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72 Hour “Sale Away” Flash Sale at B-Glowing.Com!

b-glowing: Beauty, Skin Care, Makeup, Hair, & Fragrance

I just received a notice in the mail that B~Glowing is doing a flash sale for 72 hours (AKA 3 days) where everything in their online store is 20% off!

If you’re unfamiliar, B~Glowing offers a variety of high end to mid range beauty products on their website and they often feature specials, deals and promotions so they’re great to have on your subscribed list of shops so you can get the scoop first on these deals!

They offer some really great products and brands including Bliss, Ko Denmark, Clarisonic, Butter London, By Terry, Klorane, Juliette Has a Gun (see my perfume review for their Romantina- here), and more…

They also offer 3 free samples with every order!

Use Coupon Code : SALEAWAY to get this 20% off deal right away as this offer ends 8/23/12!

I’ll definitely be getting in some (online) retail therapy there asap as well!

Cheap & Eco Friendly Clarisonic Alternative : The Konjac Sponge

So excited that I’ve finally been able to try one of these little beauties!

I’ve been wanting one since I did this post back in June and so when the lovely ladies from  BeautyHabit offered to send me one for review, I was SO thrilled!

Of course I had to use it the very first day when I got it in the mail and it doesn’t disappoint!

First off, I was kind of bummed I didn’t get one of the clay enhanced ones at first, but now I really like this one because it is so versatile. It’s not tied down to one skin type or whatever like the clay-enriched ones are and so any skin type can use it and it can be used with a cleanser of your choice as well which works great.

I really love this tool! It’s such a no brainer type of cleansing tool / cleanser in one. I actually think it would be especially brilliant for someone who wants an easy skin routine and even for guys because it’s exfoliating, cleansing, softening and hydrating all in one product! 

The first time I used this, my face felt so super soft, refreshed, cleansed, brightened and hydrated and I used it just as it comes straight out of the packaging with no added cleansers or anything. I’ve since tried it with various cleansers, all with really nice results. I’ve also oil cleansed and then used this and it was great as well.

It’s just such an easy cleansing tool to use and although it won’t give you facial-like deep cleansing results that a Clarisonic will, this is an awesome alternative for people on a budget who want something that cleans well without any irritation or dryness! It really works well to cleanse your face in a super simple way.  You can also use this on your body as well and it’s really nice, though small, and gentle exfoliates so for those, like me, who have sensitive skin this is a nice alternative to a loofah.

I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, especially those who want a simple routine, have very sensitive skin and also guys. This is something I will absolutely purchase (actually, ironically I have it in another tab as we speak LOL) because it’s so versatile, it can be used on anyone and it’s the easiest way to get clean skin without causing irritation or having to think too hard about it. Another thing I really dig about using this sponge is that it’s super eco friendly, 100% biodegradable and sustainable so  I don’t have to worry about any waste accumulating from my using it.

These are meant to last up to 6 months, but if they start to break down then they recommend you replace it. Also, it has kind of a very subtle strange smell to it, but it’s not too noticeable really, especially if you’re adding your own cleanser to the sponge when you use this.

Other Awesome Features of These Sponges:

  • Eco Friendly & Sustainable
  • 100% Natural konjac potato sponge
  • 100% Free of Dyes and Additives
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Gentle On Sensitive Skin, even those with psoriasis and eczema
  • Easy to Use
  • pH Balanced
  • Various sponges for face, body and babies

As weird as it may sound (for the 1 guy or so out there who is reading this! Thanks, by the way! :-D) , I really think these would be a godsend for guys out there who want easy cleansing. I forced my boyfriend to try this, as I usually do with everything I try much to his displeasure, and he actually liked it. It’s not difficult to use and it gets the job done. You can easily pick one with your skin type and you may not even have to use a moisturizer if you don’t want (though I recommend you do use one and some sunscreen if you want to be one of those hot older guys, otherwise power on the fast track to wrecked-face-ville, by all means).

Anyone else who wants to use this can and should as well because it’s super affordable $9 USD so even the cheapest bargain hunter scrooges of the world can spring for one!  Aside from that, it works really well and your skin will certainly thank you.

