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12 Days of Christmas Giveaways 2012 - StorybookApothecary.com

* As a side note, I meant to post this up last night, but in my exhausted state, I stupidly saved it as a draft instead of scheduling it so I’m really sorry if anyone waiting up for the results and then didn’t get them because of my error  – I promise to get more sleep! *

Before I go ahead with announcing all the winners, I just want to say thanks so much to everyone who signed up for all the giveaways – the event was super successful so thank you so much to everyone who tweeted, re-tweeted, commented and generally participated in each and every one of the giveaways. You all contributed to it’s success and it’s meant a great deal to me! 

Okay, I’m done rambling on now – Here are the winners!

{Please Note – each number corresponds to the giveaway day. For example 1 = On the first day of xmas giveaway, etc. }

  1. Lisa Shen  – You’ve won the Tan Organic Sunless Tan Spray + Mitt!
  2. Nizy – You’ve won the Max Green Alchemy Shampoo and Conditioner Set!
  3. Fiona Naughton – You’ve won 2 Rainwater Botanicals Face Serums!
  4. Ashley L – You’ve won 3 Living Nature products in their NEW True Colours packaging!
  5. Hannah Ackroyd – You’ve won 1 Liz Earle Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser!
  6. Naomi Willett – You’ve won 1 Alpha-H Tinted Moisturizer!
  7. Fiona Naughton – You’ve won a Massive pot of Sample minis!
  8. Sophie G – You’ve won 2 Naruko products!
  9. Kimberly Laymon – You’ve won the Jane Iredale Simply Magical Collection!
  10. Lisa Shen – You’ve won 3 Bella Graciela Accessories!
  11. Marcella Tam – You’ve won a $50 e-gift card for BeautyHabit.com!
  12. Brittany Carson – You’ve won the Korres Goddess Beauty Color Collection!

Congratulations to all of the lucky winners!

Please contact me through email at StorybookApothecary@gmail.com with your mailing information so I may ship your packages to you. Please keep in mind that it’s unlikely I’ll have a chance to ship out your prize to you until after Christmas as I’m quite tapped out until then!


Hello Everyone!

So, we’ve finally reached the end :-‘( of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways event and I’m quite thrilled (LOL) as planning this event was pretty hectic what with all of the posts and things and getting all the items together PLUS my own Christmas to – do list, but it has actually been a lot of fun to do besides the stress of it as I find I work quite well under pressure and have managed to get all the posts out without too many snags. PLUS I really have enjoyed seeing all of the amazing comments and tweets, re-tweets, and everything it has been tons of fun and very exciting for me all at the same time so thank you so much to everyone who has participated thus far and if not, you still have time to participate in this last hoorah giveaway!

Today’s prize is the KORRES Goddess Beauty Color Collection which I personally picked up from Sephora. I thought it was only right I should be the last sponsor as it’s my giveaway and all and I hope it’s just as amazing as the others, if not a bit more so, you know, because it’s from me 😉 .

I went with this lovely gift set because it was within my budget and because I love KORRES and I have been raving on about their primers since the inception of this blog so I thought it was pretty fitting!

Also, if you want to know the winners of this giveaway, check back in 3 days and the post for who won which prizes will be up!

Anyhow, I hope you’ll all sign up for this last giveaway and I hope you have a lovely holiday, whatever you have planned – stay safe and happy.

Remember to Hurry & Sign Up Right Away!

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Good Luck!


Hello Everyone!

Today’s prize is especially juicy and it’s sponsored by one of my absolute favorite online shopping sites – BeautyHabit.Com!

One lucky winner will get a $50 E-Gift Card from them to use in their online shop – Amazing right?!

I’m actually really jealous of you guys as I can’t sign up to win (obviously), but I’d love to! ~le sigh~ LOL.

Anyway, so there’s only a few days left in this 12

Days of Christmas Giveaways event and I’m so thrilled I’ve had an amazing turnout for the giveaways so thanks so much for signing up for them!

Also, I’ve had some people contact me asking when the winners will be announced and I just wanted to let you know that I will be announcing all the winners in a single post (to make my life a bit easier!) the day after the last giveaway ends which will be on December 18th so mark your calendars and be sure to check on that day to see if you’ve won!

Remember to Hurry & Sign Up Right Away!

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Good Luck!


Today’s giveaway is a bit different than the others, though still really awesome!

Obviously today’s giveaway is for jewelry, but I think the items up for grabs are really lovely and I’ve thought to include them as the company offering them up is ran by my mom (and I occasionally help her out with blogging and the like ;-)).

