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As I’ve been so busy preparing all the giveaway posts for my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Event, I just have not had the time to do all the reviews, makeup looks and other normal beauty posts I’d normally be doing about now so sorry for the lateness on this favorites post and the lack of a typical collage that I’d normally do. This is just real quick and then it’s back to the grind as I’ve got to prepare for tomorrow’s flash giveaway. If you haven’t done so already, definitely hurry and sign up for the 2 giveaways that are open as the first closes in 12 hours or so and the second closes in less than 48 hours!

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And onto my November Favorites!

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  • Alpha-H Liquid Smoothing & Perfecting Face Mask.  This one has been a real life saver! My skin has been all over the place since the weather started to change and this mask has kept breakouts in check and helped smooth out patchiness, brighten dullness and just wake my skin up. It’s a great pick-me-up mask and it has the great tingling effects with the results to back it up! Highly recommend this one!
  • Living Nature Foundation. I’ve really been loving this foundation as it has a lot of healing ingredients in the formula including harakeke flax gel and manuka which are said to heal, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin and I really can attest to these effects! Although the coverage is not full, it has a general light to medium that’s buildable and really seems to even out the skin without covering it up. I love that it lets my skin breath and doesn’t break me out. Plus, it’s nicely hydrating and looks even more polished when used with the Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer.
  • Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener. This primer is so great! Although I covet my Korres primer because it is silicone free and I’ve had something of a phobia when it comes to silicone primers given how often they seem to make me breakout, I really love this one and it does not make me break out so that is fantastic! Instead, it gives that fantastic poreless finish we all associate with silicone primers with none of the typical irritation associated with them. Normally, in the past I’ve felt like, well I’d like the poreless look today so let me use this crap primer and pray my skin doesn’t react in the five hours I’m wearing it and I’d usually break out. But with this primer, I don’t have to worry because I never break out! It makes my skin look great and gives the natural foundations ( like the Living Nature or Jane Iredale ones) a fuller coverage that still looks natural, though a bit more finished.
  • The Leakey Collection Marula Oil. This has been such a great oil for hydrating my skin! I love that it’s just pure marula oil and that it’s a product I can really stand behind in terms of ethics and things. The oil itself feels so silky and yet it absorbs almost instantly into the skin and no residue. This is something I would absolutely repurchase though I’d need to save up a bit as it’s a little bit of a splurge!
  • Suti Skincare Cleanse Organic Balm. Last on the list, but nonetheless amazing! If you follow then you’ll have somewhat of an idea of the extent of my little obsession with Suti products. They just have such greatly formulated products and these products actually work! Some natural products are all natural and then their formulas suck despite their fantastic ingredient list, but these are so effective! I love this cleanse balm for any time, all the time. It just seems to really straighten my skin out when it’s going haywire for no reason and that’s whether it’s summer, winter, whatever. This. Just. Works. Try it. It’s amazing and it will nourish and smooth your skin in a beautiful way.

So, that’s it for my November favorites!

What are you loving this winter season to keep your skin in great shape or get the perfect fall makeup look?

It’s crazy how fast October has come and gone!

I’m shocked it’s already November, actually, but alas.

So, with the end of another month, it’s time again for monthly favorites!

  1.  Living Nature Radiance Night Oil. I’ve been a fan of this one for awhile, but I haven’t really appreciated it fully until now because the weather’s finally changed and I actually need the extra nourishment. This is a lovely facial oil for night skincare. You can see my original review on it – here
  2. Jane Iredale Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer. I actually just received this one for review and I normally wouldn’t jump the gun like this, but I’m shocked I actually like this! One end is an acne treatment balm while the other is a concealer. Review for this one coming soon!
  3. Living Nature Foundation. Although the coverage isn’t full really, I do like the light to medium coverage of this foundation. I love the ingredients in it that work to improve your skin while you’re wearing it and it has a lovely finish when used with primer! Review coming soon!
  4. Ambrosia Foods Olive Body Oil. I mentioned this body oil earlier in the week when I spoke about oil cleansing for the body. Again, I know it must sound strange, but it actually does work and this has been amazingly cleansing and softening for my skin. Check out the post on it – here. 
  5. Alpha-H Balancing Moisturizer and Gentle Exfoliant. This has been a favorite for awhile now and I’d actually run out of it, but I just got some more recently and I’ve been loving it more than ever! It’s perfect for breakouts, dullness, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, oiliness, dry skin, etc. It’s my favorite moisturizer for day and night at the moment. I love love love it. You can see the original review for it – here.
  6. Pai Echium BioRejuvenate Eye Cream. This eye cream is slowly, but surely becoming my favorite eye cream. I’ve been using it for a few months now and I love it, especially now that my eyes actually need the extra hydration right now. It’s super light, fast-absorbing and it really does seem to have an effect on fine lines! Check out my original review on this – here.

