If you’re someone who loves listening to different kinds of music, but don’t necessarily want to buy all of it. You can listen to their radio just like Pandora or LastFM, but it’s much better in design and function because I never get weird songs that have nothing to do with the artist I want to listen to. Also, if you get premium ( which I have ), you can create playlists with any songs that they have available. It’s like burning a digital mix CD for myself. As long as you pay the $10/month fee, you have those playlists. In my opinion, it’s totally worth the money because of how much you can do with it. At first I thought it wouldn’t be worth it, but now that I have, I couldn’t be happier! Plus, the playlists are a solid part of my workouts now so I find I do better when I have Spotify. I went 1 week without it while deciding on whether to get premium or not and I just caved because it’s such a fantastic service.

Calories Burned Calculator

The last app I use a lot is this Calories Burned app for Android. I know there are tons of Calories Burned type apps out there for Iphone and Windows, though, if you don’t have an Android phone so they should be easy to find. This one is free and it works pretty well at calculating calories burned for nearly any exercise or workout, including some DVD workout programs like Insanity, Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred and P90X, so it’s versatile in that. Also, I’ve compared it to online calories burned sites and it’s pretty accurate. I use this to figure out what I’ve burned when the workout I’ve done ( like Ab Ripper X) isn’t available on My Fitness Pal.

So, those are my favorite apps!

What Are Your Favorite Mobile Apps?

I’d Love to Know In the Comments!


I can’t believe it’s been exactly one year today since I started this blog. In the beginning, I thought it would be all about promoting my handmade beauty products that I sell on Etsy, but then it turned into my tips on beauty, fashion, health and fitness and reviews on other products I love. I found out I like blogging more than I like making beauty and skincare products and that there are so many fantastic people in the blogging community that my experience wouldn’t have been the same without. I want to thank everyone who follows this blog, reads it and comments, and who genuinely gives a crap about what I write here. It means a lot to me and I don’t think I would’ve lasted a year without you all so thanks so much!

With that, it’s giveaway time! 

For this giveaway, I really wanted to do something special and I thought there’s no specific item I’d like to give away really because there’s too many I’d like to give away to you all. I thought it would be more fun if you guys had a say in what you received so this giveaway is for a mini shopping spree, valued at $50 to either Sephora or somewhere online. I can either give you the gift card for your chosen place or you can let me know what you want ( if Sephora isn’t in your area ). Otherwise, I can also pick some mystery things out for you if you simply don’t know what you’d like. Anyone can enter from anywhere in the world as long as they complete the following tasks below and you can get bonus entries as well!

To Enter, You Must:

  • Be a Follower of Storybook Apothecary
  • Comment on this Post Saying How You’d Like to Win (Sephora Gift Card, Another place Gift Card, or if you want me to go shopping for you)

Bonus Entries:

Please comment a separate comment below for each bonus entry you’ve done as they count as separate entries.

Good Luck!!

This Giveaway Will End Friday March 22nd, 2013 and I’ll Announce the Winner on my Blogger Link Love Friday #5 Post so look out for it to see if you’ve won!

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Happy Tuesday! 

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day so far and enjoying the week. I’ve been kind of scatter brained lately and fell off a bit on my early morning workouts, but I’ll jump right back on tomorrow morning with that so, it happens. I’ve been pretty on with my eating, except for this past weekend which was pretty off all weekend. Thank goodness I was able to just maintain my weight instead of gain so I’m grateful for that. I’m kicking it into high gear this week and really buckling down with my diet and fitness plans so I can keep on the right track. So with all that on my mind, I thought I’d better update with my goals for this month while it’s still semi-early in the month, though I’m a bit late in posting. 

Here’s Last Month’s Goals & How I Did: 

  1. Make More Money AND Save More Money. I actually got a raise in the new year (yay!!) and I am still working on saving a bit. I am on the right track, though, so I just need to stay on it. 
  2. Organize My Closet, Room & Bathroom Areas! I haven’t done this AT ALL. It so needs to get done, but I’d really like to purchase some organizers for this project and I haven’t been able to do that yet so when I do, it’s more likely to happen. 
  3. Stay Consistent With the Gym & Working Out 5-6 Times Per Week. I’ve been really consistent on going to the gym and working out if I wasn’t able to go so I’m happy about that!
  4. Stay Consistent With Healthy Eating. With my diet, I’ve been really on or just okay and rarely have I been just completely off. This weekend I did slip up a bit, but I was back on track by Sunday so I’m glad I have been okay with that. I’d like to keep on with this and be more consistent with making my lunch for the week.
  5. Lose 10-15 pounds. I actually did lose 8 pounds in the past month or so since January so yay! I know it’s not the 15 pounds I wanted, but it’s a start. 
  6. Be A More Romantic Girlfriend. I think I’ve been doing okay at this. We’ve been taking time to go watch films together and hang out a bit, but I would like to plan more things to do on the weekend as well.

