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Eco Baby

Happy Tuesday All!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far!

I just wanted to take a moment to announce the winner for my Eco Logical Sunscreen Giveaway so Congrats to Nizy!

I’ve contacted you through email already so enjoy your prize!

Thanks so much to everyone who signed up and commented and I will try to do more giveaways in the next few months – feel free to let me know if you have any items you’d like to be up for grabs in the future!

Also, you all have 1 more chance to win currently so be sure to sign up for the O.N.E. Skincare Giveaway!

As for my other O.N.E. Skincare giveaway, you’ve all got less than 2 days to sign up and enter to win a full sized Olive Oil All in One Nourishing Treatment from O.N.E. Skincare and you can Sign Up Here

Good Luck & Have a Great Day!

Anyone doing any awesome giveaways currently or sign up for a great one recently?

I’d love if you shared the links in the comments!

Eco Baby

Eco Baby Sunscreen

I recently did a review on the Eco Logical Skin Natural Sunscreens for Baby and Body (see the review – here) and I’m so thrilled to announce they are sponsoring a giveaway for Storybook Apothecary readers, allowing you the chance to try one for yourself!

That’s right ( 😉 ), one lucky reader will win a full size Eco Baby Natural Sunscreen and enjoy their fantastic formula first hand!

The giveaway ends this coming Monday so Hurry & Sign Up while you still can!

Good Luck!

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Giveaway Ends March 4th, 2013!


I’m really excited about this recent collaboration of Wishtrend.com & Hope In A Blog’s first ever blogger event which celebrates both the Asian Lunar New Year AND Valentine’s Day, both of which land in February of this year.

The Dragon represents Wishtrend while the Cupid represents Hope In A Blog.

The Dragon represents courage, power – and the cupid represents love, passion.

The Dragon represents the East, the Cupid – the West.

The Dragon is a symbol of the Asian Lunar New Year, while the Cupid is, of course, the symbol of Valentine’s Day.

This year, they both fall on the same month – in February – and to celebrate this special double occasion – Wishtrend and Hope In A Blog are collaborating on a special box and a special event and competition for bloggers WORLDWIDE to join us in celebrating these two important days!

…And what do these two celebrations have in common ? The color RED !

Wishtrend will be releasing a special box – which comprises of all RED items to beautify yourselves in these two occasions. If you are a blogger, you will be able to have a chance to test this box out yourself FREE OF CHARGE – Post a photo – and WIN a grand prize! Create your best ‘RED’ look with the items in the box and let your creativity take over!

Open to bloggers WORLDWIDE.

How To Enter ?

1. Create a new post on your blog and copy and paste this entry.

2. After creating the post , email the URL/Website to jwzs@wishcompany.net.

3. Selection process will begin and bloggers selected will receive an email. Red Box will be delievered on 2nd week of January with tracking number.

4. If selected, the Special Box will be mailed to your address.

5. After 2 weeks, Blogger is required to review and post a photo using all the items in the box. Dateline : 31/01/2012. Please mail the blog link to jwzs@wishcompany.net to validate your entry.

6. Wishtrend and Hope In A Blog will pick a blogger with the most creative photo and blog post ( make good use of the items and create your best ‘RED” look! )

P.S : IF You are not chosen as a WIshtrend blogger, but have purchased the Red Box on your own, you can enter this competition as well by sending us the link of your blog post with review and photo to jwzs@wishcompany.net


Winner will have their photo posted on the main page of the Wishtrend site as well as the Wishtrend Facebook Page with their Blog site. With over 40,000 likes on Facebook and more than 100,000 clients all over the world – this will give your blog a huge push!

Winner will also win a $30  $50 coupon from Wishtrend.com

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways - Living Nature - StorybookApothecary.com

It’s that lovely time again!

Today’s giveaway is a big one as there are 3, count them, THREE Full Sized products up for grabs from the much-loved New Zealand beauty brand, Living Nature!

You may remember me reviewing their travel essentials kit and night face oil in the past summer both of which were amazing to use. If not, you can see my original review on some of their products here. The kit included the Vitalising Cleanser which is up for giveaway today and it’s just a brilliant cleanser. Super gentle, extremely softening and great for any skin type, even the most sensitive types. I’ll be doing a review on these 3 in more depth when I have time so stay tuned for that, but so far, they are all incredible! The Nourishing Hand Cream is super hydrating and softening and the bottle is actually quite large – nearly 7 ounces – which is HUGE for a hand cream. I’ve actually been testing it as a body cream as well because it’s so huge. The Nourishing Night Cream is also brilliant thus far – super moisturizing and it is quite thick, but not heavy and absorbs instantly.

After celebrating their 25 years anniversary offering these lovely natural products, they’ve updated their packaging to a “True Colours” range of colors that look super classy, but really stand out as natural, eco and body friendly. Plus, the new packaging is out just in time for the holidays!

This is what the new packaging looks like : 

So these are exactly what’s up for grabs and you can see they’re quite large sizes!

Have a Great Saturday & Good Luck!

Remember to Hurry & Sign Up Right Away!

This Giveaway Will Close in 48 Hours!

Click Here to Sign Up Now!

[Source: Image by FreeDigitalPhotos.Net]

^ This is how excited I get about Halloween, no joke, haha.

