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For you lovely British readers out there, this might be totally old news, but as an American, I’ve just discovered the incredible BBC show The Misfits and it is AMAZING!

I just discovered it through a friend who had watched it on Hulu. If you’re unfamiliar with Hulu (if you’re not American or perhaps, been living under a rock), Hulu is an online streaming service that mostly offers TV shows to be streamed online, but there are some films and a few documentaries as well. I personally have Hulu Plus, the paid premium service, but you don’t need Plus to watch this fantastic show.

The plot is basically, in my opinion, a more urban, gritty and realistic version of NBC Heroes mixed with a more modern, grunge style of the Breakfast Club … or something.

It’s kind of a bit difficult to describe, but it’s about a group of kids in their late teens who all show up on their first day of Community Payback (community service to us Americans) only to be caught in a freak thunder/ice/ hail storm where they are promptly struck by lightning.

Shortly after, they discover they’ve all acquired different super powers since the storm. You follow them through their everyday community payback antics and not so everyday insanity where trouble seems to find them at every hilarious and somewhat disastrous turn.

Lastly, and as a random side note, I just want to say how education this has been for me, as an American girl, to learn more British slang and how fantastic that has been. I doubt I’ll be using them much as they sound like they’d be pretty offensive in most conversations, but still really interesting to know and hilarious to hear my boyfriend try to add them into his everyday vernacular.

Some Brit Slang I’ve Learned & Their USA Equivalents:

{hope I don’t offend anyone!}

  • Chav – American equivalent of calling someone trashy, tacky or ghetto I think.
  • Wanker – Idiot or Moron.
  • Slag – Whore or Slut.
  • Bloke – A Guy or Man.
  • Arse – Ass.
  • Cheers – Goodbye or Thanks or as a toast when drinking.
  • Twat – Idiot.
  • Taking the Piss – Making fun of someone, mocking or messing with them.
  • Fanny – Vagina.

If you want to check out the serious awesomeness that is BBC’s The Misfits, you can watch all of the seasons for free online on Hulu – here.

You can also see their direct website – here.

Have you ever heard of the Misfits?

Are you a huge fan or not so much?

Oh! And if you’re from UK, definitely let me know if I’ve gotten the slang right or wrong!

Let me know your thoughts on this!

♥ Tianna

If you saw the My Week In Photos post I did yesterday then you may remember I said I spent all of last weekend helping my boyfriend to film a short for a festival he was entering into. Although I’m super nervous to show you all, despite the fact that I am not physically in it ( my character is present only in voice over ), it’s the first thing I’ve done that has anything to do with acting in a long time. Also, I learned how to operate the camera all in one day so this was my first camera operating attempt as well.  My boyfriend, film extraordinaire, did all of the film editing, sound editing, cinematography, directing, and he wrote the story . If you enjoy the film, we would appreciate your sharing it with friends who can enjoy it too! I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

♥ Tianna 

Voicemail from Armando on Vimeo.

If the video does not play or show up on your computer, you can also watch it here.

I’m SO excited for the upcoming Once Upon A Time episode this weekend that I couldn’t resist posting on it before this Sunday’s reveal of who the hell is Rumple’s son and, of course, is he Neal Cassidy as many of us have theorized?

I am dying for confirmation of this theory I’ve had since before the damn season started and I am so happy the moment has finally arrived, even if they reveal it at the last minute of the episode like my boyfriend thinks they will. ( You’re jerks, if you do that, OUAT writers! Lol )

So, with all the boiling over and my anticipation at a near all time high for this episode, I thought I would do a fashion inspired post on Baelfire, who I’ve never done surprisingly, in honor of the reveal so I hope you enjoy and enjoy Sunday’s episode if you’re a fan of the show!

Fairy Tale Fashion Inspiration - Baelfire - StorybookApothecary.Com

FORZIERI Dark Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket, H&M White Button Down Collared Shirt, H&M Black Jeans, & H&M Casual Imitation Leather Shoes.

What do you imagine Baelfire’s grown up style to be?

Let me know in the comments! 

Also, if you care to obsess over the show as I’ve done, definitely check out TVLine’s OUAT page where they often have the first scoop on spoilers for future episodes, new characters and other theories for the show!

