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Kill Black/Brown Waterproof Brush Liner and Mascara Set

Congratulations to Denise Harajuku Girl FL!

You have won 3 lovely Clio Makeup products, brought to you by Peach & Lily!

I have emailed you, but if you didn’t receive that, please shoot me an email at StorybookApothecary@gmail.com ASAP with your post information.

Thanks to everyone who entered, followed and tweeted – more giveaways and chances to win coming soon! 

Special thanks to Peach and Lily for providing these awesome makeup products for giveaway.

Check out their lovely site – here.

♥ Tianna 

Ah, Beauty Faux pas. We’ve all committed one ( or you know, all of them ) at some point or another and I’m certainly no different. I can fondly ( or not so fondly ) remember a time when I thought I was super stylish, but was sadly not and what better way to move past it than by sharing my crimes against beauty that I’ve personally committed? That’s what I thought too so I hope you enjoy and feel a little less bad about faux pas you may or may not have committed – No judgment here  😉

Pixi Flawless Beauty Stick

Pixi Flawless Beauty Stick

Orange Stick Foundation

So, the stick foundation I used to use when I first tried makeup was not this one by Pixi. I think it was by Covergirl or Revlon or something like that. The brand doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that, at that time, my skin was still young and perfect, and I did it no justice. In fact, I bought the stick foundation in the totally wrong color which looked quite orange on my skin and didn’t match my neck. It was God awful. Also, I likely put way too much of it on, didn’t blend it in, and just let it look all naturale in it’s pasty cakey glory so I pretty much looked ridiculous… which is why I stopped wearing it altogether after a week, deciding it was #1 too much work to put on every day and #2 I looked like a freaking Oompa Loompa clown.

CoverGirl LiquilineBlast Eyeliner

CoverGirl LiquilineBlast Eyeliner

Raccoon Eyes

I don’t actually remember what brand of eyeliner I first used. I think it was Elizabeth Arden or something. I just remember I nicked it from my mom’s makeup stash and only wore it on my top lash line for the first 4 years. In fact, that’s the only makeup I wore at all until I was 16 when I promptly added powder to my routine. When I was about 16, though, I thought the “intense dark eyes” look was super fab and decided to do it every. single. day… erm, at school. I don’t know how bizarre that looked, but I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad about having black eyes since all the girls in my year did it. Now you can see why I’ve not followed trends in so long. It did not do me any favors. Unless you count the unflattering photos as “favors.”

Sonia Kashuk® Core Tools Synthetic Pointed Eye Liner Brush - No 121

Sonia Kashuk® Core Tools Synthetic Pointed Eye Liner Brush – No 121

White Water Lines

I was in my Junior year when I discovered this brilliant little trick. What you do is you put white eye liner in your water line so you can make your eyes POP. What they don’t tell you is that white is seriously obvious and bright and looks horrible. You should really be using nude or beige colors that look more natural to your skin tone, but back then, beauty “gurus” recommended white eye liner. THANKS EXPERTS. I felt like quite the expert, myself, with this little tip. Maybe they were trolling their readers? Anyway, please save yourself some embarrassment and use beige or nude colored liner in your water line because white looks AWFUL. Yeah, you’ll look awake alright…and freaking insane.

COVERGIRL Cheekers Blush - Natural Rose 148

COVERGIRL Cheekers Blush – Natural Rose 148

Streaky Liney Blush and Bronzer

Although this last one was a bit later on, it’s definitely something I’m guilty of. It’s scary to think I walked around (confidently, no doubt) with thick streaks of blush and bronzer on my cheeks like a champ. All the while, I’m looking like Bozo the clown on circus day! Now, to my credit and the credit of all those who did this, blushes back then had a tendency to be chalky and really difficult to blend. The colors were also limited and usually were either too light or too dark. It’s a lot more evolved today when it comes to drugstore beauty, but when I was younger, there were a lot less options. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

So, those are a few of the beauty fax pas I remember committing the most!

Stay Tuned Tomorrow for My Fashion Faux Pas!

What Beauty Faux Pas Did You Commit ? 

I’d love to know in the comments!

♥ Tianna 

Lovely and Long Lasting Natural Korean Beauty Products – A CLIO Makeup Review {GIVEAWAY} !

Kill Black/Brown Waterproof Brush Liner and Mascara Set

{ These items were provided for review by Peach and Lily as were the giveaway items! }

I’m so excited to finally review these products I received for review from Peach & Lily! If you don’t know already, I love Asian beauty products and Korean beauty is often the height in cutting edge beauty products because they are always coming out with great new products that do insane, yet amazing things for you beauty-wise whilst still managing to look natural.

