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I organized my beauty favorites for this past month a bit different this time around. I just really like  the pattern on my sheets…and that sounds really odd, but whatever, they’re nice!

Anyway, I also think it looks a bit like Fall, don’t you think?

Hmm.. It could totally just be me in hindsight…

On with September Favorites!

[Please Note – Click on the product names to read full reviews.]

  1. Skyn Iceland Anti-Blemish Gel. This is such a fantastic blemish gel. Although not nearly as potent as some mainstream drugstore brands, this one gently heals, renews and does so without toxic and harmful ingredients.
  2. Pai Echium BioRejuvenate Eye Cream. This eye cream is seriously amazing. Although I am only 23 and don’t have too many fine lines or wrinkles yet, this has made a big difference in the appearance of my overall eye area. It looks healthier, more youthful, hydrated, smooth, and bright. 
  3. Roques Oneil Bath & Shower Essence. Of the Roques Oneil products I tried, I really loved this one the most! It has such versatility because it can be used in your bath or as a body oil. Also, the scent is subtle, but heavenly, and very relaxing. All of the products in this line are incredibly calming, actually, so all of them are great, but this one made my re-purchase list.
  4. Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I heard a lot about this product before I actually purchased it and tried it for myself. I was really skeptical that it could live up to all the claims I read online, but this one comes really close! It has given my skin a makeover. I’m not totally blemish free, line free or scar free, but I certainly feel like this is helping my skin take strides toward this. 
  5. The Leakey Collection – Pure Marula Oil. As far as facial oils go, this is seriously a great one! Not only is it simple (it’s 1 ingredient – pure marula oil), but it is for a great cause – supporting local economies in East Africa so that the communities there can achieve a comfortable and sustainable income without sacrificing their culture or traditions. 

That’s all for this month’s roundup of beauty favorites; I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you try any of these. I’d love to know your experiences and thoughts on them!

What were your favorites for September?

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Lust List: Beauty Beauty Beauty Beauty Rockin Everywhere!

It’s that time again for a Lust List, which is basically me admitting I have a problem, a big BIG problem with shopping.. or something. And yes, why yes, I did model my blog post title after a rap song, problem?

Okay, anyway so time to be SERIOUS. *Puts on game face*

Here’s some of the lovely beauty things catching my eye this week and I am perfectly okay admitting it’s not even half of all the crap I’ve ACTUALLY been eyeing, but just my favorites since I didn’t want to look like some kind of digital hoarder so there you have it.

Hope you enjoy!

Alpha-H Liquid Gold 

I’ve been lusting after this one for ages and it’s a definite since I’ve tried and tested their other amazing products (see the Alpha-H reviews – here!), but it seems like everyone and their mom (yes, moms are even blogging away now!) have been reviewing it which only makes me want it more! I absolutely see this in my future..

Naruko Tea Tree Anti-Acne Sunscreen SPF 50

I tried this when I went to pick up night jellies at the Naruko Boutique in Rowland Heights. It must be a new product because I’d never seen it before, but I was really impressed with it nonetheless! I don’t really have much trouble with acne since using the Apple Seed and Tranexamic Acid and even less in combination with the Alpha-H products, but this is a nice tinted moisturizer + sunscreen combo anyway, even if you don’t have acne issues, in my opinion. It has a soft matte type finish without being drying, includes salicylic and tea tree in the formula, sunscreen and a nice tint to it so it’s basically everything I want in a tinted moisturizer for everyday light makeup! Definitely picking this one up soon!

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

I’ve been wanting this lip balm ever since I read about how much since Kate @ SleepingBootay raved about it in this post. After reading her awesome review, I’ve seriously been considering picking this one up; it just looks so creamy and nourishing!

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

I’ve been considering this one because, for some reason, I’ve been obsessed with that “glow” look this Summer and this really seems like it would fit the bill! It has a nice spf 30, medium coverage and is said to help improve the condition of your skin over time while you wear it.

Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask (10pcs)

I got one of these for free when I was last shopping at the Naruko Boutique and I loved it! I normally shy away from masks that say they’re hydrating or moisturizing because I do have combination skin, but I find that a lot of the hydrating masks are lost on me. Either they have no effect at all or they break me out, but this one works magic to make my skin look really dewy and hydrated without looking shiny or oily. Plus, I fell asleep while it was on and my skin soaked everything up, leaving no residue behind.

Eyebrow Perfect Pro Powder

This little nifty applicator tapers to a point so you can apply eyebrow powder evenly. I really love this cute little thing. I use a brown eye shadow powder to fill in my brows at the moment, but carrying around a bulky makeup palette can be kind of a pain. This would be perfect to keep in my little makeup bag AND it only costs $7 USD!

Anna Sui Loose Makeup Face Powder

I don’t know if this powder is good or not, but I’m shallow so I fell in love with the adorable packaging! I’m a huge fan of the old fashioned and this is super cute. I probably wouldn’t use it consistently, but I just want to put it on my shelf and look at it haha. 

Kissing Elixirs in Mint Vanilla 100% Natural Fresh Breath Mist

Natural fresh breath mist, this is perfect to keep in my makeup bag and it’s really adorable packaging! Plus, the ingredients are 100% natural and cavity defensive.

Celestial White Moss Shower Mousse

Seeing this one made me realize I’ve never tried any of the Naruko body products and why not?! I know, I’m bordering on obsessive with my love for Naruko products, but they are seriously fantastic and they really work. And I’m out of body wash…

Fresh Rose Face Mask

I saw this once at Sephora and fell in love, but it’s $55 USD, which is incredibly steep for a face mask. It’s a really amazing gel texture that has little bits of rose in it and smells heavenly. I don’t really know what it does, but it just looks awesome!

That’s all for this week’s Lust List!

I hope you found something to lust after!