She’s very kindly given me these 3 pieces from her Amazon shop for giveaway, but she carries loads of other items including ear cuffs, wraps, necklaces, earrings, and other unique items! The name, Bella Graciela, is named for both of my grandmothers and I think it rolls rather nicely off the tongue, don’t you?

Anyway, up for grabs is a cell phone dust plug which is an adorable rhinestone studded kitten, a porcelain ceramic guitar necklace which is both handmade and hand painted by students, and adorable fashion vintage style earrings!

I hope you’ll all sign up and, as always, you have 48 hours to do so!

Special thanks to my mom (Hi Mom!) & Bella Graciela for sponsoring this giveaway!

Remember to Hurry & Sign Up Right Away!

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Good Luck!


So, it’s another day of giveaways in my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways event and from today on, the giveaways seriously just keep getting better and today’s prize is awesome – the Simply Magical Collection by Jane Iredale!

It includes 2 lovely lip colors, eyeliner and highlighter stick, an eyeshadow trio and 2 blushes!

  • Montreal Just Kissed Lip Plumper
  • Venice Just Kissed Lip Plumper
  • Smoky Quartz Mystikol
  • Sundown Triple Eye Shadow
  • Whisper PurePressed Blush
  • Barely Rose PurePressed Blush

If you’re unfamiliar, Jane Iredale is a natural cosmetics company which seek to offer skincare benefits through utilizing natural ingredients in their products. They have fantastic products and this collection has beautiful colors that are perfect for the fall/winter season.

You don’t want to miss this giveaway so hurry and sign up right away!

Special thanks to Jane Iredale for sending this lovely collection for the giveaway!

Remember to Hurry & Sign Up Right Away!

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Good Luck!


    Hello Everyone!

I’m back again (yay!) with another giveaway sponsored by yours truly. I got these free full sized products when I spent a certain amount at my local Naruko Boutique and I had been saving them for giveaway purposes so this is what is up for grabs today – 1 Narcissus Total Defense Night Brightening Serum & 1 AmPm Skin Wakeup Hydra Refresher. I personally have not tried either of these as of yet, but I absolutely love Naruko products and haven’t had one bad experience with them. I’ve done many many posts on their products, but you can learn more about the brand (if you’ve never heard of it) by checking out a post I did on it here. If you want to hear about my specific experiences with several of their products, you can read this post here.

If you want the short story and prefer not to read any posts, Naruko Skincare is a beauty brand from Taiwan which utilizes natural essential oils and extracts in order to heal and revitalize the skin. They have many different lines which focus on various skin types, though I’ve found many products from various lines have worked for my skin even if they aren’t specifically marketed to my combination to oily type. The Narcissus line is marketed to normal skin, but their serums are quite good for almost any skin type, in my opinion. I haven’t tried a whole lot of their AmPm line, but it’s more anti-aging oriented and will aim to assist with wrinkles, fine lines, collagen rejuvenation and the like.

Something I really love about this brand is the fact that the founder himself is a scientist and expert in essential oils and natural plants and tests all products on himself personally for the ultimate in product quality, effectiveness and safety.

Remember to Hurry & Sign Up Right Away!

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Good Luck!

Seventh Day of Christmas Giveaway - 12 Days of Xmas Giveaways 2012 - StorybookApothecary.Com

Hey everyone, I’m back again with another giveaway today in my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways event. and today’s prizes are numerous, though smaller than the others. No full sized products today, but tons of sample minis and deluxe minis from loads of brands.

I did my best to get everything in a photo so you can see, but I can’t remember if this is everything or not. Sorry if it seems a bit stilted today – my family dog was just put down this morning and I found out about an hour ago so I’m a bit out of sorts right now and quite sad at the moment so I apologize if my spirit seems out of it.

Anyway, here is what you stand to win, for the most part – I may throw in a few more samples or so, so keep that in mind.

TONS of Sample Minis are up for grabs soon at StorybookApothecary.com!

As you can see, you do stand to win quite a bit of samples!

Although not everyone gets jazzed about samples, I think they’re awesome for traveling and trying out new brands and products that you’ve never tried before without the immense cost so I hope you’ll all sign up to win these!

Remember to Hurry & Sign Up Right Away!

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Good Luck!

12DaysofChristmasGiveaways - AlphaH - StorybookApothecary.Com

It’s another day for a giveaway in my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways event and today’s prize is the Tinted Moisturizer by Alpha-H in Medium!

I’ve been a huge fan of Alpha-H for awhile now from their face masks to their Liquid Gold, moisturizers, face cleansers, and the list goes on. They have incredibly effective products that work, especially on acne prone problem skin. I also think their products would be quite effective against hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone as well. You can check out my original post on Alpha-H here if you would like to learn more about their incredible products.