Clio Makeup has definitely held up to this ideal when it comes to Korean makeup products. 

The first item I received is a 2 piece set with the Clio O’Tank Volume Mascara in Black and the Clio Waterproof Eyeliner in Kill Brown. Both are equally amazing! The color for both is very pigmented and lasts all day long without smudging, creasing or fading.

The mascara has this well-designed curved mascara wand which helps to curl lashes during application and it works incredibly well. Although I have naturally long lashes, they tend to point down and fall down by the end of the day. I actually think this mascara has taken the place of my favorite Dior Extase Mascara and that’s saying something!

The liquid eyeliner is super easy to use for getting a very thin or thick line, whatever you like. It has that felt tip marker design to it so it’s application is simple, even for newbies to liquid liner. I love that this lasts for hours and hours because I have pretty oily eyelids which tend to crease, smudge and fade any eye makeup within an hour, but this actually lasts all day long. Another thing is that, although the color is a natural brown ( I personally prefer black liners ), it’s still really pigmented and a very rich dark brown color. It looks intense while still looking natural enough for daytime makeup.

You can check out this set on Peach and Lily – here.

Friday Glow Liquid Shadow

The last item I received was this Clio Friday Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Deepen Brown. I’ve never tried a full on liquid eye shadow before so it was fun to try out something entirely new  and this did not disappoint! It’s incredibly pigmented, but you can apply small amounts of it if you want a lighter color payoff so it’s very customizable for different color intensities. I used it once for a lighter brown color and simply used less of the liquid on my eye and patted it in. I also tried the more intense full color which was very rich in color, but still pretty natural looking. I don’t think the full color could be worn during the day, but definitely would work well for neutral looks in the evening. It comes with an easy to use applicator that applies to the eyes easily without much difficulty. My only advice is to use less at first then build because the color payoff is really shockingly bold, despite being a natural shimmery brown color.

You can check out this Clio Friday Glow Liquid Shadow – here.

Here Are Some Images What Everything I Received Looks Like: 

Some Swatches:

…And Now…


One lucky reader will receive these 3 lovely products from Clio Makeup!

It’s your chance to try out some lovely quality Korean beauty products, especially for those who have never tried any Korean beauty items before!

Entering is super easy with tons of options for gaining bonus entries!

Hurry, though! This giveaway is only open until Monday, May 13th, 2013.

The winner will be announced here on the blog on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Sign Up for the Clio Makeup Giveaway Now!

Have You Ever Tried Korean Beauty Products Before?

Have You Tried Clio Makeup Before?

What do you think of Korean Beauty Brands V. American, British or other Western Brands?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

♥ Tianna

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Happy Inspiration & Fitspo Wednesday!

I hope you’re all having a great week so far with lots of progress in whatever goals you may have, whether fitness oriented or simply life-oriented. Stick to it and you’ll get there!

& Now Onto the Fitspo & Inspiration…

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More reasons to love Beyonce – via Pinterest

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Kat Dennings is Awesome – via Pinterest

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Tone It Up – Bikini Series – 8 Weeks to Get Bikini Ready!

Lastly, I wanted to mention that I’ve joined the Tone It Up “Bikini Series” challenge. It lasts 8 weeks and includes fun Summer themed workouts and recipes from the incredible TIU girls, Karena and Katrina. I hope you guys can join me in this fun fitness challenge! You can learn more about the challenge in the post I did yesterday on it – here.

For More Fitspo & Healthy Fitness Tips, check out my Pinterest Board here!

What’s Inspiring you this week?

Have you ever participated in any online challenges, fitness or otherwise?

If yes, I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Have a Great Week!

♥ Tianna

Get Even More Inspired and Check Out Past Fitspo & Inspiration Posts!

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So, I recently joined the “Bikini Series” challenge which is a series done by the lovely ladies of Tone It Up, a fitness blog for women. The ladies behind TIU, Karena & Katrina, have both gone through their own weight loss journeys in the past and are now both fitness trainers and nutritionist experts. As best friends, they seek to help other women get the bodies they want through exercise and healthy eating. Their “Bikini Series” is in it’s 3rd year and as I had been following them for awhile now, I thought it was time to join in on the fitness fun, as it were.

Once you sign up, you get tons of emails with loads of workout routines, recipes and other tips to help get you started as well as daily emails with fun workouts they create on their YouTube channel for you to do. I’m not sure how they plan on choosing winners for this “Bikini Series,” but according to this post they did last week, there will be 4 Grand Prize winners that will win Contiki Vacations to go on their ultimate beach adventure as well as 20 prizes for other participants during the duration of the challenge which lasts 8 weeks.