My Goals for this Month:

  • Make My Lunches for the Week More Consistently. I have been pretty consistent where healthy eating is concerned, but I admit I’ve been eating out way too much this past week and it’s mostly due to my being too tired or too lazy to prepare my lunches for the week so starting clean this week with my lunches all prepared, I’d really like to keep on with making my lunches each week because it does keep my healthy eating on track.
  • Go to the Gym 5-6 Times Per Week ( 4 Times At 5 AM During Week ). I’ve been really good with this, but I just like a nice reminder. The only thing I really fell off with was my morning workouts. With daylight savings “Spring Forward” with the clock going forward an hour, it’s been tough.
  • Do More Fun & New Things With My Boyfriend. As I said, we’ve been going to see films together and hanging out, but I’d like to plan more things for us to do and I’d like us to go on a mini vacation sometime this Summer or something. Anyone have any ideas to recommend?
  • Organize My Bathroom & Closet. This just NEEDS to get done. I will be picking up the organizing boxes, dividers and shelving sometime this month and it WILL happen. 
  • Save Money. It’s still on my list and it will happen soon. 
  • Lose 10-15 Pounds. I know it’s ambitious, but I’m keeping this on my list because I really need to motivate myself with weight loss so I’m keeping it on here so it stays on my mind. 
  • Get Up At 4 AM Tues-Friday for My Morning Workouts. As I said above, my morning workout has fallen off and I’d like to get back to that so I’ll be going back to my 4AM wake up times this week and going on through this month. I really enjoyed the improved energy and focus I got from getting up earlier and getting my workout done first thing.
  • Spring Clean. This is just a general note to clean out my closet, clean out my bathroom and get rid of junk and clutter that’s been sitting around catching dust. 

What are your goals for March?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Hi Loves!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend and enjoying your time off ( if you have it ). 

I’ve had a busy week and I’m enjoying getting back on track with my workouts, healthy eating and all that jazz. I had quite a difficult time this past week waking up at my usual 4 AM to work out at the gym for some reason so I took it pretty easy and only worked out 3 times at the gym during the week and once at home doing a bit of strength training (squats, lunges, etc.). I’ll be going all weekend to get my workouts in and make up for the times I missed during the week and try to get back on track with that by Monday.

As for healthy eating, I’ve done pretty well except for a few days this week where I had 2 cheat meals and caved and bought some white bread ( had 1 slice ) and peanut M&Ms (why are they SO delicious?!). Other than that, I’ve been on a good track with eating.

That aside, I’ve received some beauty stuff this week for review and I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I just finished reading the Host by Stephenie Meyer which is surprisingly really good – highly recommend it if you like Sci-fi! Now I’m onto Beautiful Creatures since I recently saw the film (based on the book) and loved it so much I felt the need to read the novel it’s been adapted from. Highly recommend the film Beautiful Creatures, if you haven’t seen it yet, and also Warm Bodies (a Zombie love story?) – both were really entertaining! If you haven’t heard of any of these, I’ll give you quick rundowns below:

Beautiful Creatures: It’s basically about witches, only they refer to themselves as Casters and it takes place in the South USA. Lena Duchannes is the new girl in Gatlin while Ethan Wates has lived there his entire life. Ethan longs to escape from Gatlin when he meets mysterious Lena. Together, they discover much about their ancestors, their history, and the seemingly normal Southern town of Gatlin. 

Warm Bodies: Essentially, Warm Bodies is about a boy zombie who falls in love with a human girl. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s really funny and cute!

The Host ( book not film ) : The film looks pretty accurate to the book, but it’s not out yet so I can’t say for sure. The book by itself is really good! The plot is that earth has been overtaken by aliens who are basically parasites because they inhabit our human bodies and erase our minds. Wanderer inhabits Melanie, a young human female, but finds that Melanie is still there in her mind when she does and she can’t get her to go away. It’s such a fascinating story about humanity, the nature of kindness, battle for species’ survival and the goodness of souls universally. 

