Mid Week Inspiration + Fitspo!


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Happy Inspiration + Fitspo Wednesday!

I hope you’re all having a great week so far – I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish where my weight loss goals are concerned so this post comes right on time for me. I swear it was like Negative Nancy all over the place for  me yesterday, but after working out and relaxing, I feel a bit better. Now I just want to get my eating back on track after my super indulgent birthday weekend so I’m getting back in the groove a bit this week.

For some reason, I have just been a bit down about the whole weight loss thing.

You know, you feel great and then all of a sudden you feel like all the doubts and negativity come around and punch you in the face. It’s seriously awful, but I am working through it and if you’re working through some crap like that, then feel free to email me or comment or whichever and we can all work through it together. Anyway, whatever your mindset or condition is this week, I hope this week’s Mid Week Fitspo + Inspiration help to keep you positive, happy, motivated, and mindful.

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Albion Fit

From Albion Fit via Pinterest

What’s Inspiring You this week?

I’d love to know in the comments!

 I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

♥ Tianna


3 thoughts on “Mid Week Inspiration + Fitspo!

  1. Mona Salem

    Hi Titiana

    I go to the gym 4+ times a week at least. I mostly do cardio and it shows on the scale. However, my upper body is not well built enough; ie too small. I want bigger and curvier arms and shoulders, 6 pack and straighter posture. I also want more muscular quads. So I incorporate a full strength day; although I do upper body dips and pull ups after the 55 min cardio twice more a week. ( I don’t expect to see a measurable wt loss except on cardio day —- treadmill 55 min speed walk or run.)

    Jon Gabriel audio tapes are helpful. He hypnotizes you and you feel that you are golden and super charged. Very helpful; even if it does not work first day. It gets to you eventually. A lot of his free interviews on youtube.

    Start disliking sugars; particularly since 1) it breaks down collagen and 2)you can feel it in your stomach as constipation. Sugar is totally OUT THERE BAD FOR YOU. Regarding the collagen destroyer: it sags the skin, causing the jowls and making you just look older and lack of skin luster. Load your morning meal with yogurt/protein, flaxseed and fruit. Flaxseed at every meal (Omega 3). It fills you up, improves hair, skin and nails.

    Another thing that works for me to boast energy is CoQ 10, resveratrol, Vit E, Vit D and magnesium. I also take Juice Plus tablets. I get wiped out a lot, so I take the vitamins and just eat the right stuff to stabilize my energy level every 2 to 3 hours. (I also take Biotin to maintain my hair health.)

    Just go to the gym, sweat it out and get rid of sugar from your diet. You will look great and live longer.


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