For you lovely British readers out there, this might be totally old news, but as an American, I’ve just discovered the incredible BBC show The Misfits and it is AMAZING!

I just discovered it through a friend who had watched it on Hulu. If you’re unfamiliar with Hulu (if you’re not American or perhaps, been living under a rock), Hulu is an online streaming service that mostly offers TV shows to be streamed online, but there are some films and a few documentaries as well. I personally have Hulu Plus, the paid premium service, but you don’t need Plus to watch this fantastic show.

The plot is basically, in my opinion, a more urban, gritty and realistic version of NBC Heroes mixed with a more modern, grunge style of the Breakfast Club … or something.

It’s kind of a bit difficult to describe, but it’s about a group of kids in their late teens who all show up on their first day of Community Payback (community service to us Americans) only to be caught in a freak thunder/ice/ hail storm where they are promptly struck by lightning.

Shortly after, they discover they’ve all acquired different super powers since the storm. You follow them through their everyday community payback antics and not so everyday insanity where trouble seems to find them at every hilarious and somewhat disastrous turn.

Lastly, and as a random side note, I just want to say how education this has been for me, as an American girl, to learn more British slang and how fantastic that has been. I doubt I’ll be using them much as they sound like they’d be pretty offensive in most conversations, but still really interesting to know and hilarious to hear my boyfriend try to add them into his everyday vernacular.

Some Brit Slang I’ve Learned & Their USA Equivalents:

{hope I don’t offend anyone!}

  • Chav – American equivalent of calling someone trashy, tacky or ghetto I think.
  • Wanker – Idiot or Moron.
  • Slag – Whore or Slut.
  • Bloke – A Guy or Man.
  • Arse – Ass.
  • Cheers – Goodbye or Thanks or as a toast when drinking.
  • Twat – Idiot.
  • Taking the Piss – Making fun of someone, mocking or messing with them.
  • Fanny – Vagina.

If you want to check out the serious awesomeness that is BBC’s The Misfits, you can watch all of the seasons for free online on Hulu – here.

You can also see their direct website – here.

Have you ever heard of the Misfits?

Are you a huge fan or not so much?

Oh! And if you’re from UK, definitely let me know if I’ve gotten the slang right or wrong!

Let me know your thoughts on this!

♥ Tianna

12 thoughts on “British Slang Awesomeness + My New Favorite TV Show

  1. deanna

    Hahaha I love Misfits! As a british girlie I’d say you’re almost spot on with your slang. Cheers isn’t really ever used as goodbye, and I’d definately say ‘wanker’ is a whole lot more offensive than idiot. So is ‘twat’. I cringe while I write them because they’re pretty harsh curse words. Think calling someone a ‘dick’ but a little worse. Hahaha
    It’s such a great show though! I hope you enjoy all the seasons!

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Thanks for commenting! Me too! I hope I didn’t offend you – British slang seems so proper and polite to me its hard to imagine it being offensive but I know what you
      mean. Its an awesome show 🙂 who’s your favorite character?

  2. Sarah

    Do they show Misfits on the BBC America over there then?
    It’s actually a Channel 4 (E4) programme :/ so odd!

    One of my favourites though I do miss the original gang on it.

    Have to agree with Deanna you have given the more polite meaning to some lol – they are quite often a while lot worse – Misfits doesn’t do things politely lol

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Hmm I dunno. Not that I’m aware of as I’ve watched it all on via my phone or PS3. I really love the original cast and I’ve just finished season (series) 3 so I don’t know how I’ll enjoy the 4th given its a whole new cast. There are speculations of a misfits season 5 and a film in the works, I heard though – that would be pretty cool! Lol. Yeah I tried to keep things polite – it’s kind of difficult to gauge the level of offensiveness for some Brit slang for me because, as an American, we feel everything British sounds polite and sophisticated so it’s difficult to imagine. Thanks for stopping by ❤

  3. Charlotte Katie

    Wanker comes from to wank, meaning masturbate. So whilst we do use it as idiot, it’s a bit more offensive because of the origin.
    Also, cheers is only really used as goodbye in the North, and it’s only when we’re thanking them at the same time. Such as when you’re leaving a shop, you’d say cheers to thank the sales assistant and say goodbye at once. We also use cheers when getting off a bus. In the North East, we would also say ‘Cheers Drive’ as in ‘thanks driver’ when getting off a bus. English slang is certainly different :-p

  4. Kajsa Josephine

    I´ve briefly heard about the show, but never watched it. British slang is so amusing. I remember when I was younger that I learned the word bloke, and used it all the time.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      It is so awesome – highly recommend it! Plus, I love that it’s free to watch on 🙂 Haha I know what you mean – my boyfriend keeps trying to bring the word “chav” into normal conversation. It’s hilarious, but I feel like he’s going to get me beat up if we run into any Brits! xx


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