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Fall Fashion Finds for 2012 – Fairy Tale Inspiration – Snow White

Fall Fashion Finds for 2012 – Fairy Tale Inspiration – Rumpelstiltskin

Fall Fashion Finds for 2012 – Fairy Tale Inspiration – Regina Mills

Fall Fashion Finds for 2012 – Fairy Tale Inspiration – Emma Swan

Fall Fashion Finds for 2012 – Fairy Tale Inspiration – Pinocchio

{ The Notebook }

If you didn’t already know, I’m a HUGE fan of films. I love movies of any genre, but as a young woman, there is a special place in my heart of hearts for romance films, or chick flicks. I love them ’til death do us part, but I’m kind of picky when it comes to romance films because a lot of them ( let’s be honest ) are freaking horrible. I don’t mind predictability, but some of them are just plain bad. There certainly is a Hollywood formula when it comes to girly films and that’s fine, but there are 429058498409 mediocre ones and only a couple of really great ones.

Here are the Great Ones to Check Out With or Without Someone Special Because They’re Just That Awesome!

  1. The Notebook. This one is a serious classic. Set in 1940’s, Ally & Noah are just 2 fools in love, but Ally is the daughter of a wealthy southern family who want more for her than the life they think she’ll have with Noah. It’s a tear jerker. Even my tough-as-nails step dad teared up! 
  2. Pride & Prejudice. I love the 2005 version with Keira Knightley, but the story itself is pretty timeless. Although it is a period film and has very wordy dialogue, it’s a great one because in love, we all battle our pride and we are all guilty of misjudging people at some point or another . Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy are just extremely guilty of both when it comes to each other. 
  3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. This is a bit of an offbeat romantic film about a couple who break up only Clementine decides to get a procedure done which will erase Joel ( her ex) from her memory forever. Enraged once he discovers that Clementine has erased him, Joel decides to get the same procedure. 
  4. Gone With the Wind. A serious American classic in terms of film, Gone With the Wind takes place during the Civil War era and explores the crazy love affair of Rhett and Scarlett. It’s adapted from an old novel, but the characters are brilliant and hilarious.
  5. A Walk To Remember. Jamie is considered the prude daughter of a pastor at her high school, but seems unaffected by the constant harassment and bullying of her classmates. Landon is the cool popular kid constantly getting into trouble. When their worlds collide, they find they have a lot more in common than they initially thought. 
  6. Crazy Stupid Love. This film follows several couples, but mostly centers on Cal & Emily, a middle aged couple who have drifted apart over the years. When Emily asks Cal for a divorce and announces she cheated on him, Cal must re-evaluate his entire life. Everyone is crazy and stupid in love in this film. It’s really hilarious and brilliantly written. 
  7. A Good Year. I really love the rapport of the 2 characters in this romantic comedy. Max is a brilliant English banker who only cares about money while Fanny Chanel is a French restaurant owner living in Provence. When Max’s closest uncle dies, he must travel to Provence to deal with his uncle’s estate and plans on selling it all until he meets Fanny who, of course, loathes him at first sight. 
  8. The Holiday. 2 women on opposite ends of the world experience ugly break ups and need to get away so they do what anyone else would do in their place – they switch houses for a much needed vacation from their respective lives. Hilarious and easy to relate to the characters.
  9. Elizabethtown. After losing his company billions of dollars, shoe designer Drew goes back to his father’s hometown for his father’s memorial. On his way there, he meets an overly friendly flight attendant, Claire.
  10. Brokeback Mountain. While not your typical love story, I definitely think it’s one that needs and deserves to be told. The love story of 2 cowboys who live in the midwest, an area not that friendly to homosexual relationships, and have trouble coming to terms with their feelings for each other. Super sad. Don’t watch it if you don’t feel like being depressed. 
  11. Atonement. Another tear jerker, this story is about a wealthy girl who falls in love with a poor boy, only so does her younger sister. Her younger sister tells a lie that will change all of their lives forever and then spends the rest of her life “atoning” for it. 
  12. Once. This is a really great film to watch if you like indie or folk music. It deals with 2 musicians who meet by chance and lead entirely different lives. They make beautiful music together, but will they end up together? 
  13. P.S. I Love You. This is the love story as remembered by Holly. After her husband Gerry passes, she is super depressed and decides to take the vacation to Ireland she had planned to take with her husband with her close girl friends instead in an attempt to move on with life.
  14. The Last Song. Although I typically hate all films with Miley Cyrus ( sorry Miley, it’s not your fault you’ve been type casted ), this one is great. The acting isn’t that amazing, but Greg Kinnear is awesome in it and the story is a good one. After Ronnie’s parents divorce, she is so angry at her father, she quits the one thing they both loved and shared – playing piano. She and her younger brother and forced to spend the summer with their father and Ronnie makes it very obvious it’s the least place she’d like to be. 
  15. Ever After. Words can’t really explain how much I love this film! It might just be nostalgia or my fairy tale obsession coming on again, but this one is awesome. It’s the story of Cinderella basically, only more period film and less cheese. Or something. It’s a fun flick and Anjelica Houston is great in a villainess sort of way! 
  16. Slumdog Millionaire. Jamal knows all the answers to India’s “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and is arrested under suspicion of cheating. During his interrogation, Jamal takes us back through life events which explain how he knows all the answers.
  17. Titanic. If you haven’t seen this one by now, you really ought to! It’s loosely based on the real events of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, but involves a fictional love story between Rose and Jack. Rose is a rich girl, despondent but resigned to her fate of marrying a shallow, cruel man for money and social standing while Jack is a poor artist, happily living without much.
  18. Pretty In Pink. A cult classic 1980’s film, Pretty in Pink tells the story of a less than popular girl who is crushing on the most popular guy in her high school, but feels she has no chance. After passing a note to a friend in class, she mistakenly drops it and the guy picks it up instead of her friend. ‘Lo and behold, he likes her too and they decide to go on a date, but find out all too quickly that they’re living very different lives.
  19. The Adjustment Bureau. Adapted from the novel, this is the story of a politician who meets a woman in the men’s restroom where she’s hiding from security after crashing a wedding for fun, they are immediately attracted. Soon after, the politician, David, is told by the “Adjustment Bureau” that he is never to see her again because it’s not part of his plan. It’s one story of defying predetermined fate in order to be with the one you love. 
  20. Romeo + Juliet. I really love the version with Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. It’s set in modern day (at that time) Venice, but they’ve kept the language the same. I think it’s a great way to tell the tragic Shakespeare tale that’s more relevant than traditional plays. I sort of hate the play, Romeo + Juliet, because I just think it’s really stupid for people to kill themselves over love, but I do love the writing and that’s incredible. The film also has great cinematography. 

