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Today’s post focuses on a really adorable and surprisingly effective line of vitamins from a UK brand – Inner Me – which offers various vitamin complexes in order to aid your health and beauty pursuits. I was so lucky to be sent a couple of their products for review and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed them overall. I love the functionality of the packaging – the capsules are enclosed in 2 sheets which you slide out of the packaging on opposite sides. It makes these so easy to travel with rather than lugging around vitamin bottles! I also really love the adorable female illustrations on each of the packets because it just makes taking vitamins so girly, feminine and appealing somehow. It certainly encouraged me to take my vitamins as I normally am quite horrible at remembering to take supplements!

Lustrous Locks

The first vitamin complex I tried in their line was the Lustrous Locks Vitamin Complex which is meant to aid your hair in looking it’s best in terms of fullness, shine, length and overall strength and vitality of your locks. Personally, I didn’t see a HUGE difference in my hair with these, but I did notice a lot less fallout in the shower and more shine than before so that’s a major plus for me! I have been dealing with fallout for awhile and so anything that has an effect is good in my books! I don’t know that it’s the best for hair growth as my hair seems to grow quite fast either way, but this is still a nice complex, in my opinion, and I love the packaging of these vitamins as it’s quite convenient to travel with and easy enough to take daily.

Beautify Me

The second complex I tried focused on overall beauty for the hair, skin and nails, but I especially noticed clearer skin and stronger nails when using this one. Perhaps it’s because they have a hair – focused complex that seemed to have more effect that I didn’t really notice the effects with this one, but anyway. I’d say this one works particularly well for skin and nails as that’s where I saw the most difference. I definitely saw less breakouts and longer, stronger nails. Again, I also really loved the packaging of these as I kept them in my handbag to remind myself to take them daily and the packaging is really practical for travel which I really love.

Vitamin D3

The last complex I tried was their Vitamin D3 complex for healthy teeth and bones. I tried this for about half the month and I honestly didn’t see a huge difference one way or the other so I passed them on to my boyfriend who already takes a vitamin D supplement in order to control his blood sugar and he claimed it really helped keep his sugar in great balance so that’s fantastic! I will say that, for me, I really like the fact that these tablets were quite small, the smallest of the 3 complexes I was sent, and it made them really easy to ingest. I think a huge part of why I have issues remembering to take supplements is because they so often look like huge tranquilizer pills and who wants to ingest that? So, I really like that these were easy to swallow and very small.

You can check out the entire line of Inner Me Beauty Supplements – here.

How are your health pursuits for 2013 going so far?

Do you include supplements in your daily health routine?

Let Me Know in the Comments!

3 thoughts on “Adorable Inner Me Beauty Supplements for Skin, Hair & Bone Health

  1. Dash

    Ooh, I’ve not heard of this brand before but I shall check them out!

    I take a multi-vitamin, Omega3,6,9 , chronditin & glucosamine every day – mainly for joint health (side effect of the running!)

  2. The Food Yogi

    I also buy supplements and let them go to waste, so I prefer to eat my supplements. But I am always looking for ways to improve my hair strength. Do you know what was in the Lustrous Locks pills? As for 2013 health pursuits, I am trying to take care of my skin as best as possible but it’s also drying out badly because of the cold weather. I have resorted to putting Vaseline on my eyelids and coconut oil on my face at night. Both actually work quite well.


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