Check out the Original sponge – here!

Check out the clay-enriched sponges – here!

Check out the body wave sponges – here!

What do you think of these konjac sponges?

Would you or have you ever tried one?

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the sample(s) sent to me from Beauty Habit for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own and will always be honest no matter how I obtain said product(s).

Facial Cleansing Methods

Everyone seems to have their own method and routine to cleansing and I recently tried the most common methods including one that I recently discovered and am currently raving about!

Some methods I tried include gentle facial massage, washcloth, cleansing brush, and a cleansing technique I picked up from Caroline @ Beauty Mouth.com that I found to be the most helpful to my skin, but also the most hardcore of the lot.  You can see an in depth explanation on her blog of that technique – here.

First off, gentle facial massage is a pretty popular cleansing technique and although everyone seems to have their own ways in which they massage, it usually involves gentle upward strokes with your fingertips during cleansing. I enjoy this method as a means of relaxation midway through my work week. Although it’s not the most effective way to cleanse, it’s definitely the most relaxing.

The washcloth method is pretty old school and is what my mom does – warm washcloth – and go. You basically just give your face a bit of a scrub with the washcloth and remove your makeup with it in the process.

Cleansing brushes are the latest in beauty cleansing tools, ranging from the ultra expensively chic Clarisonic ($100-$200) to the lower end Pro X Olay Brush ($30) and even hand held manual cleansing brushes which are pretty cheap ($5-$10).  The clarisonic has gotten mostly rave reviews while the Pro X Olay Brush has loads of mixed reviews. Manual cleansing brushes seem to be a love it/hate it type situation.

For me, I’ve tried them all and I can honestly say that it’s a toss up between my Clarisonic and Caroline @ Beauty Mouth’s cleansing method.

Facial massages are nice, but Caroline’s is really the most effective method I’ve tried other than going to a certified facialist (which she is and it’s awesome!). The whole washcloth thing as a standalone method never stuck with me for some reason. I guess the idea of just rubbing my face with a cloth like that just sort of bothers me, but if you’re into that, more power to you! Just make sure you replace your washcloths every time!

As for cleansing brushes, I love my Clarisonic, but I hated the Pro X and all the manual brushes I tried. Manual brushes feel too harsh for your face and are often poor brush quality while the Pro X felt super cheap in build quality and spun at an average speed with no variation, but I noticed if the battery was dying it would spin SUPER slow which kind of defeated the purpose for me. Not only that, but since it takes batteries, it’s not very economical or green.

If you’re considering going with a cleansing brush, I would definitely invest in a Clarisonic. I know they aren’t cheap, but they really work great and they do all the hard work for you so if you’re the type of person who hates to waste time washing your face, a Clarisonic would be a great investment.

Lastly, there is the ultra intensive cleansing method from Beauty Mouth which I have been experimenting with this past week that I absolutely love. My Clarisonic is great for the days when I’m tired and I know I have to clean my face, but I don’t want to put too much thought into it. The cleansing method from Beauty Mouth, on the other hand, is definitely a little more hardcore and requires a bit more thought. It involves using your hands sitting in a certain position with your knuckles directly against your face (see Beauty Mouth for an image of what your hands should look like!) and kneading your knuckles gently, but rather intensely in upward motions around your face. I know, it sounds kind of barbaric at first, but it REALLY works and it kind of blows your mind.

This method is meant to bring blood flowing to your face in order to cleansing your pores and slough off dead skin cells. I could actually feel other breakouts that hadn’t even sprouted on my face yet, but were underneath the skin. It brought blackheads to the surface for easy extraction and, in the morning, my face looked great! I really recommend trying this method of cleansing at least once as I really enjoyed the results and am planning to integrate this method into my cleansing routine a couple of times a week. I don’t think it would be necessary to do every day, but 1-3 times a week may do your skin some good!

Other than the methods of cleansing, I would definitely recommend a good cleansing oil. They’re perfect for all skin types and they don’t irritate or dry your skin out, but instead leave your skin moisturized and glowing. I offer an organic cleansing oil in my Storybook Apothecary Etsy Shop which you can check out – here.

Stay Beautiful


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