What are your beauty favorites for October?

I organized my beauty favorites for this past month a bit different this time around. I just really like  the pattern on my sheets…and that sounds really odd, but whatever, they’re nice!

Anyway, I also think it looks a bit like Fall, don’t you think?

Hmm.. It could totally just be me in hindsight…

On with September Favorites!

[Please Note – Click on the product names to read full reviews.]

  1. Skyn Iceland Anti-Blemish Gel. This is such a fantastic blemish gel. Although not nearly as potent as some mainstream drugstore brands, this one gently heals, renews and does so without toxic and harmful ingredients.
  2. Pai Echium BioRejuvenate Eye Cream. This eye cream is seriously amazing. Although I am only 23 and don’t have too many fine lines or wrinkles yet, this has made a big difference in the appearance of my overall eye area. It looks healthier, more youthful, hydrated, smooth, and bright. 
  3. Roques Oneil Bath & Shower Essence. Of the Roques Oneil products I tried, I really loved this one the most! It has such versatility because it can be used in your bath or as a body oil. Also, the scent is subtle, but heavenly, and very relaxing. All of the products in this line are incredibly calming, actually, so all of them are great, but this one made my re-purchase list.
  4. Alpha-H Liquid Gold. I heard a lot about this product before I actually purchased it and tried it for myself. I was really skeptical that it could live up to all the claims I read online, but this one comes really close! It has given my skin a makeover. I’m not totally blemish free, line free or scar free, but I certainly feel like this is helping my skin take strides toward this. 
  5. The Leakey Collection – Pure Marula Oil. As far as facial oils go, this is seriously a great one! Not only is it simple (it’s 1 ingredient – pure marula oil), but it is for a great cause – supporting local economies in East Africa so that the communities there can achieve a comfortable and sustainable income without sacrificing their culture or traditions. 

That’s all for this month’s roundup of beauty favorites; I hope you enjoyed and let me know if you try any of these. I’d love to know your experiences and thoughts on them!

What were your favorites for September?

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August Beauty Favorites

Check out this past month’s favorites!

Have you tried any of these amazing products yet?

If not, definitely click the links to read my reviews and pick some of these lovelies up!

1. Dairyface Nourishing Facial Refreshers – I have been loving these NFR’s from Dairyface! They are seriously fantastic for rejuvenating all skin types from dry to oily to sensitive. With their high content of fats, proteins, vitamins and lactic acid, they gentle exfoliate the skin, calm irritation and breakouts, and help with skin turnover. They are as natural as you can get which is why they have to be refrigerated, but that also makes them super cold and refreshing to wear on your face. I highly recommend everyone try these at least once! They have become a staple in my face mask collection of rescue products for when my skin is out of whack.

2. Original Konjac Sponge – This is so fantastic for people with sensitive skin. Though anyone will benefit from using these, those will sensitive and acne prone skin types will especially see benefits as these sponges are really gentle exfoliators and skin cleansers. For anyone who can’t use facial cleansing brushes like Clarisonic, this is a more gentle option. Plus, it’s simple, soap free, and eco friendly! I’ll be stocking up on these in the future!

3. Suti CLEANSE Organic Balm with Muslin Cloth – This is by far my favorite cleansing balm. It’s so gentle and nourishing to the skin. It works really well to cleanse and balance the skin without stripping it. I love to use it by itself as a facial massage cleansing balm or, for added benefits, with the muslin cloth which helps to exfoliate gently while cleansing. If you have particularly oily skin, you may be able to use this and forgo moisturizer. Definitely a new staple in my beauty collection!

4. Shaun T’s Insanity Workout – I know this isn’t technically a beauty product, but it certainly has helped improve all areas of my life including my body (5 pounds lost in the first week!), my mind (less stress = better skin), shinier hair, and more energy. I definitely feel that health has a lot to do with looking beautiful and feeling great and fitness is a great component of the health and beauty factors in your life so remember to not neglect it. Your body and skin will certainly thank you!

5. Karen Murrell Lipsticks – I’ve been raving about these lippies all month long! They are lovely to use – creamy, matte-ish finish without looking dry or cakey, moisturizing, subtle cinnamon scent, and made with seriously eco friendly and natural ingredients!