I received this line of Less Is More Organic Hair Care as well which I’m excited to try out soon!  They included Lindengloss Shampoo & Conditioner, Flower Whip Curl and Frizz Lotion & LimeSouffle Styling Cream. Everything smells lovely!

Lastly, I picked up some new running shoes because my Nike shoes were getting a bit worn down and starting to feel off which was making my knees hurt. These are Reebok Realflex Scream 2.0 running shoes and they are SUPER comfortable! I love how they fit my feet like a glove and the cushioning feels like I’m walking on a firm mattress. They’re super supportive of my arches and I can’t wait to run in them! I can do a full review of these, if you like, so let me know if you want one in the comments!

How Was Your Week?


I’ve gone through a bit when it comes to the whole Beauty Box subscription service thing.

I really love the idea of it, but I feel like, most of the time, the value just isn’t there.

I realize the price is quite low, but I’m a thrifty gal who wants her money’s worth and if the product is good, I’ll buy a full size.

Also, I’ve often times found myself subscribed to services which I mostly like, but which mostly seem to offer samples of products I’m not that interested in.

Aside from that, I’ve been wanting to subscribe to a new beauty box subscription service which offers natural products that are also appealing and fun to try.

The Conscious Box seems to be a really great deal, though it is slightly more expensive than others I’ve tried ( $20 / month , and it seems to have more value to it.

That being said, I’d love your feedback on this if any of you currently subscribe or have subscribed to the Conscious Box in the past – I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences with the service!

Learn more about the Conscious Box Mission & How it Works.

Otherwise, you can Subscribe to the Box – here.

If you’ve never tried Conscious Box, I’d love to know what your favorite subscription box service is, whether beauty or otherwise, and why in the comments!

Thanks for your help!

Source: OneMomsPerfectImperfection

Original Post ( where image was taken from: here )

Photoshopping images, retouching and other digital alterations have always been a sensitive subject for me. Not just because I find it to be counter-productive to completely alter the way someone looks, but also because it’s had a huge contribution on the way we, as women, see ourselves and others and personally, I’m tired of the brainwash.

Now, when I say photo shop, I don’t mean a few spots removed or color correction. I mean, body alteration from fat to thin ( or worse, thin to thinner ) and other “retouches” that literally change the way the person looks altogether. I don’t think there’s much wrong with minor retouching, but I do think there’s a huge problem with going overboard and that kind of thing seems to be the norm in the media.

As seen above, the retouching is obviously out of control, but what gets me is… why is the girl on the left considered more beautiful than the girl on the right? I know they are the same girl, and truthfully both are beautiful, but why do we consider the right to be superior? And more than that, why do the media think it’s okay to do alterations like this in the first place? Have we given them permission subconsciously and silently said to them, “We want thinner models. Thin is in.” ? Because I think they’re the ones creating this ideal, not us. Most of us are not the “ideal” and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, though media images might tell us otherwise.

Source: LoveandKnuckles

Original Post: Celeb Photoshopping Before & After ( where image was taken from )

Aside from successfully (or so it may seem) convincing us that we are too fat, they’ve also seemingly convinced us that we are too old, wrinkly (word invention?), and ugly so we constantly feel inferior to the rich and famous, despite the fact that it’s now more or less public knowledge that many photos of celebs and models are doctored beyond recognition. I highly recommend checking out the above post from Love & Knuckles because there are tons of photos on there that will make you feel better about yourself and realize that, yes, celebs are actually still human like us. Yay!

Lastly, I would like to say that while I do think health and fitness are important for overall longevity and happy, healthy lives, I also think they are not the end all be all. And, try to ignore crap like BMI’s which really don’t have any actual standing on your fat percentage or health. Seriously. Look up the history of the term BMI and you will be shocked, but that’s for another day. On a last note, I also want to mention that, at least here in the USA, the government has even lowered optimal weight thresholds so that many who were not considered overweight before are now considered overweight. If you ask me, they’ve done it to fuel private interest groups like health food corporations and diet companies ( like weight watchers ) by convincing Americans we’re fatter than ever and we need their products. I’m not saying I don’t believe we need to eat healthier or even that we’re not overweight on a whole, but a crisis? I don’t know if I believe that one and you can learn more about the lowering of the weight threshold issue here. You can also check out several documentaries discussing this topic, if you like. Netflix has some good ones!

Hungry by Crystal Renn

Check this book out on Amazon – here.

