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I’m so happy it’s almost the weekend 🙂

I went to the Host midnight showing ( which was actually shown at 10 PM for some reason…) last night and it was tons of fun!

Highly recommend the book as well, but the film was also really good, though the beginning is like an overload on the awkward voice overs.

Also, tried out this incredible dark chocolate from Lindt – it’s the Sea Salt Caramel one. OMG ! SO GOOD. And, why yes, I did sneak it into the theater in my purse last night at the premiere. Even those who don’t normally like dark chocolate will like this . It’s my new indulgence – highly recommend!!

It’s that time again for this week’s Blogger Link Love Friday so without delay, here are some of my favorite posts from the week!


Minestrone Soup Recipe – Undressed Skeleton

I really love Undressed Skeleton, a tumblr blog, which focuses on healthy eating and fitness. She always posts amazing recipes and really creative ways to make things more fun and healthy to eat, but also taste great. I can’t recommend her blog enough if you’re into smoothies and healthy eating!

Non-Muji Makeup Storage – Hello, I’m Terri Lowe

I follow this awesome blog, Hello I’m Terri Lowe,  via Bloglovin’ and she’s really great! She always does really fun and interesting posts in a unique way that never seems like it’s been re-hashed from somewhere else. I highly recommend this one as a great read!


7 Tips to Make Sure Your Post Actually Gets Red – HeartIFB

If you’re a blogger and you don’t already follow HeartIFB, then GET ON IT RIGHT NOW! They have the most helpful information for bloggers, in my opinion, of most blogs out there on the topic. They focus mostly on tips and tools for fashion bloggers ( IFB = Independent Fashion Bloggers, after all ), but much of their advice could be applied to any blogger across the board. They are amazing and they’re my #1 source for helpful information on blogging.

FACES Ultime Pro Snow White, FACES Hi Shine Flirty Fuschia, FACES Splash Marooned, FACES Phoebe Blue Matte and Sephora Picnic in the Park

Holi Nails – Enamel Online

I really love these super festive nails from Enamel Online – I think they’d be amazing for Easter or just Spring, in general, plus I love the fact that the design is not beyond my ability…as I’m still pretty nail inferior.  She does a lot of amazing nail designs and has loads of posts featuring creative nail art so I highly recommend her if you’re into nail beauty and trends.

11 Good Carbs That Help You Lose Weight 11 Good Carbs That Help You Lose Weight

11 Good Carbs That Help You Lose Weight – Skinny Ms.

Skinny Ms. is such an amazing website for all things health, fitness and weight loss with a strong focus on women. I love that they always feature articles, like this one, that list a variety of ways to get your greens in or otherwise the various benefits of certain foods. The posts are always easy reads, but they almost always feature valuable and helpful information on how to be more fit and healthy.

Beauty Giveaways to Sign Up For – Flawless Beauty

Flawless Beauty by Glory Chen always features a variety of fun posts on Asian beauty products which I love, but she also does really nice posts like this one where she lists a variety of current beauty giveaways she’s signed up for that you can sign up for too. Thanks for sharing the love girl! 😉

So That’s It for Blogger Link Love Friday; What Links Are You Loving This Week?

Please Share Them In the Comments!]

Have A Great Weekend! ♥

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