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Sunshine Award!

I was nominated by Lucy @fitterstrongerbetter for a Sunshine Award and, though I have been nominated before, it still is SO nice to be recognized by a fellow blogger, especially coming from her because it means my posts are enjoyed by people that I frequently talk to, respect and admire. I really love Lucy’s blog as it always features helpful fitness, workout and health information and I admire her so much for her achievements. She is such an inspiration! I definitely recommend you check her blog out!

Check out her original nomination post – here!

1) Favorite Color – Green and Purple 

2) Favorite Animal – Dogs; preferably Brussels Griffons and Bull Mastiffs!

3) Favorite number – 7 and 13. Sounds mutually exclusive right?

4) Favorite Non-alcoholic drink – Shirley Temple

5) Facebook or Twitter – I dunno. Talking in person??

6) My Passion – Acting, Singing, Culture and Beauty

7) Prefer getting or giving presents – I like giving presents because I love trying to figure people out and what they will love. I love surprising people with gifts !

8) Favorite pattern – nautical and Celtic knots.

9) Favorite Day of the Week – Saturday

10) Favorite Flower – Cherry Blossom

My Nominations:

  • Jenn @CosmeticMonster – Jenn’s CosmeticMonster blog is AMAZING. It is so beautiful! Her layout is lovely, her reviews are so well written and thought out. I just love it!
  • Humaira @HumairaBeauty – Humaira has great fashion and beauty posts and they are always very versatile and fun!
  • Kate @SleepingBootay – Kate’s blog is full of fun humor and great beauty and sometimes health posts. I just love reading her posts as they are entertaining, informative and fun!
  • FullerFigureFullerBust – I don’t know this lovely lady’s name, but I really admire her a lot. She is so unique in her looks, body type, and view point. I really feel that she embodies real women in so many ways and she is a beautiful girl who showcases fuller figure clothing, lingerie and undergarments for full figure and busty women. Even if you’re not fuller figured or busty, I still recommend you follow her; she really has great posts!
  • Whitney @WandsandPliers – Whitney just makes me laugh! I love all of her great posts on beauty and her love of Harry Potter! She also does fun posts on her adventures, including road trips with friends and things. Her reviews are thorough and interesting as well!
  • Kirsten @F00dVentures – Kirsten is so amazing! She educates me in nutrition and health every day with her posts on fats, carbs, sugars and more! Plus, she posts delicious recipes, some very healthy and some just delicious, but always a blast!
  • The ArtsyArchitette – From style to beauty, the Artsy Architette has you covered! She’s tons of fun and her posts are super helpful!
  • Joey @Joey’sSpace – I love Joey’s photography! She does a lot of cosmetic posts and they are always so incredible! I need that kind of talent with a macro lens! Plus, her reviews on beauty are very detailed and they always interest me in new items to try!
  • Tiny T @ChromaMeSilly – Tiny T always posts fun items on beauty, fashion, rare finds and fun! (See what I did there 😉 ) Her posts always seem like a nice escape and her reviews are great!

Thanks again to Lucy @fitterstrongerbetter for this nomination; I really appreciate it!

Versatile Blogger Award

I was recently (by recently, I mean earlier today) nominated by Hélène @HealthyFrenchie for a Versatile Blogger Award and I feel so honored and happy to be nominated for yet another blogger award!

It really has made my week as I’ve been feeling pretty sick and 1.) Today is the first day I feel WAY better, 2.) I’ve been nominated for this lovely award  and lastly, 3.) Everyone I’ve encountered since starting this beauty blog has been so supportive and kind; I really appreciate it and thank you very much!

I was so surprised and very honored to be nominated for this nice recognition award so thanks again to Hélène @HealthyFrenchie. You are such a great person and an awesome blogger!


The Versatile Blogger Award:

-Nominate 15 fellow bloggers  (or as many as you deem worthy)

-Inform the bloggers of their nomination.

-Share 7  things about yourself.

-Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them.

-Add the “Versatile Blogger Award” pic to your blog post


7 Things About Me:

  • I am Sicilian, Italian, Irish, German, Dutch & Welsh Heritage, but I am born and raised American.
  • I am 5’6″
  • I love acting, singing, and beauty!
  • My favorite drink is Jasmine Green Tea with Aloe.
  • I’m terrible at talking about myself (Can you tell? :-/ )
  • I love Indie rock music, especially Paramore and Eisley.
  • My favorite food is Chinese, specifically Taiwanese.


