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I have been meaning to review these mini samples I received from Face Atelier, a really nice Canadian makeup brand, a few months ago, but I literally have not had the time to do so until now so I hope you’ll forgive me!

To give you a bit of back ground, if you’re unfamiliar, Face Atelier is a Canadian makeup brand which seeks to allow every woman to look the best version of themselves and does so really effectively. They are PETA approved cruelty free and promote using ingredients that give you the look you want when you want it. One of my favorite things about this brand is their tagline:

“Face Atelier…because looking good is the best revenge!” 

I absolutely loved trying out these mini samples and I found that each one of them offered something fun and unique for any young girl or woman’s makeup look.

I tried out a few of their lip products and enjoyed each of them in turn. Cool Coral and Coral Reef Lipsticks were very similar, though they were different, if not in a very subtle way. The Cool Coral lipstick was a bit more peachy pink beige whereas the Coral Reef shade offered a bit more pink in its shade. I also tried one of their Lip Glazes in Primrose, which is a berry tint. I really love the name as I’m a big HG fan, but the glaze I found to be really nice. It looks like it might be sticky at first, but it goes on really smooth and glossy and there’s no stickiness. I really enjoyed using it as a top lip coat over other colors. I also tried out another lip product called Pout which is a clear sort of gloss and works really nicely as a lip base or top glossy coat. I don’t find it particularly hydrating to lips one way or the other, but it looks really lovely on.

The next few products I tried out were all for the face and I really enjoyed the finish of all of them. I tried the Ultra Foundation first in Porcelain and found that it goes on very smooth, the coverage is light to medium and looks very natural, but still offers more coverage than tinted moisturizers. I really like the color as it suits me quite well in the winter, but I think it’d be a bit too light come summer. The loose powder I tried out in Light and Translucent.  Light really helped to mattify my skin, but it didn’t feel like I was wearing a mask nor did it make my skin look ultra chalky, like some do. It just looked really nice whilst allowing my skin to show through which I loved. The translucent loose powder was great as a setting powder and did actually help my foundation last longer. Lastly, I tried their Ultra Camoflauge Duet in Light  and I was pleased at how well this one does at covering spots and dark circles. My only complaint is I don’t think it’s quite creamy enough for drier skin types and therefore isn’t really a universal formula in my mind because of that.

Overall, I really think that Face Atelier is a great makeup brand for those who want all the basics to be covered. They don’t do anything that’s particularly astounding, in my opinion, but their products are really solid and they do look really nice on the skin. I wish they were a bit more natural and skincare oriented, but then, that’s my own personal preference. Aside from those, I really think anyone would love this brand. The products didn’t irritate my skin or anything and I really liked that because many products which are not necessarily natural often do. I think my favorite of the products I tried were probably the 2 coral lipsticks and the lip Pout which I found to be really wearable and fun for everyday. I also really like the fact that they promote female empowerment and looking your best instead of promoting an unrealistic beauty ideal.

You can learn more about Face Atelier and their products – here.

Have You Tried Face Atelier Makeup?

What do you think of makeup brands which offer great products, but aren’t natural?

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