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My Favorite Dry Shampoos & Some DIY Ideas

I am not a huge fan of dry shampoos.

Whether it’s because I still feel dirty even if I use one or because I find that they are too expensive and a waste of money, I’m not sure.

I was requested to do a post on dry shampoos though so here is what has worked for me in the past!


Okay so the one that I own is coconut, but I think it’s discontinued.

At any rate, this will do the trick anyway and most people like vanilla whereas not everyone likes coconut.

Anyway, this is my favorite thing to use as a dry shampoo because it has a nice scent, it’s made of mostly natural ingredients and doesn’t make me look like I’m ashy or graying.

All I do is dip an old toothbrush into the jar, tap off excess like I would with a makeup brush and then brush into my hairline until it completely blends in and there is no powder residue left.

Check it out – here .

This is a great option because it’s talc free, which can clog pores if you are really sensitive. I like this option because you get a lot more for a cheaper price so it will last a lot longer than typical dry shampoos.

Check it out – here .

Other DIY Ideas: 

Other easy ideas for dry shampoo include rice powder, tapioca starch or corn starch. I have actually tried rice powder and tapioca starch, both of which soak up oils really well, but I haven’t tried corn starch. It is basically the same as tapioca starch though, and may be easier to get a hold of.

What’s Your Favorite Dry Shampoo?

Do you make your own or have a favorite brand?

Discuss! 🙂

Stay Beautiful


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