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Impromptu Makeup Look OTD: Peachy Orange Coral Inspiration!

This is a random photo of me taken right before I walked out the door to hang with friends!

Lately I’ve been really obsessed with orange, peach, and coral colors so I’ve been experimenting a lot and I really loved this look so of course I had to post about it!

It’s actually my first every makeup look OTD so I hope you like it!

It may surprise you to know that the orange peachy color I’ve used on my eyes isn’t sold as an eye shadow, but actually a blush. I was really pleasantly surprised that this even worked for me at all given I’m really pretty pale and it’s orange. I thought that it would make me look sickly for some reason, but instead, my friend said it made me look younger and more refreshed so that’s great! Also, this look was done in a rush and I pretty much threw everything together as I was hurrying to go out. I’m quite sure it’s a stroke of luck it’s turned out this well, but I hope you all enjoy!

Here are the Products I Used:

For My Face:

For My Eyes:

  • Makeup Forever Eye Shadow in “No. 101” (All over the lid and on top of No. 25)
  • Makeup Forever Blush Powder in “No. 25” (directly in the crease of my eyes and blend outward to create a smokey look and underneath the outer eye corners)
  • generic gold shimmer shadow (inner corner of the eyes and under the eyes)

For My Lips:

I am really loving this look for the daytime. It’s really easy to do and has a really nice effect! It actually gave me a nice “glow” which surprised me because that wasn’t my original intention. It’s pretty ironic considering I’m always trying so hard to get that “glow” look and I end up looking ridiculously shiny or oily, but the one time I don’t intend for it, it happens. Bizarre. Anyhow! I hope you enjoy this look and maybe incorporate your own version as a fun summer look for daytime because I think it has a really lovely effect that is subtle, not at all overpowering or dramatic for the day, but just a nice flattering look that anyone can wear!


What do you guys think of this look?

What’s your favorite makeup look for summer days?

Fun June Posts You May Have Missed!

I have heard a lot about how the WordPress reader hasn’t been functioning properly and I myself even seem to be missing posts from beauty bloggers that I follow and whose posts I enjoy reading so I thought I’d post a few links to some posts I’ve done from June just in case you missed them!

Hope you’re all having a nice weekend and a pleasant Sunday!

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June Beauty Favorites!

I can’t believe July is already here!

June went by so incredibly fast and I have been so busy that I haven’t even had time to blink and notice that we are already knee deep in Summer weather!

I apologize for the delay on this; I wanted to get some of these reviews out before I posted my favorites so you all would be able to go and have a look if it any pique your interest so without further delay, here’s my favorites for June!

CARGO HydraBronze Powder

This bronzer has been amazing to use! I absolutely love it for contouring my cheek bones and it works great for a light bronze that doesn’t look too dark. I also love that they’ve included hyaluronic acid in the formula because it’s never drying to my skin; it just looks super soft and amazing!

Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil

I’ve truly loved this Natural Glow Cleansing Oil by Antonia Burrell because it feels amazing, smells great and is really hydrating. It was perfect to alternate using this with the Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser (read the full Alpha-H Reviews – here! ) because some days, my skin needed a more hydrating cleanser and this was just the thing! It features a host of awesome ingredients and feels great to use in a deep cleansing facial massage without being drying. Definitely worth a try for any skin type!

I Profumi di Firenze in Pleniluno Fragrance

I have been wearing this scent all month long! It smells amazing and is nice and light; perfect for the summer time! I am not a fan of fruity scents, but this has the perfect balance of fruitiness and musk so it just WORKS! It smells completely intoxicating and I will definitely buy the full size when I run out the of the small sample.

Alpha-H Gentle Balancing Moisturizer with 10% Glycolic Acid

This stuff is seriously one of my new holy grail products! It has been amazing at clearing up any breakouts that I have and brightening up my skin so that it doesn’t look dull and lifeless. It is a bit intense to use and may not be suitable for very sensitive types, but it is amazing for acne prone skin types and it may also be awesome for those experiencing dullness, hyper-pigmentation or dryness frequently. It has a slight tingling sensation due to the high content of glycolic acid so it should be used once every other night or even only a few times a week to get the effects, but it really does the trick!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Moisturizer in Adansonia

This tinted moisturizer has a lot more coverage than your average tinted moisturizer and I really like the soft finish! It blends nicely and looks natural and fits easily into my makeup bag with it’s thin design! I’ve been using it on regular work days when I want a bit more than a simple powder!

Suti Skincare’s Organic Purity Moisturising Balm

This balm has been amazing at calming my skin when it freaks out for no reason! I’ve loved using it, especially at to help heal breakouts, calm redness and hydrate any dryness I experience. I totally recommend this to anyone with easily irritated skin!

Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

I received this eyeliner in my June Birchbox Review and I’ve pretty much been using it ever since! The felt tip on this is so easy to use and create thick or thin lines on my eyes. Plus, I love the change of pace with this deep purple color when I feel like black would be too harsh. It’s been a nice change for summer!

ECO Tools Bath & Shower Gloves

I mentioned these awhile back in my Target Beauty Haul post. I am so glad that I purchased these! They are amazing to use in the shower with any soap or body wash because they help massage the ingredients into your skin while at the same time gently exfoliating so when you’re done, your skin is SO SOFT! My skin is always so incredibly soft when I step out of the shower now and it’s given my skin a nice glow which is awesome for the summertime! Plus, they were so cheap at $2.99 USD so you can’t beat that!

That’s all my June beauty faves! I hope you enjoyed!

What are your beauty favorites for June?

CARGO HydraBronze Bronze Powder

Yesterday, I ended up near the mall with some time to kill so of course, like the shopping addict that I am, I headed over to Macy’s. If you’re not in California (or USA), Macy’s is a department store where they sell all manner of things, a lot of which are higher end brands. Anyhow, I was surprised to find that they have added something called Impulse Beauty to their store which looks like a complete clone of the aisles in Sephora except that a lot of the brands are obviously different.

There is a Sephora store upstairs in this mall so it makes sense for Macy’s to try to compete with them after all this time. Anyhow, it isn’t nearly as amazing as Sephora is, in my honest opinion, but I do think it’s cool they are trying to compete by offering some brands that Sephora doesn’t have in its store already.

That being said, I obviously needed to check out the Impulse Beauty aisles and see what was up which brings me to an awesome new makeup find: CARGO’s HydraBronze.

This is no ordinary bronzer powder.

It actually includes hyaluronic acid in the formula so it’s meant to hydrating the skin while you wear it. It comes in the standard aluminum CARGO tin packaging and features a really lovely design (see photo above) embossed into the powder.

It is an extremely soft powder and the pigment of this looks like it truly could fit any skin tone, pale or tan. It just looks really beautiful on. It goes on quite smooth and creamy and looks very soft focus. There is not no glitter and only a very subtle shimmer so its barely noticeable, but I absolutely love it! I highly recommend this for anyone who has paler skin or who wants a very soft looking bronzer as opposed to some of the shinier, more abrasive pigments on the market. This is certainly a very nice bronzing powder and, at $30  USD, I think it’s very much worth the price!

Have you tried the CARGO HydraBronze or any cosmetics with skincare benefit claims?

What were your experiences?

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way. I purchased this product with my own money and of my own free will. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.