A special thanks goes out to Alpha-H for sponsoring today’s giveaway and providing this lovely product. Thank you so much for giving me such great opportunities to try your products and review them – it has been fantastic discovering more and more of your products. I haven’t yet met one I don’t like.

Remember to Hurry & Sign Up Right Away!

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My Latest Favorite Online Shopping Website! Introducing Beauty Bay!

While shopping online over the weekend, I discovered this seriously awesome new online beauty website called Beauty Bay.

Not only do they carry a lot of the brands that I love, they also have FREE worldwide delivery and offer a ton of products I’ve either been wanting to try or want to re-stock on at seriously great prices. One thing I really love is that I’m able to purchase a lot of UK brands that my usual beauty sites just don’t carry (this site is based in Manchester, UK) at really great prices, usually lower than buying direct from the UK brand websites.

Some awesome brands that they offer include Alpha-H, Institut Esthederm, Pai Skincare, Aromatherapy Associates, Sophyto, Glam Glow, Murad, Urban Decay, Jemma Kidd, RMK, Eyeko, Lord & Berry, Models Own, Anne Semonin, This Works and more!

Their site is super easy to navigate and actually really fun to browse given they have a lot of Editor Picks and Favorites similar to Sephora which I really like.

Check Out What’s On My Current Wish List!

Goldwell 60 Second Hair Repair Mask Treatment; $11.30 USD

Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush for Normal Hair; $23.40

Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel; $20.60

Institut Esthederm Adaptasun Face Cream; $46.90

Rice Plant & Rosemary BioAffinity Toner; $34.20

Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum; $67.20

Miniature Bath Oil Collection; $39.10

Iridescent Eye Silk Crayons; $22.20 each

Curvy Brush Mascara in Black; $24.70

Lavender Bath Oil; $24.60


Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own irregardless of if and/or how I obtain products.

The Answer to All Your Skincare Woes: Alpha-H Skincare

I am SO excited to tell you about this amazing skincare brand from Australia, but bear with me, this is likely to be a bit on the long side!

If you’re American like me, you may not have heard of Alpha-H yet, but you’re going to want to Pay Attention!

This skincare has totally changed my skin for the better!

I cannot even begin to describe the amazing-ness? of these products, but for the sake of this blog, I will do my best!

First off, Alpha-H Skincare is an Australian skincare brand that has been raved about by many beauty bloggers. Their Liquid Gold, specifically, has been ranted and raved about across the girly intra-webs for a few years now, especially in the UK and Aussie circle of beauty bloggers.

I, much like a lot of beauty bloggers will do, have been reading review after review on their products. I especially hear a lot about them on AModelRecommends, where she counts many of their products among her holy grail circle of beauty so of course I was dying to get my hands on any and all of these products for review!

As luck would have it, they are finally expanding out to USA so they will soon be available in stores near us, aside from online retailers that is, and I was able to receive the above 5 products for test and review on this blog.

Anyhow, onto the individual product reviews!

Triple Action Cleanser with Aloe Vera

This cleanser is super basic, but what’s great about it is that it’s very calming and gentle. It is a non-foaming gel that doesn’t have much in it other than aloe vera, glycerin (to lock in moisture) and some gentle cleansing agents so it is safe for most skin types. Someone with dry skin may need a bit more, but for anyone with normal – combination – oily skin, this  works great as a basic gentle cleanser. I used this alternatively with the Antonia Burrell Cleansing Oil (See that review – here!) because the moisturizer (see below) did cause some dryness if I used it too often. I found it helped to alternate between using the cleansing oil which helped to nourish a bit more than this cleanser and this gel cleanser which helped to remove all impurities and detox bacteria from the pores.

Micro Cleanse Exfoliating Face Scrub with 12% Glycolic Acid, Cucumber Extract and Rice Bran

I am so surprised to find that this is a new must-have product for me! It is basically an insanely effective all-in-one product: face scrub, polish, exfoliator, mask and deep cleanser. It truly works and is effective at making your skin look clearer, smoother, softer, and cleanser instantly. Right after I use this, my skin has a nice clear glow to it and I certainly have seen a reduction in acne, discoloration and dullness since using it for about a month , twice to three times a week. I was so surprised because even though I had heard about how amazing Alpha-H is, I just wasn’t prepared for any of these products to live up to the built hype around them. The funny thing is, I am not even a scrub kind of girl. In fact, I was in the school of thought that preaches using natural acids to exfoliate the skin or maybe occasionally a Clarisonic, but not those abrasive gritty scrubs because many of them are too harsh and they tend to cause breakage in the skin which can do a lot of damage. This is NOT like that! This is just abrasive enough, but use some common sense and massage around the face (avoiding the eye area) softly. You don’t need to press down really at all for this to work it’s magic. It has 12% glycolic acid (sugar acid) and uses rice bran which lends impressive deep cleansing action and smooths the skin’s texture while the glycolic helps to exfoliate and brighten the skin. Both help to fight breakouts. This may be too intense for very sensitive skin types, unfortunately, but every other should be okay. They actually carry a more gentle exfoliant for sensitive types – here!  I will certainly be purchasing this once I run out!