TV Shows That Are Also Fun for V-Day:

  • Once Upon A Time 
  • Hi, My Sweetheart ( Taiwan drama)
  • Boys Over Flowers ( Korean drama)
  • Fated to Love You ( Taiwan drama )
  • Personal Taste ( K drama )

So, that’s all I’ve got for now!

If you want more film and TV recommendations, check out this post I did on my favorites – here.

What are your favorite films or shows to watch on Valentine’s Day?

I’d love to know in the comments!

Image from Once Upon a Time TV Series

Image from Once Upon a Time TV Series

I haven’t done a Once Upon A Time post in a few months and I thought it was high time given all that’s happened in the show thus far and what better time to do it than during this mid season 3 week break they’re having (what with super bowl and the Oscars coming up)? 

If you didn’t see my first post on my season 2 predictions, check the bottom of this post for the link that post. I was re-reading that one and I’m surprised how right I was with a lot of my predictions and then a bit of them which were horribly way off. Anyway, so if you’ve been following my blog awhile, you might know about my slight obsession with fairy tales ( hence the blog name) and consequent love of NBC’s Grimm and ABC’s Once Upon A Time. My boyfriend have followed both shows quite religiously, though I will say that OUAT has overtaken Grimm at the moment in terms of exciting episodes and plot lines. We really love OUAT and frequently theory craft for hours and hours about what we think will happen so the theories below are the result of that. I can’t really take credit for all of them as my boyfriend does come up with a big chunk of these and we sort of play off one another in that respect. So, I hope you enjoy the following predictions even though there aren’t a whole lot of them at the moment and feel free to share your own thoughts and speculation in the comments – I’d love to hear them! Also, let me know if you like these sort of posts, if you don’t, if you want more OUAT fashion inspired posts, etc. – I would love to know what you think! 

