Happy Saturday All!

I just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to all week and update you on my fitness routine and thoughts. I hope you find it interesting and maybe even a little helpful!

I did these coffee ice cubes earlier this week – they work really well for a quick iced coffee when you mix them with your milk of choice ( regular, almond, or oat ). The coldness of the ice actually turns the milk into a bit of a slush, but the taste is really delicious, even if it’s too cold at the moment to be drinking iced coffees!

I made a massive salad for my weekly lunches and enjoyed tons of mixed greens and spinach. I got them all from Costco at a pretty great price too! I also included cucumbers and tomatoes for some colors and because I love them. I made my own homemade dijon vinaigrette to go with it, which was seriously easy AND delicious!

Thursday I received this Restoring Body Oil from Kanti Organics for review. I’ve tried it a bit yesterday and it’s lovely in the bath for softening skin! It also smells AMAZING! I will do a more thorough review of this once I’ve done more testing.

I received an invitation yesterday for my little sister’s baby shower! She’s having a girl and I’m so excited to be an auntie and buy her adorable clothes and things. Any ideas for good gifts to give?

I spent yesterday at the gym doing more cardio. I did 45 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill with alternating running, walking, and varying levels of incline and then a 5 minute cool down. It really helps getting through all of that when you focus on calories burned rather than time. I’m more motivated to keep running when I see I’m almost to 500 calories burned or whichever than looking at the clock, which kills me!

Anyway, I noticed that this was the one day I did my workout at the end of the day rather than at my usual 4:30 AM and I’m finding that waking up earlier worked better for me than doing it later in the day. When I woke up early and got my workout done first thing, it changed my entire day for the better. I felt more optimistic, happy, less stressed and more awake. I slept in a bit Friday and did my workout in the evening and I noticed I was much more tired during the day, less motivated to stick to my healthy eating plan ( though I did for the most part), and I was in way less of a good mood. Getting up early can be tough, but it’s worth it for the long term effects of being in a great mood, being optimistic, and the energy and motivation that comes with all of that.

After last night’s workout, I felt great and much more relaxed than I had all day. I made a really yummy post workout smoothie which tasted pretty literally like a PB & J sandwich, though much healthier!

Here Are the Ingredients: 

  • 1 Cup Mixed Berries { Fresh or  Frozen } 
  • 1 Cup Spinach
  • 1 Tablespoon unsweetened, unsalted Peanut Butter
  • 1 Cup 100% Orange Juice

Dump it all into the blender, blend and split into 2 small glasses!

I drank one last night and enjoyed one this morning, but you can share with someone else, if you like.

So, that’s my week!

I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful.

How has your weekend been going?

Also, let me know how you like these posts and if you want me to do them more regularly or not in the comments as well!

Have a Great Day!


4 thoughts on “My Week In Photos + Fitness Update!

  1. healthyfrenchie

    Again congratulations on being an auntie! I got my niece a couple of really nice teddy bear, so they can keep it for her 🙂 Also, clothing is always nice! And you could ask your sister if there is anything they need / want but can’t afford / don’t want to splurge on…
    And good on you for getting your workouts in so early!


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