So, I’m really freaking nervous about this whole challenge thing. It’s exciting and cool to have a great support system of women around, but then it’s scary to think about posting progress photos on the internet. It just freaks me out, but I’m doing it anyway because that’s how I roll these days. Also, I really like the TIU program and hopefully it can help me in my own journey to achieving body bliss 😉  so wish me luck on that and hope you all can join up as well!

You can sign up for the Bikini Series – here.

Perfect Fit Rice Protein Powder

Coincidentally, they also sell their own Perfect Fit Rice Protein Powder which I was sent awhile back for review and have been trying it out. Basically, this protein powder is made with organic brown rice protein that is raw, gluten free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Kosher, Non-Fat, Low in Sodium, and Free of Sugar, Dairy, Lactose, Cholesterol, Soy, Corn, Wheat and Allergens. { That was a mouthful }

What I really like about this protein powder is that it doesn’t have any crap in it that a lot of other protein powders include that’s basically just filler and makes it cheaper for them to make. Instead, the Perfect Fit Protein is all quality ingredients and nothing more, nothing less. It tastes really good in smoothies and includes a nice portion of protein (15g per serving) so you definitely get the right amount for post workout recovery, despite it being a healthier option. You can use the powder to bake with as well or make protein pancakes, though I haven’t done that yet. The price point for this protein powder is really good and very comparable to others on the market, but more worth the value for your money, in my opinion, because it’s really good quality. One downside to this powder is that it doesn’t last well once it’s in a smoothie. For example, I made a smoothie with it and then had some leftover which I put in the fridge for the next day. I had it the next day and it kind of made my stomach hurt which I think is due to the rice in the formula itself ( rice expands in liquid over time ) so I don’t recommend letting anything you make with this protein powder sit. It works best when you simply use it right away. I enjoy mine in fruit smoothies.

You can learn more about the Perfect Fit Protein Powder by Tone It Up – here.

On a last side note, they also sent me a really nice Summery lip balm which has a lovely fruit tropical scent to it that was nice to keep in my gym bag so definitely recommend that if you like cute, simple lip balms!

Have You Joined Any Fitness or Health Challenges this year?

What Are Your Thoughts on Protein Powder & What’s Your Favorite Brand to Use, If Any?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

 ♥ Tianna


The Spring and Summer are all about being light and airy, fresh and renewed, and I think your fragrances during this time should really reflect that notion, don’t you?

I have tried out tons and tons of perfume samples and purchased many of my own as well and I thought I’d share some of my favorite fragrances for the season with you all!

Parfums de Nicolaï – L’Eau à la Folie Eau de Toilette – This is, hands down, my favorite fragrance for Spring! It’s a mixture of lime and vanilla-esque coconut. You can smells the citrus notes a lot on top, but when it’s dried down after a few hours, you’ll notice the sweeter scents so it’s always changing, but also really light and fresh which I love! I don’t normally care for citrus scents in my perfume as I prefer more deep, amber types, but this one is really pleasant and comes from a really unique brand that I can only find on Beauty Habit. I’ve actually purchased the small bottle of this because I love it so much!

Alice & Peter – Cheery Cherry Eau de Parfum – This is one that I’ve received as a sample with a Beauty Habit order and was surprised that I actually liked it! I thought it would be all fruity and that’s not something I’m particularly keen on, but this one is really nice and not too overpowering. It has floral and fruity notes all through the top, heart and base, but surprisingly isn’t sickeningly sweet and it might be because they balance it out with vanilla and caramel. I’m not sure what it is, really, that makes this so nice, but I love it and the packaging is adorable and cute!

i Profumi di Firenze – Plenilunio (Full Moon) – This is my favorite perfume EVER. It smells incredible. I think it would be a lovely fragrance for Spring and Summer evenings because, though it is light, it’s a bit more on the bolder side of things. The notes are all over the place, but they go together surprisingly well. They include mandarin and strawberries with amber, white musk and soft woods so it’s a nice, seamless blend of that deeper earthy scent with a bit of light sweetness that is amazing to me. I will definitely be purchasing this soon from Beauty Habit ( they have the exclusive on this one ), but it’s quite unique in that it’s handmade in small batches from Italy and you know what that means, right? Yep, it’s expensive !

Honore des Pres – Love Coconut Eau de Parfum – This is another nice scent for Spring and Summer, but especially nice for beachy summer days! It’s very much tropical in character because they’ve included coconut milk, tonka bean, vanilla bourbon, and organic coconut essence, but all of the sweetness is nicely balanced with a bit of white cedar and, oddly enough, coriander. It’s really light and lovely, but has that bit of tropical island coconut scent we all seem to associate with Bahamas and the beach.

