You know what really gets on my nerves?

When I’m YouTube surfing, enjoying myself, and watching beauty and weight loss videos ( or as I call them, vijiuhs) and pleasantly strolling along and then BLAM! I’m verbally smacked in the face by a video ( or 7 ) which are all talking about Asian Stereotypes or like Stereotypes in general. It’s not the subject matter that gets to me because I can totally understand that being stereotyped can be annoying. I can also understand that being racially stereotyped or profiled or whatever can be super annoying and offensive. And before anyone flies off the handle about “You’re white, Tianna. How can YOU know how it feels?” 

To answer that, well, I do know how it feels because as one girl on YouTube said “We Asians can’t tell you white people apart and think you all look the same too.” So, that’s one way. Another way is by my Italian heritage which is very apparent in my features and which people often mistake for being hispanic, Mexican, South American, Russian, and even once Korean. I don’t really understand the last one as I think I look nothing like a Korean person, but hey, whatever. It just goes to show how off people can be when they’re making racial assumptions. Not a whole lot of people know this about me, but aside from being Italian/Sicilian heritage, I am also Dutch Irish, German, Welsch (or so we think) and probably some other Anglo European. And, because of my “white” heritage, I actually got beat up by a group of Mexican gang members when I was 17. So, there you have it. Even “white” people get knocked down for their “racial” standing.

This mass of videos I’ve been barraged with on YouTube in the passed day or so ( I guess it was trending at some point ? ) and as I said, it’s not the subject matter that annoys me, but the idea being passed around that they (the video makers) are the only ones who know how it feels to be stereotyped and, to add insult to injury, rather than voice their complaints and annoyances (which I do understand), they proceed to bash other “races” or “cultures” or whatever.

I hate the word “races” because if you know anything about anthropology or biology, you’ll know the only thing separating us as humans is geographical barriers and culture. That’s it. Anyway.

So, what gets to me is all of the hate that seems to come with videos like these. Like, someone can’t just say “It really pisses me off when I get stereotyped because…” 

They have to take it a step further and start talking about how “white people” (another thing I hate – when cultures are referred to by their skin color. So STUPID) do stupid shit too and how we’re just as bad. As if that justifies the insult. Really, it doesn’t. Really, we’re all just people who have similar habits, irregardless of “race”, ethnicity, culture, geographical location or background.

And finally, the biggest reason I get so annoyed by these videos is that I hate when race has become a thing that separates us all. I know everyone has a different cultural belief or two to share that might separate us, but that doesn’t mean we need to start talking about “WE” and have a dialogue about annoyances turn into a mud fight of “US” against “THEM” because it’s freaking stupid. It is 2013, people. This is old and tired. I don’t care if you’re black ( and by black I actually mean Senegalese, Haitian, British, African American, Nigerian, Kenyan or whichever country you’re from), white (and by white I mean British, Welsch, Irish, Scottish, Italian, French, etc.), brown ( and by brown I mean Mexican, Spanish, Nicaraguense, El Salvadorian, Brazilian, etc.), asian ( and by asian I mean Chinese, North Korean, South Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, etc.), Pacific Islander, and/ or et. all.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all people and NONE of the racial barrier crap even matters. We all live in the SAME world whether you want to believe it or not and we are all one so let’s stop with the hater-ade and realize that none of this crap matters. Then we can finally sit down, enjoy the cultures of our backgrounds together, and each some delicious food, which is what really matters to me, okay?

On A Last Side Note, Here Are Some American Stereotypes That Are Mostly Untrue, but That We Get QUITE A Lot: 

  • All Americans Are Stupid, Ignorant, and/or uneducated. 
  • All Americans are Racist.
  • All Americans are Fat or Obese and Likely Sound Southern.
  • The Traditional American Diet includes Fast Food such as Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and French Fries.
  • All Americans are Ignorant to Other Cultures.
  • All Americans Think They’re Better Than Everyone Else.
  • All Americans Are Bullies.
  • All Americans Approve Of & Support the Views of the Government.
  • All Americans Live Off of Fast Food.
  • All Americans Sound the Same.
  • All Americans Are Shallow & Incompetent.
  • All Americans Are Rude and/or Impolite.
  • All Americans are Culturally Ignorant or Just Simple Disregard Culture.
  • All Americans Think They Own and/or Are Entitled to Everything.
  • This one is semi specific to Californians, but it’s that We All Live in the OC, Laguna Beach or LA and that it looks JUST LIKE it looks on TV.

I’m sure there are some I missed, but those are the ones I thought of off the top of my head.

Definitely let me know any of the ones I might have missed!

So, apologies for the non-beauty related rant, but it really got on my nerves and I had to let it out somehow!

Do you think racial stereotypes are stupid, correct or otherwise?

Do they bother you or do you think they are appropriate?