6 Erbaviva Rejuvenating Hand Cream – This hand cream has become a staple in my purse. It’s seriously hydrating, softening and brightening to my hands and I’ve seen a big improvement in the overall hydrated look and feel of my hands since I’ve begun to use this in the past month. My hands look younger – hydrated and soft as opposed to my previous dry, tight feeling hands of the past.

What are your favorites for August?

July Beauty Favorites!

  1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-In-1 Concealer – I’ll be the first to admit I don’t seem to ever be getting enough sleep. I just stay up late, blogging away, reading blogs or books or just plain not sleeping. What can I say? I guess I’m just a night owl. This concealer is amazing. It takes me from dead to alive in less than 10 seconds and doesn’t break me out.
  2. Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – I have been using this one all month long and absolutely love it! It’s my natural version of Noxzema; it deep cleans without being too abrasive or drying to my skin. It’s so gentle and the muslin cloth offers just enough exfoliation to give my skin a glow, but not irritate me. Definitely a keeper! This is the perfect cleanse + exfoliate combo for anyone who wants the results without having to put too much effort or thought in and it’s all natural.
  3. Vive Sana Solar to Polar Ultra SPF40 Natural Sunscreen – This sunscreen is really amazing. It combines sun protection with beneficial skin ingredients so your skin is well hydrated and nourished while it’s being shielded from the sun. The only thing is the formula is a bit thick for my taste, but click here to see how I’m making it work anyway.
  4. Makeup Forever Professional Yellow Gold Eye Shadow in N101 – This eye shadow is amazing and works in any and every makeup situation. I like to use it all over my lid on days when I don’t feel like doing my eye makeup and it looks really pretty without being over the top. Also, even though it looks white-ish, it’s actually a very soft gold so I’ve used it on my eyes’ inner corners and it gives a really nice awake effect. This is a great multi-use eye shadow; I use it pretty much every single day. I’ve used it in this makeup look in case you want to see it in action!
  5. Makeup Forever Professional Apricot Orange Blush in N25 – This blush is the PERFECT blush for anyone who wants a natural glow, especially the paler girls who struggle with finding the proper color that doesn’t look too pink, red or purple. This would work well for any skin tone; I’ve used it on my more tan friends to great effect as well, although it’s not eye popping; it just gives the skin a really amazing glow. This has worked well for really natural glow looks and also beach bronze looks as well.
  6. Living Nature Radiance Night Oil – This nighttime facial oil works super well for helping my skin stay nourished and radiant. It’s really light, easily absorbed into the skin and doesn’t break me out. Actually, I think it has been helping to treat any breakouts I do have. Plus, the ingredients are incredibly natural and include really rare plant extracts only found in New Zealand.
  7. TanOrganic 100% Natural Sunless Self Tanner Spray – This is the most natural looking tanner I have ever used, ever. It doesn’t make me look orange tinted like most ones I’ve tried (L’Oreal, Sally Hansen, Etc.). Instead, I look really naturally bronzed. It’s really buildable; seriously a few sprays and you get a nice tan color so it would be really easy to over do it. If you end up purchasing some of this amazing tanner, go light on the first try. The color intensifies over a few hours time no joke, but the results are lovely and the spray makes this virtually streak free and idiot proof for tanning incompetents such as myself.
  8. ILIA Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner in Blossom Lady – This tinted lip conditioner gives a really nude type pink color to my lips that is super natural looking and also helps keep my lips hydrated. In this SoCal heat, my lips get chapped in what feels like every 5 seconds so this has surely saved me from that! I’ve been carrying it around in my purse all month long to reapply throughout the day.

So, those are my beauty favorites for July; what have you been loving this month?

June Beauty Favorites!

I can’t believe July is already here!

June went by so incredibly fast and I have been so busy that I haven’t even had time to blink and notice that we are already knee deep in Summer weather!

I apologize for the delay on this; I wanted to get some of these reviews out before I posted my favorites so you all would be able to go and have a look if it any pique your interest so without further delay, here’s my favorites for June!

CARGO HydraBronze Powder

This bronzer has been amazing to use! I absolutely love it for contouring my cheek bones and it works great for a light bronze that doesn’t look too dark. I also love that they’ve included hyaluronic acid in the formula because it’s never drying to my skin; it just looks super soft and amazing!

Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil

I’ve truly loved this Natural Glow Cleansing Oil by Antonia Burrell because it feels amazing, smells great and is really hydrating. It was perfect to alternate using this with the Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser (read the full Alpha-H Reviews – here! ) because some days, my skin needed a more hydrating cleanser and this was just the thing! It features a host of awesome ingredients and feels great to use in a deep cleansing facial massage without being drying. Definitely worth a try for any skin type!

