{ Me, Circa 1997 }

Happy Friday! 

I hope you’re all having a great day and are as excited for the weekend as I am!

Tomorrow is my little sister’s baby shower { It’s a girl! } and I’m super excited to go to the party and see everyone. I don’t get to see my family that often so I’m excited, especially with how far along my sister is! So cute!

On another note, this weekend is Chinese New Year & it’s Year of the Snake! I’m super excited to stay home and try to make dumplings for the first time! Anyone who has any advice on what to cook and how to do it, please leave it in the comments because I’m going to need it!

{ Me, Circa 1993 }

Anyway, today’s post focuses on things in the past. My past, that is. I recently saw a bunch of YouTube videos { I seem to be on there a lot lately! } where the tag was ” I remember when…” and discussed what we remember from our past or childhood or whichever and I thought it would be tons of fun to do a post on it myself!

{ Me in high school, Circa 2004 }

” I Remember When…”

  • I remember when gas was under $2 per gallon. 
  • I remember when computers were huge, slow and all I could do on them is type, play Oregon Trail and/or Crayola Color Studio { basically, Paint LOL } .
  • I remember when Britney Spears was innocent and still dating JT. Oh. And JT had frosted tips.
  • I remember when emo only meant emotional.
  • I remember when DVDs were non-existent and you had to rewind VHS tapes.
  • I remember when boy bands were still big – N Sync, Backstreet Boys, Boys 2 Men, etc.
  • I remember when kids rode bikes and played hand ball, kick ball, and dodge ball during the Summer.
  • I remember when Furby was brand new.
  • I remember when beanie babies were the cool thing to own.
  • I remember when the Pokemon show was still on.
  • I remember when being “Scene”, “Emo”, “Screamo” etc. were all new concepts…and er, haircuts.
  • I remember when Tamagachis were popular.
  • I remember when Chris Farley, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Tupac, and Notorious BIG were all alive.
  • I remember when everyone used AIM, had a Xanga or Live Journal or Melo, before Myspace was popular.
  • I remember when Casettes were the norm and CDs were new.
  • I remember when good graphics were akin to the new Mortal Kombat on SNES.
  • I remember when P Diddy was Puff Daddy.
  • I remember when it was semi-safe to take weekend trips to Mexico.
  • I remember when kids played POGS.
  • I remember when people on the news blamed violence on rap music, before they knew much about video games.
  • I remember red ribbon week meant drug free wrist bands and free medium slurpees.
  • I remember when Sims was just called Sim City and involved literally building your own city.
  • I remember when Skip Its were cool.
  • I remember when young girls, including myself, idolized the Spice Girls.
  • I remember when Harry Potter was just a book series.
  • I remember when Apple was that company Microsoft gave money to in order to help them stay in business.
  • I remember when it was a big deal for kids to get their own phone line so they could talk to their friends.
  • I remember when internet meant dial up and a literal dial noise.
  • I remember when AOL was big.

That’s all I can think of for now!

What do you remember?

Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Trips Down Nostalgia Lane: I Remember When…

  1. lilahloves

    I remember videos and having to rewind them after you’ve watched something. I also remember tape coming out of cassettes and having to wind it back in, I think those are my childhood memories, haha. I loved the pokemon show. Have a nice time at the baby shower and all the best to your sister. xx



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