  1. Neal is Not Bae, but is Baelfire’s Son. Our idea behind this is that it would make some sense if Neal was Bae’s son because the fairy tale land timeline would line up a LOT better. It would also explain how Neal knows about magic (if he’s not actually Bae). Also, if Bae died early on when Neal was a child or if he was committed into an asylum (for talking about say, magic existing) then it would make sense why Neal was orphaned. 
  2. Cora is the Miller’s Daughter. Regina’s last name is Mills which I think hints at this a bit, but I feel like it’s become even more apparent now that Cora has come into the picture in season 2 and they’ve talked a bit about the fact that Rumple is the one who taught her magic. Especially the last episode with the kissing moment between them ( EW. ) kind of hints at something more. I think they’re going to play on the actual Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale in which the miller’s daughter ( Cora? ) is forced to try to spin straw into gold, etc., and then the whole bit about the baby being his price. It would make sense because Rumple actually tells Regina when he first meets her as an adult that he knew her as a baby or some such thing? This would all tie in nicely. My boyfriend has a theory that Regina is the love child of Cora and Rumple, but I personally find that too horrible so I disagree with that one. 
  3. Emma has the Power to Restore the Memories of Those who Cross the Town Line. This goes back to the fact that Emma has what Rumple calls “white magic” – something hitherto unseen and unknown by even those in FTL, but I really think she has the power to restore the memories of both Belle and the dwarf who have crossed the line out of Storybrooke, especially given the whole idea that she’s the only one who can leave other than Henry. 

So those are my theories and thoughts for the rest of Season 2 – I’d love to hear your thoughts on OUAT, if you watch the show, etc.

Again, let me know if you enjoy these posts, want more OUAT fashion posts, or want beauty looks from the show or whichever. I would love to know your thoughts and requests so please leave them in the comments!

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Silent Hill Film Image from Kotaku.Com

I’ve seen a ton of scary movies. Actually, I just saw Silent Hill 2 on Monday. (It’s good, if you’re wondering!) Ever since I was young, my sister and I would go to the movies and watch all the horror films at the theater. Now, my boyfriend and I watch them together, especially since we’re both pretty obsessed with zombies. Though, that’s another matter because we end up watching really bad horror films and today’s post is some of the scariest films I’ve ever seen, ever. These are films that scared the living daylights out of me so I hope you watch some and enjoy the terror as well!