My Nominations:

  1. Mystique @Beast&Beauty – She has such a lovely blog and great informative posts!
  2. RantingsofanAmateurChef – His recipes look delicious and therefore I constantly wish he was my long lost uncle…So I could enjoy his food haha.
  3. Joey @Joey’sSpace – She has really great posts about high end beauty in Singapore. From Chanel to Clarins, her photos are always really amazing and reviews thorough.
  4. TravelLadywithBaby – This lady is seriously hilarious! Her stories of working at makeup counters crack me up. Plus, she also does great beauty reviews!
  5. Elena @ Love212 – This girl has such a beautiful blog and awesome reviews all the time! Love it, read it. She rocks.
  6. F00dVentures – This girl is constantly uploading great recipes that look so delicious! She has a BA in Dietetics (not sure what that is, but is SOUNDS SO COOL!) AND she is a chocolate lover so I’m down.
  7. Ashley @ AmateurHealthyGirl – This girl gives awesome fitness advice and workout ideas. She is also a frequent runner. She posts awesome reflection posts that I find really inspiring.
  8. FitterStrongerBetter -This girl is incredible! Not only does she work out like crazy for health and eat well, she teaches multiple fitness classes and still finds time for fun! I’m sure she could run literal circles around me AND my life.
  9. Tiny T @ ChromaMeSilly – Tiny T is really fun and fun. She has great, fun reviews on a variety of beauty products. I love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, but she also has awesome advice.
  10. Jenn @ CosmeticMonster – Jenn has so many beauty credentials that you should just read her posts and take her advice; this girl knows what she’s talking about! She always has a lot of diverse posts with lovely photos.
  11. BlissNo.9 – This girl has beauty posts about every product available anywhere. From high end to drugstore, her reviews vary, but are always helpful and entertaining to read.
  12. Mae @ Mae’sBeautyReports – Mae is an incredible nail artist (not sure whether professionally or not, but she should be!). She always posts great nail ideas that are often fashion inspired and also current sales going on online so her readers can get the deals too!
  13. Madey Edlin –  I cannot believe this girl is only 18 years old! She offers up great recipes, either by design or from other food bloggers, including some delicious croissants I drooled over for like 10 minutes today on my lunch break… but anyway follow her as she leads up to publishing the cookbook she’s writing!
  14. Debra @ Persephone’s Kitchen – Debra posts all sorts of goodness to do with gardening, cooking and food in general. Living in Columbus, Ohio, there is such a homey feel to her blog that I love and everything she posts looks yummy!
  15. Nicole @ ProductJunkieGirl – Self-proclaimed beauty addict, Nicole is always on the up and coming beauty trends including new releases on beauty products, beauty box subscriptions and more!

Thanks again to Hélène @HealthyFrenchie!

Have a Lovely Weekend Everyone!

Stay Beautiful


I’ll Talk To You Soon : ]

Versatile Blogger Award Nomination!

Thank you Classy Anarchist, for kindly nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

I feel really honored and very excited to be recognized again as a blogger!

It feels really good when someone says they enjoy reading my blog posts because I do put a lot of thought into them and I am genuinely happy people enjoy reading them!

 Rules for participants :

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging (or whose blogs you enjoy most).

2. Let them know that you have nominated them.

3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

4. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.

5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

7 facts about Tianna @ Storybook Apothecary:

1. I’m obsessed with the details.

2. I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

3. I love Smarties. They are awesome.

4. I handcraft all of the skin care products in my Storybook Apothecary Etsy shop

5. I live in Southern California, USA.

6. I have an annual Disneyland pass.

7. My favorite foods are Korean kimchi, Sushi, Dim Sum, hot pot anddd curry!

Bloggers I’m Nominating:

  1. Ruby Beauty Organics
  2.  Humaira Beauty
  3. MascaraismyVice
  4. Lil’MissShanghai
  5. SarahDoesFitness
  6. WithLovefromYen
  7. BeautySheep
  8. TiffanyLovesGlamour
  9. HudaBeauty
  10. BeautyandI
  11. BlissNo.9
  12. ChromaMeSilly
  13. HungryHinny
  14. FatGirlInASkinnyWorld
  15. BeastandBeauty

Sunshine Award Nomination!

