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Beauty Without Cruelty Cosmetics Review

I was so happy to receive these 3 products for review from Beauty Without Cruelty!

They are all really high quality natural cosmetics that have many great features.

If you’ve never heard of Beauty Without Cruelty, you should check them out for the sake of all beauty things cruelty free and vegan.

Made in the UK,  these top quality beauty products redefined natural beauty before anyone else, or so it seems, as they began back in 1963!

To learn more about Beauty Without Cruelty’s goals and humble beginnings – click here!

Plus, their products are very good; they work well without sacrificing quality or harming animals in their manufacturing process and are completely vegan. You’ll be glad to know they also make their products without a lot of harmful ingredients!

Straight out of the gate, I love this nail polish! It’s a nice orange color which I find to be very suitable for Summer and it’s 3 free – No formaldehyde, toluene or PEG in sight! I know my nails look like crap; I’m just not good at doing them. I’ve done my best for you all, but alas, nail painting is not one of my high points so there.

Hopefully some of my friends read this, take pity and come do my nails so mine don’t have to consistently look like utter .. yep.

Until then, this is the best I can do!

Anyhow, back to this awesome polish. I love the packaging for this polish; it’s so chic and simple. The polish stays on fairly well and looks really flattering and happy. I like it a lot and find the color is nice and vibrant, even when dry. It certainly made me look more put together to have them painted on days when I went without makeup and it added a fun pop of color to my wardrobe of endless black and grey. I know, I need to incorporate more color into my closet, but it’s a process!

Check out this awesome polish – Here!

Check out their whole line of nail colours (it’s UK made so I feel obligated! LOL. Maybe I should have written this post in Brit English?)- Here!

Next up is this Cream Concealer Pencil in Fair. This was a favorite for sure! I will certainly be purchasing this one once I run out because it’s so handy to use. It really takes the guesswork out of using concealer which, to be honest, I have always had trouble with. I always end up looking pasty and cakey when I wear most concealers which is why I normally avoid them altogether, but this one is simple, easy to use and blends in very naturally with the skin.

 I used it to highlight my under eyes and also spot conceal some small blemish spots that I had going on with much success. It is really easy to use, covers decently and does not break me out which is a big one for me. A lot of concealers are often so overbearing and heavy that, when I use them, have a tendency to break me out worse when I try to conceal spots so rather than the spot healing, it just aggravates the situation more. This is so light and breathable on my skin while also concealing spots, but it doesn’t break me out further which is a huge bonus for me.

Random fact – apparently this one is made in Germany.

Check it out – here!

Check out their line of concealer pencils – here! 

Likely my favorite from the products I was sent, this naturally infused lipstick is a lovely coral color that includes jojoba oil, castor oil, and vitamin E in its formula for highly moisturized and soft looking lips.

It really does hydrate my lips while giving them a nice bright Summer splash of color!

As you can see, the color is a perfect coral tint and it has a tiny bit of shimmer in it, though not too much to be distracting or dramatic. It wears well with day and night looks alike and is a nice change to many conventional lipsticks. This certainly is a cut above those because of the infusion of vitamin E and vegetable oils that work to hydrate, plump and soften the lips while you wear it.

I definitely want to expand my collection of these lipsticks – very flattering and hydrating!

Check out this Coral shade of naturally infused lipstick – Here!

Check out the whole line of naturally infused lipsticks – Here! 

Awesome Features of Beauty Without Cruelty Products:

  • No Animal Cruelty – Leaping Bunny Certified
  • No Animal Ingredients
  • No Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Phthalates, Formaldehyde,  Toluene, or PEG
  • No Gluten
  • Imported from the UK
  • Vegan Friendly – Certified

My final thoughts on this brand are that they have a nice line of products that are very good quality, extremely affordable and attainable for those who want a conscience friendly brand. They are vegan and cruelty free certified and feature natural ingredients in their cosmetics which is a big plus for someone like me who is always on the hunt for multi-tasking products. They also offer a line of skincare, body care and hair care products as well so you can get all your needs met in one fell swoop!

Check out the entire Beauty Without Cruelty shop – Here! 

How do you feel about brands that go cruelty free?

Does this matter to you in a cosmetics brand?

Have you tried Beauty Without Cruelty?

Your thoughts are totally welcome!

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me from Beauty Without Cruelty for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.

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Hope you’re all having a nice weekend and a pleasant Sunday!

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2 Awesome Summer 3 Free Nail Colors and Natural Lavender Polish Remover from Karma Organic Spa!

If you’ve never heard of the Karma Organic Spa and you’re in the New Jersey area, you should really check them out.

As one of the first organic spas in the area, they carry loads of awesome products including these 3 free nail polishes and natural nail polish remover that I’ve been testing out for the past week and a half!

This nail polish is truly awesome!

It is long lasting, nearly as long as normal polish if not as long, it is formulated without the 3 heinous ingredients in normal polish that cause them to be so toxic to use, and the award winning nail polish remover is my favorite of the bunch!

 Karma Organic Spa Karma Hues Nail Polish formulated 3 free – without Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP and Natural Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Lavender.

Karma Hues in “Summer Day “

I have applied this in a horribly amateur way because, frankly, applying polish is just something I’ve never been good at, but even so, I feel the polish stayed on throughout the week with little to no chipping and the clear coat worked well as a base and top coat.

Plus, “Summer Day” is such a nice color of blue; perfect for the summertime!

Natural Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Lavender

This nail polish remover is by far my favorite product!

I do love the nail polish colors that I received, which are certainly perfect for a beachy summer, but this polish remover is really something special. I can certainly see why it’s won awards in the past!

Formulated with soybean oil, vitamin E and lavender, it has none of that suffocating chemical scent of usual polish remover, but instead smells completely of lavender.

Also, it’s not drying like a lot of nail products can be to your hands and nails, instead it just feels balanced and smells super calming!

Karma Hues in “Tropicana Nights”

As awful as I am at applying polish, I still love to wear it and these summer colors are so vibrant and summery that I want to wear polish all the time now!

Even “Tropicana Nights,” which I initially felt would be too orange is really just so bright and fun that I love wearing it!

All in all, the nail polish colors and remover are completely awesome!

These colors are perfect for the summertime and a healthier, yet just as effective version as their drugstore counterparts without a heft price tag.

The remover will only cost you $12 and you can get it in Lavender, Tea Tree or Unscented whereas the polishes all cost $9.99 each and include a wide variety of fun tints, especially if you’re a fan of pinks, reds, purples or blues!

When compared to the price of conventional polishes and remover, it’s not a bad deal AT ALL!

I would definitely recommend this nail polish because it reminds me of Butter London 3 Free Polish, but it is slightly more affordable to purchase and the nail polish remover is just fantastic and therapeutic to use! I can’t rave about it enough!

Check out the Karma Hues Nail Polish – here!

Check out the Award-Winning Karma Organic Nail Polish Removers – here!

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.