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Hi Lovelies!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that, in a few days’ time, I will be self hosting my blog via either hostgator or network solutions.

I’m a little nervous about transferring over, but also excited because it means I will finally be able to join some affiliate programs for websites that I really love so, yes, I can make a bit of money from blogging and which, in turn, also means I can offer more exclusive discounts and deals to all of you!

Aside from that, I’m tired of the wordpress ads running on my blog, especially the ads that have absolutely NO relevancy to anything I post about here.

Some other things I’d really like to be able to do are offer ad space, do more posts on travel as well as my usual topics ( fashion, beauty, fitness, etc.), and expand to a YouTube channel.

Anyhow, one really sad thing that comes with transferring over to self hosting is that I’ll be losing all of my followers who follow via wordpress. I hope you can all go on over to Bloglovin’ and follow me there so I don’t lose any of you! I really value all of your opinions and thoughts, valued support and uplifting comments and I hope you will continue following my blog! If you prefer to not follow via bloglovin, make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Facebook so you can still get post updates and once I’m all transferred over, you can come back and re-subscribe via email.

To follow me via Bloglovin, go to my Blog’s page and click the “Follow” button – here.

Thanks so much and I can’t wait to share more posts with all of you – I have tons more lined up so stay tuned!

♥ Tianna


I can’t believe it’s been exactly one year today since I started this blog. In the beginning, I thought it would be all about promoting my handmade beauty products that I sell on Etsy, but then it turned into my tips on beauty, fashion, health and fitness and reviews on other products I love. I found out I like blogging more than I like making beauty and skincare products and that there are so many fantastic people in the blogging community that my experience wouldn’t have been the same without. I want to thank everyone who follows this blog, reads it and comments, and who genuinely gives a crap about what I write here. It means a lot to me and I don’t think I would’ve lasted a year without you all so thanks so much!

With that, it’s giveaway time! 

For this giveaway, I really wanted to do something special and I thought there’s no specific item I’d like to give away really because there’s too many I’d like to give away to you all. I thought it would be more fun if you guys had a say in what you received so this giveaway is for a mini shopping spree, valued at $50 to either Sephora or somewhere online. I can either give you the gift card for your chosen place or you can let me know what you want ( if Sephora isn’t in your area ). Otherwise, I can also pick some mystery things out for you if you simply don’t know what you’d like. Anyone can enter from anywhere in the world as long as they complete the following tasks below and you can get bonus entries as well!

To Enter, You Must:

  • Be a Follower of Storybook Apothecary
  • Comment on this Post Saying How You’d Like to Win (Sephora Gift Card, Another place Gift Card, or if you want me to go shopping for you)

Bonus Entries:

Please comment a separate comment below for each bonus entry you’ve done as they count as separate entries.

Good Luck!!

This Giveaway Will End Friday March 22nd, 2013 and I’ll Announce the Winner on my Blogger Link Love Friday #5 Post so look out for it to see if you’ve won!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Charlie Brown – Snoopy & Woodstock Thanksgiving from via Pinterest

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, greens, and pumpkin pie!

Now, as much as Thanksgiving is about eating and laughing (maybe a bit about Black Friday Sales & Shopping! Lol) , it’s also about being thankful and giving thanks. That’s the tradition of this holiday and it’s important to take note and remember what we’re thankful for, who we are thankful to have in our lives and to let our actions speak those thanks so that’s the theme of today’s post – things I’m thankful for this year.

  1. My Friends. This is a big one! Man, my friends keep me sane, especially when I need someone to vent to, talk to, someone to cheer me up when I’m sad, or just someone who I can say – can I come over? and they’d say yes without question. Those people who don’t judge you and who believe and have faith in you without question. Thank you, so much, to my friends who are always there for me in life, no matter what. You know who you are. You mean so much to me.
  2. My Family. I’ll be the first to say how insane my family is, how they absolutely drive me up the wall, and how frustrating, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love and appreciate them. They are always there to chat to when I have troubles, to give advice when I need it, and to bring me leftovers for no reason at all on any given day. They always think of me and for that, I feel eternally grateful to them. 
  3. My Health. If you follow this blog, you’ll have heard me complain and get frustrated in the area of fitness, health and everything, but I am still so grateful to be able to get up and walk, run, jump, and skip around. That I’m not ill or weak and that my body is strong and healthy. I know it takes a huge amount of strength for those who have ailments and conditions and they amaze me all the time so I am very grateful I have the strength to help. 

So, I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving and enjoy time spend with your family and friends!

What are you thankful for this year?


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I hope you’re all having a lovely week thus far and enjoying some cooler weather now November is here.

Personally, I’m super anxious about the election, but I’m happy as I’ve jumped back on the wagon that I fell off last week (see my post on it – here) and have happily ended last week and also started this week off fantastically with both healthy meals and workouts! So, I’m super thrilled on that end of things.

Anyway, so today’s post is all about being thankful. I am so super thankful to everyone who has supported this blog, especially the readers, but also to my fellow bloggers which brings me to the topic of today : blogger appreciation.