Also, this really fantastic book that I recently read about world famous fashion model, Crystal Renn, is fantastic. In it, she discusses her own struggle with body image, weight, healthy eating and exercises, and the pressure of the media and her job. It is truly an excellent book for anyone, young or old, male or female – highly recommend it!

Another really good series that ponders on our ideas of beauty and body image in a less direct way, but is still really great is the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. It’s one of my favorites!

Lastly, I hate to end on such a downer note so here are 5 ways to fight back against all the crap the media tries to put in our heads and why flipping the bird to them might be a good idea. 😉

Until my next rage-filled post about media, weight & all that crap, Viva La Resistance! 

5 Reasons to Love Yourself Out of Sheer Rebellion

  1. Ignore the Status Quo & Just Be Yourself. Defying social norms, the status quo, whatever you want to call it really pisses people off and that’s kind of fun when you think about it. Seriously. I have always been kind of “off beat” when it comes to fashion and style, even as far back as grade school. In middle school, a popular girl once approached me asking “So, like, Tianna, what are you???” To which I responded – Hi I’m Tianna. I’m a person and a girl. Nice to meet you. To which she was left speechless. Trust me when I say this sort of attitude is awesome for throwing people off.
  2. Be Confident & Proud of It. As Marianne Williamson preaches, allowing yourself to be confident and shine will subconsciously allow others to do the same. So you will literally help others be more confident by being confident yourself. ( See the Marianne Williamson quote I’m talking about here. )
  3. Be Unique! Not that you aren’t already, but taking a stand against the “ideal” and being content in your own skin inadvertently makes you that much more unique and original. Certainly, we are all individuals, but this will make you stand out more.
  4. Blaze Your Own Trail. I feel like, as a people, we’re often obsessed with trends and even I’m guilty of this. I run a beauty blog and I love seeing and following new trends, but that being said, I also love doing my own thing. I was the 8th grader wearing my mom’s old clothes from the 1980’s before the 80’s look came back. I actually recall a “friend” telling me I should take it off, that I looked stupid. I can fondly remember seeing her in high school a few years later ( when the 80’s trend was in ) sporting all kinds of eighties looking outfits so that bee-yotch can SUCK IT! I was ahead of my time 😉 . The moral of the story? You don’t have to follow others to be cool. You can ave your own way and be your own kind of cool that isn’t cool yet. And who cares? 
  5. Your Life Is Easier & Happier. Not only will you not care about starving yourself, you won’t feel the need to. You’ll be happier because you won’t waste time standing in your own way and preventing yourself from living life to the fullest and you also won’t be bothered or feel pressured by the unrealistic standards of the media so you’ll feel less stressed and more content. 

So, that’s all for now. It’s certainly not all I have to say on the subject because that would be a hugely long post that could go on forever and I’d rather not keep you ( or bore you ) so I’ll save it for another day. For now, I just want to say, none of us is perfect and that’s just fine. It’s okay if you want to improve yourself, but make sure it’s in a healthy, productive and realistic way that doesn’t involve self harm or hate because, in the end, it’s just not worth it despite what the media tells you.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

I’d love to chat with you in the comments! 

Happy Wednesday!

So, I recently posted this image on Instagram ( Follow Me @StorybookBeauty! ) so people could see what my weekly workout routine consists of. Some people thought I was completely insane ( I’m looking at you F00dVentures! :-P) while others seemed impressed by my dedication to a fitness schedule. Personally, I’ve simply found what works best for me, given my work schedule and time constraints. I didn’t want to sit there forever going, I just don’t have the time, because I know that that would be a total lie. That being said, I also want to make time to live, sleep, rest, and enjoy myself so this is what seems to be working the best for me. It might seem like a lot, but actually, I feel like I have a LOT more time, especially in the morning. I can go work out, come home and actually sit down to eat a nice breakfast. I can make a few smoothies, put the finishing touches on my lunch and snacks, and leisurely walk upstairs for a shower. It’s nice. 

And, the most shocking bit of all? I actually enjoy getting up in the morning now!

Now, I know, I know, if you’ve been following me, you may have a bit of an idea of just how much of a not morning person I am. or was?  And you may be a bit shocked to hear that I actually enjoy getting up now. I know – it’s weird for me too.