Please let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “Racial Stereotypes, Annoying American Stereotypes and Reasons Why It’s All So Annoying

  1. healthyfrenchie

    God, don’t get me started on the subject! I am “brown” but was brought up by white parents (I’m only half brown anyway). And when living in France, people always thought I was from North Africa and would expect me to be Muslim and behave a certain way. I was insulted in the street hanging out with my brother (who is white) and my ex (who is black) by people who thought I shouldn’t go outside their community.
    I don’t understand either why we can’t all get along! And while I understand the frustration, I don’t think it’s a reason t act the same way and dismiss other communities.
    I have been called everything from Portuguese to North African, to Asian, to his panic. And while I don’t mind people’s curiosity, I don’t appreciate any assumptions they might make because of it.
    It also always surprises me as well how polarized on race American culture is. I mean I get it, I grew up feeling “weird” because everybody on TV was white and felt “alone”. But I wish all members of society regardless of skin color, sex, disability etc could just be represented in a positive light. And we could all be more tolerant of each other.
    Anyhow, rant over here too 😉
    And sorry to hear about you being attacked. It must have been quite traumatizing.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Yeah I totally understand. It’s crazy how people can make assumptions about you that are usually if not always incorrect for no reason but their own bigotry. What’s crazy is that American culture itself is not polarized – it’s only the media really, in my opinion, and then a small group of people who are mostly older generation. Everyone else and most young people don’t have a concern for it.

      No worries about the rant. I’m actually interested to hear other peoples’ experiences. And yeah, for awhile I was really traumatized, but it’s dealt with and the thing is that I grew up with Mexican people. I have no reason to nor have I ever though of them as the “enemy” My step dad nearly raised me and he’s Mexican and my step mom is as well. Mexicans are all over my life! lol. But seriously, I live in Southern California. It’s like Mexico #2. And I love it. I have tons of Mexican friends and my boyfriend is Mexican as well. To me, the attack wasn’t about race. It’s just another reason or excuse to hate someone and it’s something that people do verbally ( and sometimes physically ) all the time. I just try to live my example to never promote that ideal or behavior. xx

  2. keepingupwiththekelly

    I think it’s great you also address subjects like this one, and this one is very interesting. I totally agree with you and those comments also annoy me. I don’t think it’s important where someone is from and It’s cool to find out that you’re partially Dutch. I’m Dutch and also half Indonesian, which a lot of people don’t believe because I’m taller than most (half-) Indonesian girls.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Thanks 🙂 I appreciate that. I think where you’re from will have an effect on you, but I don’t think it’s the end all be all to who you are as a person because there’s a lot more to what meets the eye. That’s so cool you’re Dutch and Indonesian 🙂 unique in your height! 😉

  3. masquerade21

    Great post, what really annoys me is general ignorance, for the most part people stereotype each other based on skin colour and assume that skin colour determines culture and beliefs. As if you can’t make up your mind on how to behave or what you’re beliefs are, your skin colour has already taken care of that. It’s ridiculous.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Thank you. And I totally agree. I think it’s more to do with ignorance than anything that causes a lot of the cultural stereotypes and “clashing” as it were. And i don’t think any one place is more prominent than another with this. I notice some people are saying its not as bad in other countries and maybe to a certain extent, but it’s everywhere. People love to say what America is and I feel like a lot of non- Americans love to comment on it even though they don’t really understand us. They just want to make judgments you know and it’s like, if I didn’t know something about a place, I’d likely ask someone from that place about it. And back onto what you were saying about ignorance – it seems to all lead back to that and blind hate, doesn’t it?

  4. angelauk

    Although here in England, like every country, we do have racists, stereotyping etc, it really isn’t that rife. I lived in Dallas for over 10 years and was shocked how wide spread racism, both overt and covert, and stereotyping was. Everyone seemed to be defined by the colour of their skin or/and the country they were from by almost everyone else. I felt very uncomfortable with it. And oh yes, people stereotyped me/the English every single day. I think when someone is from a more open, culturally diverse country it is very hard to then move into a less open one. BUT I also know that not all of America is like Texas, and even within the state people are different, I just want to make it clear that not all peoples of the world stereo type quite as much as others. I think education and travel are the two best defences against of stereotyping and racism, and, hopefully as people travel more, read more etc. they will see how wrong most stereo types are…there is hope for the future I believe, but then again I am an optimist lol .
    BTW, saw this post on the GIG page and had to come read it, I really enjoyed it.
    Angela x

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think I understand where you’re coming from, but I also think you’re judging an entirely large country on one state and some isolated incidents. Also I don’t know what you mean by being stereotyped as ” the English” as that sounds more like an observation because you said you are English unless you dont identify with that and then that makes more sense to why you were offended – can you elaborate so I can get a clearer view on that?

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