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My biggest problem when it comes to weight loss, fitness or anything in regards to my personal life goals is motivation. It’s not that I’m an unmotivated person; I am. It’s simply that I run out of steam eventually and have to figure out ways to pick my momentum up again. You know how it is – you start out and at first, it’s awesome. Then you find yourself losing speed quickly and you feel like there’s nothing to be done to get yourself out of the slump. When this happens, I have found a number of strategies which have worked very well for me in order to stay inspired, motivated and positive about any and all of my goals.

Here Are My Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated When Losing Weight Or Striving For Anything in Life: 

  1. Make A To-Do List. For me, I’ve found I have had the best success when I’ve written things down and this goes for something as simple as cleaning out my closet to my personal life ambitions. It always helps to get things on paper and make them feel more real and tangible. Also, make sure you’re very specific. If you want to own your own house, put down what kind of house you want, how many rooms, the layout, and what you want it to look like. All those details will make your goal more real and achievable. 
  2. Track Your Progress. I have hated this one in the past, but it’s absolutely necessarily for keeping a positive and motivated mindset because if you don’t know where you’ve been, you literally won’t know how far you’ve come. I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds in the past 3 ish months and if it wasn’t for the fact that my boyfriend and I do weekly weigh ins, I would have no idea I’d come that far and I would constantly feel like ” Oh damn, I only lost a pound this week”  which feels like a whole lot less than it really is in the grand scheme of things. Writing everything down and tracking your progress from weight to measurements will truly open your eyes to the progress you’re making. In turn, that will make you want to continue because you will absolutely see the results on paper.
  3. Celebrate the Little Things. It’s really difficult to do this one, but it is super important. You know they say little things add up to big results and it’s true. I lost only a few pounds a week and sometimes only stayed the same, but in a few months, that’s 20 pounds gone and that’s a lot. Celebrate that 1 pound lost a week or that inch lost from your waist or hips. Celebrate those baby steps you’re taking because they add up to huge strides in progress. I know it sounds trivial and it’s spammed all over weight loss blogs, but it’s the truth so don’t knock it!
  4. Relax & Enjoy Yourself. Weight loss or any goal can be hard work, especially if you’re new to something or you’re doing something very challenging so be sure to reward yourself with some down time to have fun, sleep, and veg on the couch. I know, watching TV is bad for you, blah blah, but seriously, sometimes you just have to watch a movie or your favorite show to rejuvenate your spirit. I’m just saying. Otherwise, you will freaking go insane. At least, I would. I need my entertainment! So whatever yours is, definitely find a way to enjoy yourself a bit. Achieving goals and doing well for yourself doesn’t have to be all fire, blood and brimstone. You can have fun and relax once in awhile and you should.
  5. Work Hard & Be Proud. Make sure you’re pushing yourself and be proud of yourself when you push through something that’s difficult. It can be so difficult to keep going and you need to take note when you’ve done it in spite of feeling crappy. There have been so many times I don’t want to work out and I’ve done it anyway and I feel amazing after. I just have to go do it anyway and remind myself how amazing I will feel after. I have never been wrong about that one. Remember to give yourself some credit for your hard work.
  6. Spring Clean. Sometimes things can get stale if you do them for too long so be sure to clean up a bit and keep yourself inspired with new ideas and strategies for your goals. It doesn’t matter how small a change you make or how big as long as it helps you stay inspired and ready to roll.
  7. Re-Work Your Plan. Occasionally or maybe a lot, you’ll need to scrap your plan entirely. I’ve gone through so many different workout plans, it’s ridiculous. Sometimes, the same old shit gets old fast. Otherwise, you might find that the plan you thought would be amazing isn’t so. Maybe it’s too easy, too unrealistic for your schedule or too boring for your taste so it’s important to remember, you have the power to change it to something you really like and enjoy! Don’t feel tied down to one plan. It’s better you change it to something you enjoy and actually want to do than something you hate and will eventually quit altogether because you find it unbearable.
  8. Re-Word Your Plan Again. Again, I’ve re-worked my plans for things a million times and not just for fitness. I’ve re-worked my diet plan, my workout plan, my budget plan, and my other personal goals SO MANY TIMES. It doesn’t make you a failure to change your mind and try something new that works better for you because it’s all a learning process. As long as you never quit, you will never truly fail. You just get better as you go.
  9. Get A Second Opinion. There are times when I get stuck in a shitty cloud of negativity that I can’t seem to get out of and during those times, I go to friends for advice to talk through it all because I know they will give me an unbiased opinion of things. For instance, I was refusing to give myself credit for the work and progress that I’d made with myself and my boyfriend sat me down to point out all of the things I’d actually done. Once he did that, I could see the facts – I’d come a long way and made huge progress – I just couldn’t see it on my own. So talk to your friends and family, you’re not alone. There is someone who can help you see that you are working hard and that you are enough!
  10. Practice Patience & Optimism. This is my biggest challenge. I am not a patient person by nature. I can be really optimistic, but super impatient about everything and that can kill my motivation at times. For that reason, I like to follow other fitness and health blogs to stay motivated and positive about my goals, my life, my journey. It might sound really stupid, but I even browse the fitspo on Pinterest and it seriously helps keep me in a great mindset.

What Are Your Tips to Stay Motivated for Weight Loss & Life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

♥ Tianna

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