The weirdest part about this is (aside from the fact that I may actually be slowly turning into a morning person) that I think the most helpful tip I’ve been using to do all of this is that I have literally been sleeping in my gym clothes. Now, I’ve done other things to prepare myself and leave myself with literally no excuse so that I absolutely have to get up, but I know that this is one of the most helpful things I’ve done because I feel like it gets me into the mindset of working out and  cements my plans into stone (figuratively, obviously) because it’s like – If I don’t get up to workout, I am going to feel like I complete moron for sleeping in my workout clothes. 

I also think it helps a lot because, with the freezing cold weather we’ve been having, I am less and less inclined to want to undress and then change into gym clothes in the morning. It’s quite nice to just be ready to go. I don’t sleep in my sport bra, though, because that would be kind of uncomfortable for me so that’s the only thing I do change into in the morning, other than putting my shoes on.

Other things that I’ve done to prepare for waking up early include:

  • Setting 5 Alarms at 5-10 minute intervals of each other. Looks like this: 4:25 AM, 4:30 AM, 4:40 AM 
  • Sleeping in My Gym Clothes.
  • Leaving Running Shoes by the Door.
  • Prepping My Lunch & Snacks the Day Before.
  • Carrying a Water Canteen/Bottle.
  • Going With A Workout Buddy.
  • Deciding I Am Going to Do it , No Excuses.

Aside from sleeping in my gym clothes, I’ve been going each morning with my boyfriend’s cousin so it’s helpful to have a person there who is encouraging you ( or bullying, if needed LOL) to get up when you don’t particularly feel like it. Also, I think I’ve just reached the point where I decided this is what I’m going to do and that’s it. I didn’t give myself an out by saying or even thinking “I might do this” or “If I feel okay, I’ll do this,” because there’s too much room there for me to back out. I just firmly planned everything out as detailed as I could and organized everything toward that goal with no options to back out and I’ve been pretty successful in this plan thus far. I’ve only taken a few breaks midweek (usually around Wednesday) when I’ve gone to bed too late and just simply been too exhausted to go, but I’ve made up for the lost day on the weekend somehow or in the evening.  It does seem to be working, too, because I’m on week 3, going strong, and I’ve lost 6 pounds so far and find myself getting up every morning with less and less trouble every day.

If you’re like me and have trouble rising early, but really want to do it, then don’t give up! Keep trying different tactics and, if you’re really set on doing it, then you can and will.

And, if all else fails, just sleep in your gym clothes.

What do you do to get yourself up in the morning? 

I’d love to know your tips and tricks in the comments!

For January, I didn’t really do a monthly goals post, but a post on my goals for the entirety of 2013 and I will be using that list to check in each month and see where I’m at. It may change or stay the same as some of them are goals that will be ongoing for a bit and take a bit of time to achieve. I think I did pretty well this past month so far, but let’s see!

My Goals for 2013 Recapped & How I Did: 

You can also see my original goals for 2013 post – here.