It’s nearly around the corner and after reading this post by Beauty and the Best of the Rest, I was inspired to do my own post on the topic of Halloween costumes as it’s something I usually obsess over every year, even if I know I won’t be dressing up. I don’t particularly know why that is, but I find it interesting, dressing up that is, no matter what time of year it is, and I enjoy coming up with not-so-typical ideas. Most of these are from TV shows and films I love, but some aren’t. So, with that, here are my top 10 favorite unique Halloween costume ideas!

[Source: Image from TV After Dark Online]

Tate Langdon from American Horror Story

I think this would be a seriously freaky costume, especially if you dressed up just like Tate when he goes apesh*t. I actually found it really terrifying to watch it on TV, let alone see someone dress up like this so if you’re aim is to frighten, this is just the thing.

[Source: Image from Disney.Wikia.com]

A Narnian or one of the 4.

I’ve been a fan of Narnia since I was a child so I think it would be really cool to see someone dress up as a Narnian (animal, centaur, ice witch, whichever) or otherwise as any of the 4. I actually haven’t seen this one done at all!

[Source: Image from Cinemagogue.com]

The Rabbit from Donnie Darko.

When this film was first released (back when I was a freshman in high school. I’m old, I know lol jk), it was a serious cult classic. I don’t know that anyone dressed up as anyone from this on Halloween (not anyone I know did anyway), but I think it would be cool to be the rabbit. It was such a creepy costume in the movie! Also, if you want to be lazy, you could do Donnie Darko, but I think that one is a bit burnt out personally. Not many do the rabbit, but maybe it’s because the costume would be a lot of work to make or expensive to buy?

[Source: Image from ScreenRant.Com]

Anyone from Once Upon A Time, especially Rumpelstiltskin, Red, The Evil Queen, Snow White, Pinocchio, or Mulan

I was actually going to be someone from OUAT this year, but since I want to save money, I decided against dressing up this year. Don’t think I won’t do it next year though! Like I care if this goes out of style, I’m still doing it!

[Source: Image from Idolator.com]

Psy / Gangnam Style

This song is my alarm ringtone. It’s been running non-stop in my head for the better part of 3 weeks. So, given that the tune is unrelenting, I felt obligated to put this one up. I don’t know how unique it is, given the obsession everyone has with the song, but whatever, I think it would be hilarious and entertaining to see.

[Source: Image from NBC.Com]

A Wessen ( any of them would be scary and awesome) from Grimm. Or you could be a Grimm. 

So I’m dying (pro choice of words right?) to see someone dress up as any of the wessen! Whether you want to go as a Fuchsbao, Blutbad, or whichever, I think it would be awesome to see!

[Source:Image from Destructoid.com]

Anyone from Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World.

Please, please, anyone but Ramona Flowers. I know, she’s so hip and cool and whatever, but she’s also tired. As if girls don’t dress up as Ramona Flowers on a daily basis! I’m just saying. I’d go Knives any day. Or, you know, Envy.

[Source: Image by the MovieBlog]

Anyone from Game of Thrones

I know Khaleesi/Daenerys is pretty popular, but I always thought there were some other cool characters in GoT that could be fun. There’s the Queen of the North, Catelyn Stark, dead zombie-ish Khal Drogo, or Cersei Lannister.

[Source: Image by EntertainmentWallpaper.com]

Nucky Thompson or Anyone from Boardwalk Empire

I never really got into this show, but I love Nucky’s character. I also love the costume design. This is a fun way to be a 1920’s flapper girl with more of an identity.

[Source: Image by GQ.com]

Anyone from Heroes.

Before there was OUAT and Grimm, there was my serious obsession with Heroes! I actually began dating my boyfriend because we both love Heroes (yes, there are other reasons) and would watch it every week together. I think there are so many fun and diverse characters to be played from Heroes that anyone could be someone. That, of course, was the point of the Heroes show anyway.

So, what will you be dressing up as this Halloween?

Will it be something a little more classic Halloween or something more pop culture?

The Runway Collection:

Nail shields and decor seem to be all the rage lately and it’s no wonder – they have such cool designs and get rid of all the guess work and possible mistakes with their ready-to-apply shields.

These were definitely made for people like me who have difficulty painting their nails without smudging them up within 3 seconds of applying!

I swear I do that every time. 

Anyway, with that in mind, definitely sign up for this giveaway on Jamberry Nails Representative, Irma Gwinn’s Facebook page – Here! – for your chance to win one of these!

Personally, I’ll definitely be signing up because this is a nail fashion that even I can’t mess up! LOL.

They are valued at $15 each!

Otherwise, you can shop and browse the entire selection of Jamberry Nails – Here.

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.

Should Storybook Apothecary Make a Bronzing Oil? + A Fun Contest!

So, in this post, I am asking for your help!

I have been toying with this idea for awhile and it really started keeping me awake at night ever since I did this post and talked about my obsession with bronzing oils, multi-use oils and body oils such as the ones by Josie Maran and Nuxe.

Should I make and offer a bronzing oil or even a multi-use body oil at Storybook Apothecary?

Or otherwise, I can simply do a DIY post on it and teach you all how to make your own at home!

And if I should offer one, which of these bottles is prettiest to hold the lovely oil?

Best/Most intriguing/Hilarious / Witty Answer wins a free full size bottle of either the NEW Storybook Apothecary  multi-use oil/body oil/bronzing oil/ whatever or a full size of the DIY version that I decide to make in one of these pretty bottles!

Okay & Go!