What Scents Do You Love for Spring?

♥ Tianna

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GIG Spotlight: Top 10 Style & Beauty Wants for Spring!


My favorite blogger community, The Girls’ Inspired Group AKA GIG, does these really fun monthly themed posts which they invite the other GIG members to do as a sort of contest and sometimes they offer up awesome giveaway prizes and things! This month’s themed post is “Spring Fever” and they’ve invited members to post on it in order to compete for “Blog of the Month” for GIG so I thought I’d share some beauty and fashion things I’ve been wanting to pick up lately for this post.

You can see the GIG original post on Spring Fever on their blog – here.


Aqualillies for Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eye And Cheek Palette, Sua Young Mineral-Based BB Cream, Ribbed V Front Skater Dress, RMS Beauty Living LuminizerGlamazon™ Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick – Bold Coral, Metal Fan Collar Necklace, Large Sienna Padlock Bag, Glitter Round Sunglasses, RAVE Skinny Letter Belt & LOLLY Metal Heel Sandals.

   What Are Your Latest Beauty & Fashion Wants for Spring?

Let Me Know in the Comments!

♥ Tianna

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I am so excited to share one of my favorite shopping sites online when I’m looking for beauty bargains! This is not a sponsored post – I haven’t been paid or given anything to write about them – I just had to share this site with you all because it’s that good.

I did write about this site last year, but then, I didn’t have many viewers then and I imagine the post floated out into the interwebs completely unnoticed so I thought I’d write about it again because you all need to get in on the amazing offers of this site!

First of all, they carry every brand you could want, especially more expensive designer brands like Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, NARS, Armani, Guerlain, Lancome, and Make Up Forever as well as other more indie brands such as Korres, Becca Cosmetics, OCC Makeup, and Bdellium makeup brushes. Aside from that awesomeness, they also offer drugstore brands at even lower price points than they already are at the drugstore!

Becca Cosmetics Balearic Love Palette

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post about getting the Becca Balearic Love Palette for $24.99 ( it normally retails at around $42-$45 ) and I got it from All Cosmetics Wholesale which is nearly half price!

The only downside to this site is that they don’t always have what you want. In fact, a lot of their items are marked down because they’re from last season or they’ve been discontinued and they’re selling off a limited number that they have on hand. Also, I’ve seen some brands are marked down a lot more than others. For instance, Dior is only slightly marked down on some items whereas Korres is marked down to nearly 1/2 price so it just depends on the item and brand. To get the best price possible, I would use google to price compare so you can ensure it’s worth your money.

You can check out a total list of brands at All Cosmetics Wholesale – here.

Have You Ever Shopped At All Cosmetics Wholesale?

What Sites Do You Prefer To Use When Bargain Shopping?

Please share in the comments!

♥ Tianna

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself for Weight Loss & Life - StorybookApothecary.com

My biggest problem when it comes to weight loss, fitness or anything in regards to my personal life goals is motivation. It’s not that I’m an unmotivated person; I am. It’s simply that I run out of steam eventually and have to figure out ways to pick my momentum up again. You know how it is – you start out and at first, it’s awesome. Then you find yourself losing speed quickly and you feel like there’s nothing to be done to get yourself out of the slump. When this happens, I have found a number of strategies which have worked very well for me in order to stay inspired, motivated and positive about any and all of my goals.

Here Are My Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated When Losing Weight Or Striving For Anything in Life: 