  1. Make More Money. I think this one is on nearly everyone’s list, but yes, I’d like to make more money and live more comfortably. I haven’t made any extreme amount of money so far, but I will be debt free by my birthday (April 20th) so I’m excited about that !!
  2. Move to My Own Apartment. I live with a bunch of people at the moment in a big house and while I don’t necessarily hate it, I’d prefer to live in my own place with my boyfriend and my dog, Yoshi mainly because I’d like to have my own fridge. That might sound weird, but I a a huge food snob and I want to stock my pantry with healthy food and my fridge with lots of fruits and veggies without 1. the fear of everyone eating my food and 2. the annoyance when my food is constantly pushed to the back. Also, I’d like to decorate! This may be a little delayed, unfortunately, but I’m excited that when we finally do move, we will be in a much better financial standing and can live comfortably and with less stress in our lives.
  3. Run 3 Miles a Day 4 Times a Week Consistently. I really enjoy running, but what sucks is that I live in a really bad neighborhood to run in. It’s not really safe for a girl to run by herself and my boyfriend gets all crazy whenever I want to go running by myself. Also, with the hours I work, it’s nearly impossible to go running before it gets dark so I’d like to run on the treadmill at my local gym and possibly run outside on weekends, but whatever, I’d like to be running 3 miles a day 4 times a week consistently in order to lose weight, improve cardio health and bring my body fat percentage down. I don’t know about how many miles I’ve ran daily, but I’ve certainly been getting close to that number at least 2 of the 5 to 6 days I’ve been working out a week. I haven’t been on this plan long enough to say I’ve been consistent as I started a week and a half ago, but I’m on week 2 already of the consistent running bit at the gym so that’s good! 
  4. Eat Clean & Get My 7-9 Servings of Fruits & Veggies Everyday. I am working as we speak on re-designing my eating plan by planning out breakfast, lunch, and snacks that are all “clean.” If you’re unfamiliar, eating clean is basically eating only whole foods – no processed, packaged, or artificial foods – only whole foods like veggies, fruits, meat, beans, legumes, and some grains. I’ve been pretty good about this one. I’ve made my lunch a few times a week and when I’ve gone out for lunch, it’s been for a salad or some other kind of balanced chicken meal. If I’ve had to eat unhealthily, I’ve limited my intake and I’ve been using My Fitness Pal to track workouts, calories and my weight. If you don’t have this awesome application on your phone, it is awesome for keeping track of calories in calories out and giving you a better idea of what nutrients are in the food you’re eating. 
  5. Take More Fashion Risks & Incorporate More Color Into My Wardrobe. I am not necessarily someone who wears all black all the time, but I have a number of safety color choices from black to blue, purple and sometimes a little green or pink, but I haven’t branched out to some more eclectic colors and I’d like to do so this year! I haven’t been TOO consistent on this one as my boyfriend and I promised to not buy any clothing until August when we plan to hit our goal weights and go on mini shopping sprees LOL. So because of that, I’ve been only been a bit more colorful with what I already own and while it’s not much, it’s a start! 
  6. Organize My Beauty Collection. It is a MESS. Seriously. It’s out of control under my sink. Some of it is kind of stored, but it just looks horribly disorganized and I’d like to be as awesome as all the people on Pinterest and YouTube and really get that madness under control. I have not done this at all and it’s gotten even MORE out of hand! Really need to tackle this one ASAP! 
  7. Start a YouTube Channel. This is one of those things I’ve wanted to do, but just haven’t gotten around to doing and I’d really like to do it because it looks like a lot of fun! I would love to share my fitness tips, recipes, makeup and beauty tips, DIY, skincare and things so this one is big on my list. I’ve really wanted to do this one, but I just haven’t had the time. I’m still adjusting to my workout schedule and things and so once I’m more regularly consistent on that schedule, I think I’ll be good to do this one.
  8. Organize My Closet. My closet doesn’t necessarily look as horrible as my beauty collection, but it’s just cluttered and disorganized and since my room is so small, it’s quite obvious that it is! I really want one of those wooden hanging closet systems so that’s high on my list to get my closet in shape! Plus, I’d like to get rid of my dresser and just have my closet. I’m avant garde like that :-P . I haven’t been able to afford the closet organizer that I want ( it’s this one, if you’re interested!) and so haven’t done much work on this really, but I have it planned in the near future!
  9. Pay Off Debt. I don’t have like massive amounts of debt or anything, but I have balances I’d like to pay off that I’ve put off and sort of not really made a plan on how to pay them off when I really should so this is a big one on my financial to-do list because I’d like to be debt free this time next year. As I said above, I will be debt FREE by my birthday this year! WOOT! So excited about it!! 
  10. Go Back to Acting Classes. This is very near and dear to my heart and it’s not something I really talk about on here because this is a beauty blog and I don’t know that it’s of interest to anyone really, but I did take acting classes and go to studios all through my teens. I took a break when I was 20 and just couldn’t afford to go back. Then I gained weight, lost my confidence in my ability and yeah. So this year I’d like to go back to class and really do something. Acting is my passion and something I’d like to do as a career and so this is a huge priority for me. I would ideally like to lose a bit more weight before I go back and start class again and I really can’t afford it at the moment, but it’s on my list and on my mind. 
  11. Get An Agent & Audition for Parts in Film & TV. Lastly, I’d like to get an agent and start working in film and TV. I love TV and film and ever since I was a young girl, that’s been something I’ve wanted to do. I’ve put it off out of fear of rejection and lack of confidence in my abilities, but it’s high time I just went and did it so that’s my goal for 2013. This can’t really happen until I’ve done some more recent shorts and student films and indies and things so it’s on the list and on my mind! 

My Goals for This Month!