  1. R-Point. This film was surprising in it’s scary factor. My boyfriend convinced me to watch it and I thought it would be boring, but it’s actually really freaky! It’s a Korean film so be prepared to read subtitles. Soldiers receive a radio transmission from a team that says they’ve been missing and need help. Strange things begin to happen when they arrive at R-Point. I don’t want to give away too much! 
  2. Audition. This one is such a WTF kind of movie; it’s that twisted. It centers on a widowed man holding fake auditions in order to find a new girlfriend. He believes he’s found her until a bag in her apartment moves. So totally creepy in true Takashi Miike style, this one will freak you out all the way through to the end. Actually, anything he’s done will freak you out. They’re all twisted as hell. 
  3. Pan’s Labyrinth. This movie isn’t necessarily terrifying in the straightforward sort of way. It more or less plays on your childhood fears. This adult fairy tale shows it’s fairy tale characters as being menacing and scary and it’s little girl Heroine living in 1940’s fascist Spain. Definitely a great film whether you’re scared or not.
  4. Hostel. So, when I first watched this film in theaters, I had no idea what it was about. It has a similar feel to Audition in that, you really feel like it’s going to be a chill movie in the first 30 minutes of it. Actually, we thought we were in the wrong theater at first. Then, the horror sets in. This movie is so effed up I got a charlie horse (muscle cramp) in the theater because of how tense I was LOL. 
  5. Paranormal Activity. This film is particularly frightening to me because I used to live in a house that looks just like the house they filmed in. A lot of the terror comes from what you don’t see in this film. There’s some strange happenings in their home that the couple begin to film and then they realize it’s not their house that’s haunted. All 3 of these films are scary, but the 3rd one has a really stupid ending (my opinion). 
  6. The Ring. Whether you watch the original Ring-u version or the remade American version, they’re both terrifying. A string of deaths happen after all victims have watched the same video. 
  7. The Omen. There’s something really creepy about little kids turning evil. I’m just saying. So, to sum this one up, little boy is the anti-christ. 
  8. Silent Hill. And to continue what I was saying, little children are scary as hell. Based on the equally scary video game, one woman goes searching for her missing daughter in a ghost town called Silent Hill. 
  9. Nightmare on Elm St. When a lynch mob killed Freddie, they never expected him to come back to haunt all of their children’s dreams. Don’t fall asleep!
  10. Saw. A sick twisted killer chains his victims and forces them to do, literally, whatever it takes to survive. They’re usually always people who have done bad things in their life. They’re all really good, but the original is scariest.
  11. Nosferatu. This is an old film from the 1920’s. It’s basically like Dracula, but much creepier because 1. it’s in black and white and 2. there’s no dialogue, just music. I don’t know exactly why it creeps me out, but just watch it and you’ll understand. It may be hard to find, but check your local library or online. 
  12. Carrie. This movie terrified me as a child. Based on a novel by Stephen King (just in case you were doubting how effed up it would be), it tells the story of shy Carrie who is bullied and ridiculed by her classmates. She starts her period (yep, going there) and combined with her lack of understanding and religious devotion, the bullying worse of her classmates worsens until Carrie’s had enough. 
  13. Jeeper’s Creepers. This is really similar to a lot of films that came out around the same time (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Amityville Horror, and Halloween), but this one stands out to me, not for it’s story or anything, but the damn music! Seriously, the music is so creepy. Don’t believe me ? Just YouTube the song Jeepers Creepers. It’s so freaking cringe-worthy!

So, I feel like now’s a great time to say this – What’s your favorite scary movie?

Enjoy Halloween!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

So, today I thought I would do another fashion finds post, inspired by fairy tales of course(!), and this time I’m doing it on Alice in Wonderland. Although she hasn’t really shown up in Once Upon  A Time (the ABC show I’m obsessed with!), I do think this type of post is tons of fun to do so I’m doing whichever characters I feel like doing, whether from the show or not, but I hope you enjoy anyway. After all, Alice is one of the most iconic fairy tale type characters even though she technically isn’t and I absolutely love her so, with that, here are my fashion finds for Alice, both modern and classic!

So, what you think?

Do you prefer a Modern Alice or a Classic Alice style?

What do you imagine Alice wearing?


Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day 🙂

I’m back again with another post on Halloween because, as I said, it’s my favorite holiday. I thought I’d make today’s post about my favorite Halloween films or films I enjoy watching around Halloween time. These really aren’t scary films so much as they are films with spookiness (and some that are just sentimentally nostalgic), but if you like, I can do a post on some of the scariest films I’ve ever seen (put your request in the comments below! :)).

Anyway, so these are just spooky, fantastical or whichever and I enjoy watching them around this time of year. I was inspired to do this post by the lovely lady over at F00dVentures who did this post on her favorites. Definitely check her blog out if you haven’t done so yet; she’s awesome(!) and I hope you enjoy my list!

Halloweentown (1998)

Okay, I know, this is sooo cheesy! It’s basically about 3 siblings (2 sisters and a brother) being raised by their mom who is obsessed with things being realistic and refuses to let them celebrate Halloween. Their grandmother shows up once a year on Halloween to try to help them celebrate, but the mom and grandma obviously don’t really get along. I don’t want to spoil too much, but they end up in Halloweentown. Yep! But anyway, I really do love this film. I think it’s super nostalgic for me because my little sister and I would watch it almost religiously every year on Halloween (it would come on Disney yearly, I think. It may still?). Plus, there is something really fun about super cheesy 90’s Halloween films and their crappy special effects. This one is a lot of fun due to the sets, effects and Debbie Reynolds. Try not to take it too seriously if you watch it, LOL. Oh, and all of the following sequels of this film are unwatchably (new word?) bad.

