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Emilee, the lovely founder and owner of, contacted me some months ago about guest posting and I’ve been wanting to, I really have, but I have been so busy between blogging, reviewing products, work and working out that I simply haven’t had the time…until now!

If you’re unfamiliar with SexyNaturalBeauty, it’s a lovely blog (ran by Emilee, of course) that focuses on organic beauty and other natural finds as well as her own daily life. I really enjoy reading her blog posts because she makes them fun and interesting and always shares unique items that she discovered.

I am so happy! Thrilled, actually, that I have finally done a guest post on her blog!

She has such a fantastic blog, definitely follow her and check out her posts.

Please check out the guest post I’ve done on her blog about my Winter Essentials for Beauty, Fashion & Food here.

Check out My Guest Post on F00dVentures!

Hi Everyone!

I did a guest blog post for Kirsten @F00dVentures and I hope you will check it out!

Click here to read my post on my favorite drugstore products and some fun diy hair mask recipes!

She recently guest blogged on here on Storybook Apothecary as well, but click here if you missed it!

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Also, Helene @HealthyFrenchie also guest posted not too long ago, check it out here!

Guest Post: “Fountain of Youth” by Kirsten @F00dVentures

A few days ago, I posted this post asking anyone if they wanted to do a guest post and Kirsten @F00dVentures sent me an email with an awesome post so without further delay, here it is and I hope you enjoy and check out her blog!

“Fountain of Youth: What I Do to Stay Looking (and Feeling) Young

First of all, I want to thank Tianna for allowing me this opportunity to be a guest blogger. I have had a blast writing posts on my own blog. It’s a bit of a funny story how this came about. I decided I wanted to do a post on the types of foods you should be eating for healthy hair. That same morning (literally as I was typing out that post for my blog), Tianna made a post asking if anyone wanted to be a guest blogger. If I had known that sooner, I would have saved the healthy hair post for her blog. ( Check out that post – here! ) But I think the fountain of youth will make for a fine post as well.

So let’s get to it 🙂

The fountain of youth is not a foreign concept. Everybody wants to not only look young but feel young.  While I can’t say there is really some miracle elixir out there that will suddenly transform you back to the way you used to look when you were in your 20s, there are small things you can do on a daily basis that will make all of the difference in the world as you age.

I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far, implementing these into my daily lifestyle. I take a look at my peers (I am 26) and can’t help but judge them. I remember what these people looked like in high school. Many of them have gained an excessive amount of weight, they have horrible diets, and still carry on as if they are teenagers (smoking and drinking and partying). They look like they are in their 30s instead of their 20s. I know that stressful jobs and lifestyles will take their toll, but there are only a handful of people I went to school with that have aged well (and we’re only in our mid 20s!) If these people look this bad now, just imagine how they are going to look when they are actually in their 30s.

So here are my tips for having that youthful glow:

1)      Protect yourself from the sun. I don’t mean skulk around in your house all day. Wear sunglasses and SPF. Even when it is cloudy out, the rays from the sun will still shine through even if you can’t see them. They can still do damage to your skin and cause wrinkles. So make sure to protect both your skin and your eyes all year round.

2)      Avoid smoking. There is mounting research constantly talking about smoking and the detrimental things it can do to the body. The most recent research is now saying that smoking can age the skin by releasing enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, important components of the body. When this happens, you are more likely to get wrinkles than your non-smoking counterparts.

3)      Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Dry skin is unhappy skin. Dry skin also makes lines and wrinkles more noticeable. Moisturized skin is happy skin. It also gives the appearance of youth. I make sure to moisturize my face and my body every day.

4)      Get enough zzzz’s. Research has shown that a lack of sleep can cause the body to produce excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. In order to counter this, hit the pillow. Sleeping produces human growth hormone (HGH) which helps the skin remain thick, more “elastic” and less likely to wrinkle.

5)      Eat a wide array of fruits and veggies. These foods contain free-radical fighting substances called antioxidants. Free radicals are known to cause all kinds of diseases, including aging. Antioxidants combat free radicals so make sure to eat plenty of them on a daily basis.

6)      Eat lots of fish. Fish, especially salmon, contains essential fatty acid omega 3. One of the things this fatty acid is responsible for is keeping the skin nourished and youthful. The reason it’s called “essential” is because the body cannot make it on its own. So if you want that youthful glow, be sure to include fish into your diet at least 3 times a week.

7)      Don’t overwash your face. Like hair, your face makes its own oils that keep it looking nice and youthful. If you constantly wash your face, then you’re constantly stripping it of these oils.

8)      Avoid excessive alcohol use. I think the number one thing my peers do that makes them age is excessive alcohol use.  Alcohol dehydrates the skin due to its toxin content. These toxins remove moisture from your skin resulting in wrinkles. I’m all for having a good time but I’m a firm believe that a good time can be had w/o alcohol.

9)      Drink lots of water. Your body is made up of water. In addition to its many other functions in the body (transporting nutrients for example), it also hydrates the skin. So drink up that H20.