I know that I would never have been able to grow this blog and have such great experiences in blogging if it wasn’t for my fellow bloggers who guest posted here, allowed me to guest post on their blog, commented, encouraged me, gave tips and advice, and shared their experiences and expertise. I simply wouldn’t be where I am without them so, with that, I would like to give back a bit this month by promoting them on my Pinterest page!

So, if you’re a blogger and you have a favorite post you want to promote that has a photo on it, please comment below with your link and I’ll pin your blog to my Pinterest this November!

Otherwise, I’ll be going around all month long pinning some of my favorite blog posts from my fellow bloggers as well.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beauty blogger or some other kind of blogger, as long as you’re a follower of this blog and you have one yourself, link me below and I’ll pin you to a brand new Pinterest board on my Pinterest page which I’ll be calling “Blogger Love.”

You can follow me at StorybookBeauty on Pinterest, if you like, otherwise, just link below and thanks so much for all of your amazing support.

First off, thanks so much to ThroughChelsea’sEyes for bringing this to my attention.

I never would’ve known they were doing this to my blog posts if it wasn’t for her so thanks!

Anyway, apparently this website – is a website that trawls the internet for blog names in order to put their URL in front of yours and basically steal all of your search engine hits by REDIRECTING all the traffic to their site using your posts and name. It’s not doing any harm to your blog, but it’s essentially stealing your hard work and recognition.

To find out if this is happening to your blog, google :BrokenControllers/ [yourblogname].

I freaked out when I saw that they’d done it to 3 of my posts!

As Chelsea says, when you click on the links that show your posts going to their Broken Controllers website, they show downloads – I’m guessing they are trying to get people to purchase something or otherwise sending out viruses or trojans. If you don’t know what those are, viruses jack your compute up and trojans phish for information (bank account info, etc.) which they sell to people for money. This is how a lot of ID theft can happen.


Anyway, I hope this isn’t happening to any of your lovely blogs, but if it is Chelsea gave an email address – which you can email and let them know they’re illegally using your intellectual property and to stop. 

I would also like to take it a step further and please report them to RipOffReport.Com and also the BBB.Org (Better Business Bureau) to help warn others of what they do.

Can’t say how pissed off I am to have discovered this was happening to my blog!

I hope it’s not happening to yours, but if it is shoot those people an email and report them in any and every way you can. That’s the only way for us to really have an effect in preventing this in the future.

Anyway, if you’d like to view Chelsea’s original post that I read, you can see it here.

Thanks again to Chelsea for making me aware of this; I owe you one!!

Aug 13 – International Left – Handers’ Day + NBC’s Grimm Season 2 Premiere!

Happy International Left – Handers’ Day! 

If you didn’t know, I’m left-handed!

Happy day to celebrate left-handers all over the globe!


It’s no longer considered an illness or sign of the devil to be so!

10 Fun Facts About Left Handers:

  • Left-handers adjust more readily to seeing underwater (who knew?)
  • Left-handers are more likely to have allergies, insomnia, and migraines.
  • Left-handers are better multi-taskers.
  • Left-handers are 39% more likely to be homosexual (We’re nearly all gay, apparently.)
  • Left-handers are more likely to pursue creative careers. (Makes sense to me!)
  • Left-handed college graduates go on to become 26% richer than right-handed college graduates. (Awesome! lol)
  • Apparently, to call anyone left-handed anything is considered an insult. (See: Left-handed wife = mistress. See also: Left-handed marriage = adulterous sexual liaison.)
  • Left-handers are more affected by fear than right-handers(?) and we get more angry as well.
  • Left-handers are more likely to become alcoholics than right-handers. (Right-handers have a lower alcohol tolerance level.)
  • Left-handers are likely to excel in sports where 2 opponents face on another such as tennis, volleyball, etc.

Famous Lefties: 

Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, H.G. Wells, Celine Dion, Lewis Carroll, Alexander the Great, Aristotle, David Letterman, Robert DeNiro, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Nietzsche, Henry Ford, Angelina Jolie, Gandhi, Babe Ruth, Michelangelo, Bill Gates, Mark Twain, Beethoven, Mozart and More.

On Another Note, Grimm Season 2 Comes Back Tonight! 

So freaking excited!!!

Anyone else obsessed with Grimm and a Lefty?

Special 2 for $20 For Fairest of Them All Healing Face Powders!

Normally priced at $15 each, for a limited time, Storybook Apothecary readers can get 2 full sized powders for only $20 !

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Just thought I’d mention really quick! The lovely Courtney Leiva @TheDollhouseBlog recently reviewed Storybook Apothecary’s Fairest of Them All Healing Face Powder and Snow’s Eternal Youth Elixir Serum!

Check out the review – here!

Also, definitely check out her other posts on health and beauty and follow her @CourtneyLeiva on Twitter for the latest in beauty, giveaways and more!

Thanks again Courtney!