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New Blogger Tips & Tools: Free Photoshop Clones with GIMP2 & Pixlr !

I’ve been wanting to talk about this one for awhile!

Bloggers around have really been soo helpful to me, especially Breige @BeautyandtheBestoftheRest and Donah @SweetJellyBean. They’ve both posted some very helpful blogger advice for anyone starting out with a new blog that are extremely useful and helpful! Check out Breige’s post here and Donah’s post here.

So as a way to thank them and others who have helped me on my way, I decided to pay it forward with a few things I’ve learned along the way as well!

First things first – photos, banners, and buttons!

We need them for our site. Seriously. Take lots of pictures and make sure you have a fun banner that suits your blog’s message and goals as well as some blog buttons for other bloggers to snatch up, swap with you, and post on their sidebars! (See my current ones on the left sidebar!)

That being said, we can’t all afford to just drop $400 or so on expensive editing software like photoshop to create all these lovelies so what do we do?

We use FREE online programs! Some of the best ones I’ve used are GIMP (or GIMP2) which is a complete photoshop clone only it’s free and a bit easier to navigate in my opinion. Also, not as many fonts available, but you can download free font packs online. Another good one is Pixlr, which I discovered through Donah @SweetJellyBean. With Pixlr, there’s 2 versions – the Editor and the Express version. This one has a lot more fun and especially girly looking fonts and decorative stamps, especially the express version. The Editor version is basically an online clone of photoshop, similar to Gimp, but without having to download it onto your computer; you can just use it directly on the pixlr website. The Express version is really handy for making buttons and banners and little decorative button type things. I also highly recommend it to those who really are not familiar or comfortable using photoshop types yet because it’s simpler, more easy to navigate and pretty straightforward as far as what buttons do what. It’s not as complicated or intimidating as the photoshop clones can be so if you’re unfamiliar, Pixlr express is a great place to start! I hope this helps and is useful to those of you who are just starting out on your blogging adventure!

That’s all for now!

If you have any other questions regarding blogging, etc., feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them all as best I can!

Special 2 for $20 For Fairest of Them All Healing Face Powders!

Normally priced at $15 each, for a limited time, Storybook Apothecary readers can get 2 full sized powders for only $20 !

Hurry While This Offer Lasts!

Purchase 2 Fairest of Them All Healing Face Powders for $20 – Here!

Just thought I’d mention really quick! The lovely Courtney Leiva @TheDollhouseBlog recently reviewed Storybook Apothecary’s Fairest of Them All Healing Face Powder and Snow’s Eternal Youth Elixir Serum!

Check out the review – here!

Also, definitely check out her other posts on health and beauty and follow her @CourtneyLeiva on Twitter for the latest in beauty, giveaways and more!

Thanks again Courtney!

My Top 4 Natural Beauty Products for Clean White Teeth!

Bee Naturals Whitening Oral Rinse 16 Oz; $7.95

I absolutely love this whitening rinse! It features natural ingredients to whiten your teeth and a pleasant Spearmint flavor to freshen breath. Unlike many natural toothpastes and rinses, this does NOT taste like soap (Thank God!). It simply tastes like a natural alcohol free mouth rinse with a hint of spearmint. It totally helps clean my teeth and whitens them very effectively! Plus, its pretty affordable and lasts a long time.

DezignedbyNature Natural Antimicrobial Herbal Toothpaste Powder 2.5 Oz.; $6.99

I really like the new take on tooth cleaning that this powder gave me. Made of natural cleansing powders including Acacia and natural oils such as Tea Tree and Spearmint, this feels like a scrub for your teeth and works great at naturally scrubbing off surface stains and other plaque build up to reveal cleaner, shinier, and whiter teeth! This lasts a long time and is a total win for me! Oh, and no gross soap taste here either!

Sea Salt; Size & Price Vary

This is such a super simple method that I use to help clean my teeth, mouth, protect from sickness and other mouth-related ills. It’s also super cheap! I just gargle with sea salt and some water for a minute or so, scrub it around my gums, teeth and tongue with my toothbrush and then rinse. The taste is less than pleasant, but I’ve gotten used to it over time. Sea salt helps fight bacteria, clean your mouth and fight bad breath. Since it does help clean your mouth, it is also helping protect you from illness because your mouth is the dirtiest place on your body (true story!) and if you have loads of bacteria sitting in your mouth and swallow that, it goes directly into your bloodstream which can certainly cause a host of illnesses. This is a big reason why mouth and tooth hygiene is so super important!

Baking Soda; Size & Price Vary

This is what I use when I don’t have money to buy more of the above tooth powder! Baking soda has great foaming action and helps to scrub your teeth, gums, tongue and general mouth area thereby preventing illness, cavities and plaque build up. It really works well to polish my teeth and leave them super clean. No fresh breath satisfaction, though so I usually use some kind of other toothpaste also or a mouthwash of some kind.

What do you do to keep your teeth in tip top condition?

I’d love to know!

New Photos for Storybook Apothecary’s Fairest of Them All Healing Face Powder!

“Snow” Shade

So, yesterday, Storybook Apothecary was featured in an article on Sheckys.com!

Check out the article – here!

Then I was so grateful to see it repeatedly tweeted by the super nice Courtney Leiva, the very talented blogger and beauty editor.

Check out her blog – here!

I was so excited because it hasn’t been featured anywhere in anything yet so it was really flattering to see someone feature the Snow’s Eternal Youth Elixir Serum!

I am so ecstatic about this!

Anyhow, just thought I would share some newly updated photos of the Fairest of Them All Healing Face Powder shades that I recently took!

What do you think?

“Goldilocks” Shade

I definitely feel it’s much better than the crappy photos I had before which were taken on my cell phone with the not so good camera.

(Droid X2, in case you were wondering)

“Chocolate” Shade

Luckily, I was able to borrow my mom’s amazing camera to take these with an awesome macro lens.


Unfamiliar with these powders?

Learn More about them in a post I wrote awhile back – here.

Or check them out in my Etsy Shop – here.

Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement and support; I appreciate it!