10)   Be conscious of what you put not only in your body but on your body. This may fall on deaf ears since this is somewhat of a beauty blog. I mean no disrespect when I say this. I love Tianna’s blog and I think she does a great job of using natural products. But one thing I believe that has helped me stay young looking is the lack of makeup I wear. I stopped wearing makeup when I was 19. The main reason was because I worked in a soup restaurant and by noon my makeup was practically melting off my face. It was not very becoming. Another reason was that it was just an added expense. And lastly, I was just sick of constantly having to check myself all day to make sure my makeup looked okay. I definitely have my flaws though. I still break out like a teenager which is annoying. But I feel that piling on makeup is not going to help the problem, I feel letting my skin breathe is going to be a better solution. So my point after all that, is if you are going to wear makeup or put things on your face, at least make it natural. Tianna has done a great job of reviewing natural products and has even sent me a few of them which I am ecstatic to try out. Just like you should be mindful of what you eat, be mindful of what you put on your body.

Hopefully this post will help you all find your own fountain of youth 🙂 “

Thanks again to Kirsten @f00dVentures for doing this awesome guest post!

Please be sure to follow her blog – here!

Happy Friday !

Anyone Want to Guest Post on Storybook Apothecary?

And I have no idea how the above image pertains to this post, but whatever, it looks cool and I happen to love spas so there!

To get straight to the point, I was wondering if anyone would care to guest post on my blog?

Share your daily beauty routine, top 5 favorite products, what you do to keep your skin in order, your personal beauty secrets, healthy foods you love, recipes, exercises, or some such nonsense are all welcome guest post ideas!


Email me at !

Stay  Beautiful


I’ll Talk To You Soon : ]

Guest Post: Beauty Tips from Hélène @HealthyFrenchie

Morning everyone!                                                                                                              (Depending on where you are in the world, that is!)

After I did a fun guest post on Hélène @HealthyFrenchie’s blog, I thought it would be great if she did one on mine so here are some great beauty (and life!) tips from the lovely H   Hélène!

I hope you enjoy!

Stay Beautiful


I’ll Talk To You Soon!

Guest Post: Beauty Tips from Hélène

“I was honored and surprised when Tianna asked me to do a blog guest post about beauty.

Sure, I take care of my skin and like to put on make-up, but I am by no means an expert… Then I thought the one thing I always got compliments on is my skin 🙂

A (male) friend of ours even asked me for tips last night!

I’m always curious to see what other bloggers look like. So here I am, with after my usual morning routine. As you can see I keep it pretty simple.

But let me start by saying beauty comes from the inside.

I know, I know it’s a cliché… But I think it is true in 2 ways:

  • Happiness and kindness shows in a person’s face. I always find a genuine smile and a great personality goes a long way. I know “average looking” people that are cute, gorgeous or sexy because they have a great personality and attitude. Confidence also makes you more beautiful. Standing tall and feeling good about yourself makes you more attractive.
  •  Stress, anger etc are not good for your skin. When I get stressed I sometimes get a pimple, or red patches. When I cry I get blotches around my eyes.
  •   “You are what you eat”. And it shows on your skin. Ever went on a chocolate or cheese bender only to wake up the next day with a pimple? I know I have. Studies have shown that eating a variety of fruits and veggies helps make your skin glows from the inside and improves your level of attractiveness!

Yay for fruits and veggies!

Foods Make Your Skin Glow!

But taking care of the outside matters too.

  • Wear sunscreen! You’ve probably heard it a million time before, but it is so important to protect your skin. I always wear a moisturizer with some SPF protection during the day and put on proper sunscreen before exposure. The only exception is in the morning when I walk the dog. That way I get plenty of Vitamin D.
  •  Make up: Some wear it some don’t… In the French town I grew up with women always wear some make up, and I got into the habit of wearing some everyday… Now that I live in laid back Canada, I sometimes don’t wear any at the week-end. 
  • I always keep it simple and natural: I love eyeliner (and playing with different colors) and discreet eye shadow. I also wear mascara and gloss. No foundation for me though…

What’s your routine like? Any tips on wearing lipstick? I cannot find one that suits me…

  •  Don’t forget to take it off: I (nearly) always make sure I wash my face at night to get all the makeup and dirt on my face. I also like scrubing it once a week.

DYI Scrub:

  1. 1 TBSP of lemon juice
  2. 1 TBSP of oil
  3. 2 TBSP of granulated sugar

 Directions: Mix together and massage into your face gently for one minute. Rinse.

  • I like it natural: What’s the point of eating healthy if I’m going to absorb chemicals through my skin? I try as much as I can to use natural products. I use almond oil on my skin before bed and oil on my hair or skin.

 That’s why I love this blog so much!

Tianna always give me ideas on natural masks and cream  🙂

What’s your beauty routine like?

The one thing I need to take more care of is my hair…

Curly and big hair is not always easy….

Bring back the 80s Haha! “

Want to read more about Hélène @HealthyFrenchie’s experiences?

Check out her blog here!