Balancing Moisturizer and Gentle Exfoliant with 10% Glycolic Acid Formula

This is another of my must-haves from this line! It is a bit intense and likely not suitable for sensitive skin, but anyone else is okay to use this and IT WORKS! If you use this directly after the Micro Cleanse or any face mask, it can be a bit intense and you will experience some odd tingling sensations, but it goes away and definitely helps clear breakouts, moisturize skin and smooth and refine the skin surface. It also helps with scarring and discoloration. I have some acne spots here and there (chin, nose and cheeks areas), some scarring on my cheeks and chin and a bit of discoloration around my mouth. This has definitely helped my skin in every one of those areas and I can directly attribute it to this moisturizer and the Micro Cleanse. It says this should help with wrinkles and fine lines, but I don’t think it has been long enough for me to see those effects. I will report back in a few weeks if I see anything to report!

Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear with Bronzing Minerals and Hyaluronic Acid

This is such a nice little extra! It feels like a really light serum and moisturises really well, likely due to the hyaluronic acid in the formula. It goes on so smooth and I have been using it as my makeup primer with much success! It does have bronzing minerals, but they just light diffuse; they don’t really show up or give you an extremely noticeable shine or glow so no need to fear if you have oily, sensitive, or acne prone skin. This will not break you out! It feels amazing and helps keep my skin hydrated. I may purchase this once I run out, but it’s undecided at the moment!

Daily Essential Moisturizer SPF30+ with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera

I wasn’t a huge fan of this as I like to use more natural physical sunscreens, but I was impressed that this doesn’t give that annoying white cast, it doesn’t break me out and it simply feels like a light lotion even though it comes out of the pump looking really thick and creamy. It’s not heavy at all. I just wish the formula was more natural. It has the typical chemical sunscreen smell as well. I will likely go back to using my sunscreen from Rainwater Botanicals (see more on Rainwater Botanicals – here!) now that I’ve tested this one enough.

Overall, I love Alpha-H Skin Care! I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to try the Liquid Gold after reading so much about it, but for the most part, everything I got was amazing so I can’t complain. I can’t really imagine my skin routine without the Micro Cleanse and Balancing Moisturizer now because that’s how much of an effect both have had on my skin. This was even more of an effect than what I experienced with Naruko (see that review – here!) and that is impressive as hell to me! My only qualm with this brand is that it’s not as natural as it could be. It is SO effective and I really feel that a lot of the products include amazing ingredients that really work to help whip your skin into shape, but I wish that the formulas featured more nature – derived ingredients so I could feel less guilty about using them. If you don’t care about that, then power on because this seriously works magic!

Also, it is important to mention that they do not use many fillers or unnecessary preservatives so the formulas are pretty good as far as concentration of ingredients. You are getting your money’s worth, in my opinion, especially where effectiveness is concerned. The only thing is you need to use it as per the instructions specifically and don’t overdo it on the exfoliation. It can be so easy to do with these products because they feature a lot of highly concentrated glycolic acid in their formulas. I would alternate the Micro Cleanse with even a Cream or Oil Cleanser if you have straight combination skin like me. Same goes for dry to mature skin types. You may find you need more nourishing, oil based ingredients. If your skin is more on the oily side of things, the Triple Action Cleanser is a great choice. Aside from that, expect to experience an unpleasant first week or so. I saw my skin get a million and one spots the first week and a half and I literally thought I was having a bad reaction to the products, but I am now sure this was just my skin being purged as I likely had acne sitting underneath the skin clogging my pores. At around week 3-5, you should start to feel some relief and see some clarity going on with continued regular use per their instructions on the Alpha-H site and all packaging. So, basically if you stick with it for a time, you should see results for sure.

Lastly, if you are interested in trying Alpha-H’s line, but you are unsure where to start or what would be right for your skin, they offer a service where you can consult a skin therapist for advice on which would be the best products for you. You can do that – here.

Check out the entire Alpha-H line – here!

Have you ever tried Alpha-H products?

What are your holy grail skincare items?

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Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me from Alpha-H Skincare for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.