  1. Make A To-Do List. For me, I’ve found I have had the best success when I’ve written things down and this goes for something as simple as cleaning out my closet to my personal life ambitions. It always helps to get things on paper and make them feel more real and tangible. Also, make sure you’re very specific. If you want to own your own house, put down what kind of house you want, how many rooms, the layout, and what you want it to look like. All those details will make your goal more real and achievable. 
  2. Track Your Progress. I have hated this one in the past, but it’s absolutely necessarily for keeping a positive and motivated mindset because if you don’t know where you’ve been, you literally won’t know how far you’ve come. I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds in the past 3 ish months and if it wasn’t for the fact that my boyfriend and I do weekly weigh ins, I would have no idea I’d come that far and I would constantly feel like ” Oh damn, I only lost a pound this week”  which feels like a whole lot less than it really is in the grand scheme of things. Writing everything down and tracking your progress from weight to measurements will truly open your eyes to the progress you’re making. In turn, that will make you want to continue because you will absolutely see the results on paper.
  3. Celebrate the Little Things. It’s really difficult to do this one, but it is super important. You know they say little things add up to big results and it’s true. I lost only a few pounds a week and sometimes only stayed the same, but in a few months, that’s 20 pounds gone and that’s a lot. Celebrate that 1 pound lost a week or that inch lost from your waist or hips. Celebrate those baby steps you’re taking because they add up to huge strides in progress. I know it sounds trivial and it’s spammed all over weight loss blogs, but it’s the truth so don’t knock it!
  4. Relax & Enjoy Yourself. Weight loss or any goal can be hard work, especially if you’re new to something or you’re doing something very challenging so be sure to reward yourself with some down time to have fun, sleep, and veg on the couch. I know, watching TV is bad for you, blah blah, but seriously, sometimes you just have to watch a movie or your favorite show to rejuvenate your spirit. I’m just saying. Otherwise, you will freaking go insane. At least, I would. I need my entertainment! So whatever yours is, definitely find a way to enjoy yourself a bit. Achieving goals and doing well for yourself doesn’t have to be all fire, blood and brimstone. You can have fun and relax once in awhile and you should.
  5. Work Hard & Be Proud. Make sure you’re pushing yourself and be proud of yourself when you push through something that’s difficult. It can be so difficult to keep going and you need to take note when you’ve done it in spite of feeling crappy. There have been so many times I don’t want to work out and I’ve done it anyway and I feel amazing after. I just have to go do it anyway and remind myself how amazing I will feel after. I have never been wrong about that one. Remember to give yourself some credit for your hard work.
  6. Spring Clean. Sometimes things can get stale if you do them for too long so be sure to clean up a bit and keep yourself inspired with new ideas and strategies for your goals. It doesn’t matter how small a change you make or how big as long as it helps you stay inspired and ready to roll.
  7. Re-Work Your Plan. Occasionally or maybe a lot, you’ll need to scrap your plan entirely. I’ve gone through so many different workout plans, it’s ridiculous. Sometimes, the same old shit gets old fast. Otherwise, you might find that the plan you thought would be amazing isn’t so. Maybe it’s too easy, too unrealistic for your schedule or too boring for your taste so it’s important to remember, you have the power to change it to something you really like and enjoy! Don’t feel tied down to one plan. It’s better you change it to something you enjoy and actually want to do than something you hate and will eventually quit altogether because you find it unbearable.
  8. Re-Word Your Plan Again. Again, I’ve re-worked my plans for things a million times and not just for fitness. I’ve re-worked my diet plan, my workout plan, my budget plan, and my other personal goals SO MANY TIMES. It doesn’t make you a failure to change your mind and try something new that works better for you because it’s all a learning process. As long as you never quit, you will never truly fail. You just get better as you go.
  9. Get A Second Opinion. There are times when I get stuck in a shitty cloud of negativity that I can’t seem to get out of and during those times, I go to friends for advice to talk through it all because I know they will give me an unbiased opinion of things. For instance, I was refusing to give myself credit for the work and progress that I’d made with myself and my boyfriend sat me down to point out all of the things I’d actually done. Once he did that, I could see the facts – I’d come a long way and made huge progress – I just couldn’t see it on my own. So talk to your friends and family, you’re not alone. There is someone who can help you see that you are working hard and that you are enough!
  10. Practice Patience & Optimism. This is my biggest challenge. I am not a patient person by nature. I can be really optimistic, but super impatient about everything and that can kill my motivation at times. For that reason, I like to follow other fitness and health blogs to stay motivated and positive about my goals, my life, my journey. It might sound really stupid, but I even browse the fitspo on Pinterest and it seriously helps keep me in a great mindset.

What Are Your Tips to Stay Motivated for Weight Loss & Life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

♥ Tianna

Mid Week Inspiration + Fitspo!


Most Brilliant Quote – Image Source: Heart IFB

Happy Inspiration + Fitspo Wednesday!

I hope you’re all having a great week so far – I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish where my weight loss goals are concerned so this post comes right on time for me. I swear it was like Negative Nancy all over the place for  me yesterday, but after working out and relaxing, I feel a bit better. Now I just want to get my eating back on track after my super indulgent birthday weekend so I’m getting back in the groove a bit this week.

For some reason, I have just been a bit down about the whole weight loss thing.

You know, you feel great and then all of a sudden you feel like all the doubts and negativity come around and punch you in the face. It’s seriously awful, but I am working through it and if you’re working through some crap like that, then feel free to email me or comment or whichever and we can all work through it together. Anyway, whatever your mindset or condition is this week, I hope this week’s Mid Week Fitspo + Inspiration help to keep you positive, happy, motivated, and mindful.

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Albion Fit

From Albion Fit via Pinterest

What’s Inspiring You this week?

I’d love to know in the comments!

 I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

♥ Tianna