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Happy Friday!

I’m so happy it’s almost the weekend!

For some reason, this week was so difficult to get through. I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but the week felt like it just dragged on forever. I couldn’t summon the willpower to get up at my usual 4 AM at all this week so I guess my body is in need of down time and just forgot to tell me. Or this is her way of telling me haha. So, instead, I’ve gone a few times less than usual this week in the evenings, but I’ll likely go all weekend to make up for it!

Anyway, back to the post! Today is Blogger Link Love Friday! If you don’t know already ( you probably do 😉 ), every Friday I’ve begun a feature where I do a post on my favorite bloggers’ posts that I’ve seen and loved this past week so I can share the love and pass on the goodness to all of you so I hope you enjoy!

Michael Kors Leather Nugget Pendant necklace

DIY : Michael Kors Leather Nugget Pendant necklace – Cinnamon Spring

First up is this brilliant DIY post from Cinnamon Spring where she teaches you how to make your own version of the Michael Kors Leather Nugget Pendant Necklace and it’s a brilliant tutorial! I absolutely love her blog because she’s always featuring amazing DIY fashion tutorial posts that are super easy to follow and do yourself at home. I highly recommend her blog as one to follow!

Dreamcatcher 1

Dreamcatcher Nails – RaRa Reid

I absolutely love RaRa Reid‘s blog for all things nail design because she has the most creative, artistic and lovely nail designs I’ve seen! I mean, Look at that feather! I just think it looks like actually painting and it’s really inspiring to someone as nail art inferior as me!

DIY Image to Canvas Tutorial – Confessions of a Small Town Girl

This awesome DIY tutorial from Confessions of a Small Town Girl is really easy to follow and what a great end result! I had no idea you could DIY this, but it’s definitely on my list of things to try now! She mostly does fashion and beauty type posts, but I really enjoyed this one.

Step 2 Customize Facebook Page

How to Customize Your Facebook Page – Sweet Jelly Bean

D @ SweetJellyBean is mostly a beauty and lifestyle lovely mommy blogger, but she does the most amazing tutorials! They’re always easy to follow and understand and very helpful if you’re new to blogging, social media, and the like. I highly recommend hers as one to follow – her posts are always a fun read and I’m always learning new things from her!

Amarya Beauty Box – Juicy Satsuma

I love the Juicy Satsuma blog! She’s a lovely cruelty free fashion and beauty blogger who always has fun posts on both which are entertaining, helpful, thorough and great to read. I always see cool new products I’d love to try or fun fashions that intrigue me!

Almond Breeze Tropical Sunshine Smoothie Recipe – Baked Bree

 For some reason, it’s beginning to seem like it’s mandatory for me to feature some kind of food post in these link love posts. Maybe it’s because I am such a foodie I can’t resist or maybe it just shows the ridiculous amount of fitness and food blogs I follow. Anyway, Baked Bree is up there with the best of them! Her photos are incredible and her recipes are even better! She always features delicious looking food and drink and I am constantly drooling as I trawl through her blog – it’s ridiculous. This smoothie recipe looks SO GOOD! I will be trying this as soon as the weather warms up a bit – maybe sooner.

So, that’s all for this week’s Blogger Link Love Friday – I hope you enjoyed and found some new blogs to follow and love as much as I do!

What Are Some of Your Favorite Posts from the Week?

Link Me to Them in the Comments!

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11 thoughts on “Blogger Link Love Friday #3!

  1. Donah D. Sweetjellybean

    Hun, thanks so much for featuring me! This is soooo sweet of you, really happy and made my Friday a lot better heheh. Your round up is pretty cool and I’m glad you’re doing this. That smoothie looks so delicious right now! Have a great Friday Tianna! xx Donah

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