Harry Potter films (2001-2011)

If you’ve been following for any measure of time, this one won’t surprise you. I am such a ridiculously huge HP fan that I pretty much associate Halloween time with Harry Potter films. If you’ve read the books or even watched the films, you’ll know that in the first few of them, Halloween actually is quite the event at Hogwarts. I think I’ve fantasized about having a party like that since I was 9. Whatever, don’t judge. HP is for awesome mom told me. Anyway, if you haven’t seen these films yet, you should stop whatever you’re doing and go now to watch them. Like right now. Go.

Interview With A Vampire (1994)

This one is awesome, especially since I love the vampire novels which this one is based on (Anne Rice novels). Young Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Tom Cruise and super young Kristen Dunst.  It centers on Brad Pitt, who is a vampire, telling his story to a reporter played by Christian Slater.

10th Kingdom (2000)

I think I make any and every excuse to watch this one. It’s a bit long (like 7 hours long), but it’s a mini series. You may be able to find it on Hulu, but if not you’ll need to rent it somewhere..if they carry it. It was an NBC special so I’m not sure of the best place to find it, but it’s really good! It has really amazing set design and costumes, similar to OUAT actually (in a way, that is), but really what shines are the characters which are done really well. Also, there’s really fun twists on fairy tales that anyone into fairy tales will enjoy. Very Grimm brothers focused, though. The story focuses on Virginia, a single girl in her 20’s living with her father in NYC. They end up in the 10th Kingdom helping a dog who is really a prince on a quest to help him turn back into a prince and also looking for a magical mirror that will lead them back home. That’s all I’m saying, but there’s a seriously good twist that I didn’t see coming first time I watched it!

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

This is a great one. The original zombie flick that has lead the zombie film trend for ages and still does, actually. Romero is a genius, setting a zombie apocalypse with other themes underneath the main plot. Definitely one to watch!

Hocus Pocus (1993)

This one just reminds me of being a little girl. It basically focuses on 3 evil witches who were hung in Salem in the 1800’s (?) and turned to dust in the sun. Legend is that if a virgin lights the black flame candle on Halloween it will bring them back. Head to modern day (90’s, that is) where Max is the new kid in Salem. He meets a girl and lights the candle in an attempt to impress her. All hell (or witches) then breaks loose. It’s Bette Midler’s finest hour of acting, if you ask me, but anyway it’s a fun flick and you’ll see both a young Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex & the City) and a super young Thora Birch (American Beauty), if you’re interested!

Dracula 2000 (2000)

This retelling of Dracula stars Gerard Butler as Dracula among others. One woman keeps seeing the same man in her dreams, but eventually starts to see him in reality. A group of thieves break into a vault expecting to find millions of dollars worth of paintings, but instead find a coffin containing Dracula himself. I think this one is purely nostalgic, but I get a kick out of seeing a pre-famous Gerard Butler in such a cheesy role.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

This has been a favorite since I was like 5 years old. It focuses on the Pumpkin King, Jack, who is tired of celebrating Halloweentown and wants to celebrate something new. One night he discovers Christmastown and decides he wants to celebrate that instead to disastrous effects.

The Addams Family (1991)

This one is a total classic!  The bizarre death-obsessed morbid Addams family. I don’t know what else to say, but a young Christina Ricci, Anjelica Houston and Christopher Lloyd all star.

The Corpse Bride (2005)

Starring Tim Burton’s predictable duo, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp, the Corpse Bride is about a man embarking on an arranged marriage, but accidentally vows himself to a dead bride instead of his actual bride. Woops! This is a really fun flick featuring Tim Burton’s signature style and Danny Elfman’s typical musical styles.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

It tells the Legend of Sleepy Hollow in classic Tim Burton fashion. Stars Christina Ricci, Johnny Depp and a host of other awesome actors. The set and costumes are amazing as well. Music is compliments of Danny Elfman who makes everything epic, in my opinion.

Beetle Juice (1988)

Say Beetle Juice 3 Times to call him or get rid of him, either way Beetle Juice wreaks havoc on the underworld and the living. Such is the luck of one recently departed couple who wish to haunt the new family that’s moved into their home out of it. They enlist the help of Beetle Juice to freak out the family, to horribly bad results. Young Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, Catherina O’Hara, and Gina Davis star.