So I was really pleasantly surprised when I logged on tonight to find that Helene AkA the HealthyFrenchie had nominated me for a Sunshine Award. I feel super honored because I am pretty new to blogging on here for Storybook Apothecary (my handmade fantasy-inspired skincare line) and it makes me really happy to be recognized for writing blogs that actually interest people. I really do put a lot of effort into my posts and trying to make them informative and helpful as well as interesting (you know, as opposed to super dull!). And although this blog initially began as a way to promote my skincare line, Storybook Apothecary, I really do try to help others on their quest for organic skincare options and great DIY fun they can do in their own homes as well as the value of organic oils and ingredients as opposed to mainstream skincare. Also, it’s my birthday today so thanks again to Helene for the best birthday gift I could ask for!

 It totally made my day!

Here are the rules:


• Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog. • Answer 10 questions about yourself. • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers. • Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated. • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.


I love how these “awards” enable you to nominate other bloggers and share the love.


1. Favorite color? It’s a toss up between purple and green…and I am loving coral at the moment too!

2. Favorite animal? Dogs, esp. brussels griffons and bull mastiffs! Ooo and korgies, bulldogs, pugs, andddd yeah I love dogs haha

3. Favorite number? 7 and 23 !

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Honey green tea with aloe.

5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.

6. My passion? Acting, Singing, Health & Fitness and Natural Skincare!

7. Prefer getting or giving presents?  I like getting gifts, but I definitely prefer to give them because I love surprising people with epic gifts, usually in stages that have a lot of meaning for us as friend or for them as people.

8. Favorite pattern? Navy and white stripes… fleur-de-lis…..lace flowers…

9. Favorite day of the week? Saturdays and Mondays. Saturdays I have off and go to Chinese school which is fun! Then Mondays I spend with one of my bff Stella.

10. Favorite flower? Roses, sunflowers, orchids (purple ones!)

Who I nominate:

  • Helene @ HealthyFrenchie – I know! She nominated me first, but I feel like she totally deserves to get a nomination back. She has really great posts and she also seems like a wonderfully brave person. She is so honest and open in her blogs with however her life is at that moment. I just think it’s so nice for someone to be so real with no motives to looking good or putting on airs. She’s great! Follow her!
  • Lil’ Miss Shanghai – She is just so much fun! She always has a lot of enthusiasm when she writes and she gets you excited about whatever she is posting. She’s also very nice and friendly! Plus she has cool posts on higher end skincare and makeup that I find really interesting to read.
  • The Classy Anarchist – She offers really great posts on green eco beauty among others, plus her posts always have a funny twist. I just feel that she is really good natured and witty and it’s a pleasure to read her posts. She just seems like such a bada$$ chick you know what I mean?
  • Karin @ Aspire Well Being – She just really relaxes me! I don’t know what it is, but it’s like her posts are the ones I want to read in the morning when I’m in a really crap mood because I know they will zen me out and rejuvenate me. Reading her blog posts are like visiting a spa or something, but they leave you calm, refreshed and ready to do some hardcore workouts or yoga. I love it!
  • Elena @ Love212 – This girl is so stylish and beautiful! Plus she has really fun posts about her adventures in cosmetics. I dunno, I just love how she blogs about how she ends up somewhere that happened to be this cool skincare shop which is cool because she’s been meaning to drop in! The way she writes just makes me think her life is this ultra interesting film; not a boring moment haha. AND she writes great reviews on a lot of beauty products which are very helpful!
  • Humaira @ Humaira Beauty – Humaira’s all around beauty advice and DIY fun projects are really creative and interesting. She takes things you wouldn’t think about and helps you find a way to reuse them for something beauty related. Plus she keeps you on the up and up about new products, fashion and style.
  • Ms. Em @ BeautyDepartment – Ms. Em is super nice AND her posts are extremely well thought out and fascinating. She takes health, fitness and beauty and combines all 3 in order to give great advice. Whether the topic is what your diet is healthwise for your skin or how much protein you should be intaking daily, her posts really open my eyes to the big picture of beauty, health and all around well being. Plus her travel photos are lovely!
  • Fani @ BeautyandI – Fani has really versatile posts about beauty. Whether it’s hair, skin, nails, or whichever, she always has an interesting post on it and it’s never boring.
  • The Awesome Family @ PutneyFarm – These bloggers are a family and they post amazing recipes for food dishes, cocktails and more. All of the photos are completely mouth-watering !
  • Kate @ SleepingBootay – This girl is hilarious! She always has funny posts about beauty and her own life antics. She’s very witty and always has great advice on beauty sites, products and more.