Marie's Original Poison Ivy Oak SoapI trialed this a few months ago, but I just hadn’t had time to post on it until now.

Personally, when I was first sent this soap a few months ago, I thought, What do I need this for? as I obviously don’t have poison oak or poison ivy and felt I had no need for it, nor could I properly test it, but after using it for over a month, I’ve decided I really do like this soap as it actually helps calm skin irritations as well.

I’ve written a bit about my own skin issues and I occasionally get really itchy, dry skin, especially in the winter months due to the climate change and more extreme weather and I’ve found that this soap really does help calm the irritation. It’s formula includes oatmeal which has been known to aid in calming skin irritations such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis and you can even see the little pieces of oatmeal as you use it. What I like about that is that it offers some very mild exfoliation while calming and healing the skin with sassafras, white willow, noni, olive oil, and green clay. This soap is meant to treat poison ivy/oak as well as minor skin rashes and irritations and I truly think it works. Not only is it effective, but it’s also super affordable – you can get 1 bar of this awesome soap for only $7.99!

You can find out more about how this soap is made and how it helps to treat poison ivy and other skin irritations – here.

You can purchase the soap itself – here.


I have TWO (count them) of these bars to give away to some lucky readers so comment below answering the following question(s) to enter to win!

{ US READERS ONLY – Sorry International Lovelies! }

Questions to Answer: Do you deal with skin irritations? If so, what do you use to treat them?

Have you ever had poison ivy / oak / sumac?


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