Queen of the Damned (2002)

The vampire Lestat tires of living fore centuries and decides to reveal himself to the world by becoming the front man for a rock band, only no one believes him. His music wakes the queen of the vampires and threatens to expose the existence of vampires everywhere. Stars Aaliyah, Stuart Townsend, Lena Olin and others.

Alice (Syfy Mini-series, 2009)

This 3 hour (I think?) mini series re-imagines both Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Alice is a tough black belt who has been searching for her father since he went missing when she was 12. She meets a mysterious man Jack who suddenly proposes to her. She declines, but he leaves the ring behind. In her effort to return the ring, she sees him getting abducted, chases after them and ends up through the looking glass…in Wonderland.

Other Favorites: 

  • Zombieland
  • 28 Days Later
  • Underworld series
  • From Dusk Til Dawn
  • Donnie Darko
  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

That’s all for now! Sorry about the excessively long list, but hope you enjoyed it anyway 😛 .

What are your favorite films to watch around this time of year or for Halloween?

Image IS NOT MINE! Owned by ABC Studios

Okay, so I promise this will be my last post on this for at least a week or two. I know I’ve been obsessively posting on OUAT all week/end and I hope you’ve enjoyed it, at least a little bit!

Anyway, I am super excited for Season 2 of ABC’s Once Upon A Time (if you didn’t notice already!) and for my last post of the evening, I’d like to share some of my (and my boyfriend’s) predictions for this season. I hope you enjoy and definitely share your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to theory craft with you!

  1. Henry’s Father Is Baelfire. My boyfriend and I have been on this one for awhile now. It only makes sense. He actually came up with it while we were theory crafting after having watched Season 1 for the second time, but all signs point to this. First, Emma says Henry’s father isn’t a good guy. My theory is that Baelfire came through to our world from Fairy Tale Land with a chip on his shoulder, having been dealt the ultimate betrayal from his father, Rumpelstiltskin (Mr. Gold). I believe he’ll have grown up angry, alone, and jaded so it makes sense he would become an adult with a bitter resentment towards the world. At least, that’s my theory!
  2. The Queen of Hearts Is Regina’s Mother. This one is a bit far-fetched, but I feel it might have some ground because they purposely keep her face covered in the one Wonderland episode. Also, the whole keeping the hearts in boxes (for power, or you know, just because we’re creepy) idea that Regina also does may have come from her mother (if she is the QoH). If not, she’s definitely someone important otherwise they wouldn’t keep her face covered like that. Although, there are theories abound that she’s been beheaded herself and that’s why she’s covering it, but yeah, no idea and that would be awkward to see.
  3. Emma Has Special Powers. Okay, I know they’ve already pretty much said this, but I wanted to mention it because now that magic is in our world, it will come into play even more. Throughout Season 1 of OUAT Emma continually mentions she can tell when others are lying, but I feel like she has more powers than that. I think she may also have some sort of pure heartedness, despite her rough life, which may contribute to her ability to tell when others are lying or not. Also, I think she has more powers, but I don’t really know what they would be other than the aforementioned one.
  4. Daniel Is Still Alive .. Or Something. I know, I know, we saw him get his heart ripped out by Regina’s mother, Cora, but still. I just feel like something is missing from this story, whether they’re going to show that Cora knew about Regina and Daniel all along and reveal that to Regina in the present (since they’ve alluded she will come to Storybrooke in Season 2) or maybe Daniel is simply stuck in another world (or he was sent to ours). I have no idea. Maybe he really is dead, but I’m holding out for him being alive anyway so whateva!
  5. Jefferson / Mad Hatter’s Wife Is Alice. I think it would be awesome if Jefferson’s wife was Alice. Actually, he said she was dead, but then a lot of people keep saying their spouse or whatever is dead when they just left or something so I think it would be cool if she was either A. The QoH’s or B. Alice. Or maybe Alice became the Queen of Hearts. It’d be a nice twist. Either way, I feel like Jefferson’s daughter has a huge resemblance to what we all imagine Alice to look like, but that’s just me. I may be reaching on this one. Oh wellll.

I think I had a few more, but that’s all I can remember now I’m being put on the spot! I hope you enjoy this post and also if you’re tuning in tonight for the Season 2 premiere.

What do you think will happen in Season 2?

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