  1. Make More Money AND Save More Money. Now that I’ll be debt free very soon, I’d really like to focus on saving money and making more money overall. I want to finally go on some vacation trips, including a Disney Cruise next year, so we really need to hop to saving! Also, if we want to move, we’ll need to save the deposit as well.
  2. Organize My Closet, Room & Bathroom Areas! This just NEEDS to happen! It’s gotten really out of hand (not like hoarder bad or anything, just to my standards haha) and I’d like to be more organized so everything can look spiffier. Because I like de-cluttering.
  3. Stay Consistent With the Gym & Working Out 5-6 Times Per Week. I’ve been really surprisingly good on this one the past month and I’d like to keep it going to the point where it becomes a habit. I really LOVE going to the gym. Getting up early ( 4:30 AM early ) kind of sucks at first, but once I’m up, I’m super happy to be so and get moving. Also, I find that moving in the AM gives me A LOT of energy throughout the day and helps me stay positive and motivated so I really love it. It’s also helped my eating stay on track as well so yes, let’s keep it going!!
  4. Stay Consistent With Healthy Eating. I’ve been good on this one as well and I’ve been pretty consistently making healthy lunches, if not, healthier food choices and really keeping track of calories in / calories out so I’m really happy about it. I’d like to make this one a habit as well so keep it going all through February and on into March!
  5. Lose 10-15 pounds. I know some people say you shouldn’t set goals or whatever in pounds, but I’m doing it anyway. I need to lose more than this overall, but this month, I’d really like to drop 10-15 pounds. It’s not impossible and I’ve already dropped 4 pounds, so far, and I think I can manage it! This will help me stay on track with my weight loss.
  6. Be A More Romantic Girlfriend. I’m a very romantic person, but I admit that lately, I’ve been so focused on my own goals that I completely neglect my boyfriend sometimes  LOL. So I would really like to spend some special time with him and do more special things like go out and do new things or just take more walks together would be nice!

What are your goals for 2013 or for the month of February?

Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Saturday All!

I just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to all week and update you on my fitness routine and thoughts. I hope you find it interesting and maybe even a little helpful!

I did these coffee ice cubes earlier this week – they work really well for a quick iced coffee when you mix them with your milk of choice ( regular, almond, or oat ). The coldness of the ice actually turns the milk into a bit of a slush, but the taste is really delicious, even if it’s too cold at the moment to be drinking iced coffees!

I made a massive salad for my weekly lunches and enjoyed tons of mixed greens and spinach. I got them all from Costco at a pretty great price too! I also included cucumbers and tomatoes for some colors and because I love them. I made my own homemade dijon vinaigrette to go with it, which was seriously easy AND delicious!

Thursday I received this Restoring Body Oil from Kanti Organics for review. I’ve tried it a bit yesterday and it’s lovely in the bath for softening skin! It also smells AMAZING! I will do a more thorough review of this once I’ve done more testing.

I received an invitation yesterday for my little sister’s baby shower! She’s having a girl and I’m so excited to be an auntie and buy her adorable clothes and things. Any ideas for good gifts to give?

I spent yesterday at the gym doing more cardio. I did 45 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill with alternating running, walking, and varying levels of incline and then a 5 minute cool down. It really helps getting through all of that when you focus on calories burned rather than time. I’m more motivated to keep running when I see I’m almost to 500 calories burned or whichever than looking at the clock, which kills me!

Anyway, I noticed that this was the one day I did my workout at the end of the day rather than at my usual 4:30 AM and I’m finding that waking up earlier worked better for me than doing it later in the day. When I woke up early and got my workout done first thing, it changed my entire day for the better. I felt more optimistic, happy, less stressed and more awake. I slept in a bit Friday and did my workout in the evening and I noticed I was much more tired during the day, less motivated to stick to my healthy eating plan ( though I did for the most part), and I was in way less of a good mood. Getting up early can be tough, but it’s worth it for the long term effects of being in a great mood, being optimistic, and the energy and motivation that comes with all of that.

After last night’s workout, I felt great and much more relaxed than I had all day. I made a really yummy post workout smoothie which tasted pretty literally like a PB & J sandwich, though much healthier!

Here Are the Ingredients: 

  • 1 Cup Mixed Berries { Fresh or  Frozen } 
  • 1 Cup Spinach
  • 1 Tablespoon unsweetened, unsalted Peanut Butter
  • 1 Cup 100% Orange Juice

Dump it all into the blender, blend and split into 2 small glasses!

I drank one last night and enjoyed one this morning, but you can share with someone else, if you like.

So, that’s my week!

I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful.

How has your weekend been going?

Also, let me know how you like these posts and if you want me to do them more regularly or not in the comments as well!

Have a Great Day!