I Profumi di Firenze in Pleniluno Fragrance

I have been wearing this scent all month long! It smells amazing and is nice and light; perfect for the summer time! I am not a fan of fruity scents, but this has the perfect balance of fruitiness and musk so it just WORKS! It smells completely intoxicating and I will definitely buy the full size when I run out the of the small sample.

Alpha-H Gentle Balancing Moisturizer with 10% Glycolic Acid

This stuff is seriously one of my new holy grail products! It has been amazing at clearing up any breakouts that I have and brightening up my skin so that it doesn’t look dull and lifeless. It is a bit intense to use and may not be suitable for very sensitive types, but it is amazing for acne prone skin types and it may also be awesome for those experiencing dullness, hyper-pigmentation or dryness frequently. It has a slight tingling sensation due to the high content of glycolic acid so it should be used once every other night or even only a few times a week to get the effects, but it really does the trick!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Moisturizer in Adansonia

This tinted moisturizer has a lot more coverage than your average tinted moisturizer and I really like the soft finish! It blends nicely and looks natural and fits easily into my makeup bag with it’s thin design! I’ve been using it on regular work days when I want a bit more than a simple powder!

Suti Skincare’s Organic Purity Moisturising Balm

This balm has been amazing at calming my skin when it freaks out for no reason! I’ve loved using it, especially at to help heal breakouts, calm redness and hydrate any dryness I experience. I totally recommend this to anyone with easily irritated skin!

Eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

I received this eyeliner in my June Birchbox Review and I’ve pretty much been using it ever since! The felt tip on this is so easy to use and create thick or thin lines on my eyes. Plus, I love the change of pace with this deep purple color when I feel like black would be too harsh. It’s been a nice change for summer!

ECO Tools Bath & Shower Gloves

I mentioned these awhile back in my Target Beauty Haul post. I am so glad that I purchased these! They are amazing to use in the shower with any soap or body wash because they help massage the ingredients into your skin while at the same time gently exfoliating so when you’re done, your skin is SO SOFT! My skin is always so incredibly soft when I step out of the shower now and it’s given my skin a nice glow which is awesome for the summertime! Plus, they were so cheap at $2.99 USD so you can’t beat that!

That’s all my June beauty faves! I hope you enjoyed!

What are your beauty favorites for June?

May Beauty Favorites!

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus

I have been raving about this lip balm all month to anyone who will listen!

I mentioned it in my Lip Favorites post – here.

It’s absolutely creamy and natural looking, it hydrates my lips very well and looks great anytime, with or without makeup.

Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner

I reviewed this pair 3 days ago – here – and I truly have loved every bit of this set.

I have experienced so many natural shampoos and conditioners that either make my hair too dry or too oily and this one is just right.

I actually was skeptical I could find a natural version that would work so well.

Love the lemon scent as well; it definitely wakes me up in the morning.

Diorshow Extase Mascara

After reviewing the very disappointing Gossip Girl themed May Birchbox (see here), this ended up being my favorite item in the box.

It actually prevented me from cancelling my Birchbox subscription altogether being how it was so amazing.

Lifting, curling, and separately coating each individual lash in a lovely darkest black, this certainly changed my lashes for the better!

I have since carried this around in my purse everyday, almost religiously.

Read more on my experience – here.

Moisturizing Coconut and Dead Sea Salt Spray For Hair

I did a sort of mini review on this in my post on Rainwater Botanicals (See it Here) and it honestly was love at first spray (?)…

No really, though, this is destined to become a summer essential of mine!

It works really well as a detangler, plus it smells amazing AND if you spritz the lower half of your hair when it’s wet after a shower, it dries in lovely beach waves (or curlier curl waves if you have curly/wavy hair already like I do!).

I love that this spray is so affordable and lovely and works just as well (better in my opinion) than more expensive brands.

DIY Brown Sugar Body Scrub

 At the risk of sounding extremely self-absorbed, I LOVE this scrub that I recently made.

Not only is it very effective at gentle exfoliation, but it also hydrates the skin as well, but it’s not at all greasy and doesn’t leave a residue.

Get the recipe – here.

Plus, it can literally be made in your kitchen for very little cost to you!

And if I’m one thing, it’s a bargain hunter!

What are your beauty favorites for May?

Let me know in the comments!

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That’s all for now.

Stay Beautiful


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